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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1290 - Bunch of Scum Dogs (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Breaking through to the middle Earth Immortal Realm was difficult, but Jiang Di still broke through in the end.

Middle Earth Immortal Realm.

It was also finally reached.

This was the first time he had made a breakthrough since coming to this side of the world.

It was well worth celebrating.

Of course.

It took a full half year to make the breakthrough, which wasn't great for Jiang Qian.

It was actually a bit weak.

He spent a lot of time refining the World Origin Force, and then almost failed again when it came to hitting the realm.

Luckily, he succeeded in the end.

It was worth being happy about.

All the hard work and dedication seemed worth it at this moment, after all, there was a gain.

It was good to have something to gain.

That was the greatest goal.

It would be miserable if there was nothing halfway there.

This was quite good.


In this side of the world, it was clear that he was already invincible.

He was such an invincible existence.

One day out, the world is astonished ah.

"It's time to go out and wave next."


It was a life forbidden area.

Definitely not an ordinary place.

Maybe the masters of those forbidden areas really had to fight for their lives.

And in order to keep them from fighting to the death, Jiang Hou could only raise his cultivation and make himself try to become stronger.

Only the truly strong could have a future.


It was only to go out and wave.

Otherwise to wave crooked.

For the wave thing, Jiang Xiao actually thought very clearly, when you go out to wave after you are invincible, there is definitely an unexpected reward.

And you don't have to die.

How good.

With such a benefit, he, Jiang Xiao, would naturally go to the restricted area of life to go out and wave.

Of course.

The most important thing right now was to get out of the closed door.

After all, he had been in seclusion for half a year, and for such a long time, he was about to forget the passage of time.

With a wave of his hand.

The formation in front of him was broken, and a terrifying aura was completely powerful in all directions.

Those people in the inn were miserable.

Of course, they also rejoiced.

Immediately after.

The entire city was involuntarily routed and fell to their knees.

It wasn't that they wanted to kneel.

It was actually that they were suppressed by that terrifying momentum and had to kneel as well.

They simply couldn't get up.

It was only the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan and the two of them, who had often followed Jiang Qian and had long been accustomed to his pressure, so they had not kneeled down.

The rest of them were no exception.

There weren't many strong people in this city in the first place, most of them were ants and weaklings, so naturally they had to be subjected to Jiang Lack's routing pressure.

Ruthlessly suppressing it.

If Jiang Lack hadn't withdrawn his Qi pressure, they probably wouldn't have been able to get up in their lifetimes.

As for the Dao Heart.

It was already messy alright.

It would be impossible to reach the heights of Jiang Lack in this lifetime.

Of course.

For many people, becoming a Great Saint level existence was already considered a great gift.

In fact.

They had no chance at all.

At this time.

Jiang Xiao slowly pushed open the door and came out, not surprised to see the crowd of people kneeling on the ground.

After the spin.

As if he thought of something, he said awkwardly, "Ahem, sorry everyone, the poor dao just broke through happily and forgot to gather all the momentum."

The crowd: "........"

They were tempted to spit out that Jiang Lack must have done it on purpose, but they didn't know how to say it when the words were on their lips.

Mostly, they were afraid.

Don't you know in your own heart how much strength and terrifying imposing pressure you have, Jiang Liao.

It's obvious that you are deliberately not restraining yourself so as to give us all a head start.


No one dared to really spit it out.

The downfall given by Jiang lack really scared them.

The heart was helpless.

They could only secretly pray up, hoping that Jiang Lack would not be a demon, or else they all might even be miserable.


Many of them had already regretted coming over to pay their respects to Jiang Lack, the big brother.

It really didn't feel right.

But at this time, no one was really foolish enough to contradict Jiang Lack, it wasn't worth it, nor was it possible.

After all, they had witnessed and experienced Jiang Lack's might with their own eyes.

How could that be.

At this time, Jiang Chi continued, "Gentlemen, I'm really sorry, but the poor man forgot about it once he broke through."


The crowd all wanted to cry a little.

In their hearts, they secretly said, "If your old man is really embarrassed, then hurry up and put away the imposing pressure ah."

How many meanings does it mean to just talk about not putting it away.

For a while.

They were all a bit bitter in their hearts.

But none of them dared to voice a reminder for fear of angering this big brother who had just broken through.

A big brother is a big brother.

Can't afford to provoke it.


And with one mouth, they comforted Jiang Liao, stating that your senior had already done a good job and didn't need to care about them.

"Senior, you are a senior, just don't care about us."

"Yes, senior you don't have to be polite, because the more polite you are, the more apprehensive we'll be."

"Cough cough cough, everyone is right, Senior you are a noble person, we are just feeling Senior you."

"Yes, that's right, don't think too much about it, Senior."


In his heart, on the other hand, he couldn't stop thinking, "Could it be that these people have something else in mind because they've seen an immortal esteemed like me?"

After all, he, Jiang Chi, was also an Earth Immortal, a genuine Immortal.

It was only right that these people in front of him fell to their knees to greet him.


It can't be helped ah.

"However, this feels so good."

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "It would be nice if there were good things like this all the time, and he would be able to continue spreading the demeanor of Jiang someone."

That was still good.

Great Immortal Jiang was satisfied right now.

This was so good.


He was only in a somewhat good mood, and then when he was happy, he put away a mid Earth Immortal Realm aura.

This level of momentum, after all, was absolutely oppressive to many people, and this point absolutely no one dared to resist.

Even if it was the same for the entire city.

They still had to be suppressed by Jiang Lack, there was no doubt about that.

Jiang Xiao didn't feel that he was late in collecting his momentum and smilingly collected it, not feeling anything else.

