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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1277 - Yao Ji Sacred Ground (Seeking Subscription)

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The harvest of the Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan was not clear to Jiang Xiao, and he did not ask anything too much.

After coming out of the Great Diffusion Sacred Land, he planned his goal, and the next place was the Yao Pond Sacred Land.

The legendary Yao Pond.

Of course.

It wasn't necessarily a legend.

The Western Queen Mother, who was a character who proved the Dao during the Desolate Ancient Era, had founded the Yao Chi Sacred Ground and was the birth mother of the Beginningless Emperor.

This introduction alone was able to show the uncomplicated nature of the Sacred Ground of Yaochi.

But it had to go.

The Yao Chi Sacred Ground was even more powerful than the Shaking Light Sacred Ground and the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, and it would naturally contain countless techniques, secret arts, and resources.

As well as resources.

The Yao Chi Sacred Ground was a sacred ground.

There were things there that he wanted.

It was also possible to harvest a wave of World Origin Power, although it was indeed a bit ungenerous to do so.

But it couldn't be helped.

He also had to do it.

The origin power, that was something he had to possess and must obtain.

Since he had decided.

He would naturally have to stroll through all the holy sites.

Naturally, the Yaochi Sacred Grounds could not be spared.

"But I don't know if that once magnificent Western Queen Mother is still there or not."

Jiang Mo secretly thought.

If he could see him, he might be able to admire her as well.


Too much time had passed between them.

That Western Imperial Mother had certified in the Desolate Era, and now it was long past the Desolate Era.

Ever since that Desolate Heavenly Emperor had dictated the ages back then, all the strongest people in this world had fallen asleep, never to appear again.


This didn't affect him from going to the Yao Pond Sacred Ground.

"Master, do we really have to go to the Yao Pond Sacred Ground?" Crocodile Ancestor asked cautiously.

He was a little afraid of the Yaochi Holy Land.

It was different from the Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

Despite her fierce name, the Fierce Emperor had never acknowledged the Shaking Light Holy Land as her dao.

And the Great Diffusion Sacred Land.

The Holy Land of Yaochi is different. It is the territory of the Western Queen Mother, which can also be considered the territory of the Beginningless Emperor.

Once you encounter the Beginningless Dao becomes empty ah.

This saying was not false.

It was also never false, in the era when the Beginningless Emperor was rampaging, not a single demon dared to come out and cause trouble.

One person had rampaged through the world.

One person made all the cultivators of the ten thousand races in the world look up to him.

He was truly terrifying.

The reputation of the human race also reached an unprecedented peak.

This was the Beginningless Emperor.

At the thought of messing with an existence like that, the Alligator Ancestor's Xinli backed off.

It would be better not to go.

A different holy place would be fine ah.

The Sacred Ground of Yaochi was a bit too terrifying, back then the name of the Beginningless Emperor had already spread throughout all the races, and he, Ancestor Crocodile, had heard about it too.

Who said they weren't afraid.

After all, well.

Once upon a time, he, the Crocodile, had seen it too.

Having the good fortune to have seen the Celestial Face of the Beginningless Great Emperor, he was afraid.

"You're afraid?"


"Then don't go."


"Roll as far away as you can in the future."

"That or not, I'm still going to follow you master."

"Then why are you hesitating?"


The Alligator was helpless at the news.

A bitter smile.

There was only deep depression, so let's move on.

It doesn't matter even if you go to the Yaochi Sacred Land.

Just go.


"It seems... the Western Queen Mother has also fallen asleep, and the Beginningless Emperor has also disappeared long ago."

The Crocodile Ancestor muttered, "It's fine to go and take a look, maybe the Yaochi Sacred Ground can have something good."

Himself seemed to have changed.

Let's go then.

It's good to grow your knowledge.

It might be a good thing.

After all, the Yaochi Sacred Ground also had a lot of resources, if it could be obtained....

Not bad either.

After all, he needed enough cultivation resources to recover his cultivation.

