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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1287 - Preparing for a Breakthrough (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Ever since the Dao One Holy Land had left, Jiang Ji had felt that the accumulated World Origin Force was sufficient.

"Next, it's time for me, Jiang Someone, to begin my breakthrough."

He became satisfied.


He could feel the opportunity that came with the breakthrough.

It seemed... it was just around the corner.

"Actually, it's quite fast."

Jiang muttered, "According to the original plan, I was supposed to go and defeat those Forbidden Zone masters

But now it looks like I need to make a breakthrough first."

The original source power was sufficient.

The next opportunity had arrived.

At least.

For Jiang Xiao such an opportunity had already arrived.

"Old Crocodile, let's go find an inn in the city first."

Going to trouble the Lord of the Forbidden Zone didn't seem like it needed to be this fast, much less this fast.


The Crocodile Ancestor hesitated, but eventually nodded his head and agreed.

Although he didn't know why Jiang Gou was doing this, although he didn't understand what Jiang Gou wanted to do.


This was his master, a powerful cultivator of the early Earth Immortal Realm.

No matter which one it was, it wasn't something that his crocodile ancestor could resist.

This day.

In the middle of the Big Dipper Domain.

A city.

Jiang Xiao couldn't name it, as he hadn't paid close attention to it.


He had seen that inn though, it was a nice inn.

It was interesting.

After using the spirit stones on his body to set up a simple defensive formation, Jiang Kou began to close down and cultivate.

And Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan.

They were also cultivating during this time.

Perhaps it was because they saw that Jiang Chi was also cultivating, they also increased their efforts in cultivation, not daring to lag too far behind.

Faced with being completely left behind by Jiang Jiankou.

Although now also at the back of the tail of the crane, although nowadays the crocodile ancestor and little inan's cultivation were not profound.

But effort this kind of thing is really contagious.

Seeing that everyone else was trying hard, it seemed like they wouldn't be able to get by if they didn't.

So the three of them all closed up in their rooms to cultivate.

Anyway, how much was paid for the room.

Already prepared, this time they vowed not to leave the barrier without breaking through.

Just like Jiang lacked.

That's how he thought about it.

Jiang Qian was sitting in the room.

In his heart, he couldn't help but ponder this.

Slightly strange looking, thinking about the horrible things that could happen when a breakthrough occurred.

Going off the rails and all that was just the basics.

There might be even more horrifying things that could happen.

"However, this time will definitely not be like the last."

To know.

After synthesizing the Swallowing Demon Skill, the Ninth Grade Dao Skill already possessed the power to devour.

At the same time.

The upper limit of the Ninth Grade Dao Gong was also mentioned by him to the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, although it was still slightly flawed, although it wasn't quite perfect.

But it was enough to cope with the current breakthrough.

"Mid Earth Immortal Realm ah, I'm sure I'll be able to break through soon."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, "But well, I need to prepare for it before I can actually break through."

How could I break through without adequate preparation?


Preparation was definitely a must.

A simple defensive formation was set up properly though.

But if there was only this one formation, it wouldn't be enough, "Only a Spirit Gathering Formation is needed."

Jiang Ji secretly thought, "Only a Spirit Gathering Formation can allow me to have the best state before and at the time of my breakthrough, even if it's not enough, I can still fill it up as fast as possible."

Spiritual Qi was important.

Although he couldn't directly raise his cultivation strength.

But it could replenish the state.

Keeping himself in a good state at all times.

That would do it.

The aura could replenish his Immortal Yuan mana and give him the opportunity to suppress and possible unexpected situations at any time.

Otherwise, all the cultivation might have gone into nothingness at this moment.

Last time.

Jiang lacked the Nine Daoist Grades to be raised, so he tried to forcefully raise his cultivation.

Although it was successful in the end.

But the process was arduous, and almost went off the rails and died.

It was close to not being able to control the violent power in his body, and directly exploding to death would probably be the best outcome.

Fortunately, he was in control.


"This time, I've already raised the grade of the Nine Daoist Skills to the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, and with the devouring ability that this Nine Daoist Skills possesses, the situation should improve."

Jiang Ji thought so in his heart, Fierce Emperor so this breakthrough shouldn't be difficult, everything was under his Jiang Someone's control.

Cultivation was supposed to be like this.

Otherwise it would be very difficult.

Jiang Jiang carefully thought about the future, "The Earth Immortal Realm is just the beginning, but it's not the end, nor is it the end."

His future should still be behind him.

"After the Spirit Gathering Formation is set up, the next step is to adjust my state, only by adjusting to the most perfect state will I have a chance to break through on the way."

Otherwise it would be difficult.

It would also be hard to wait for the past.

Having broken through so many times, each time was actually heartbreaking for Jiang lack.


Suddenly, Jiang Xiao smacked his head and thought of one thing, "I should also set up a formation that covers my breath, lest my breakthrough's breath be known to the people outside, then the impact might be great.

The most important thing is that the follow-up might be scary, if I'm surrounded by which people, do I still want to be unrestrained."


A formation that concealed the breath was necessary.

Only well.

My own attainments for array formations are not good.

So this formation to conceal the breath probably wouldn't be any better.

It was better than nothing.

It was enough for Jiang Chi.

Just as long as it wasn't the first time the breath was emitted.

Lest it be stopped by someone.

Of course.

Such a formation should also have to be able to block the visions created when he broke through, otherwise it still wouldn't work.

In that case, there would be more things to prepare.

At least it seemed to Jiang Kou that he needed to comprehend the formation as well, "As the saying goes, it's a temporary thing."

