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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1288 - Mid Earth Immortal Realm (Seeking Subscription)

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As a strand of World Origin power was refined by Jiang Xiao using the devouring power of the Ninth Grade Dao Power, the powerful aura on his body began to change.

World Origin.

Origin was the most primordial and powerful power of a world, like that power of merit, only differing in manifestation.

Using the merit power as an entry point, stealing the origin in order to repair it.

This was something that Jiang Chi often did.

It was the only way for him to have a chance to step into the ranks of the strongest.

This move was a bit more difficult, but it was ultimately a viable path of cultivation, as far as he was concerned, a path.

An immortal path.

"Wanting to break through the existing realm is inherently breaking the original shackles, inherently a transformation and evolution of the level of life."

He sort of saw it clearly.

After experiencing so many worlds, Jiang lacked the ability to see the light.


This breakthrough was not easy.

Don't look at the fact that every time he refined the World Origin Force, his cultivation would basically rise greatly.

But in reality, this was all traded for his life.

World Origin Force.

This was originally a force that propelled the world into motion, originally a force that maintained the world's instincts.

Strong and domineering.

Full of endless power.

If he hadn't had the aid of the Ninth Grade Dao Power to refine it, I'm afraid he wouldn't have been able to even pass this hurdle.

Not to mention that it was even more dangerous to rely on the most primitive and barbaric methods to hit the realm next.

If he wasn't careful, he might die and his soul might fly away.

Don't think that after stepping into the threshold of cultivation, you can do whatever you want and think that everything is fine.

The Golden Pill stage is a golden egg that is swallowed into decay, and it's not up to me to decide what to do.

In the YuanYing stage, you can turn the cycle of life and death, all your essence and spirit is resting on the YuanYing, even if your body dies, you can reincarnate or be reborn.

After that, it's equally strong.

Even at this point, he was already an early Earth Immortal cultivator and had the power of an Immortal.

Every breakthrough, every layer of the realm was actually a metamorphosis and evolution of one's own life level.

That is to say.

In this process of metamorphosis and evolution, if one did not succeed, there was only a path to death.

After cultivation, this metamorphosis and evolution of life levels is even more full of uncertainty.

The last time he made a breakthrough, Jiang Kou had a deep understanding that it was a terrifying thing.

"Now, all I need to do is to refine those origin forces that I had saved up previously in an orderly manner, and I only need to honestly transform all of my origin into my own Immortal Origin Mana, and then I can start trying to hit the next realm."

To break through, the hardest thing to do was refining, and the most dull and boring was also refining.

This process would be long.

Because after increasing time, the realm would also increase, and going forward, every breakthrough in the realm would require a large amount of origin power.

And, it was more than one at a time.

This was the case.

It's just a bit terrifying.

If the amount of origin force that needed to be refined to break through a realm before was one, then the amount of origin force needed for each small increase in the realm after that was multiplied exponentially.

That wasn't the end of it.

It would be fine if it was just an increase.

It wasn't anything powerful either.

More crucially, once the origin power needed to break through the realm increased, it would require more time and more energy to refine.

Then only then could one break through.

After all, his Jiang Chi's cultivation method was very different from that of others.

This difference was to refine those origin forces, turn them into his own, temporarily store them in his body in the form of immortal yuan mana, and then use his own consciousness as a drive.

Eventually rampaging through the way, completing the transformation and evolution of the life level and forcefully bringing up one's cultivation.

This was Jiang Ji's cultivation method.

It had to be said.

It was a very risky way.

It was full of danger and uncertainty.

Danger was everywhere ah.

Jiang Qian was refining the accumulated origin power as he contemplated, "At my current speed, I'm afraid that I won't be able to achieve anything in a short time."

Even refining that origin power would take time.

Only a long enough time would allow him to refine it successfully, and there was a lot of origin power needed this time.


The time he needed was also very long.

Fortunately, the inn had paid for half a year and had instructed that no one should be disturbed.

This way, there was no need to worry about being disturbed by anyone to breakthrough.

Although it was risky to breakthrough in the inn, Jiang Xiao had no other place to go, so he would choose to do it for now.


There was no room for Jiang Guiao to think about anything else now.

His main concern right now was to try to refine it, so that he would have a chance to break through as soon as he could after refining all that Origin Force he had accumulated.

Such a chance wasn't one hundred percent.

There could also be distinctions.

With such a thought in mind, Jiang Jiang quickly urged the Ninth Grade Dao Power and continued to start refining it without stopping.

The Qi on his body was also gradually becoming stronger as time passed.

If it took time, it would definitely be able to enhance its terrifying qi pressure.

After all, the Origin Force was the purest, most powerful and overbearing power in the world, rolling with an unpredictably powerful presence.

It was truly terrifying.

Jiang Mo's eyebrows were as cold as frost, "Continue refining, if one day doesn't work, use ten days, if ten days doesn't work, use one month, if it still doesn't work, come back for another month."

There was nothing that time couldn't solve.

With the passage of time, there was always something that could be solved, even if it was with the effort of water grinding.

His Jiang Lack's perseverance was equally great.

The grind had to be successful as well.

As the saying goes: as long as the kung fu is deep enough to grind an iron pestle into a needle.

As long as there was strong perseverance, there was nothing that couldn't be done.

And so.

A day passed.

When the Alligator Ancestor and the little inan came out of the gate, they found that Jiang Xiao did not come out of the gate and did not feel anything.

It would be strange if it was so easy to get out of the border.

It was normal.

After all, only one day had passed.

If Jiang Hou really finished within a day and came out of the barrier, there could only be two kinds, either he was an exceptional genius who could break through in a day, or he had failed to break through.


