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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1281 - The Beginningless Emperor (Seeking Subscriptions)

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To do or not to do this deal?

But she, the Western Queen Mother, had never seen Jiang Di, and although she knew his words were true, she was still a little scrupulous.

The fact that this person could enter the statue's sea of consciousness was an indication of his strength, and the terrifying degree of his cultivation was not something ordinary people could compare to.

Moreover, there was the Eternal Life Matter in its hands.

Although the Western Queen Mother didn't know what the Eternal Matter in Jiang Ji's hand was, it was indeed the Eternal Matter.

The Western Queen Mother didn't know what the Eternal Life Matter in Jiang Xiao's hands was, but it was true that the Matter could also allow her to live for an additional hundred years, that much was true.

She could also see that.

But she still hesitated.

For one thing, she had never seen Jiang Jiang before, so where did this strong man suddenly appear from?

She didn't know, and was therefore full of unknowns.

Secondly, in this world, immortal substances were already scarce, and there were many strong cultivators, geniuses and the like in the world, so such things as immortal substances weren't even enough for them.

Where would they trade it.

Eternal Life Matter was something that could allow one to live for a few more days, and was priceless.

Who wouldn't want to have it.


She didn't think that Jiang Xiao would really be willing to trade it out.

Compared to lifespan, nothing else was nothing.

Just as the Western Imperial Mother hesitated, Jiang Xiao's voice slowly came, "Perhaps you think my words are false, but this Eternal Life Matter cannot be false, and I do want to make a deal with you, Western Imperial Mother."

"The Eternal Matter is true, and it is also true that that thing in your hand can allow this throne to live for an additional hundred years, but are you willing to make a deal?"

The statue parting of the Western Queen Mother said grudgingly, "How do I know you're not pretending to take it out to trade?"

"Firstly, I don't dare to expect to hide it from the Western Queen Mother, after all, you have also made contributions to the human race; secondly, you don't have to doubt the deal between us, I can give you this Eternal Substance first, and then trade it after you confirm it."

Jiang Ji said confidently, not afraid at all, much less thinking that the Western Queen Mother could hack herself with a statue billet.

She couldn't do it.

Nor did she dare to try.


Now the Western Queen Mother was interested, "Aren't you afraid that the throne will take your immortal substance and run away with it?"

"I'm really not afraid of this."

Jiang Ji smiled, "Firstly, I still trust your character of the Western Queen Mother; secondly, even if I were to face your true body, I have a way to deal with it and have the confidence to suppress and kill you."

He wasn't joking about this, and it was the truth.

Western Queen Mother: "........"

Jiang Gao's words made her laugh and cry, she didn't know where Jiang Gao had the confidence to talk to her like that.

It was really bold enough.

"Although this throne is only a statue bilocation now, it's enough to deal with you," The Western Imperial Mother said.


Jiang Chi shook his head and said, "That's not necessarily true, as you can see, I'm just a divine sense illusion right now, my real body is outside, you can feel it, Western Imperial Mother."


The Western Imperial Mother was stunned though.

He hadn't noticed this at first.

Now that he parted one of his mind to go out and feel it, he naturally felt Jiang Chi's presence, and was shocked, "Who are you?"

She couldn't even see through Jiang Gou.

It was unfathomable.

It was as if a glance couldn't see the end of it, couldn't see the specific cultivation of Jiang Jian, as if this was an extremely ordinary, ordinary person.


In the eyes of the Western Queen Mother, Jiang Liao was like an ordinary mortal.

Very ordinary.

However, someone who was able to part a strand of consciousness into the sea of knowledge of this statue part of himself, how could he be a simple person.

"So he's definitely not an ordinary person."

The Western Queen Mother thought in her heart in shock, "When has such a super strong person been born in the world?"

She was puzzled.

Hadn't all the genius withered away?

And ah.

The Eternal Life Matter in this world was originally very rare, and for an existence like them who could prove to be a great emperor, living for a few thousand years was already considered very good.

