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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1276 - Sorry, You're Not Qualified (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Swish, swish, swish!"

After a few rays of mysterious light surged and swept across the sky, three silhouettes quietly appeared on the arena of the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground.

It was precisely Jiang Chi, the Crocodile Ancestor, and Little Inan.

"Is this the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, it's really fallen."

Jiang Qiao looked on in amazement, this place was indeed a fallen holy ground, there were only three or two disciples even in the gate.

And the talent qualifications weren't very good.

More importantly, they weren't strong at all.

The Great Diffusion Sacred Ground was also located on a mountain range with thin unbroken clouds that had not dispersed throughout the year.

Even if you fell on that arena, you could feel a hint of coldness.

The sun was thinning in the west.

With the gradual passage of time, one could see the Great Diffusion Holy Land that was hidden in the clouds and mist.

Once upon a time, it had been a powerful cultivation shrine, only to decline after a long time.

That was why it had such a dismal ending today.

The once unstoppable momentum was long gone and unknowable, and now, there was only blandness in the eyes of the world.

"Who are you guys?"

On the side, a disciple of the Great Diffusion Sacred Land coldly scolded, his face gloomy and unsettled.

Extremely unsightly.

Trespassing into the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, if it were thousands of years ago, this would have been a capital crime.

But now, they could only coldly rebuke, not even daring to use force.

Afraid of being less skilled than others.

Jiang Ji turned his head to look, these disciples of the Great Diffusion Holy Land were all dressed in white sword robes, handsome and quite swordsman-like.

"People passing by."

Jiang Chi smiled faintly, "I have specially heard that the Great Diffusion Sacred Land is one of the several great sacred lands in the world, and now that the poor have passed by here, I have come to take a look."

It was said in a light-hearted manner, as if it was none of his business.

It was greatly so.

Others: "..."

Jiang Ji's words were nonsense, and the disciples of the Great Diffusion Holy Land could hear that.

It was just that he couldn't see the cultivation realm of Jiang Ji and his group, feeling like he was in the clouds.

The Amazing.

Since ancient times, there has been an old saying that the good ones don't come.

They felt that Jiang Chi was this kind of person, not a good person, the so-called passing by was only an excuse er.

Such words, such words, they have seen it too often.

"Since you are passing through, and have seen the holy land here, please leave."

In the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, one of its sword-robed disciples said with a stern face, "This is the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, no non-disciples of this sect are allowed to enter, so I hope you all will excuse me."

Courtesy before arms.

He understood.

If one couldn't be strong enough, one could only use this method in the hope that it would be useful.


Jiang Chi's eyebrows raised, "The poor road has come from afar, won't the people of the Great Divergent Sacred Land offer some hospitality?"

At any rate, you are guests from afar.

"It is the guests who are being entertained, not the criminals, you must be fierce and criminals with your fierce faces, forgive us for not entertaining the Great Diffusion Holy Land."

The sword-robed man said indifferently.


Regardless of whether Jiang Xiao was a guest or not, they wouldn't entertain, as no one knew if they were inviting wolves into their home.

Nor did they know if Jiang Lack was coming for the Great Diffusion Sacred Land, and what they would do if they had any other purpose.

Not good.

"So it seems that you all don't want us to enter the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground?"

Jiang Ji said with a cold eyebrow, "Do you know who we are?"

"I don't know, but I don't want to know."

"We, the Great Diffusion Sanctuary, have been hidden from the world for many years, and have not been in bad blood with you, nor have we appeared in the world to do evil, so why are we bitterly oppressed?"

"We only wish to cultivate in this world with purity and indifference, just cultivate in peace and quiet, never mind the grudges outside."

"Therefore, I hope that you will retire early so as not to hurt the harmony between us."


These words were dumbfounded by Jiang Ji, having never thought that this declining Great Diffusion Sanctuary would still have such mouthpieces.

Rather rare.

On the other side.

