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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1292 - The Seven Forbidden Zones of Life (Seeking Subscription)

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In this side of the world, there were quite a few holy places of cultivation, and Jiang Jiang Ji had visited them all before.

In addition to that.

There were also some forbidden areas.

These places were known as the Forbidden Zone of Life.

This wasn't an alarming story, it was the truth, there were such magical places in the world.

The origins of the Forbidden Zones have long been known.

Existences with life entered, and if they entered that forbidden zone, something would happen.


It was called the Forbidden Zone of Life.

Normally, no matter if it's a human or a demon, or any other animal, they won't go in.

Because the Forbidden Zone is the Forbidden Zone.

It's not something that can be compared to ordinary ones.

That's why those forbidden areas of life are so mysterious and extraordinary.

That's why.

Usually no one would go to those forbidden areas.

It was nothing more than a fear of death.

After all, in the Forbidden Zone of Life, even a Great Saint level existence would easily be in danger.

If one was not careful, they would be eaten by the masters of those forbidden zones without even a scrap left.

It was insane to think about it.

Of course.

This was a general statement.


In real life, there were still many people who wanted to go to those forbidden zones of life to try their luck.


Just to go and try their luck.

Because in many of the life forbidden areas, there were many cultivation resources and even treasures.

For example, the divine Spring in the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area and so on.

Just treasures.

Such resources weren't something that could be obtained just by wanting them, and in many cases, they were only found in places like the Forbidden Area of Life.

In summary.

Many people were actually willing to take risks, it was just that there weren't many such people.

In the Heaven-Shattering World.

Sacred Ground Jiang Hou had already visited all of them.

Then, there was only the Forbidden Zone left.

"According to my vague memories, there are seven forbidden zones of life in the Shrouded World."

Jiang Qiao was somewhat chanting, or rather recalling.

Although he had some thoughts from before, wanting to be the first to go to the Desolate Forbidden Zone and take a look at that magnificent and ruthless empress.

After all, she was very famous.

Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area, belonged to one of the seven great life forbidden areas of the Eastern Wasteland, it was located in the Southern region of the Eastern Wasteland, formed after the archaic era, while within it were Desolate and Desolate Slaves.

The first generation of Desolate was one of the Nine Great Success Saints, and then was saved by the second generation of Desolate when something went wrong.

Later on, the first generation was saved by the second generation.

The forbidden wasteland became the territory of the Ruthless Emperor.

And it stayed for many years.

In comparison, Jiang Xiao felt that the Forbidden Land of Desolation was suitable for the Ruthless Emperor.

Only that the era of the Fierce Man Emperor had passed.

She was now in a deep sleep as well.

After this.

Then there was another forbidden area.

The Immortal Mountain, also one of the seven Great Life Forbidden Zones of the Eastern Wastelands, located in the middle of the Eastern Wastelands, was created by the Imperial Holy Spirit Stone Emperor.


In that vague memory of Jiang Chi's original scenario, that Stone Emperor was killed by Ye Fan after the Immortal Mountain was brought to the Heavenly Court.

There was nothing for Ye Fan to do now, so the Immortal Mountain should still be in the Stone Emperor's hands.

Once upon a time, one of the Nine Great Success Holy Bodies had carved out the Sacred Cliff from it.

It was also considered a remarkable place.

Of course.

Jiang Xiao was actually more concerned about the merits.

There might really be virtues.

. roots of chaos.

Sort of a way to rid the world of evil for the world's ten thousand races.

Otherwise, he couldn't pass.

He couldn't wipe his face ah.

He wouldn't do anything for nothing.

Not in his last life, and probably not in this life or the next.

"Immortal Mountain, think it's good."

Jiang was full of thoughts, and at this moment those Forbidden Zone Masters all shivered in unison.

For a moment.

It was as if they were all being stared at by a certain pair of eyes in that underworld.

It felt terrifying.

It was actually a bit creepy.

It was only because there was no accounting for the specific ones either, and they could only frown in confusion.

But even then, there was a layer of shadows in their hearts now.

