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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1293 - Going to the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The seven forbidden zones of life each had their advantages and disadvantages.

But they were all in the Eastern Wasteland.

It could be done before or after, but Jiang Chi wanted to go to one place first to see those life forbidden areas and see the horrors.

The first choice for the Seven Forbidden Zones of Life was the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Zone.

That's right.

It was that Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area.

The place that had the Ruthless Emperor.

Although he had been there before, when he had come over from Earth in the Nine Dragons Pulled Coffin, he had entered the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area.

But that time was different.

The Ruthless Emperor had a fierce reputation, and Jiang Hou didn't dare to go against her wishes.

At least, when he first came to this world, he actually didn't have full confidence to face that person.

Nor did he know his methods.

But now.

Jiang Xiao's heart was a little more confident.

He was also more courageous.

For a while.

Not to be in a cheerful mood.

"Settled, let's go to that Desolate Forbidden Land."

Jiang Mo secretly thought, "Although there is a Fierce Emperor in that place, I'm not afraid of her, and this time not only am I not afraid, but I'm also going to make a deal with her, so I think she'll be happy to do it."

Who wouldn't want that if they could live a little longer.

After all, being able to live longer was all a luxury.

It was so hard to ask for on a normal day.

If a single strand of her own Immortal Yuan Mana could allow an existence like the Vicious Emperor to live for an extra hundred years, she would definitely be willing to make a deal with Jiang Lack.

That was for sure.

A hundred years could do a lot of things.

That Fierce Man Emperor would definitely not give up either, and she didn't want to, nor did she dare to do that.


Jiang lacked to be the first to go to her.

Of course.

The more important point was actually to go and see that once unstoppable Fierce Emperor's elegance.


It should be to admire.

He, Jiang Someone, liked to admire the existence of the Ruthless Great Emperor like that.


This deal should be good, "She won't refuse, nor can she refuse, nor can she refuse."

The Ruthless Emperor, who was already in a deep sleep, definitely wanted to live for a few more years, and even for the sake of what was in her heart, she would try to make a few more deals with Jiang Lack.

One hundred years was short, after all.

Where was it enough.

Since it wasn't enough, then more was needed to fill it.

And so.

Raising the number of trading strokes became the only option for the Vicious Emperor.


She didn't have any other choice, because Ye Fan hadn't grown up yet, because she still needed to continue living.

Based on this situation, Jiang Xiao felt that going to that Desolate Forbidden Area first should yield unexpected gains.

In the beginning, he wouldn't be suppressed by those rules of the forbidden area, let alone now.

With a mid Earth Immortal cultivation, Jiang Qiao didn't care about the strength of the Ruthless Emperor, he just wanted to go and make a deal.

And that was all.

"I hope that unstoppable Fierce Man Emperor can give me a surprise."

Jiang Qian thought silently in his heart.

It had to be a surprise, not a shock, because a shock she Ruthless Great Emperor couldn't give.

The next day.

Early in the morning, Jiang Hou called both the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan to his side and prepared to leave this city.

After a month of discovering changes, things have also made great strides, and those who heard the word yesterday all frowned.

Look odd.

A face ugly.

Of course.

In addition to that, they were quite reluctant.

"How nice if he doesn't leave, Senior Jiang."

"Yeah, it was only yesterday that Senior Jiang imparted a brand new immortal cultivation system, a system that we've all only encountered for the first time and haven't even thought about yet ah."

"It would be even better if we had Senior Jiang guiding us in immortal cultivation all the time."

"Unfortunately, Senior Jiang shouldn't listen to us, and this isn't the end of his old man's journey."


The corners of Jiang Xiao's mouth twitched slightly, secretly saying, "You guys are clearly trying to cause trouble."

But how could he stay because of these people?

It's really just a whim.



We'll meet again!"

Of course.

Although he would not perish or speak out about the problem, when that trip to the restricted area of life was over, the world would basically have been patronized by him.

In other words, he could leave.

That's how Jiang Xiao thought about it.

So well.

This place shouldn't be coming back after all, there was no point, he was just casually scattering seeds.

As for which realm he could grow to, it was unclear.

Jiang Chi's gaze picked up and continued without waiting for those people to speak, "Don't even try to persuade me, everyone should just cultivate carefully and cautiously, I'll go too."

After speaking.

With a flash of his body, he disappeared in this one instant, and his entire body seemed to sweep away.

The terrifying might was naturally extraordinary, and in the eyes of those around him, Jiang Lack and his party of three merely flickered and disappeared in a flash of light.

Like a wisp of breeze, they disappeared in the blink of an eye, turning into streams of light that appeared in the nine skies.

Soaring through the clouds.

It was like a true immortal god, it was truly terrifying.

This kind of skill was definitely not something that an ordinary person could compare to.


Countless people were dumbfounded as they watched.

"Is this the strength of Senior Jiang?"

"He's...he's really scary."

"The bodywork, the speed, I don't know if anyone saw it clearly, but I didn't anyway."

"I didn't either."



It was bitter after all.

Their hearts were somehow up and not a little bitter.

It was hard to stop feeling depressed.

Compared to a big man like Jiang Lack, it was ultimately a lot worse after all.

But well.

They were still young and still had plenty of opportunities, so they wouldn't even care about this one or two points anymore.

As long as they could see the future, as long as they knew that the new immortal cultivation system that Jiang Lack had taught them could work.

