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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1284 - Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land (Seeking Subscription)

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There were about three of those remaining holy lands left.

Now, there were still the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground, the Purple Mansion Sacred Ground, and the Dao One Sacred Ground left.

It's just that these three holy lands are all located in the middle.

It was just right that they were all in one pot.

Of course.

Jiang Chi's thoughts weren't so evil.

He felt that the holy lands he had come across previously were quite nice and willing to listen to him.

That was enough to illustrate a point.

In fact, it wasn't like those holy lands couldn't be reasoned with.

At certain times, it was possible to reason about them.

For example, these holy places that he had previously visited were identified through reasoning.

And he hadn't been stingy.

There were also many left behind.

For example, within this Yaochi Sacred Ground.

He had left behind an enlightenment tablet to await the successors of the Yao Chi Sacred Land to become Taoists.

It was also considered his trip to the Yao Chi Sacred Ground.

At any rate, he left some thoughts behind.

Can't be too stingy.

Based on this.

He then thought that all holy lands should be easy to talk to, and even if there were bad things to say, it would only be a few.


The remaining three holy lands, Jiang Xiao felt that he had enough strength to suppress them, and a mighty mighty pressure crumbling down would be enough to make many people go crazy.

They would definitely suck up to him.

There was no doubt about it.

He would have a lot of things that Jiang lacked, and it wouldn't matter if he left some behind.

It was all good anyway.

It didn't matter.

"Brother, is the central part of the Northern Star Domain fun?"

The little girl asked curiously.

Would that be a fun place to be?

"Central Well."

Jiang Gou looked stunned and said, "I've never been there, and I don't know if it's fun, but those holy lands are quite fun."

The rest of the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land, the Purple Palace Sacred Land, and the Dao One Sacred Land were not considered to be big holy places.

Relying on the Crocodile Ancestor to take the lead, they should be fine.

It was also time for some exercise.

After all, the old crocodile had almost recovered.

To the point.

A few days later.

The middle of the Big Dipper Domain.

The Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground.

"Master, I've snooped around, and there's that Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground up ahead."

As early as three days ago.

Crocodile Ancestor had already made some inquiries.

The Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground's territory, the affiliated forces it possessed, the disciples it contained, and so on.

All of them had made detailed inquiries.

The results were delightful.

The Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground wasn't strong, one could even say very weak, and with Jiang Xiao still an Earth Immortal, this Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground was weak.

It was simply unbearable.

Faced with such a strong man, the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground could only concede.

"Let's go let's drive to the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground righteously."

Jiang Xiao smiled, "I hope they, the Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land, don't disappoint the poor ah, at any rate it's a holy land, if they lose their minds, it won't be good for them."

That was true.

He, Jiang Hou, was highly powerful, with an early Earth Immortal cultivation, and was by no means comparable to an idle person.

Earth Immortal.

That was strength, that was a skill.

There was no way that the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground would not yield, and Jiang Chi was able to take away each and every one of the techniques in the sacred ground in a way that was unseen and undetectable.

It was guaranteed that no one would know.

With this thought in mind, they descended upon the entire Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Grounds in a vast manner.

For a time.

Might overwhelmed the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground.

And within the entire holy land, there were quite a few people who were quiet and just wanted to cultivate.

But right now they were all stunned in the present, sweating coldly, as if they were sitting on pins and needles.

It was truly unbearable, like that ants on a hot pan.


"This mighty pressure, a strong person has descended."

"And it's definitely not just any strong person, it's that kind of super strong, unstoppable existence ah."

"Wait, how could our Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land have offended such an existence, could it be that revenge has come?"

"I don't know, my Ten Thousand Beginnings Sanctuary has always sat quietly and practiced, never going out and offending people, so it shouldn't be an enemy."

"But if the good person doesn't come, the visitor isn't good either."

"Just be careful in dealing with it, if the visitor is really a bad person, our Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land is by no means soft."

"What an eventful year."

"Calamity, this is the sign of the coming calamity."


Inside the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground.