Usually, he couldn't help it if he didn't try hard.

It could only come out this way.

"I hope it's useful."

Jiang Chi prayed in his heart, "Otherwise I'll make this breakthrough and cause a big vision of heaven and earth that might attract many strong people to come and watch."

No matter what.

Being surrounded by onlookers was bad after all.

He didn't want to be a monkey, and he didn't have any special fetishes either.

"It's just that I, Jiang Someone, don't know much about the formation piece."

That was difficult.

As for the Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan, they were even more ignorant.

Forget it.

It was better to ask for help than to ask for help.

Roll up your sleeves and do it yourself, and maybe with a bit of luck, he, Jiang Hou, could become an existence with an unparalleled talent for formation.

It was also very possible.

It was a little less likely, but it wasn't impossible.


Jiang Xiao really didn't know much about formation methods.

The main reason was that formation methods required too much logic, and it was biased that he, Jiang Xiao, had forced even his entire cultivation up by the World Origin Force.

Where would he comprehend ah.

But now.

He still began to comprehend it, "I hope this time it must give a little more power ah, otherwise..."

As the saying goes: on the brink, it's not quick or light.

Whether or not it was useful.

That's not for Jiang Chi to decide.

It had to be tried anyway.

"At the worst, I'll just push away those onlookers overbearingly when the time comes."

Jiang Xiao's heart even thought like this, "Anyway, I, Jiang Someone, don't have any relationship with them, they are what they are and I am what I am.

We're all different from each other, and we're already competitors on the Immortal Path."


He wasn't obligated to do anything for the others.

"That's how it's decided."

After half a day of enlightenment, even after comprehending that formation, it was still a waste of time and energy instead.


Jiang Xiao began to randomly set up a formation and then took out some spirit stones from his Qiankun bag.

Only an adequate amount of spirit stones could make his Spirit Gathering Formation work so fast.

Anyway, most of these spirit stones were just along for the ride, and none of them were hard earned by him.

So when using them, there was no need to feel any fleshache, as it was not felt at all.

"The Spirit Gathering Formation is ready."

Half an hour later, Jiang Jiang nodded in satisfaction, "Although my Jiang someone's natural aptitude is not good, and I don't have any special comprehension of the formation one, it's even considered poor.

But well.

This Spirit Gathering Formation of mine is quite well laid out, and the aura within the formation fluctuates greatly.

It's also able to allow me to adjust my state to the best state in the first place."

Of course.

Actually, these so-called Spirit Gathering Formations that Jiang lacked were nothing more than transforming the aura from the spirit stones.

And this formation wasn't difficult, he was just copying it down according to the model of the formation set up by others.

That was all.


The effect was good.

The effect of this formation was truly good, as Jiang Jiang quickly circulated the Ninth Grade Daoist Gong and began to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for his own use.

His original state was not at its peak, so he needed to adjust his state to a peak state to do so.

Only then could he make a better breakthrough, "The middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm can't tolerate half a mistake, otherwise I can't bear the consequences of that."

Jiang Qian's heart thought like this.

He didn't dare to break through directly either, that wouldn't do, "Once I break through to the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, I can use my brutal and powerful strength to push straight towards those forbidden area masters."

It would definitely be possible to call them to death without even leaving any scraps.

"Of course, if they're willing to concede, it's not impossible to spare them this time."

He, Jiang Chi, was a moral person, a man of grace and grudges, who could not kill indiscriminately.

That was the case in the past, and it was still the case now.

"Well, such a virtue has to be carried forward."

Jiang Qiao thought silently in his heart, "But that's all for later, you can't talk about that now."

Right now, he needed to work on adjusting his state.

Only the pinnacle of his state would be good enough to break through, "After all, the mid Earth Immortal Realm isn't a realm without becoming immortal, after all, it's a powerful realm."

It definitely wasn't something that could be compared to the flow of great emperors in this world.

An hour later.

Jiang Qian had felt almost done, "Now I feel strong and complete, I have reached the peak of my state."

Then, the next step would be to begin the breakthrough with all one's might.

Although the process might be difficult.

It might even be arduous.

All of this Jiang Xiao had already anticipated.

But he had no intention of giving up, nor could he give up ah.

He didn't have much time, nor did he have many opportunities, and he was completely relying on the World Origin Force to build up his cultivation.

Without the World Origin Force, it would be miserable.

That would be more than enough.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Chi pondered firmly, "Only by constantly striving and persevering will I have a chance to become strong ah.

In the Green Xuan Continent, I'm still not considered the strongest, and I still can't be free, so I need to fight for my life in these worlds."

Even if it's sparring.

But you have to spell.

Otherwise, I'm afraid that I won't even have a chance to fight for my life in the future.

That would be tragic.

After adjusting his state, Jiang Chi then turned his five hearts towards the sky, pinching a magical secret and moving swiftly, driven by the nine Daoist powers.

For a moment.

It was like a violent storm.

His Nine-Pin Dao Power already possessed the ability to devour after fusing with the Fierce Man Emperor's Heaven Swallowing Demon Power.


In terms of the efficiency of refining the World Origin Force, it was much faster.

And as time passed away bit by bit, the air on Jiang Qian's body gradually began to become more mysterious.

It was also more unpredictable.

If it wasn't for the half-hearted formation he had set up to cover it, and if it wasn't for the fact that this place itself was an inn, with the cover of the inn's own formation, his terrifying breath would have spread out long ago.

This time.

Mid Earth Immortal Realm he was bound to win!


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