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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1278 - Western Emperor Sutra (Seeking Subscription)

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It was a bit of a float.

But Jiang Chi also had the strength to float.

To float normally, to float freely, he was an early Earth Immortal cultivator, self also had the ability to float.

Even more so, he dared to float.

He had never been afraid of the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor when he went to the Yao Pond Holy Land.

He hated to be in the same era as them.


The one who would be the one to transcend the world, the one who would decide the ancient world, the one who would become empty when he met them, would be him, Jiang Chi.


Failing to be in the same era.

The era that he crossed over was the era of Ye Fan, the era of his Ye Heavenly Emperor.

Not the same.

"However, Old Crocodile, you're right about one thing."

Jiang Qiao smiled and said, "It is said that that Yaochi Sacred Land was the power created by the Western Queen Mother after she proved her Dao, so she left behind many legacies back then, and these legacies have their merits, if the poor Dao takes the essence and removes the dross, it can naturally refine an even more powerful Dao."


This is something that the alligator doesn't understand at all.

But it understood one thing.

The reason why Jiang Chi wanted those techniques was to extract the essence of those doors, use it for himself, and then synthesize it to transform it into a dao.

In the end, it would gather into its own dao.

"That's the master's true purpose."

This time, the Crocodile Ancestor understood it all.

So that was it.

It was quite refreshing that the self master had such an idea, "It's just that if you want to achieve the master's true goal, you need strong perseverance and wisdom, otherwise you simply can't do it, and you simply can't persevere ah."


The Alligator Ancestor was extremely impressed.

Perhaps only a powerful Immortal like Jiang Chi existed, and only had the opportunity to take the essence of the dross out of it.

Who else could be capable of such a feat?

"No, there are still some who will."

The Crocodile Ancestor suddenly thought, "Rumor has it that that Fierce Man Emperor's talent wasn't good enough even when she was small, but later on, she relied hard on the Heaven Swallowing Demon Skill that she created.

In other words, she actually relied on great willpower and wisdom to survive when she created the Heaven Swallowing Demon Skill.

There was also that Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor, they must have both come over this way, and only by walking out a path of their own could they be different from others.

Otherwise, they would just be walking the path that others have walked."

An instant.

The Alligator Ancestor all figured it out.

And his heart couldn't help but rejoice.

"If I follow this line of thought, can I also walk a path of my own."

It was quite possible.

It wasn't impossible.

It wasn't undesirable either.

It was actually possible to follow this path, "Although it's likely to be a little tougher, and although it's also possible that the future will be filled with thorns, it's always a good path."

This moment.

The Crocodile Ancestor had already decided that he was going to follow the same path as his own master, Jiang Lack.

Although this path wasn't easy to follow.

"In the Sacred Land of the Yao Pond, the once unstoppable Western Queen Mother was also a mighty and proven existence."

Jiang Chi thought faintly, "But that existence must also be a generation of great wisdom and perseverance."

Otherwise, I'm afraid it would be impossible to create the famous Western Emperor Sutra that would shake the heavens.

"Moreover, the man she was looking for is also one of the Great Success Holy Bodies."

It would be nice to be able to go to the era where the Western Emperor Mother was, "It would actually be nice to be able to have a cut with someone like that."

At the very least, it would be able to feel what a true heavenly genius was like.

As for the current era well.

Where is there any heavenly pride?

Or rather, it wasn't even considered a genius in her Jiang lack's eyes.

"The Western Emperor's Scripture is also a good technique."

Jiang Chi pondered, "I just don't know if that Western Emperor Scripture is still around, but I guess there's no break in the inheritance of such a large holy land as that Yaochi, so it should have been there for so many years."

He thought so.

The look was somewhat calm, but then again, that Yaochi Sacred Ground was better than the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground.

The underlying inheritance of merit and other techniques therein must also be more than the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, "This time around, there should be quite a bit to gain.



He, Jiang Chi, was a civilized man and couldn't be as reckless as before.

Be civilized.

Be more harmonious.

Can't let others think that he's just there to rob things.

"Old Crocodile, what are you thinking, you old thing?"

Suddenly, Jiang Xiao saw that the Alligator Ancestor looked thoughtful and was stunned.

This old boy was not simple.

If he really did what he wished, I'm afraid that the Yao Pond Sacred Ground would be in trouble again.

With a glance, Jiang Xiao could see what was in the Crocodile Ancestor's heart.

He wouldn't be able to use invisibility or anything else, but he was invincible anyway, so he wouldn't be able to get enjoyment with that kind of tactic.

It was better to be right now.

Wouldn't it be good to go in with a swing?

In addition, the Yaochi Sacred Land and the Great Diffusion Sacred Land were essentially different.

"Master, do you think the Western Emperor Scriptures of the Yaochi Sacred Ground are good?"

The Crocodile Ancestor suddenly asked thiefishly, "I once heard that after that Western Queen Mother certified the Dao back then, she created the Western Emperor Scripture, and from then on, she created the Sacred Land of Yaochi."

"That's right."

It was indeed true, and Jiang Ji nodded up, "What, you fancy the Western Emperor Sutra?"

Although the Western Emperor Sutra was more precious, there were many great emperors sutras more precious than it.

For example, that Beginningless Sutra and so on.


The Crocodile Ancestor shook his head, "I was thinking about what you said earlier master, as long as I can collect enough techniques, I think I should be able to gather the best of a hundred, and I also want to walk out a path of my own path like this."


Jiang Qian was a bit baffled, he said, "You really think so?"


"You know that it is dangerous and a test of wisdom and perseverance."

"I know, but it is the best and proper way to go about it."

"You will need to find the method yourself, and I will not help you."

"I know."

"So what does this have to do with the Western Emperor Scriptures?"

