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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1279 - All Be Polite (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The sacred place of the Yaochi, arrived.

That celestial little girl, she also saw it.

This was the Yaochi Sacred Ground.

A place like a fairyland, "As expected, this place is suitable for cultivation, such a beautiful place isn't just good."

It was so comfortable.

It was so enviable to see Jiang Ji, and honestly, the Hao Ran Immortal Sect of the Qing Xuan Continent couldn't even compare to this place.

The Yaochi Sacred Ground was originally a cultivation sacred ground that the Western Queen Mother had sought out back then, and the scenery was naturally beautiful to the extreme, attracting countless young men and women to come over and talk about the heavens and cultivate immortality in order to ask questions.

This place had the most perfect inheritance.

The wisdom that the Western Queen Mother had once accumulated was recorded in the form of merit and dao scriptures and placed in the Yaochi Sacred Ground.

This place.

There was the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

"You guys... who are you guys?"

The few disciples who were guarding the mountain gate of the Yaochi Sacred Land were horrified, looking at the sudden appearance of Jiang Liao, Crocodile Ancestor, and Little Inan, somewhat stunned.

The look of horror was unstoppable.

Were they going to force their way into the Yao Pond Sacred Ground?

At the thought of this situation, they curdled up, looking strangely incomparable and horribly frightened.

"Hello, a few girls."

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "We have come from afar to hear that the Sacred Land of Yao Chi is one of the world's holy places of cultivation, with countless years of history and heritage, and because of our yearning, we have come to be guests."

It wasn't looting.

It was actually a guest for the sake of being a guest.

He, Jiang Chi, was not a wicked man, and did not do that thing of forcing people to do something, nor did he do that act of a gentleman on the beam.


The Crocodile Ancestor was downright displeased by the slow response of those little girls, "What do you mean, you little girls, my master's visit to your Yao Ji Sacred Ground is originally a great blessing to your Yao Ji Sacred Ground.

Why don't you go and report to your master as soon as possible?


What a bunch of little girls who didn't know the Dao.

His own master, Jiang Qian, was a supreme and powerful immortal, a thousand times more powerful than the Great Emperor.

Immortal ah.

At the Shaking Light Sanctuary, the Alligator Ancestor didn't have time to say anything, and at the Great Diffusion Sanctuary, it was too weirdly fast.

So much so that he didn't have time to worship, "Master is an immortal, how can they be scorned and defied."

In the eyes of the Crocodile Ancestor, Jiang Chi was the supreme, even the Yao Ji Sacred Ground could not be desecrated.

In the past, he didn't know, instead he felt indifferent, but now it was different, he already knew that Jiang Chi was an Immortal.

The dignity and face of an Immortal was unquestionable, and according to this level, Jiang Chi's driving to the Yao Chi Sacred Ground was truly a blessing that the Yao Chi Sacred Ground had cultivated for a thousand years.

To know.

Even the Western Queen Mother who founded the Yao Pond Sacred Ground, her old man had only certified the Dao back then.

But didn't become an immortal.

It was even more unlikely that she could be stronger than the early Earth Immortal realm's Jiang Qian.

"As the master's mount, but I know that there's another human immortal before the Earth Immortal Realm, and that's also immortal."

The Crocodile Ancestor secretly thought, "In other words, Master he is actually considered powerful within the Immortal."

Such an existence was truly terrifying.

After thinking like this.

The Alligator Ancestor's heart was naturally proud, "Previously, I didn't think clearly about the hurdles, but now but clear."

It was clear.

In front of the mountain gate of the Yaochi Sanctuary.

A young girl's face was pale, and she was frightened by the Great Sage level imposing pressure of the Alligator Ancestor in the first place.

Great Sage.

This was an ancestor level ah.

They were dumbfounded.

Don't tell me that it was possible before.

It was truly terrifying.

"Don't be afraid, he's just scaring you."


Was it just a visit.

No matter what, it's fine if it's not to seek revenge against the Yao Chi Sacred Land.

"Old Crocodile, you can't continue to look like a vicious person, we're here to be guests, not villains."

Jiang Jiang instructed, "You must know that every holy land is different, and the way and attitude we deal with it is naturally different as well.

I would like to think that with my early Earth Immortal cultivation, this Yao Pond Sacred Ground would also be impressed."

He said so.

Very naturally, gentle as that wonderfully flashy gentleman, when he was really gentle and elegant, it was like a beautiful piece of rough jade ah.

Very intriguing.

Those little girls have already looked pretty face flushed, a shy face, at first glance to discover Jiang Xiao is actually born so good-looking.

It really made them rejoice.

In comparison with the crocodile ancestor, Jiang Jiang Jiang's gentle and elegant manner is like a perfect gentleman.

They wanted to be close to him.

As for the Crocodile Ancestor.

He was a vicious, fierce man.

If it wasn't for the presence of Jiang Qian, they would probably all start glaring at the crocodile ancestor fiercely.

"Duke... Duke, wait a moment, a senior sister has already gone to report, and I think a steward will come out later."

A woman said.

Jiang Chi nodded as if nothing had happened, "Fine, then wait a while, I have no other business here anyway."

At this time.

The Crocodile Ancestor wanted to say something else, but he was stared at by Jiang Chi, "You old thing stop talking."


Got it, since his own master had said that, he was too embarrassed to say anything else.

The master was Xian.

But since the master himself chose to keep a low profile, let's just go with him.

Maybe he's right.

After thinking it over.

The Crocodile Ancestor, on the other hand, stood silently on Jiang Qian, who was a bit confused and didn't quite understand.

Why did his own master have to be so polite.

Was it because he was afraid of that Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor?

"It's not right."