Everyone was talking to each other.

The hearts were horrified.

The terrifying pressure that was crumbling down on their bodies, they were definitely no match.

The true essence within their bodies had solidified and could not be mobilized in the slightest, as if they were going to be suppressed at any moment with this barbaric mighty pressure.

It truly felt ugly.

They really wanted to rise up and have a straight fight.

To make themselves tougher.

Not to be despised by others.


As soon as they had such thoughts, they had felt the terrifying pressure of Jiang Liao coming from them.

It was a skill that made them unable to rise the slightest bit of resistance.

"Here we are, prepare to meet it."

"No matter what, we can't be the first to stir up conflict, or else the situation will become more and more unfavorable for us."

"Let's hope they're just passing through, otherwise..."

In the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Beginnings.

Everyone knew what this otherwise meant behind the scenes.

What's more, they understood that this world was inherently hideous and cruel, as the strongest were the most powerful.

"We have met our predecessors."

With the Holy Lord of the Holy Land at the head, followed by the Sons and Daughters of the Holy Land, and then the Elders of the Holy Land and others, side by side behind the three of them, they respectfully bowed towards Jiang Ji.

Although the Crocodile Ancestor was taking the lead, the source of the pressure was Jiang Kou.

"There is no need for all of you to be polite."

Long before coming here, the Alligator Ancestor had been instructed and told by Jiang Chi that he would lead this time.


There was the scene before us.

"This is my master, a powerful existence at the early stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, and I'm sure you have felt the imposing pressure of the Fang, right?"

The Crocodile Ancestor didn't wait for those in the Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land to continue to speak, so he continued to introduce himself, "My master is an immortal, whether you admit it or not.

This is not a sin of your Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land, but my master wants to be a guest in your Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land for a stroll.

I'm not sure what you all think."

A guest?

Just a guest, just a little sightseeing?

That sounded a bit unbelievable and a bit unbelievable to these people from the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land.


It's not a good thing.

I'm afraid it's not a farce.

The Holy Lord of the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land was silent, not taking a position at the first opportunity.

But the others didn't dare to take a stance either, not even daring to say anything else, it was a bit scary.

It was true that they didn't know if Jiang Qian was an immortal or not.

It was also true that they had some disbelief.


The frightening momentum that was still crumbling down on them at this moment was enough to explain everything.

The other side was really powerful.

They couldn't cope.

Not even compensating the entire Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land would be able to handle it.

It was truly a bit too terrifying.

"Such a powerful existence shouldn't exist in the world, it shouldn't even appear here."

But it just appeared.

It was still very powerful, and the imposing pressure was undiminished.

Such a terrifyingly powerful person actually came just as a guest?


Who believes that?

Anyway, from the Holy Lord down to the ordinary elders, there wasn't a single one who wanted to believe it.

Nor could they believe it.

If they were really guests, then why would they use such terrifying imposing pressure.

Wouldn't it be a redundant move.

"They're clearly directly forcing us to make a choice."

The Saint Lord of the Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land was very clear about this.

But he was too partial to say anything more.

He couldn't even refuse.

Where was the powerful Jiang Xiao that he could refuse, only to be afraid that as soon as he opened his mouth, his soul would fly away in the next moment.

This was very likely.

He felt deeply confused now.

Truly a little scared up.

It was also true that he looked horrified, and the fear was hard to dispel ah.

What to do?

Things seemed to be a bit out of his expectation.

The current situation would be awkward for the Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land.

I was about to open my mouth, but then I heard the Alligator Ancestor say, "Actually, you don't need to hesitate, my master is really just here as a guest, and really just came to take a stroll, having already strolled the Shaking Light Sacred Ground, the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, and even the Yaochi Sacred Ground without anything.

The reason why he would release the imposing pressure is mainly because he is afraid that you might not pay enough attention.

After all, my master is an early Earth Immortal realm powerhouse, and in every way, he is a Xian.

And a Xian has the dignity of an Immortal.

I'm sure the Daoists of the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land can understand this, right?"

The crowd: "..."


