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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1289 - Specially Paying a Visit to Big Brother (Seeking Subscriptions, Returning Debts)

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A terrifying momentum swept past.

For a time, it was actually like that stormy storm, terror and horror swept out in all directions in a turbulent manner.

This moment.

It was as if the heavens and earth had changed color, and all the people or objects around them were eclipsed.

The facts proved.

The formation that Jiang Xiao had set up to conceal his breath wasn't much use, at least not at this moment.

It was a blast.

It was blown over by that terrifying torrent of momentum.

Overturned on the ground.

Many of the tables and chairs in the inn fell down, looking like the shopkeeper looked like he wanted to cry without tears.

The heart was truly bitter.

This engages the mindset ah.

I opened an inn, originally wanted to make good money to live, but now actually suffer this unprovoked disaster.

It's strange that he feels better.

This terrifying qi pressure swept over and impacted, and the thunder-like rolling qi pressure actually carried an incomparable amount of momentum to wash up.

It swept madly towards the surroundings.

The inn was naturally the place that bore the brunt of the impact, with tables, chairs, pots and the like being scattered all over the place, some things even shattering.

For a while.

The damage to the inn was enormous.

The shopkeeper and a group of shop assistants looked at each other, their faces twitching up, years of hard work was wasted.

They were in tears.

At this time.

The Alligator Ancestor who had been waiting for a long time even said, "There is no need to panic, shopkeeper, the seat will compensate you for these losses."

"You compensate, seriously?"

"How can this be fake?"

"Then why do you want to compensate me for my loss?"

"The person who destroyed your things is my master, not to mention that he didn't do it on purpose, just because his cultivation broke through."

"Your home master, is he this powerful?"



With Crocodile Ancestor bearing the cost of this compensation, the shopkeeper felt a little better.

Otherwise, the loss today was too great.


This shopkeeper's heart was also horrified, "His master's breakthrough could even cause such a powerful momentum impact?"

It's been years since he's had an encounter like this.

He couldn't even recall it.

Anyway, it felt like the imposing pressure Jiang lacked had caused was a bit too terrifying.

It was so tyrannical.

You know.

He had some suppression formations set up in this inn, but normally even if someone fought, it wouldn't affect them too much.

But this time.

A miscalculation.

Luckily, there was the Crocodile Ancestor to compensate.

This was even if someone was pocketing it, otherwise they would have lost their inn this time.

"This guest, but I don't know who your host is?"

The shopkeeper looked curiously inquiring.

At this time.

Those guests in the surrounding area also involuntarily pricked up their ears, very curious.

Someone who could be able to shock the inn into disarray by virtue of their imposing pressure was definitely not simple.


They also wanted to get to know him.

It would be good to remember their names at any rate, lest they provoke the other party.

It's good to recognize the way to the door.

So that they could walk the world later.

Although they were also victims of this terrifying impact of the imposing pressure, none of them dared to jump out and accuse anything in the face of an existence as powerful as Jiang Liao.

Even facing the Crocodile Ancestor straight on, they didn't dare.

This was a Great Sage level existence.

Definitely not something they could provoke.

So well.

In the end, they could only transform themselves into curious people and listen to the Ancestor Crocodile's introduction.

After hearing the words.

The Crocodile Ancestor was slightly stunned, but when he saw the curious looks on the faces of those around him, he quietly became proud.

This was the benefit that came with a high level of cultivation.

Where was this feeling before.

"It's better to follow the master."

After all, Jiang Qian was an immortal, and him following behind him had benefits, more or less.

And such benefits were definitely not something that an ordinary person could obtain.

That was enough.

And so.

Under the expectant gazes of the crowd, the Alligator Ancestor began to say, "My master, surnamed Jiang, is a genuine immortal, whether you believe in him or not, he is such an existence.

This time, the imposing pressure such as you feel is the result of him breaking through his current cultivation realm.

To be able to witness the existence of an immortal with your own eyes, this is definitely a matter of great fortune for you people.

If you people were able to enter my master's eyes, you might even be able to get a few pointers from his old man."

Everyone: "........"

A fairy named Jiang?


Hadn't even heard of it.

Even the strongest of this surname they had never heard of.

In the heavens.

Did this number exist among the ten thousand races?

I've never heard of it.

What's going on?

As everyone was confused, the Alligator began again, "Are you guys feeling strange?

Did you also think you had never heard of his old man's first name or even last name before?

That's right.

Immortals are never very mysterious and inscrutable existences, where can you guys casually inquire about them, otherwise would that still be called immortals?"


Thinking about it this way, it seems like it's the same thing.

After all, people were immortals.

Which high up existence.

Where they could casually see, people were already strong, were already big brothers.

Hidden in defiance.

For example, hidden within this downtown inn, if it wasn't for the imposing pressure emitted from this breakthrough, no one would have even known of his old man's existence.

As long as one concealed their breath, no one would know about it.

A strong person like that had always been an existence with the world.


Were there really immortals in this world?

Many people still had their doubts, rumor had it that the Immortals had long since become extinct, and the Immortal Kings and Emperors had become legendary.

This world.

Nowadays, even Great Emperors and Great Saints level existences were struggling to live.

Would there be any Immortals?

Many people are unbelievers.

But at this time, no one was foolish enough to think of going to the mouth of an alligator.

One, there was no need, and two, they also retained three points of trust.

After all, the pressure on their bodies was still there.

When it was routed on them, they could feel that they couldn't move a single bit of true essence in their bodies.

It was routed and pressed to death.

This was definitely not something that an existence at the level of a Great Saint could do, but a Great Emperor could do it, but even a powerful person at the level of a Great Emperor was not something that they could offend ah.


