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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1285 - Purple Palace Holy Land (Seeking Subscription)

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Five days later.

When that Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign who was in an apprehensive mood witnessed the departure of Jiang Lack and the others, his entire body was confused and puzzled.

Wasn't it said to have other purposes, wasn't it said that this person was not a good person, not a guest.

"After these few days together, why do I feel different?"

That Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign thought in his heart somehow, feeling a little strange.

What about the promise to have other purposes?

During these days, Jiang lacked and the others didn't do anything excessive, nor did they imagine anything of oppression or coercion.

It was as if they had really just come as guests.

Other than giving away some cultivation resources, there was nothing more from him.


Jiang Lack and the others didn't say anything more, not even a little bit of anger.

How many meanings?

That Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Lord was extremely puzzled anyway.

He was even ready to be beaten up by Jiang Xiao and ready for the entire Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land to be bullied.

But in the end.

The ending was very anticlimactic.

It was also laughable, but just more confusing and puzzling.

It was clear that he was ready.

Even if it was the preparation of his heart.

But in the end, Jiang Jian didn't even do anything, which made that Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground very confused and puzzled.

What, you still don't think highly of me, the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground?

Think of it this way.


He was actually fortunate, and fortunate to have met someone like Jiang Lack, who had really become a do-gooder.

Otherwise, their Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land wouldn't have known what to do.

Something big might have happened.

This situation right now was good enough.

This Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Lord's heart was just a little puzzled.

"Why didn't he carry out his plan, why didn't he achieve his goal?"

The Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Lord was very puzzled, "Or is it that he actually has no purpose at all, no need to carry it out, everything he says is true, he's just a guest in our Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land?"

It's very possible.

And it was very probable.

At least he thought that it should be easy for an existence like Jiang Liao to move the Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land.

But in the end, Jiang Yao didn't move.

Not even an existence like the Crocodile Ancestor had made a move.

Until today.

Jiang Jiang left with the Crocodile Ancestor and the little inan.

He was all confused and bewildered.

It was really a bit unbelievable, feeling a bit stunned.

Letting this Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign ponder, he seemed to be pondering that something was wrong, "Could it be that this person is really an immortal as that crocodile said?"

But the question arises again.

Where in heaven is there a fairy?

Didn't you say that fairies don't exist anymore?

At least in this world, as the Saint Lord of the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land, he knew that there was no way for immortals to exist.

Otherwise, those great emperor level existences back then would have already broken through to become immortals.

But in the end, they hadn't been able to break through.

According to the information he had received, this world should be lacking some longevity substance, so the lifespan of cultivators was generally low.

Without sufficient time, they could not become immortal.

Even if one's natural aptitude was good, they needed time to accumulate before they had a chance to become immortal.

Otherwise, they would ultimately have no hope of immortality.


This Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign believed that Jiang Xiao could never be an Immortal.

At most, he would be a super emperor.

That is, just a little stronger than an ordinary Great Emperor.

Of course.

Now as he watched Jiang Liao slowly leave, he looked at the way he waved his hand without taking a single cloud with him.

The Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign became even more puzzled and confused.

"Could it be that this Senior Jiang really doesn't have any other thoughts?"

He couldn't help but get confused, "But, by the looks of that crocodile, it obviously had another purpose."

The situation now really filled him with confusion, and all sorts of question marks arose in his mind.

He didn't dare to ask Jiang Xiao to stay.

After all, this senior was a big shot. In case he really had other thoughts about the Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land, it would be bad.

"Let's go, it's better to go far away."

The Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Lord thought so in his heart, "Although you seem to be just guests, even if you're just guests these days, you've made our entire Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Land restless."

The slightest bit of carelessness would make one think that this could be Jiang Lack and the others who were up to no good.

It was a bit uncomfortable to be on edge like this, and it made his old face turn wrinkled.

"No matter what kind of thoughts you once came here with, you're finally gone now."

The Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign thought to himself, "Although I actually started out with the attitude of sending a plague god, it doesn't even look like I need to send a plague god now."

That's a good situation.


This Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Lord was actually unaware that all of their Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land's hidden techniques, secret arts, and the like had fallen into Jiang Xiao's hands.

They had been directly extracted away by him using the Vajra Bracelet.

As for the resources for cultivation, this Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Lord had previously given away quite a few of them when they were in the Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land.

They all went into the pockets of the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan.

Only a portion of it was actually secretly brought in by them, but that Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Lord, as well as the other Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land's people didn't know about it.

Because the amount was small, it wasn't discovered by the other party.

This was what Jiang Hou told the Crocodile Ancestor, not to be too evil, or else that underworld might be detrimental to his luck.

Although the crocodile sounded all nebulous and didn't understand it, but in the end, he did as he was told.


Actually, Jiang Xiao and the others didn't just go purely as guests, they did other things as well, it was just that that Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign didn't know about these things.

If he had waited for him to react, I'm afraid that everything would have changed.

Of course.

The situation might be different now.

There were two more holy lands next.

According to Jiang Xiao's choice, it was natural that he would choose the Holy Land of the Violet Palace, but the Violet Palace and Daoist One were the same anyway.

Almost the same.

It was like this for him.

"The Holy Land of the Violet Palace can still proceed as the previous Holy Land of the Ten Thousand Beginnings."

Jiang Chi and the Crocodile Ancestor dealt with the situation.

Sort of an arrangement of work.

Let him go work out next.

And so.

In accordance with the experience previously accumulated in the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground, Jiang Lack and the Alligator Ancestor unceremoniously routed the Violet Palace Sacred Ground in a mighty pressure of momentum.

That wasn't enough.

Right after that.

The Crocodile Ancestor began another great bluffing pattern against the Holy Lord of the Violet Palace Sacred Ground.

Just as long as he could bluff the other party.