"The next forbidden area is the Immortal Mausoleum, one of the seven great life forbidden areas of the Eastern Wilderness, created by the Eternal Celestial, and eventually erased by Ye Fan's leadership."

This was how the original plot should have been.

But now there was also no Ye Fan present, so I guess the Immortal Mausoleum wouldn't be wiped out by Ye Fan.

That Eternal Heavenly Dignity, Jiang Chi was eager to meet him.

It was said to be a remarkable person as well.

Of course.

If the Eternal Heavenly Deity wasn't amazing, he wouldn't have been able to create the Immortal Mausoleum.

"In that Immortal Mausoleum, there should be many things merits and secret techniques, and you can also obtain merit rewards, very good."

Jiang Qian was satisfied in his heart.

Secretly, he thought to laugh, "Although my memories of the plot of this world are actually many years past and rather vague, but I still know roughly well.

Well, of course.

It doesn't matter, what matters is that I can gain some benefits in this world.

Like the World Origin Power and so on!"

These were the things that he, Jiang Someone, wanted ah.

"The next forbidden zone is the Taijuan Ancient Mine.

It is also one of the Seven Great Forbidden Zones of Life in the Eastern Wilderness, also located in the Northern Region of the Eastern Wilderness, it was created by the Qilin Ancient Emperor and other Archaic Emperors, and its might was once and great.

Due to Ye Fan's intimidation, it was hidden into the boundless starry sky, and Ye Fan's second generation's late nest came out to besiege Ye Fan, and was subsequently destroyed.

Therefore, that Qilin Ancient Emperor must have a brain problem, otherwise how could he go and offend Ye Fan.

That was no ordinary person.

He was the son of luck and even the brother of that ruthless emperor, could he be an ordinary existence?

All enemies of his are going to die, and that's the end of it."


Being able to create a life forbidden zone, that Qilin Ancient Emperor, as well as some other Ancient Emperors, was actually pretty good.

The divine might was so great that it could be considered looking down on the world.


In the end, they still couldn't escape their miserable fate.

So Jiang Jiang could only sigh a pity, even though that Qilin Ancient Emperor and those other Ancient Kings who had created the Taiyuan Ancient Mine Forbidden Zone with him were so genius and unbeatable.

But in the end, they were all eclipsed in front of Ye Fan.

Of course.

Nowadays, Ye Fan hadn't reached this level yet, and naturally, he couldn't go to the Taiyuan Ancient Mine to make things happen.

In other words, now that Qilin Ancient Emperor and the others were actually facing him, "But even if they were to face me, I'm sure they wouldn't be a match for me.

Well, after all, Jiang Lack is very confident in his own power."

In this world.

He was invincible.

Invincible meant that there were no enemies.

And no enemies meant that he could walk across the world, even if it was possible for him to run across the world.

Even if it was one of those Seven Great Life Forbidden Areas, the Ancient Mining Forbidden Area of Taijuan, he was willing to go through it.

He might even be able to break into the future.

"Apart from these forbidden lands, there is another one in the Seven Great Life Forbidden Zones called... called the Divine Ruins.

It is also one of the Seven Great Forbidden Zones of Life in the Eastern Wilderness.

Only, it is rumored that this divine Ruin fell from another world, containing the Immortal Coiled Peach Tree, which was eventually erased by Ye Fan's leadership.

To be able to become such a place, this divine Ruin was not simple to imagine.

At the same time, because it belongs to another world that fell down, it's also just right for me to gain some benefits ah.

Like sucking the entire origin of the divine Ruin clean.

And so on.

It's not just that God's Ruin, all the restricted areas of life can actually do that ah."


Jiang Xiao thought of one thing, "The reason why those Life Forbidden Zones have become Life Forbidden Zones, the reason why they can become Life Forbidden Zones is because in a way, they've become independent and already have their own separate rule system.

In other words, those restricted areas of life were actually like a small world.

Therefore, those life forbidden zones also had the original power that provided their functioning, there must be.

Based on the ability of the Vajra Bracelets now, and the harm that the Life Forbidden Zones have brought to this world, I can completely use the Vajra Bracelets to suck the origin power out of those Life Forbidden Zones.

Wouldn't I be able to destroy the Forbidden Zone of Life then?