After being suppressed by the Sakyamuni Seal in the first place, it had caused his cultivation to stagnate and regress a bit.

It wasn't easy for him to recover again, and he needed more cultivation resources to do so.

Like the Great Medicine.

Perhaps he could give it a try.

Yaochi Sacred Ground.

It was beautiful, with four seasons like a scroll, engraved with strange peaks and rocks, and had famous mountains and rivers.

It's even a spiritual spring that surges all day long, and the clouds permeate the entire Yoyo Pond Sanctuary.

In the meantime, there are inevitably mountain beasts, fairy cranes and white clouds for company, and fairy maidens leaping in the mountains for cultivation.

As time passed, the reputation of the Yaotian Sanctuary spread, and over the years, there were many people who studied with the master.

The Yao Pond Sanctuary has a lot of female disciples, white clothes and embroidered skirts, and their demeanor is partial to the movement, just like a peerless fairy.

And there are more than one or two.

The green mountains, strange rocks and jagged, rolling mountains lurking in the thin clouds and mist, from time to time there will be a fairy running past, that are all Yao Ji Holy Land disciples only.

Among the holy lands.

The Yao Chi Sacred Land was still one of the top holy lands.

With its abundant aura, it was a holy land of cultivation that all cultivators in the world would rather aspire to, and it would be even better if they could obtain the inheritance of that Western Queen Mother from back then.

Of course.

These thoughts were really just thoughts and not necessarily achievable, after all, there were thousands of disciples in the entire Yaochi Sacred Ground.

If anyone could obtain the Western Queen Mother's inheritance, then the Yao Chi Sacred Ground would not be a Yao Chi Sacred Ground.

Birds chirping and a hundred flowers competing.

This was the Yao Ji Holy Land, where countless disciples struggled and fought to gain a bit of advantage.

However, even a holy land like the Yaochi Sacred Ground had limited cultivation resources, not to mention that cultivation inheritance was already precious.

Without an inheritance, there would be no cultivation to speak of, and no cultivation path to follow.

One might end up in a miserable end, so the inheritance was important.

"Alas, I don't know when I'll be able to obtain the inheritance of the Holy Land."

"If you don't have enough talent, you can work hard to make it up, but if you don't have enough inheritance, you don't have a foundation, so you have to wait to suffer."

"Who hasn't survived like this, the many sisters and teachers have all survived like this, so we can only wait slowly."

"You guys, what is the outside world like, we spend our days guarding the gates of the mountain in the Yaochi Sacred Ground, and we haven't seen anyone come to be dissatisfied with our Yaochi Sacred Ground."

"That's true, but we still have to hold on to our posts."


A group of maidens dressed in white dresses, like fairies, were chattering in front of the gates of the Yao Ji Holy Land.

Talking as if they were going to talk about all the world's affairs.


The world outside was ultimately an unknown world that they yearned for as well.

It seemed good if they could go to the outside world and take a look at it.

But they simply couldn't walk away, nor did they have the opportunity to do so.

The days remained miserable.

They all said that the Yaoji Holy Land was good, but who knew that it was only within the walls?

At least when the disciples were here, there were no external enemies to invade the place.

In other words, they were able to live their lives with less oppression from external enemies.

Other than internal competition, there was nothing else.


Even in this cultivation environment, it was scary.

The pressure of internal competition was high.

Not necessarily.

They all wanted to go to the outside world and see what they could find, perhaps as many plays had said.

There were opportunities, opportunities to create.

It's possible.


In fact, they all fantasize about an endless hope for the future, and they all look forward to the kind of things that can happen as soon as they go out into the world and have a strange encounter.


The reality is always more realistic than now.

The world will always be cruel, too.

The little girls' thoughts were just that bit of innocence that the little girls themselves had.

In reality.

It was simply impossible to realize.

They were unaware that the Sacred Land of Yaochi was a holy land that many cultivators aspired to be in.

Among them was not only the inheritance of the Western Queen Mother, but also possibly the inheritance of that Beginningless Emperor.