In the end, they decided to take a look first.

There might be something unexpected.

Although staying in the inn right now, they were bearing the brunt of Jiang Xiao's breakthrough, and some of them with weaker cultivation even felt that the blood was about to stop in their entire body.

Some people with weaker cultivation even felt like their blood was about to stop. Their flesh was about to collapse and burst at any moment.

It was a terrifying feeling, and once time passed, they might not be able to hold on.

It would be tragic then.

"That room's Jiang... what kind of an existence is Senior Jiang ah?"

"Could he really be a fairy?"

"Hurry up and call the ancestors of the clan to come over to admire someone's style."

"Yes, yes, and the ancestors of the family must be called over as well, so they can witness what a truly strong person is."

"Ahem, that's not good, is it?"

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, I think the ancestors would be happy to do so."

"Yes, they should be happy in their hearts to get to know a fearsome and powerful person like Senior Jiang, and it would be even better if they could get some pointers from this Senior Jiang."


Many people started talking about it.

And so.

The sending of messages, the casting of secret methods.

A call for friends began.

The Alligator Ancestor didn't stop it either.

The reputation of his own master was not revealed, and it was such a loss that he had suffered previously.

The aroma of wine was also afraid of deep alleys.

So it was necessary to make everyone familiar with his old man's existence.


No one will believe it in the future.

This was the best moment to increase fame and prestige, it must not be wasted.

At this time.

The innkeeper, on the other hand, came staring at him with dumbfounded eyes.

He couldn't believe it.

The master that the Crocodile Ancestor was talking about, that is, Jiang Qian, was actually an Immortal-level existence.

"Although this mighty pressure is all very terrifying and overbearing looking, this really isn't necessarily an Immortal."

The shopkeeper thought to himself, "Even if it's an existence that gets closer and closer to an Immortal, it would like to be able to emit such imposing pressure, right?"

Of course.

He was just guessing.

After all, he had never seen a real immortal.

So he also didn't know what kind of existence a fairy was, so he would also be deeply afraid.

He wasn't foolish enough to question the words of the Alligator Ancestor.

For one thing, it wasn't worth it, and for another, people were considered his guests, so it wasn't good.

He was a virtuous shopkeeper.

He was a virtuous shopkeeper.

The principle is that the customer is God.

You have to serve them well.

Even if he had other thoughts in his heart, even if he really wanted to spit out a sentence, he couldn't do so.

After all, this Crocodile Ancestor was also a powerful existence at the Great Saint level.

That shopkeeper could still feel this.


After he just smiled, he took it upon himself to greet the shopkeepers to change the new tables and chairs and chopsticks.

This kind of stuff, they had already expected it.

So there was always a stock of new ones.

It was just as well that the old ones didn't go and the new ones didn't come, and there were people pocketing the compensation.

Crocodile Ancestor also didn't care about the eyes and thoughts of that shopkeeper and those people around him.

To him.

Jiang Chi was indeed an Immortal.

And such an immortal was still rare, although he knew that not many people might believe it, but did it matter whether those people believed it or not?

It really didn't matter.

At least he thought it was unimportant.

"As long as the master he possesses a strong enough strength, he can be called convincing."

The Crocodile Ancestor thought silently, "This time, is the master going to break through to the middle of the Earth Immortal Realm?"

After following Jiang Liao for so long.

Crocodile Ancestor also kind of knew the realm of Immortals.

First there was the Human Immortal, then the Earth Immortal, and then the Heaven Immortal.

And in each of the great realms there were four small realms, the early, middle, late and great perfection.

These four small realms each represented different levels of strength.

Previously, Jiang Chi had said that he was an early Earth Immortal cultivator, which was secretly noted down by the Crocodile Ancestor.

Always praying that he would one day become an immortal as well.

It was only a matter of personal fate.

It also depended on ability.

The Alligator Ancestor felt that he probably didn't have much skill.

So for the time being, he could only think about such things as becoming immortal.

"Judging from the momentum pressure that has just erupted, the master's cultivation should have already broken through."

The Crocodile Ancestor thought to himself, "I guess he's solidifying his realm right now, so he hasn't come out of the gate yet."

Very normal.

It was the same when he, Alligator, had broken through in the past.

So it didn't feel like it.

There was some expectation and some worry in his eyes.

The expectation was naturally that Jiang Xiao would become stronger, and then he, the mount, would also enjoy some benefits along with it.

As for the worry.

It was the fear that Jiang Lack would grow up and not want himself.

That would be miserable.

He didn't want that.


Even the little inan was out of the gate.

Once the alligator ancestor explained, she understood.

That doting brother of hers should have broken through.

In just half a year, he had actually broken through.

This was really fast enough.

"That's great, brother actually broke through."

Little Inan smiled, "You can go out to play again later."

It was a bit too painful to cultivate or anything.

She kind of disliked cultivation.

"By the way, what are all of them doing here?"

Suddenly, Inan saw the number of people in this inn become larger and inquired about them.

These people.

Could it be that they were all hitting on their own brother?

"We have come a long way to hear that Senior Jiang is an immortal, so we have come to pay a visit or two."

Before the Crocodile Ancestor even opened his mouth, someone beside him explained.

They also needed to take a look at whether or not Jiang was an immortal, no matter what, it was good for this powerful person to take a glance from afar.

No one felt that they were as strong as Jiang Lack's imposing pressure.

Everyone was an adult, and none of them were fools.

A fool wouldn't be able to live this long.

After all, in this world, the smart ones were still the majority ah.

Regardless of whether Jiang Lack was an immortal or not, they only said that they had come to visit and pay their respects to the big brother.

The words were gentle and polite.

It made people feel very receptive.


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