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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1282 - Belly Lord (Seeking Subscriptions)

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It was easy to make a deal with the Beginningless Emperor, which was somewhat surprising to Jiang Qian, after all, this Beginningless Emperor was no ordinary person.

How could they agree so quickly?

He was a little puzzled.

But actually.

Eventually it could be figured out.

"Actually, after thinking about it, it's understandable."

Jiang mumbled, "He, the Beginningless Emperor, entered a foreign land in his early years, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to live until now.

But even so, he still doesn't have much life left, still very little, and still needs immortal substances to maintain.

And a strand of Immortal Yuan Mana that I have taken out, which in the eyes of the Beginningless Great Emperor is Eternal Life Matter, will allow him to live for an additional hundred years.

What can a hundred years do?

If it was for an ordinary person, it couldn't really do anything, and if it was for many strong people, it would mean something different.

That's why he always wanted to extend his lifespan.

The reason it's so hard to become an immortal in this world is because there's less material for immortality and the lifespan isn't long enough, so there's no chance and not enough time to become an immortal."

This time.

Jiang Mo all understood.

The Beginningless Emperor needed that longevity substance, and the Immortal Yuan mana he had taken out.

So he promised to be very quick.

Although he didn't know if Jiang Kou was playing a trick on him or if the deal was really possible.


The Beginningless Emperor knew one thing.

He had no choice.

"Poor Dao takes his leave."

After ending the deal with the Beginningless Emperor, Jiang Xiao left with a slight smile.

This time, he already had a huge harvest.

And it was huge.

Not bad.

"Next, it's time for the techniques and secret arts in this Yao Pond Holy Land."

Jiang Qian secretly mused, "Although the Western Imperial Mother has given me all of her techniques, secret arts, and Dao Scriptures.

But in reality.

In the course of so many years of development, apart from those inheritances given by the Western Queen Mother, the Yao Pond Sacred Land has also created quite a few of its own techniques, and even fought for quite a few Daoist doors.

And these are all what I, Jiang Someone, need."

It might be a bit not much.

But no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat.

It should also be able to obtain quite a bit of World Origin Power.

Think of it this way.

It was soothing.


Whether it was that Western Queen Mother or that Beginningless Emperor, they would definitely know what was going on outside.

Therefore, they would definitely order the Yaochi Sacred Ground to entertain them properly, and it was possible that they would take this opportunity to obtain some World Origin Power.

"In this way, the Alligator Ancestor and the little inan have their cultivation resources."


So good.

Jiang Kou liked this ending.

Having traded two amounts of World Origin Power from the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor, he was already happy.

"Thinking that I, Jiang Someone, should be able to break through to the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm in this world."

This was the benefit of being a big brother.

He could clearly feel this benefit.

I don't know why he was able to jump out of this suppression, but I guess it was related to the difference in this world.

After thinking about these things.

The steward: "......."

She was a little confused.

It wasn't because of Jiang Jiang, but because both the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor had sent her an imperial order.

She was told to entertain Jiang Chi properly.

It would be even better if she could take up a relationship with such a strong man.

"It's not true that he's strong, but to actually startle the Western Imperial Mother and the Beginningless Emperor, that's a bit too... terrifying, isn't it?"

She was puzzled.

But it had been established that it was the holy oracle handed down by the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor, and she didn't dare to disobey it.


That white-skirted steward's heart sighed, "Since they all say that he is strong, let's assume that he is."

But then again.

Jiang Chi was indeed strong.

That steward had verified that.

Just because of the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor's oracle, it made her feel a bit strange.

Things were a bit special ah.

For a while.

This steward couldn't help but look squarely at Jiang Lack a few times.

"Let's go."

She nodded and said, "After strolling through the Yaochi Sacred Area, we'll go eat something delicious, I've already instructed someone to prepare a feast."


Jiang Gou was stunned, "How... how can this be?"


It was perfunctory though.

But that steward didn't mind.

He was going to give them a polite reception and then send them off to end the calamity.


She was very clear.

If she provoked the other party, there was no telling what would happen.

Not to mention, even the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor had now started to pass down their sacred orders.

As a steward, she naturally knew what these two statues on the Yaochi Sacred Ground meant.

There had been sacred oracles passed down before.

Only that it had been in a very obscure way before, but this time it was in a very special way.

She didn't know why.

It was a bit of an exaggeration for a Jiang lacking to be worthy of the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor all passing down a sacred oracle.

But that was the truth.

"Fine, then let's take a stroll first, and then go to the feast after we've seen the scenery of the Yaochi Sacred Area."

Jiang Qiao smiled, "I originally thought this was a bit of a hassle for you guys, but now it seems like it has to be."

To avoid wasting it.

He, Jiang Gou, was still a man of excellent character and learning.

Not wasteful.

Never extravagant.

After this time, Jiang Qiao said, "Right, could you prepare some cultivation resources for my sister and mount, after all, their cultivation has reached a very crucial moment."

Many resources were needed to do so.


At this moment, that steward's heart wanted to spit out something.

Our Yaochi Sacred Ground is not your sect, so why should we be required to give cultivation resources ah.

To be able to let you guys come in for a visit and come in to see the scenery.

This is already a great gift.

If it wasn't for the fact that you guys are so powerful, you probably wouldn't even have the chance to come in and take a stroll.

But well.

That white-skirted steward's words reached his lips, but he didn't know what to say.

"Only just now did the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor send out a sacred order saying that they should be treated well and try to meet all their requests."