The Crocodile Ancestor instead smiled, "Gentlemen, your Great Diffusion Sacred Ground has long since fallen, so why hold on here?

Moreover, we have come here just to take a stroll around the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, not to do anything to your Great Diffusion Sacred Ground.

If you cooperate, it would still be good for you."

If you don't cooperate well.

Then you will have to bear the consequences yourself as well.

Of course.

The Crocodile Ancestor was also clear that they had come over to achieve their goal, not just to come over.

Nor was it to discuss with the Great Diffusion Sacred Land, but to inform.

What the master was inconvenienced with, he would deal with, and was more than capable of dealing with.

"Do you still want to force your way in?"

As soon as those disciples of the Great Diffusion Sanctuary heard the words of the Crocodile Ancestor, this was more than enough.

Even though their Great Diffusion Sacred Land had fallen, even though a few of them were not as strong as others, they still had to fight against it.

They stared coldly at Jiang Lack and the Crocodile Ancestor, guarding against a sneak attack by these two.

As for the little inan, they were not put in their eyes.

"Sworn to defend the dignity of the Great Dying Sacred Land."

"We are born and die as ghosts of the Great Diffusion Sacred Land, if you want to enter the Great Diffusion Sacred Land, you will have to pass us first."

The words were hard-hitting, and they also sounded a bit bloodthirsty.

If he hadn't seen the other party's cultivation at a glance, if his divine sense hadn't already swept through the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground and knew that there were no strong people in the Sacred Ground, he would have been about to be frightened by these people.

This essence was admirable.

The Crocodile Ancestor wanted to make a move but was stopped by Jiang Jiang, "Stop, we didn't come here for a killing spree, there's not much difference between making a move and not making a move."

"Yes, what the master said is extremely true."

The Crocodile Ancestor was startled, "It is indeed inappropriate to take action, some insects er."

"Although they're insects, they're also sentient and righteous insects."

Jiang Yao sighed, "Forget it, we're not here to cause trouble, let's leave once we've achieved our goal."

"Master, our purpose is in conflict with them."

The Crocodile Ancestor reminded, "Once they make a move to stop us, then the situation will..."

He did not lie.

No matter how declining the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground was, there were still a few disciples.

The few before him were just representatives, not counting all the disciples of the Great Diffusion Holy Land.

"No harm."

Jiang Chi said lightly, "The poor dao has its own way to resolve this matter, you don't need to worry."

With countless spells in his hands, he would be able to solve it himself.

On hearing this, the Crocodile Ancestor no longer insisted.

He just glared at those from the Great Diffusion Sanctuary, "Count yourselves lucky that your master didn't want to do anything.

But I'm sorry, but you are not qualified to control us either."

"Let's go."

A sword light broke through the air as Jiang Mo's palm lifted, and then there was no sign of the three Jiang Mo people.

All the people of the Great Diffusion Sanctuary: "......."


Where are the people?

It had been there just a moment ago, but in the next moment, it had dissipated without a trace, and even its breath could not be found.

That was terrifying.

"Did you guys see where those three went?"

"No. Could it be that they've already left?"

"Impossible, but they have said that there is a purpose for coming here to our Great Diffusion Holy Land, they have just arrived with a purpose that naturally cannot be fulfilled, so they should not leave."

"Then this person..."

"Murphy's not human?"

The few people speculated with each other, but looked at each other, and the final result they came up with was really horrifying to them.

When they appeared again, the three figures of Jiang Xiao had already landed inside the Great Diffusion Sanctuary.

And concealed, with the invisibility spell in place, even if they appeared righteously within the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, no one would discover them.

"Master, this secret technique of yours is really a murderous home essential ah."

The Crocodile Ancestor was red-eyed and very enthusiastic about Jiang Di's stealth technique.

If he could learn it himself, wouldn't he also be able to do many things that he didn't dare, or even couldn't do before.

Of course.

The premise was that he had the skill.



Jiang Ji slapped the Alligator Ancestor with a slap, "Study your Dao well, if you want to learn it, wait until you become a Red Dust Immortal."