"Because that Western Emperor Scripture is most likely the scripture created by the Western Queen Mother who gathered the best of a hundred schools, as well as its wisdom."

"So you then think that it's okay for you to come you?"




Jiang Ji looked at the Alligator Ancestor somewhat cryptically, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with this old thing wanting to walk a different path.


"He seems to have overestimated himself."

Jiang Ji secretly said, "How can such a thing as gathering the strengths of a hundred schools come out easily, even though that Western Emperor Scripture must have undergone a thousand hammers and a hundred refinements to achieve the fruit today.

The Western Emperor's Mother was a super genius. She had great wisdom and perseverance, so how could she be compared to an ordinary person?

It would have been good for Old Crocodile to have such thoughts, but he seems to have thought a little too highly of himself."

Was it really possible to gather the strengths of a hundred schools and then create your own Great Emperor Scripture?

"It would be more or less the same if it was the Ruthless Emperor, or that Startless Emperor."

Jiang Mo secretly said, "To say that this Crocodile Ancestor well, I don't see anything remarkable about him anyway."

This old crocodile wasn't a genius.

It wasn't before, nor would it ever be again, and this bit of eyesight Jiang lacked still had.

Of course.

It was just that the crocodile himself didn't know about it.

He was still dreaming of his own spring and autumn, thinking that he was like the old Western Queen Mother.

Being able to gather the best of a hundred schools and create the Western Emperor Sutra in one fell swoop.

"Master, what the Western Emperor Mother can do, I can do too."

For a moment.

The Crocodile Ancestor spoke freely and with great self-confidence.

Wasn't it just a Great Emperor's Scripture?

You can do it on your own.

Just as long as you have great wisdom and perseverance, you just have to work hard to keep going.

Jiang lacked: "........"

For a moment, Jiang Xiao felt that the Alligator Ancestor should have been led astray by himself.

If the Great Emperor Sutra was that easy to create, this world might have already been an era where Great Emperors were everywhere.


It wasn't so.

"Fine, while I won't help you collect other techniques, I can get you the Western Emperor Scripture of the Yaochi Sacred Land."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "You can refer to it yourself then, but if it doesn't work, it's better to end it early.

Otherwise, I'm afraid it will harm others and yourself."

"Why is that?"

The Crocodile Ancestor asked puzzledly, "Even if it doesn't work, at most, it's just delaying some time and energy on its own, so it's not really harming anyone."

It shouldn't reach that level yet.

How could it be so evil.

"In case it goes off the rails, isn't it going to be harmful to others and oneself?"

Jiang Ji said with a raised eyebrow, "Don't think that what the poor man said is false, in fact there are quite a few people in this world who have the same thoughts as you, but there are very few who can truly succeed.

I'm just advising you that danger and opportunity will always coexist."

This was already known.

Crocodile Ancestor nodded and said, "Master, I appreciate your good intentions, but I have my mind made up on this matter."

There was no need for further persuasion.

Jiang Jiang nodded slightly, sort of understanding, "It seems that this old crocodile has been completely influenced by me, this is the fault of my Jiang someone."

He sighed helplessly.

The crocodile ancestor that should have died early and become food in other people's mouths was actually affected as well.

"Alright, let's move on."

Jiang Qiao said, "Ahead is the Yaochi Sacred Land, I can already see those rolling mountain ranges.

It's shrouded in thin clouds and mist, but it's a bit mysterious.

In addition, the aura is also relatively abundant, it seems like that unstoppable Western Queen Mother had found a good place in the first place."

In fact.

Places that could become holy places were actually not bad.

At least the cultivation was many times that of the outside, and over the course of days and months, that was an extremely frightening number ah.

It was truly terrifying.

At a glance, Jiang Kou had faintly seen those fairy-like female disciples of the Yaochi Sacred Land, who were currently playing around in that mountain at the moment.

And you were chasing me again, cultivating, probably because the internal competition was still terrifying.

In front of the mountain gate.

Those few female disciples who were chattering and yearning for the life and world outside the mountain were also still talking to each other at the moment.

To them, the life outside that mountain seemed beautiful and wonderful, and it would be nice if they could go out and take a look.

The thought was almost impossible, though such a thing would basically never happen.

But it was still beautiful to think about.

"Maybe life outside the mountains is all trouble-free."

"We don't really have any troubles staying here, ah."

"That's because you guys don't have worries, I still have well, there's a lot of competition within our Yaochi Sanctuary, I don't want to fall behind."

"Yeah, once you fall behind in the rankings you have to come guard the gates, it's really boring as hell."

"Every day is nothing but cultivation, and nothing but working hard is continuing to work even harder, alas."

"There's no telling when such hard times will end."


For them, this was a very hard life.

Every day, they had to cultivate, and even had to go to cultivation every day.

Cultivating to and fro, the whole thing was about to cultivate silly, and it was a very boring thing to do.

Practicing wasn't a good thing.

So, what they didn't want and what they didn't want, it would be great if they could go down to the mountain to experience something.

Those flowery worlds out there were always heard about before, and always seen in some plays.

But in reality.

It was really too hard to go down to the mountain for an adventure, there were only a few slots available every year, and the Yao Ji Holy Land had so many disciples.

So what to do?

There was only one way to see who was stronger and who would have the opportunity to go down the mountain for training.

As for those disciples whose strength wasn't desired, it was better to stay in the Yao Chi Sacred Ground and cultivate well.

If they couldn't cultivate well, it was possible that they wouldn't be able to leave the Yao Pond Sacred Ground for the rest of their lives.

These were actually known when one joined the Yaochi Sacred Ground.


Still, it was unpleasant.

While pondering.

At this time, Jiang lacked and they descended from the sky and landed in front of the mountain gate of the Yao Ji Holy Land.


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