Now they actually saw Eternal Matter in Jiang Xiao's hands.

Could it be that the outside world had all recovered now?

But she felt it carefully and shook her head, "Still no, it seems that this really is a strong person, a strong person beyond my imagination, but I don't know when this strong person appeared and why he has the Eternal Matter in his hand.

But well.

It doesn't matter whether it's his identity background or the background of that Eternal Life Matter.

The most important thing right now is that I can get some benefits from the deal, like living for an extra hundred years or something.

For me, it's also very useful at a critical moment."

It was true.

One hundred years, that's a whole lot of extra years to live.

It wasn't a lie.

She was so looking forward to it, if she could live for an extra hundred years, what it would mean to her, no one else knew, but she knew very well ah.

It would mean everything.

After all the excitement.

The Western Queen Mother then looked up at Jiang Chi and asked, "If you're so strong, then why did you take out something as precious and extremely valuable as the Eternal Matter to trade?"

Why trade?

She didn't think she had what Jiang lacked here.

"It's simple, because I want to keep getting stronger."

Jiang Xiao said indifferently, "That's why I'm making this deal with you, the reason why I'm trading with you is because you were once strong enough."

Otherwise, this deal would only be her Western Queen Mother's turn.


The Western Queen Mother nodded slightly and said, "I see, so what exactly do you want to trade?"

"Merit methods, secretaries and other scripture dao books, are all of them."

Jiang Chi said very directly, "But anything related to merit methods and secretaries, I'll take them all, you just need to give them to me by topping them up in a jade slip.

I want to gather the best of a hundred schools and comprehend even more powerful merit methods, so that I can come out of a prosperous path as soon as possible."

This wish seemed very powerful.

It was also terrifying.

The Western Queen Mother was also amazed upon hearing it, "You have such a mind and perseverance, it really isn't something ordinary people can compare to."

Although she was also able to gather a hundred schools of thought and then comprehend her own techniques and dao sutras.

But that was only comprehending lower-grade merit methods.

And now.

What Jiang Chi was about to comprehend were those Dao Sutras of hers, those secret arts and methods, how terrifying they were.

It was horrifying to think about.

It was truly terrifying.

Stronger than herself.

Whether it was talent or otherwise.

"I wonder if you agree to make this deal with me, Western Imperial Mother?"

Jiang Ji smiled, "You know, you don't have much life left, so if you trade with me, you will be able to live for an extra hundred years, which is capable of turning the tide at a crucial moment."

"You're seriously willing to trade?"

"Naturally, what else do you think I'm doing by entering the sea of knowledge of this statue part of you."



The Western Queen Mother eventually agreed to the deal between her and Jiang Lack, feeling that it would be beneficial to her.

As for why Jiang Lack did this, perhaps it was because he had more immortal substances in his hands?

That was all the West Queen Mother could think.

Not daring to say much else.

"Good, looking forward to your Western Imperial Scriptures, Western Imperial Mother."

Jiang Mo was very relieved to give the Eternal Matter in his hand to the Western Imperial Mother, who, upon receiving it, sealed it temporarily.

Then it began to produce the jade slip.

After some crafting was completed, Jiang Kou obtained the Western Imperial Mother's jade slip as he wished, which contained the Western Imperial Mother's lifelong technique.

Including some secret techniques.

It also included all the feats and methods she knew of.

All of them were inside now.

"Western Imperial Mother, farewell, see you again later."

Jiang Guiao smiled slightly, "I still have to go find the Beginningless Emperor to continue the deal, so I won't tarry with you any longer."

Western Imperial Mother: "........"

Is there any more immortality?

This moment.

If she didn't know that Jiang Lack was a strong man, she probably wouldn't be able to handle it, and she would want to just rob it by force.

Eternal substance ah.

It looked like Jiang Lack still had a lot in his hands.

Actually thinking of trading with his genius-like son, the Beginningless Emperor, "This person is really a big spender."


In the Western Queen Mother's thoughts, Jiang Lack was a big spender.

And a masterstroke.

At this moment.