One must know.

The Queen Mother of the West was the mother of the Beginningless Emperor.


To the Beginningless Great Emperor, the Sacred Land of Yaochi was his own territory, and it was guaranteed that he would leave some good things behind.

And Jiang Chi was here for the inheritance of this Yao Pond Sacred Ground.

Of course.

It wasn't that he was going to snatch away those feats, he just needed to collect a portion of the contents.


So far, Jiang Chi had tested out that as soon as he got close to that hidden scripture pavilion or something like that, he would be able to extract those merit methods directly with the power of the Vajra Bracelet.

This was how it had been done previously in the Great Diffusion Sanctuary.

The means were quite strong.

It was also direct.

There was no need to even topograph versions.

As for the cultivation resources.

This more or less had to be some, after all, both the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan's cultivation needed resources.

So it would be good to have powerful resources.


This was also the purpose for Jiang Chi to come to the Yao Pond Holy Land.

Along the way.

They came soaring through the clouds and mist, like true immortal gods, unrestrained and at ease, it was really hard to be envied.

From time to time, someone would look up into the void, and they would be able to spot Jiang Xiao on the clouds.

For a moment.

But they were greatly amazed.


It turned out that they had discovered that there were people on top of those clouds in the sky.

"Are they all immortals?"

"I guess... I don't think so, after all, I've heard people say that when you cultivate to the back, you can become powerful, and it shouldn't be hard to soar the clouds."


"But aren't all these spells only available in legends?"

"Where do you get off talking so much?"


Those people argued without mentioning it.

It was useless to Jiang Xiao anyway, as he identified his target and swept off towards the distance at a straight line distance.

The speed was also fast to the extreme.

Almost in the blink of an eye, he arrived.

Of course.

This was still due to Jiang Xiao deliberately lowering his speed, or else it might have been even shorter.

"Master, there's the legendary Yaochi Holy Land ahead."

The Crocodile Ancestor said slightly excitedly, excitedly.

Those who didn't know thought it was him coming home.

"Why are you so happy?"

Jiang Qiao asked, "Old Crocodile, this isn't like you, the old you wasn't like this."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."


Do you?

Did you do anything special yourself?

It seems not.

He even accosted a smile and said, "Ahem, master ah, you don't know about this.

In fact, this Yao Chi Sacred Ground is very special, I've never even been here before, but now I'm naturally excited to witness it with my own eyes."

"So that's how it is."

Jiang Qiao said jokingly, "I thought this was the joy of going home, you're only making it up because you're excited ah.

However, it's just a mere Yao Ji Holy Land, so what's there to be excited about.

It's better for you to be a bit more restrained."


The Crocodile Ancestor nodded and continued, "Master, you probably don't know that this Yaochi Sacred Ground is different from other sacred grounds."

"How is it different?"

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "It's not the same as a holy land, it's just a stronger holy land."

"It's not wrong to say that, but the Yaochi Holy Land is the stronger one among all the holy lands, and there are two terrifying existences in this holy land."

"You mean the Western Queen Mother and the Beginningless Emperor."


"The two of them have long since slumbered and departed, they are waiting for the Immortal Path to reopen, so don't be afraid."

"Master, you probably don't know how powerful and terrifying the Beginningless Great Emperor is, and it's a great honor to be able to walk around his old man's territory."

"At first sight of the Beginningless Dao becoming empty, the poor Dao has naturally heard of it, but even that Beginningless Great Emperor, I am not afraid of him."


A certain moment.

Alligator Ancestor felt that his own master, in fact, was a bit floored.

"Is it because it all went so well before?"

He thought so in his mind, it was the only way to explain it, ah.

Otherwise, how could his own master say that?

He's a little confused.


You are floating.

"No, the master is floating in the sky right now..."

The crocodile ancestor was at a loss.

This master of his own seemed to... seem to just keep floating ah.


If Jiang Zu had known what the Crocodile Ancestor was thinking, I wonder if he would have slapped him in front of Sakyamuni.


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