The rest of those people had to be respectful at this moment even though they spat in their hearts a thousand million times.

Especially the ancestors of those sects and families, even more so, they came up with a vigor and ordered the inn's shopkeeper to serve the best spiritual fruits and the best tea in the first place.

Of course.

And spirit meat.

"Senior, I am an ancestor of the... family, and now that I have heard that you have made a breakthrough in your cultivation, I have come to congratulate you."

"Senior, I'm the same, I've also brought many congratulatory gifts, why don't you take a look first?"

"To have met such a noble person like Senior in this life, it is truly a blessing that we have cultivated for thirty-three lifetimes."

"With senior here, our human race will finally rise..."


These people said all kinds of things.

Only all of them were complimentary, and there were all sorts of people who came to pay their respects and even gave gifts openly.

It was truly lively.

There were also some people who were in the city, as long as they had a few skills, as long as they had some status and position, they all came.

And they came with gifts.

It didn't matter if Jiang Liao was an immortal or not, just as long as he was a strong person, it was worthwhile for them to befriend him.

How nice it would be to befriend such a powerful existence.

How nice.

For many people, it would be nice to be able to befriend and climb a relationship with a strong being like Jiang Lack, and the momentum would be good.

If the other party was happy, they might be able to point out a sentence or two.

And those one or two words would most likely be a huge benefit, so many people's minds were happy.

They also looked forward to it ten thousand times.

They didn't know what kind of things Jiang Lack liked.

So the gifts brought were all precious items, and some were cultivation resources.

It could be considered a great expense.

It couldn't be helped.

Who let Jiang Lack be a super strong person.

With the imposing pressure he had just displayed, one person was enough to stand up to all of them.

If such a strong person didn't even bother to suck up to them, then there would really be no justice.

It was just well.

There were a bit too many people who wanted to suck up to Jiang Liao, not just three or five, nor a dozen or twenty.

Rather, there were hundreds or thousands of them.

This was just the beginning.

After the passage of time, this number was still increasing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The further it went, the more people would appear.

As time went on, it might be too much for Jiang Hou to handle.

These people were a little too enthusiastic.

He quickly stopped, "Don't you all come over, just stay there, what you guys are thinking, the poor dao knows very well.

The poor dao is an immortal, how could he be in the same boat as you?"

That's not going to happen.

He was a big brother.

Putting aside his own status, and cultivation, he also felt that these people were a bit too much.

It made him want to unleash his imposing pressure once again.

Of course.

There was also no one who was really stupid enough to dare to bully him, Jiang Sheng.

That would be death.


Next, this group of people really were much more honest.

It's just that.

In Jiang Di's eyes, they were still just a bunch of insects, the big, big kind of insects.


"It should all be a bunch of scum dogs."

Jiang Chi secretly thought, "Weak enough that I, Jiang Someone Steep, can't see them, it's really weak, but they're quite steady and enthusiastic in their orientation towards the Way."

When he saw these people, it was as if he saw himself back then, and he was also this weak.

It was also so much like this that he wanted to suck up to the strong.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had developed later on, he might have become a dog right now.

A slag dog.

The kind that would TIEN.

"Old Crocodile, order down, the poor dao will remain here for a few days, and will preach a sermon once during these days, so those who are fortunate enough to be here can come and listen."

Jiang Chi faintly ordered, "Also, the sermon will start tomorrow, I'm tired today."


Although the Crocodile Ancestor didn't understand Jiang Lack's approach, he still did as he was told.

It was just as well that the master could listen to the sermon himself.

How nice.

Although those other people were all scum dogs, who hadn't evolved from scum dogs.

After considering these circumstances.

Jiang Xiao had the decision to preach this sermon.

Maybe he could sow some seeds as well, and it would be even better if he had a chance to take root in the future.

"Thank you for being so profoundly righteous, thank you for your righteousness, Senior."

"In the future, we will definitely hold our disciple salute to the kindness of senior's preaching and teaching as well."

"Yes, we will definitely be grateful."

"None of us cultivators are ungrateful, you can rest assured of that, senior."

"Right right right."



There were quite a few people who started talking to each other.

It seemed.

It was a horribly good thing.

It was really good.

They were filled with self-confidence, while their moods were somewhat high, and this seemed like the right choice to come to pay homage to Senior.

Senior would actually preach.

For many people, this was a very unexpected gain.

To know.

Originally, they hadn't held much hope or thought much of it.

And also didn't think that Jiang lacked the respect of an immortal.

There were no immortals in the world long ago.

And where else would there be immortals.

So, immortals and whatnot didn't exist.

The only thing visible now was Jiang Liao's powerful cultivation, and that was definitely not a lie.

In the eyes of many, even if Jiang Chi wasn't that true Immortal's pride, he was still infinitely close to an Immortal's existence.


People were going to preach.

They could benefit from it as well.

Not preaching today.

But tomorrow would be a sermon.

Such time was tight, the more intelligent people went to take care of the shopkeeper and shopkeeper's first time to stay in the inn.

Jiang lacked to preach, it would definitely take place in the inn.

The closer they were, the more clearly they would be able to hear.

They had already understood this truth.

And so.

Next the entire inn was overcrowded.

"This bunch of scum dogs, isn't it just a sermon?"

Jiang Chi secretly trailed off, "If it weren't for the fact that you people are pitiful, if I didn't think it wasn't easy for you to cultivate as well, I wouldn't bother preaching to you."

He, Jiang Chi, was also a strong party, a powerful mid-Earth Immortal realm existence, as well as someone who had dignity and face.

The second day.

The sermon would then begin.


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