Anyway, that Saint Lord of the Violet Palace Sacred Ground was now calmed down by Jiang Xiao's qi pressure and didn't understand the situation at all.

And so.

It was under the Alligator Ancestor's bluffing that the Violet Palace Saint Lord finally turned gloomy.

Even though he was an unstoppable Sovereign, even though he was a big man on one side, his own cultivation strength was not weak.

But he still wasn't enough to see when he faced Jiang Di.

Even when facing the Crocodile Ancestor, this Violet Palace Saint Lord wasn't enough to look at.

He could only good-naturedly introduce Jiang Di and the others into the living room, and then serve them a feast with good wine and good food.

And didn't dare to do otherwise.

After all, the strength that Jiang Lack and the Crocodile Ancestor had revealed could not be ignored by them.

They were also afraid.

Not the strongest after all.

In case they provoked such unstoppable powerhouses.

Then the consequences....

They can't afford it.

Nor dare to mature ah.


The Violet Palace Sovereign's face had always been gloomy.

Resources and everything else were taken out and given to Jiang Lack and the others as gifts.

As for whether it was effective or not, there was no telling.


On the second day, on the pretext of wanting a chance to stroll around the Purple Palace Sacred Grounds, Jiang Hou had taken the entire Purple Palace Sacred Grounds' collection.

It was unceremonious.

As was the case with the original Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Lord.

The Violet Prefecture Saint Lord was equally confused, he didn't even understand what the point of Jiang Xiao coming to visit the Violet Prefecture Sacred Area was.

There didn't seem to be any purpose ah.

In that case.

The result was a bit awkward.

When he sent Jiang Xiao away, he was as confused and bewildered as the same Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign who had been there.

Didn't understand the idea of Jiang Chi doing this.

It was really hard to understand.

Could it be that this Earth Immortal had really just come over to have a little fun?

Or are you actually overthinking it.

Just walk away?

The Violet Palace Sovereign was dumbfounded, he couldn't understand all of this.

What exactly was going on?

Was it just like what that crocodile said, this early Earth Immortal, Jiang Da Xian, couldn't stand the loneliness anymore, so he came out for a spin.

Then well.

Just somehow transferred to their Purple Palace Sacred Ground.

And then went along to be a guest for a while.

During these few days, it was hard for the people of their Purple Mansion Sanctuary to serve up all kinds of good food and drinks.

It was almost as if they were supporting Jiang Chi like an ancestor.

And actually almost. Soon.

"Are they leaving just like that?"

To the Violet Sage, it was a bit unbelievable that Jiang Lack and the others had left so directly.

To the Violet Sage, it seemed that Jiang Lack and the others had done nothing ah.

They just left as a result.

It seemed... it seemed like they were really just taking a seat.

It really was just a visit.

And then there was no then.

Left straight away.

Not dragging his feet at all, looking at that Purple Sovereign in a daze, he couldn't stop thinking, "What do they mean by that?"


Can't understand ah.

Even as the Sacred Lord of the Violet Palace, he was considered a party big shot.

Now he didn't even understand half of it.

Some were embarrassed.

Gazing at the back of Jiang Xiao and the others as they departed, the current Violet Palace Saint Lord was confused, even bewildered.

It was the same expression as that Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign's in the beginning.

Presumably, they hadn't even figured it out.

Why did they make it look like this?

Jiang lacked and they naturally got what they wanted, and naturally they weren't just guests for the sake of being guests.

In fact.

That so-called being a guest was just a cover.

To him, Jiang Someone, obtaining those merits would be enough.

On the one hand, it would improve the quality of the Ninth Grade Dao Technique, and on the other hand, it would allow him to obtain more World Origin Power.

How nice.

It was simply a two-pronged approach.

A very good method.

As for the Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan, they had likewise obtained the resources of the Violet Palace Sacred Ground.

This time there were still quite a few.

Compared to the original Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground, it was much more.

After leaving from the Violet Palace Sacred Ground, the smile on Jiang Qian's face didn't stop, "This time, I've finally saved up some World Origin Power again."


After he continuously visited several holy lands, he had obtained quite a bit of origin power.

This time, he was saving some more.

The origin power needed to get closer to the breakthrough looked like a lot already.

It was about to be enough.

"Next, there's another Dao One Sacred Land."

Jiang Chi was very clear that since he was going to patronize those holy lands, he should patronize them all.

There was always enough origin power that could be saved up.

"It's not far from the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm."

Jiang Xiao began to ponder, maybe after he finished patronizing the Dao One Holy Land, he would be able to accumulate enough origin power.

With this to provide for his breakthrough.

It might be possible as well.

After thinking of this.

Jiang Chi then looked forward to that Dao One Sacred Ground as well.

Apart from the Tianxuan Sacred Ground, which had once been annihilated, the Dao One Sacred Ground was the last Sacred Ground.

It was assumed that this holy land should be able to give him enough benefits.

"Of course, actually, apart from those holy lands, I still have those forbidden forbidden lands I can go to."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "After all, in this side of the world, there are many good things in the forbidden areas, and the masters of those forbidden areas are all big shots one by one.

Not to mention that I can overwhelm them, and I might be able to obtain the rewards of this side of the world, which is merit."

That was also possible.

Of course.

Now these were just speculations.

But it was just very likely that it would come true.

The Purple Palace Sovereign waited until he couldn't see the silhouettes of Jiang Lack and his group before slowly retreating, "No, it's not what I expected."

It really was different.

There seemed to be something bizarre and unpredictable about it.


Like that Ten Thousand Beginnings Saint Lord, he was ready to be beaten by Jiang Chi and the others.

But who knew that Jiang Lack was half-hearted.

That was terrifying.

How many meanings?

Do you think I'm too weak to be a guest at the Purple Palace?


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