That strand of Jiang's consciousness was recalled, and those techniques within the jade slip were integrated into the vajra bracelet, and then some of the superior things were integrated into the Nine Daoist Techniques.

Of course.

In addition to that, Jiang Xiao had also obtained some World Origin Power.

And there were quite a few of them.

"This time, I've earned it." Jiang mumbled to himself, "One strand of Immortal Origin Mana, and I actually got all of the other party's techniques, secret arts, and other things in return, how nice."


It will be complete when I patronize the Yao Ji Holy Land again.

"Of course, for now, I will first go to the Beginningless Emperor to discuss the deal."

After all, the Beginningless Emperor was also in the arena of this Yaochi Sacred Grounds, and had a statue of a split body.

Although it was in a deep sleep, he could be awakened through other methods, just like awakening the Western Queen Mother.

"That, hello steward, I would like to continue to gaze upon the Beginningless Emperor, I wonder if I can?"

Jiang Jiang said, "Just gazing at the Western Queen Mother's elegance, I was able to feel the once magnificent air of the Western Queen Mother, it's really shocking."

Steward: "........"

Is it shocking?

While the Western Queen Mother's presence could indeed be shocking, she had never seen Jiang Lack shocked.

"This person is not lying to me, right?"

The one who was in charge of the Yaochi Sanctuary secretly thought, "But he didn't do anything just now, just paid his respects, so it's fine."

After thinking of this.

She then said to Jiang Ji, "Fine, then you can go and pay a visit to his old man, the Beginningless Emperor."

If someone wanted to gaze upon him, she naturally couldn't stop them.

This was also a way to boost the reputation of the Yao Ji Holy Land.

At a critical moment.

Even if it was unbearable to the Western Queen Mother's face, it would be good to be able to look at the face of the Beginningless Emperor and make some decisions that would be beneficial to the Yao Ji Holy Land.

That white-skirted steward had exactly this thought in her heart.

Judging from the current state of Jiang Jian, he shouldn't be a weakling.

So it was agreed.

After receiving that steward's consent, Jiang Xiao parted a strand of his consciousness at the first opportunity and transformed into an illusory figure that appeared in the Sea of Knowledge of the Statue of the Beginningless Emperor's parting.

He used the same method to awaken the Beginningless Great Emperor.

"Who are you?"

Confused and bewildered, the bilocation of the Beginningless Emperor asked, "I remember I was still asleep, and you woke me up?"

He frowned.

It was important to be able to wake him up, I guess.


He didn't know Jiang Lack, so he was a little confused.

"I am Jiang Chi, you have no choice but to awaken the Beginningless Emperor this time.

I have some immortality substance here that can help you live for an extra hundred years, I'm sure you can see that with your eyes."

Jiang raised the strand of Immortal Yuan Mana in his hand and spoke in a rather calm tone.

Beginningless Emperor: "..."

Eternal substance?

At the words, the Beginningless Emperor fell slightly stunned, "But what you have in your hand?"

"Exactly." Jiang Wei nodded.

"This is indeed the Eternal Life Substance, and if I refine it enough, it will also indeed allow me to live for an additional hundred years."

The Beginningless Emperor was also secretly shocked, thinking to himself, "What does this person intend to do by taking out this thing?"

He knew clearly that there was no such thing as a free lunch, and the reason why Jiang Xiao was using the immortal substance as an example, must be because of his purpose.

What the specific purpose was, however, he couldn't guess.

"Fellow Daoist, just tell us your purpose directly."

The Beginningless Emperor said seriously, "What is needed, or what do you need me to do?"

"It's actually very simple, I just want to make a deal with you."

Jiang Qiao said, "I want all your techniques and secret arts, including the Great Emperor's Scripture and so on, if you think it's okay, I'll give you this head biomass, and you'll also be able to rely on this immortal substance to live for an extra hundred years at a critical moment."

"Okay, no problem."

The Beginningless Emperor immediately said, "I promise on this matter, I'll make you a jade slip."



Is that easy to say?


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