She was a bit angry, "I don't know why the two ancestors would pass down such a sacred bull, this person is obviously helpless ah."

That there was someone who took the initiative to ask for cultivation resources like this.

He Jiang Chi was counted as the first.


Such a result made that white-skirted steward's face a bit ugly.

So depressed.

The mood was also helpless to the extreme.


She still had to admit it.

Otherwise, there was no telling what moths would come out.

"Forget it, let's just do what the ancestors want."

The White Dress Steward secretly said, "There's no way I can deal with anything else right now, not even the Yao Ji Holy Land."

She was very clear.

After both the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor had spoken, their Yao Ji Sacred Land could only do as they were told.


Simply a thought.

It's just some cultivation resources.

Just take some out directly.

It's just two people anyway, so it shouldn't take much cultivation resources.

As for that feast, it wouldn't cost much either.

If we could take the opportunity to get some benefits in exchange, that would be fine too.

"According to the thoughts of the two ancestors, the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor, they should want our Yaochi Sacred Area to befriend this person."

The white-skirted steward thought to herself, "Looking at it this way, it's not a bad thing."


She didn't know much about Jiang Chi.

Having never seen it before, let alone heard of it, she naturally had no understanding of it half the time.

In this situation, it was only a little difficult for her to draw closer to Jiang Lack.

But there was nothing she could do without drawing closer.

The ancestor himself had given the order, and even if the Sacred Lord of the Yao Pond came out of the gate, he would have to follow it.

The Saint Son and the Saint Maiden were similarly in closed-door training.

That's why she was the only one who came out to manage the affairs.

It couldn't be helped.

She could only think on the bright side.


Were Jiang lacking and the others really content with just that?

It should be known that although this was the Yao Pond Sacred Ground, there were quite a few cultivation resources here precisely because it was the Yao Pond Sacred Ground.

Based on this situation, it would be a shame to ask for more cultivation resources than one of your own.

No matter if it was the Crocodile Ancestor, or Little Inan.

To Jiang Kou, they were all his own people, while the Yao Chi Sacred Ground was only an outsider.

But well.

Now wasn't the time to open up.

The next time.

Jiang Chi and his group of three followed that white-skirted steward to look around the Yao Chi Sacred Ground, and incidentally also used the Vajra Bracelets to raid the Yao Chi Sacred Ground's hidden scriptures.

Once again, they obtained some World Origin Power.

How nice.

He had already experienced this benefit.

Relatively speaking, the origin power contributed by the Yaochi Sacred Ground was much less than that contributed by the Western Queen Mother.


It didn't matter.

As long as there was enough of it, it was fine.

Jiang Mo was satisfied.

This situation was good now.

He already had everything Jiang Liao wanted, and the next step was to see if the Yao Ji Holy Land would give cultivation resources.


That white dress steward's heart was relieved, "It's a good thing he didn't do anything out of the ordinary, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do."

It's still good now.

The days could still go on.

Only well.

She needed to distract the attention of the three Jiang lacked.

And so.

This white-skirted steward hurriedly said, "Mr. Jiang, now that we've finished strolling around the Yao Pond Sacred Ground, we'll go to the living room next, and the feast is almost ready."


Jiang Gou was slightly stunned, "Is the feast ready so soon?"

It was good to have a good meal, Jiang Gao naturally wouldn't refuse.

But well.

Cultivation resources still had to be given.


With a twinkle in his eye, he continued, "That, the matter of cultivation resources I spoke to you about just now, I wonder..."

Steward: "...and..."

She was actually a bit confused.

In her heart, she couldn't help but think, "What do you mean, you're still thinking about the cultivation resources of our Yao Pond Sacred Ground?"

But, you don't think the resources of our Yao Ji Holy Land are free.

It's all hard-earned.

And it was also saved up bit by bit, so why should I give it to you.


For this white-skirted steward, she was very uncomfortable in her heart.

But she was too embarrassed to refuse in the face of Jiang Chi's most direct question, "Mr. Jiang, let me take you to the living room first.

As for the matter of cultivation resources, I've already ordered people to fetch them, I believe it won't take long for everyone to see them."


Jiang Ji smiled, "Actually, I was just afraid that you might have forgotten, so I made a remark to remind you."


Although Crocodile Joe was his mount, he was actually a little sidekick.

As for the little inan, that identity was even more different.

That was his younger sister.

Isn't it reasonable to look for cultivation resources for his own sister.

It was normal ah.


Only in that white dress steward's opinion, this wretched fellow Jiang lacked was getting shameless.


Very shameless.

They had never seen someone so aggressive before.

Simply an abominable fellow.

It was just that she couldn't help it.

She was just a steward, and up there were holy sons, holy daughters, holy masters and what not to mention, there were also old ancestors like the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor ah.

The old ancestors were the big guys.

It had to be followed.

Since this was the case, one could only take one step at a time.

Respond slowly.

She suddenly asked towards Jiang Ji, "Mr. Jiang, I've always had a question, I don't know if it's appropriate to ask."


Jiang Gou's eyebrows raised, "Since you don't know whether to ask or not to ask, it's best not to ask."


The white dress steward was embarrassed.

Not allowed to ask?

But I'm still confused.

To ask or not to ask?

She was suddenly unclear and a little confused.

"Ahem, I just made a joke."

Jiang Gou coughed dryly, feeling that he shouldn't be abdominal, "Please ask, girl, I will know everything."


The white-skirted steward looked depressed for a moment, "This person isn't just a black belly, so it looks like we have to deal with it carefully."

Otherwise you'll have to suffer!


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