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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1291 - Leaving Behind Countless Legends (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Day Two.

The inn was overcrowded early in the morning, already a scene of you squeezing me and me squeezing you.

It was not spectacular.

After all, it was a big brother preaching, many people had already expected the scene to be hot.

That's why they hadn't slept all night.

For cultivators, don't say a night without sleep, even if they didn't sleep for ten or eight days, it was possible.

Many of them had purposely sought a vantage point since yesterday, then sat down and prepared to listen to the sermon.

This point.

Jiang Xiao hadn't even gotten up yet.

Last night had also been consolidating his cultivation realm, and he hadn't been able to take a nap until very late.

But the inn was already crowded with people, and the blackness was all over the place.

It looked quite shocking.

It turned out that in order to fight for a place to hear the word, everyone had come out with their lives.

You fight for me.

Not polite at all.

After all, it's a rare chance.

Wouldn't it be too heartbreaking to give up just like that?

It was with these thoughts that they had to find a place to sit down early and wait for Jiang Xiao's sermon.

Perhaps this was also their one chance.

They thought so in their hearts.

It might be a great chance.

These situations naturally occurred to some as well.

But now well.

Everyone's thoughts were the same.

No one was going to fight, and even fighting for a seat was just a first come, first served principle, rather than seeing who had the biggest fist.

It was really not daring.

In case Jiang Xiao forced his hand and angered such a super-powerful person, they would have no chance to find a place to cry.


For the sake of the smooth progress of the sermon, no one dared to make a move here.

This was out of Jiang Liao's expectation.

Jiang Xiao's first feeling was that it was quite good, and those guys who were listening to the sermon were controlling this matter very well.

At least he didn't resent it.

Just don't lash out.

He, Jiang Someone, wasn't really asking for much.

Of course.

Jiang Chi didn't get up so early like this, he directly said to the Crocodile Ancestor, "Hurry up and get ready, the poor Dao is about to begin his sermon."

Prepare for what?

Naturally, it was a futon or something like that.

The place for preaching was on the second floor of the inn at a high platform, where the storytellers usually stayed.

Now, once it was remodeled, it became Jiang Di's preaching place.

Anyway, with his cultivation, even if he were to preach here, he would be able to spread his voice to faraway places.

The entire city should be able to hear it.

So it didn't matter.

The innkeeper was happy though, having gone to negotiate these matters with the Crocodile Ancestor as early as yesterday.

And he was planning to change the name.

The name of the inn will be called "Inn of the Immortals", which must be a good selling point.

The Crocodile Ancestor said that Jiang Xiao was a True Immortal, so he was a True Immortal.

So the shopkeeper asked the shop assistant to change the name of the shop, and also started to publicize it, so that the name of the Inn could be spread.

It was really good.

At the same time, he also gave a portion of the inn's dividends to Jiang Chiang.

However, Jiang Xiao didn't take it and gave it to little inan instead.

In the future, little inan needed something like this very much.

The shopkeeper wasn't angry, as long as Jiang lacked to take it, as long as he received his benefits, that is, to take the short hand.

He was very experienced in this.

It used to be done this way a lot in the past as well.

He was very willing to believe that there were no people who couldn't be pulled together, only insufficient pay and treatment.

The reason why he couldn't pull them in was nothing more than not giving enough benefits.

If one copy doesn't work, let's have another.

It was always possible.

It was only after adhering to such thoughts that that shopkeeper had been able to make money like this all these years.

Now leaning on the tree Jiang lacked and hugging this thigh, it would be a huge good thing for their inn.

At least there would be comfort not only benefits.


Jiang Lack was going to preach a sermon.

The inn was already full, and the innkeeper had moved a stool to sit at the cashier, also quietly waiting for Jiang lack's sermon to begin.

It might be the next moment that Jiang lacked to start.

The pouches had been prepared long ago, but they were not taken out at the beginning, so the crocodile ancestor carefully prepared them and sat down on one side of the pouches.

The other side was occupied by the little inan.

Jiang Mo's figure flickered, and when he reappeared, his entire body had already arrived on top of the futon and was sitting down smoothly.

He nodded towards the people present and said, "Gentlemen, I welcome you all to be so patient in listening to my sermon here.

Of course.

After last night's fortunate and diligent efforts, the poor Dao's entire cultivation has been consolidated at the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm.

So there is no need for you all to worry.

There is even no need to doubt the truth or falsity of Poverty Dao's words, because I won't explain anything, so believe it or don't believe it.

Now, the sermon has officially begun.

Nameless has a beginning..."

The sermon was very smooth.

Because there was also no one to interrupt, no one to interrupt, and the entire process was all about Jiang lacking alone.

From the creation and development of the Great Dao, the Dao Zhuangzi began to cultivate the Great Dao and even comprehend it.


Jiang Lack also spoke about the cultivation realms of the Dao, a brand new cultivation realm, and the cultivation methods that accompanied these cultivation realms.

All of them were spoken by Jiang Liao in the first place.

For a moment.

It caused a huge uproar.

A whole new system had appeared, from Houtian to Innate, from Innate to Ancestor, then to Foundation Establishment, then to Jindan and Yuanying.

This one cultivation realm and one method of cultivation all appeared.

At first, some people were suspicious and confused, even puzzled as to why Jiang Xiao was talking about this, it seemed to be different from the cultivation methods and methods they usually came across.

Even the understanding about the Great Dao was different.

"Could it be that..."

"This is a brand new cultivation method, a brand new cultivation system, and it was created by this Senior Jiang?"

"It's very likely that's the case, it's just that this senior is really powerful, so it seems like he... he's very likely to actually become an immortal."