This was instead a good thing.

After all, Jiang Lack was already an early Earth Immortal cultivator, and there was absolutely no way that this kind of realm could be broken through in a day.

Absolutely impossible.

Another shake.

Ten days passed by like this.

And then Jiang Jian still hadn't come out of the gate, Little Inan was missing this brother a bit, "I don't know when brother will come out of the gate, Little Inan misses him so much."

She really wanted to.

Ever since she had followed Jiang Lack as her brother, her little life had been very comfortable.

Together with the care of the Alligator Ancestor, it even made her experience unprecedented comfort, and her little life was free.


Jiang Qiao hadn't appeared even after ten days of seclusion.

Could something have happened, right?

The little inan's heart thought so, and was very worried.

But the Alligator Ancestor comforted, "Little Inan, if you feel bored, you can go back to your room and cultivate, the master is an immortal, and if he wants to go further to make a breakthrough, I'm afraid it's not as easy to breakthrough as we think."

Jiang Xiao's cultivation was different from their cultivation, essentially different.

Therefore, it was normal for Jiang lacked to come out of the gate for ten days, and the Crocodile Ancestor felt that this was the basic performance ah.

If his own master had behaved too demonically, the Alligator Ancestor felt that he might go crazy.

After all, he had become an immortal and was still fighting so hard.

Although he didn't know exactly how Jiang Gu was able to break through, he was his own master, and as long as Jiang Gu was stronger, then he would be even more awesome.


In the future, I'll be a man with a background and backstory.

With status and backstage.

Just soothing.

It's just nice.

At this moment, he didn't know that Jiang Xiao was working hard to refine all that origin power he had saved up.

And it wasn't fast.


It should be said that the speed of refining it was fine after the Ninth Grade Dao Power possessed the nature of devouring.

But bar.

There was one thing that wasn't possible.

That was that the amount of origin power was too much.

So much that he was constantly working and refining it, after all, that large pile of origin power was stored within the Vajra Bracelet.


Most of the origin power was sucked up by the vajra bracelet, and what he, Jiang Someone, possessed was only a small portion of it.

Probably only a third of it.

In other words.

In fact, two thirds of the origin power went into the pocket of the vajra bracelet's master, when it was really a good calculation.


Facing that grandmaster, even Jiang Chi had no way ah.

He couldn't do it to fully possess all that origin power.

If it wasn't for the Vajra Bracelets, he probably wouldn't even be able to obtain that origin power.

So well.

Eventually, Jiang Kou was just relieved after complaining.

After all, people had contributed.

Adhering to the principle of fair distribution, although he should still get a portion more, but who let himself be generous and benevolent.

It also extinguished other thoughts.


I'm a virtuous person, I'm definitely not like the master of the vajra bracelet.


So, the refinement continued.

When a month had passed.

The crocodile ancestor also frowned slightly, secretly saying, "Now the little inan also went to the closed door, but the master still hasn't left the closed door, when the closed door cultivation, but he told me that it would be done in a month at most.

Now it's been a month and an hour, and he still hasn't left the gate, so it can't be that something has happened, right?

No, that shouldn't be possible.

After all, the master's old man was an early Earth Immortal cultivator, and he was a genuine Immortal no matter what.

His strength and means are not something I can imagine.

Even if he fails to break through, there shouldn't be any surprises.

He should just be delayed now."

Anyway, this was what the Alligator Ancestor was thinking.

That's right.

He was worried about Jiang Xiao.

After all, it was hard to find an Immortal to be his master.

What would he do if something happened to Jiang Lack.

I'm afraid that he wouldn't be able to find such a powerful and good master in the future.


The fact that Jiang Lack hadn't come out during this month didn't help but make him speculate a bit.

Although, a month wasn't a long time.

It could even be said to be very short, even if it was someone else, even if it was a genius, it would not be possible for someone to break through in a month.


In the eyes of the Crocodile Ancestor, Jiang Xiao was not an ordinary person.

He was a super strong person, a magnificent genius of the highest order.

Definitely not something that ordinary people could compare to.

"So the reason why the master didn't break through shouldn't be that he had a problem, but that every realm after becoming an immortal is difficult, let alone a breakthrough."

The Alligator Ancestor consoled himself.

As the person beside Jiang Xiao, he naturally hoped that nothing would happen to Jiang Xiao, otherwise there was no telling what would happen.


One month and one month.

Two months passed quietly.

Jiang Chi still hadn't left the gate, as if he had directly disappeared, and the door to that inn room hadn't opened since the day it was closed.

That was a bit magical.


Even the crocodile ancestor had tried to rush in more than once or twice to see what was going on.

But they all stopped.

Little Inan was still in cultivation and would come out of the gate from time to time to take a look.

However, after learning that Jiang Jian still hadn't left the gate, she went back to her closed-door cultivation.

In fact, the Alligator Ancestor also wanted to go on a retreat to cultivate, even if it meant breaking through to the Great Emperor realm.

But the truth was.

It was hard for him to break through ah.

Not because of anything else, but mainly because he didn't even feel like he was going to break through, the opportunity and feeling was simply not there.

Even if he went to the closed door, the ending would probably be the same.

There wouldn't be any change.

Who let his own qualifications and talent fail.

This was also something that could not be helped, and the only thing the Alligator Ancestor could do was to sigh up to the heavens and then continue to quietly wait for Jiang to leave the barrier.


This guard was half a year long, a time that Ancestor Crocodile himself did not expect.

It was actually too long.

This day.


A terrifying momentum emanated from Jiang Lack's room, and then that violent power swept away, scattering in all directions!


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