Moreover, it was a meritorious thing to be able to gain rewards from this side of the world.


I'm really a genius that such a calculation can be thought of by me, Jiang."

Not bad.

He was satisfied.

When such a plan of annihilation came out, if the masters of those Life Forbidden Zones knew about it, they would only be afraid that they would fight to the death with Jiang.

Thought a change of resources would be enough?


You've got to be kidding me.

He's got your whole life on his mind.

The forbidden zone of life.

From now on, it's all over for you.

No, it won't.

I should say it won't exist.

As long as Jiang lacked the courage to put his plan into action, he would be the most powerful person, and the Forbidden Zone of Life would only be destroyed.

It was something that could not be helped.

It was really bitter for the masters of the Forbidden Zone to know.

The Forbidden Zones that had been so hard to build up were going to be lost like this.

The reason why they would establish a single Forbidden Zone was that they actually wanted to live a little longer, just to rely on this method to live a little longer.

That was all.

To put it bluntly.

It was actually in order to live, in order to live for a few more years, these once magnificent generation of great geniuses and powerful men racked their brains to come up with a forbidden zone method.

The principle was actually very simple, it was nothing more than absorbing the life force of others to sustain their own lives.

It was equivalent to devouring.

Over the years.

There were always seven life forbidden zones established in the forest.

But none of them were any good.

At least it seemed that way to Jiang Xiao, even that ruthless emperor had done a lot of bad things.

He was also a murderous devil.

The reason why she was called a ruthless person was because she was really somewhat ruthless, ruthless to others as well as to herself.

"Apart from those life forbidden areas up there, there's still the Sea of Reincarnation left.

It's also one of the Seven Great Forbidden Zones of Life in the Eastern Wilderness, which is self-contained, and the exit site is located in the North Dou.

It was once extremely prosperous, but two people were killed by the Void Emperor over a hundred thousand years ago, and the Immortal Path was darkened . In the chaos, the Lord of Reincarnation within it was also killed by the compatible Xuanyuan and Ji Zi, only the last Free Heavenly Priest Yun Guan died at the hands of Ye Fan, and the Sea of Reincarnation was wiped out.

Of course, these were all the follow-ups.

Now that Reincarnation Lord should still be there.

It should be known that that reincarnation lord is a secret technique 'Three Realms Reincarnation' and so on, and the emperor's weapon is a feathered green and gold battle suit.

It could be said to be one of the representatives of extraordinary strength.

Unfortunately, even such a powerful existence still had to die miserably in the end, not as bad as those youngsters of the offspring.

How ridiculous.

The Lord of the Forbidden Zone of Life actually ended up in this kind of situation.


It seems that other than the Ruthless Emperor, the rest of the Life Forbidden Zone Lords didn't end well ah."

On second thought, it was really like this.

It seemed that that Ye Fan's heart was a little bit in the right place, too.

Knowing that the Ruthless Emperor might have something to do with him, he wiped out everything except the Desolate Forbidden Area.

The tactics were cruel.

"Now, there's still the last Life Forbidden Area left."

Jiang Guiao muttered to himself, "The last one is the Burial Island, one of the seven forbidden areas of life in that Eastern Wasteland.

It is also known as the Upper Cang.

It is a giant island, suspended in the vault of the Eastern Wilderness, usually hidden in the void and invisible, the main body shaped like a giant coffin, extending nine mountains and mountains shaped like nine true dragons.

The main body is shaped like a giant coffin, with nine mountains extending out like a nine-headed dragon. It was hidden in the starry sky because of Ye Fan's intimidation, and was later found and erased by Ye Fan.

It can be said that this Burial Island is also a pitiful place, all of which had been hiding from Ye Fan, but in the end, it was stunned to be found and then obliterated."

It was truly a miserable place.

So far.

The seven Life Forbidden Areas Jiang Xiao had finished pondering over all of them.

Just which Life Forbidden Zone should be chosen as the primary trip?

Burial Island?

Or the Immortal Mountain?

Or maybe it's that ancient mine?

Or was it an Ancient Forbidden Land with the existence of a ruthless emperor?


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