Understanding a ghost.

If it wasn't for the fact that they didn't dare to say this directly from their hearts, if it wasn't for the fear of offending Jiang Lack, they really wanted to dislike him back now.

If there was only one crocodile ancestor, naturally no one would be afraid of anything.

But it was different now.

With an early Earth Immortal, Jiang Lack, the situation was extraordinary.

Even if this person wasn't a True Immortal, he should be infinitely closer to that position.

After all, that imposing pressure couldn't be faked.

And no one would think it was fake.

They wouldn't even dare to provoke or try something.

The main reason was fear.

If something were to happen, the consequences....

It would be terrifying.

"Gentlemen, if you are silent, then this seat will take it as a tacit acknowledgement."

The Crocodile Ancestor laughed, "The Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land is at least a sacred land, it's not so cowardly as to be afraid."

In fact.

It really was that cowardly and afraid.

That terrifying, overbearing mighty pressure was still there.

It couldn't be fake.

After everyone looked at each other, that Saint Lord said respectfully, "It is a blessing for my Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land to welcome Senior's presence on behalf of the entire Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land."

"Well, that's right."

Jiang Ji nodded and said casually, "I may have to nag you about the Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land for the next few days, so you can lead us around for a few days to see this legendary holy land."

That's right.

For many people, the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land was an aspiring cultivation holy land.

At any rate, it belonged to one of the several major holy lands.

And it was also in the middle of the Northern Star Domain, which alone was stronger than many sects.

It was even much stronger than the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground.


That Saint Lord bitterly answered with a wrinkled old face, and didn't dare not to ah.

Jiang Mo had personally named him.

This was a senior, a true big man.

One person was enough to compare to the existence of their entire Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land.


That Saint Lord was also worried incomparably.

Although both Jiang Xiao and the Crocodile Ancestor were emphasizing that they had come to hang out as guests.

However, that Sovereign's heart still didn't believe those words.

Thinking that they were bullshit.

How could they just come to be guests.

It was never wrong to say that nothing was wrong.

"They must have some untold secrets and purposes for coming here to my Ten Thousand Beginnings Holy Land, but I just can't guess right now, and they aren't saying it."

As a holy lord of a holy land.

It was just like the flow of a sect's master and head.

He was considered to be the biggest big man.

A single word could determine the life and death of many people.


That was precisely why.

That was why he felt helpless and painful.

He was more discerning and naturally knew that Jiang Lack, Crocodile Ancestor and the others coming over was by no means a mere visit.

But they had to agree.

But right now, it could only be dealt with respectfully.


This Saint Master of the Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land hurriedly said to Jiang Ji, "Senior, just don't worry, our Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land has always been hospitable, and will never make you feel uncomfortable."


His heart was already sputtering, "This time, I don't know if my Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land can survive this calamity."

He wasn't sure anyway.

For now, there was only one way to go.

There was no other way.

"Good, then it's troublesome for your Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground."

Jiang Xiao smiled, "In keeping with the purpose of friendly exchange, it would actually be nice if we could still discuss with your Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Land.

Of course.

Not to argue with me, but to argue with the two of them."

In between the words.

Jiang Chi also pointed at the Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan beside him.

In order to cultivate them, Jiang Hou had taken great pains, and he had to find a chance to train the two of them.

Otherwise, once he left the Heaven-Shattering World in the future, it would be miserable if neither the Alligator Ancestor nor the Little Inan could be on their own.

"Good, that's easy, junior will go and arrange it."

The Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign couldn't help but wipe the beads of sweat from his forehead as he continued, "Senior, senior has already ordered someone to prepare a meal and feast, how about we eat and drink while we chat?"

"What do you think, old gator?"

Jiang Qiao smiled and asked.

The Crocodile Ancestor, on the other hand, smiled foolishly, "Since this Fellow Daoist is so generous and righteous, Master, then we simply have to respectfully follow the order."

Ten Thousand Beginnings Sovereign: "......."

I'm forced to, okay.

It's so hard to be a Sovereign these days!


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