"Yes, it's indeed possible that he may have become an immortal."

"According to Senior Jiang, after achieving YuanYing, one can remain immortal, and even if one suffers even the most severe injuries, one can continue to live again through reincarnation, or through the method of seizing rebirth."

"Hahaha, that's great, in the future, this kind of cultivation method will definitely be carried forward."

"Yeah, as soon as I think of the powerful nature of the realms such as the Returning Ruins realm that Senior Jiang said, I can't wait to cultivate it."


And so.

The number of people practicing Jiang's new system was also increasing.

Everyone started to practice according to Jiang's method, and they felt that this was an opportunity.

Even the Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan, this time also followed the cultivation.

They didn't know what system this was that Jiang Lack was talking about, although they didn't know that this new cultivation method had any benefits.


One thing was certain.

Jiang Xiao also practiced this method and his cultivation was still very strong.

It was because they knew these circumstances that the Alligator Ancestor and Inan didn't feel nervous at all, and instead, they were still practicing on a regular basis.

"This time, we must gain something."

The Alligator Ancestor thought so in his heart, "Even if I don't become a Great Emperor, I should at least have a half-step."

And so.

Jiang Xiao continued his sermon.

This sermon lasted for a full ten days.

The crowd also began to cultivate, this was a brand new system of the Immortal Dao, different from the previous system created by the Desolate Heaven Emperor.

This system was even more extraordinary.

It was also more mysterious.

Of course.

During these ten days, a number of strong people were also gradually born, which was something that Jiang Jian witnessed with his own eyes, and some of them cultivated mana.

And at the same time.

Jiang Xiao began to stop preaching.

"The ten days have come to an end, the time for the Poor Tao's sermon is over, it will not continue next, so behave yourselves."

He said.

Only then did many people woke up as if in a dream, and slowly.

They had no idea what was going to happen.

But one thing was important.

They had all switched to cultivating Jiang's Immortal Dao Dharma.

This time.

Many of them were happy.

It was because they found that their strength had increased.

This was an indisputable fact.

Based on this fact, the entire city respectfully kowtowed to Jiang Lack as a sign of respect.

And performed the disciple salute.

They knew that this was a good start.

Jiang Lack, perhaps he really was an Immortal's respect.

Other than that.

They had other ideas, such as hugging Jiang Lack's thigh, which was their ultimate goal ah.

That was the best thing.

Of course.

Jiang Gou didn't agree.

Just kidding.

He, Jiang Someone, was an existence that was leaving this world, so how could he shelter these people in front of him.

Can't do it.

He was half unable to do it.

What's more, Jiang Chi actually knew very well that from now on, there were going to be some legends in the entire Beidou Star Domain.

Even countless legends.

From then on, the Ancestors of the Immortal Dao began to appear.

As well as the appearance of Jindan Ancestors, YuanYing Ancestors, and all sorts of big names.

One spell after another began to appear.

There were even more powerful people that appeared.

No one knew what was going on at all, and Jiang Xiao was worshipped as a god of the highest level, long beyond the level of Xian.

It was terrifying.

These Jiang Xiao had already predicted it.

But those people didn't anticipate it until many years later, when one by one they became big brothers, and only then did they begin to suddenly understand how powerful Jiang lacked came to be.


After waiting for that time, Jiang lacked had already disappeared.

And they could no longer find any trace of Jiang lacking.

But that was already many years later, and all sorts of divine legends had begun.

This would be a brand new change.

It was also the beginning of a special era.

At least, that was what Jiang Xiao thought.

"Whether or not the brand new Immortal Dao system will be able to operate in this world is up to you guys."

Jiang mumbled, "I'm just taking a stab at it, so I might be able to leave some legacy behind."

The new Immortal Dao System inheritance, he wanted to leave some behind.

It was like the previous deal with the Western Queen Mother, the Beginningless Emperor and the others.

Of course.

Now Jiang Xiao's thoughts were equally simple.

Settle things here early so that he, Jiang Gu, could leave, but the next seven Life Forbidden Areas could be in the Eastern Wilderness.

Since they were over there in the Eastern Wasteland.

Jiang Jiang thought, then let's go to the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Zone first, so that he could also meet with that legendary ruthless emperor.

It might even be possible to close some deals.

With this thought in mind, Jiang Xiao continued to say to the people in the city, "Alright, let's all leave now.

We'll meet again in the future, so I hope to see you all again sometime.

Of course.

Please also make an effort to carry forward this brand new Immortal Dao system."

Jiang Chi said indifferently.

The look was calm.

. It was natural for him, Jiang Someone, to leave.

But now well.

He needed these people to leave, so as not to disturb his normal life.

He had already said what needed to be said.

As for what was to come, it would depend on their own destinies.

After all, not everyone had an ungodly chance like him, and not everyone had such skills.

"Master, are we leaving here?"

Alligator was a little surprised.

"No, we'll leave tomorrow, so we can get some rest tonight."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Even if we have to leave, there's no need to be in such a hurry." Alligator Ancestor: "........"

All right.

You're the big guy and you're in charge.

That's all he could think.


There was just something in his heart that he hadn't considered clearly.

With a heavy gaze, Jiang Gu Gu returned within the room on his own, never saying much else.

And outside.

Those people had gone crazy.

There were some other thoughts coming to their minds regarding the new Immortal Dao cultivation system that Jiang lacked taught them.

Perhaps, this was a good choice.

And it was a very correct choice.

When the old Immortal Dao cultivation system no longer worked, then there was only one possibility left.

This new system that Jiang lacked taught them might be their new hope and new future.


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