The Crocodile Ancestor thought to himself, "The master just said that whether it was that Western Queen Mother or that Beginningless Emperor who once caused countless headaches and became empty when he encountered the Dao, he was actually no match for him."

Then the question arises.

Why did Jiang Chi treat the Yao Ji Holy Land so politely?

He's also puzzled.


Jiang didn't give him an explanation.

He didn't know.

But Jiang Lack understood.

And understood the real reason why he was doing this.

The Yao Chi Sacred Ground was created by the Western Queen Mother.

If it was only because of that, he wouldn't have needed to treat the Yao Chi Sanctuary so calmly.

But one thing was different.

The Western Queen Mother's fate was good.

She gave birth to a good son.

--The Beginningless Great Emperor.

The Beginningless Emperor was the number one emperor of the human race, not only in his unprecedented strength, but also in what he did.

With him around, the human race could become the head of all races.

In those days, no one dared to say anything more.

In other words, back then, the Beginningless Emperor had actually made an extremely terrifying contribution to the entire human race.


It was precisely because of these contributions that he had made that Jiang Koudu admired him so much that he would look at his old mother's Yaochi Sacred Ground in a different light.

Otherwise, who cared what this Yaochi Sacred Ground was.

"The Beginningless Emperor, he has made outstanding contributions to the human race after all, although his achievements were not counted or rewarded by anyone, and even back then, he willingly contributed to the human race.

However, now that I have attained the status of an Earth Immortal, now that I am an Immortal, I dare not forget the fact that I was once a member of the human race.

On the other day, if I can see that Beginningless Emperor again, I will praise his merits and I will give his rewards!"

Jiang lacked determination in his eyes.

It was an obsession.

It was even an obsession that no one could reverse.

He was also a human being.

The contributions made by the Beginningless Emperor were all known to him, and he saw them all in his eyes.

"If he still had the ability, there might have been no more forbidden places in this world long ago, nor that Immortal Emperor who is still reborn in the Rock."

The heavens might have been a world of humans long ago as well.

Why is it so tragic.


If that Desolate Heavenly Emperor who had once single-handedly ruled the ages was like that, he would not be able to escape the rules of this world and fate after all.

Even if that Beginningless Emperor was still alive, even if he was still terrifying now, he wouldn't dare to be like he was back then.

After all, life span was not much.

If he hadn't entered that strange place, he might have had to slash himself as well.

Of course.

These were his words.

Standing on this Yaochi Sacred Land right now, Jiang Xiao knew that the once magnificent Beginningless Emperor must have lived here as well.

"At the same time, he must have left behind some inheritance."

Jiang Chi pondered, "In that case, I won't only be able to obtain the Western Queen Mother's inheritance, I might also be able to obtain the Beginningless Emperor's inheritance.

It's a win-win situation.


It's ultimately good to be friendly to the Yao Ji Holy Land.

Now that I have the Vajra Bracelets, even if I don't get close to those techniques, even if this Yao Ji Sacred Ground has a forbidden method, I won't be able to trap it.

This then is also the reason why it is polite."

Because without anyone else noticing, he had already obtained the inheritance of the entire holy land.

As for the cultivation resources.

Even if it was for the sake of his own strength, this Yaochi Sacred Land should have given some cultivation resources.

The resources were only for the Ancestor Crocodile and Little Inan anyway.

He Jiang lacked the need to use them.

So it didn't matter how much it was, it was all just intentions.

"It's settled."

After having an idea in his mind, Jiang Chi indifferently said to those little girls at the mountain gate, "Don't worry, we came here just as guests.

We don't have any other thoughts about the Sacred Land of Yaochi.

You might even get a reward from the Holy Land for it."

After all, he, Jiang Chi, was an Immortal.

To be able to keep the immortals here, this was simply a huge opportunity for the Yaochi Sacred Land.

In a way, these little girls who were guarding the gates of the mountain were indeed meritorious.

"Duke, you... what's your name?"

"Yeah, it's been a while, yet we still don't know your name, Gongson."

"A handsome, suave, and even gentle gentle gentleman like your son would have a nice and pleasant name, I guess."


That's a lot of speculation.

It's just that well.

They probably don't even know that Jiang Chi's old face was slightly dark, but he smiled bitterly, "All of you girls, you have guessed wrong.

My name is Jiang Ji.

This name is not so ugly, but it's not so nice either.

It doesn't have the unrestrained ease of a gentleman, nor the unparalleled independence of a gentle and elegant man.

It also seems extraordinarily ordinary, a bit too ordinary."


This could not be helped.

The matter of the name was a decision made by the parents.

If you really wanted to go back, you might have to go back to the time of Jiang Qian's last life.

That was taken by the parents at the time of Earth.

Very ordinary.

It was also very ordinary.

But it was his name.

As was the Chen Changsheng that he had met.

A very common name, but it was his name.

It was the reason why this name was preserved for all these reasons.


Previously, Huang Rong had thought of taking a nice name in the Green Xuan Continent, used to distinguish between the past and the present.

But later, with the passing of the world, that previous name was still better than the present.

No matter how bad it sounded.

That was still one's own name.

Besides, it's also a little reminiscence of your former parents.

I don't know if that earth can still go back.

Although Jiang Xiao was laughing at himself, there was not a single bit of resentment that could be heard from his expression, demeanor, or tone of voice.


Naturally, those little girls in the Yao Ji Holy Land couldn't understand it.

They thought that Jiang Gou really thought that his name was unpleasant.


One by one, they began to persuade.

"Jiang Gongshi, actually... actually, a name is just a code name, not an epithet for a person to walk in the world."

"Yeah, you don't have to be so resigned to it, Mr. Jiang."

"It's good to be open about it."



Jiang nodded cryptically, "Gotta, move a rock to hit your own foot."

It didn't hurt though.

But it was depressing.


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