Moreover, the system that Jiang Lack had taught this time had a very powerful lifespan, improving the previous methods to some extent.

"Let's go, we're leaving too."

"Yes, listen to Senior Jiang, go back and cultivate well, maybe one day after you cultivate to be as powerful as Senior Jiang, you'll be able to be like him."

"Yes, Senior Jiang is our cultivation goal now."



After Jiang Lack left, the group that should be dispersed also gradually dispersed.

No more entanglement.

Each of them went home, found their own mothers, and then worked hard to cultivate.

As for Jiang Ji and the others, they were already soaring above the nine heavens, and their strength was outrageous.


That was the supreme being.

No one was an enemy, and no one dared to be an enemy, not even the Ruthless Emperor probably dared.

"Master, where are we going?"

Crocodile Ancestor asked curiously, following Jiang Lack's side, he had also grown in knowledge and was therefore soothed.

As long as he kept following this big brother, he wasn't afraid of not gaining anything, even if it was just soup.

This was probably the most correct choice he had made.

Crocodile Ancestor thought so, and to be honest, he was in a bit of a good mood.

If he could, he wanted to keep following it forever and ever, "The master is a powerful mid-Earth Immortal existence, after all, he is an Immortal."

This wouldn't be something ordinary people could compare to.

After having such thoughts, the Crocodile Ancestor couldn't help but continue, "Looking at your master's appearance, you should be thinking about which power is on your mind again, right?"

Jiang lacked: "........"

His old face darkened and he said indifferently, "Are you going to meet that ruthless emperor of the Ancient Forbidden Lands?"



"Lord...Master, you're joking, right?"

The Crocodile Ancestor cryptically asked, "Although you are an immortal and although you are also powerful, that ruthless emperor is really fierce."

"How fierce?"

"Only heard of it, not seen it at first sight."

"I guess it's not dared to see it at first sight."


That poked at the old bottom.

His bitterness is a million miles away, and his depression is a bit outrageous.

That's right.

It was true that Crocodile Ancestor had never met that unbearably ruthless emperor, and all the things he had heard about that ruthless emperor were just hearsay.

So much so that he had heard too much later.

And it was believed.

As the saying goes, there's no such thing as that....

Crocodile Joe didn't think for a moment.

At this time.

Jiang Jiang continued, "Go and meet that ruthless emperor, firstly to make a deal with her, secondly because of the little inan, and thirdly to solve some maladies."


Neither the Crocodile Ancestor nor Little Inan understood a word of what Jiang Guiao said.

That ruthless emperor had fallen asleep, and there was still a deal to be made?

Besides, what's it to do with Inan?

He didn't get it anyway.

The mood was a bit baffling.

One was that he couldn't refuse Jiang Qiao's meaning, that ruthless emperor was too powerful and he also wanted to see it.

The second was that Jiang Liao's words were too miraculous, making him confused and uncertain.

Once that fierce and famous existence, if she knew what her own master, Jiang Xiao, was thinking, I wonder what she would feel?

He didn't know.


Jiang waved his hand, "Now you don't need to think about anything else, everything will be clear when we get to the Desolate Forbidden Area."

That was true.

The Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land was in the Eastern Wasteland, previously they had taken the Nine Dragons Pulled Coffin from the Fluorescent Ancient Star to the Northern Star Domain in the Nine Dragons Pulled Coffin, and the first location was that Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land.

At that time, they didn't bother that ruthless emperor, he was afraid at that time, while Jiang Jian was just purely unprepared.

Now well.

It also had to go.

"Although there is a Ruthless Emperor within the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area, and although that place is also terrifying and overbearing, we won't be treated that way with our strength over there."

Jiang Mo said with an extremely calm face, "So you all don't need to worry, the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area is nothing."

"Master, do you think that Ye Fan and the others, have they left the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area by now?"

It, however, remembered that when they left, Ye Fan and the others were still within the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Lands.

That group of people from Earth's ancient planet, a group of mortals, didn't know what happened in the end.

One had to know that that Desolate Forbidden Area was also a forbidden area, and even if it wasn't a choice of subjective will, it would continue to devour life force on the instinctive operation of the rules.

The previous encounter with Ye Fan and the others was the best proof of that.

"Ye Fan?"

Jiang Guiao's eyebrows raised slightly and said, "I don't know if the others will be alright, but Ye Fan is definitely fine.

After all, he's very special.

Basically, he belongs to the kind that anyone who messes with him will die."


The Crocodile Ancestor couldn't help but ask, "Master, that Ye Fan he... is he really that powerful?"

Mo is not joking.

How it sounded was a bit exaggerated, a bit unlikely.

Anyway, he sounded like he had a creepy sense of immediacy.

That Ye Fan was just an ordinary person, how could he have that kind of skill?

Jiang Ji explained, "There are some people and some things that you can't see clearly, even I can't see clearly."

A mere ruthless emperor definitely couldn't either.


The problem in itself should still be on Ye Fan, this one with a special Ancient Desolate Saint Body, definitely not just the identity of a Ruthless Emperor's brother.

Crocodile Ancestor: "........"

The old crocodile remained dumbfounded, thinking, "Could it be that that Ye Fan is the legendary quantum calamity protagonist?"

That was all he could understand.


Instead, Ye Fan had now left the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land and the Spiritual Ruins Cave, and had gone down to the Shaking Light Sacred Ground by mistake.


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