Crocodile Joe was at a loss for life, only to feel that life had been filled with darkness.

It was really hard to calm down.

Red Dust Immortal?

It was hard for him to even break through the Great Emperor, let alone the Red Dust Immortal.

I'm afraid there's no chance in this life.


Most likely not even in the next life.

"Master, you see I am your little sidekick..."

"Stop, you're just a ride."


Although it was realistic, the Alligator Ancestor had to admit that Jiang Xiao made a lot of sense.

He was really just a mount himself.

It's just that.

It was better to break through to the Great Emperor soon, and if you could look up to the Red Dust Immortal, you could actually do it.

At this time.

Jiang Jiang said indifferently, "This is the treasure trove of the Great Diffusion Sacred Land, their cultivation resources, as well as their cultivation techniques are all placed inside.

Old Crocodile ah.

You and Little Inan are just responsible for getting the resources, and you'll be the ones to use them in the end anyway.

The merit method poor Dao will take it himself."

He still had this certainty.

And with Master Vajra Bracelets here, it would be easy for him to collect those merit methods.


"Master, little Inan she's so small..."

"So I need you to take care of it, otherwise what would the poor need you to follow?"

"Okay, but that's too many resources, we can't fit it in."

"That's your business, figure it out yourselves, and if you can't solve it the poor way won't help you."


This moment.

Crocodile Ancestor wanted to cry, and he suddenly felt like he hadn't been abandoned by his own master.

That's embarrassing.

He was also very helpless, "What should I do, waiting online, very anxious."


No one paid any attention to him.

Jiang Hou just leapt away after casting a stealth spell on the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan.

By the time the Crocodile Ancestor came back to his senses, Jiang Gai had already disappeared.

"Little Inan, what do you think we should do?"

"I don't know, my brother said to listen to you, so I'll listen to you."


Although he had stealth, and although he could sneak into the treasury silently, he couldn't find a way to load those cultivation resources.

Very annoying.

The little inan, however, did have the Qiankun bag that Jiang lacked previously given to her, but her Qiankun bag couldn't hold too much.

And after going into this little princess's pocket, it would be a fool's errand to take it out again.




Crocodile Ancestor sighed long and hard, "Now we can only take one step at a time."

More than a few thoughts he didn't dare to have, because he was afraid, and he had to take care of Inan, the little princess, and couldn't let her be damaged in the slightest.

Otherwise, he couldn't answer to Jiang Qiao, he might peel off his skin.

In fact.

Crocodile Ancestor's thoughts were correct, Jiang Xiao did have the intention of testing him, and if one day he wasn't in this world anymore, at least he would still have someone to take care of the little inan.

In the Dahan Sacred Ground.

After the few people on the arena quickly reported what happened to Jiang Xiao and the others, the entire Daren Sanctuary was bustling with activity.

They began to look around for Jiang lacking and their traces, with the intention of digging three feet into the ground.


After they gathered enough people, they didn't find the slightest clue about Jiang Lack and the others.

It was as if these people had really left, yet they were clear that Jiang Lack and the others should not have really left.

They must be hiding somewhere in the shadows, and then waiting for them to reveal their claws after the Great Diffusion Sanctuary slackened off.

It was a blessing not a curse.

Those in the Great Diffusion Sacred Land looked sad, it was obvious that this was eventful.

The Great Diffusion Sacred Land's calamity should be here again, only if it continued to be tossed around like this, the entire Great Diffusion Sacred Land would be tossed clean.

A day later.

There was still no sign of Jiang Lack and the others, and some people in the Great Diffusion Sacred Land had begun to give up.

After all, they hadn't really seen Jiang Lack, nor did they know how scary and dangerous they were.

At the same time.

Jiang Lack had also obtained what he wanted, collecting all the techniques and secret arts of the Great Diffusion Sacred Land.

As for the cultivation resources, it was the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan who were in charge of the harvest, well....


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