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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1275 - Great Diffusion Holy Land (Seeking Subscription)

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Jiang Lack and the others had indeed left the Shaking Light Sanctuary, already in mid-air.

It was hard to say where they were going to go next.

It was a while before Jiang Hou had a good idea, mainly because there were a bit too many holy lands left.

And most of them were Central Sacred Grounds.

Jiang Xiao began to think darkly, "Since it also belongs to the Eastern Wasteland, I guess the Heavenly Xuan Sacred Ground isn't far from here.

Then let's go to the Heavenly Xuan Sacred Ground."

There might be unexpected gains, after all, this Tianxuan Sacred Ground was at least a sacred ground.

Since it was a holy land, there were definitely merits and more benefits.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Xiao's mind came alive instead.

The rest well.

There's also the Yaochi Sacred Ground located in the Northern Region, that Ten Thousand Beginnings Sacred Ground and the Violet Palace Sacred Ground and the Dao One Sacred Ground are all in the central part.

You'll be able to harvest more when you go to the central part.

"Of course, apart from the Sacred Grounds, there are actually forbidden lands, just in this Eastern Wasteland Southern Region there are Desolate Ancient Forbidden Lands, and there's even the Eastern Wasteland Northern Region's Too Early Ancient Mine."

These locations were all clear to Jiang Mo inquire about.


He was in no hurry to go to the Forbidden Lands, instead he wanted to finish strolling through all the Sacred Lands before tackling the Forbidden Lands.

One yard is one yard.

The division of labor was also clearer this way.

After thinking of this.

Jiang Chi then said, "Let's go to the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground, which also belongs to the Eastern Wilderness."

It was just nearby.

In a word, along the way.

"The Great Diffusion Holy Land?"

The Crocodile Ancestor was stunned and couldn't help but say, "Master, hasn't that Great Diffusion Holy Land all fallen?"

Over the years, among the several Sacred Grounds, apart from the Tianxuan Sacred Ground, only the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground was left with an extremely poor reputation.


Sometimes there was still no reputation to speak of, and news about them was basically unheard of.

Sort of a complete decline.

This was something that the Crocodile Ancestor had already inquired about early on when he was in the Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

It was said that that Great Diffusion Sacred Ground was once a rather awesome sacred ground as well, but later on, due to various reasons, it had fallen.

This was normal.

Whether it was a sect or a family, after a long period of time, all sorts of conflicts would erupt over time.

Old illnesses would appear.

And once the old illnesses appear, it will be somewhat difficult to re-emerge or even achieve neutralization.

It's basically a very difficult thing to do, decline is decline, and there's no reasoning behind it.

"That's right, the Great Diffusion Holy Land is indeed in decline."

Jiang Xiao nodded and said, "But although they have fallen, they are still a holy land, and there are still many cultivation resources and inheritance techniques within it, all of which are things that we want, so..."

"Master, I understand."

The Crocodile Ancestor nodded incessantly, that Great Diffusion Sacred Land, as a sacred land, naturally had some kind of bottom line.

And this kind of undertones was what they wanted, and this time they might be able to settle it quickly.

Another holy land ah.

"It's really somewhat promising." The Crocodile Ancestor said, "I wonder if that Great Diffusion Holy Land will be as sensible as the Shaking Light Holy Land?"

"It shouldn't be."

Jiang Xiao explained, "The Shaking Light Sacred Ground is sensible because they aren't old and confused yet, and the old illnesses and such in the sacred ground aren't too obvious, so they have the capital to be sensible.

It's not the same with the Great Diffusion Holy Land, this Holy Land was already in decline, and even if it still exists now and is still able to survive, it's not enough to see.

Their old illnesses have struck, and their Great Diffusion Holy Land is in decline after all, so in terms of probability, their Great Diffusion Holy Land is much more likely to be aware of the situation."


The Crocodile Ancestor sort of understood completely.

But that's only normal.

If every holy land was very aware, there would be no point in their existence.

After having the experience of the last Shaking Light Holy Land, the Alligator Ancestor suggested, "Master, how about we lay low this time?"

That Great Diffusion Sacred Land didn't have much of a foundation anyway, much less a powerful existence to back it up.

Their Great Diffusion Sacred Land and the Shaking Light Sacred Land were not the same.

It was different in nature.

"Is it low-key?"

Jiang was stunned, "But if we keep a low profile, will it make the Great Diffusion Holy Land look down on us?"

"Isn't that just right?"

The Crocodile Ancestor smiled and said, "Master, if they dare to look down on us, wouldn't it be logical for us to take back the Great Diffusion Sacred Land's techniques and resources in our hands?

Two birds with one stone!

And there's also a good reason now for us to move on because of the backlash."


The reasons are all good.

Jiang Xiao: "........"

He was rather appalled to discover that the old thing, the Alligator Ancestor, had actually turned bad without even realizing it.

He couldn't help but say, "O old crocodile, you seem to have turned bad."

"Have I?"

"There are, very and very badly, all of them can fish."


The Alligator Ancestor said that he couldn't understand.

But it didn't matter if he understood or not, what mattered was that the Alligator Ancestor was really starting to turn bad, as measured by Jiang Xiao's own measurements.

It definitely didn't run, and there was no mistake.

"Great Diffusion Holy Land, I hope they don't disappoint me."

After saying that, Jiang Qiao's figure flashed, and he took the lead in flying away with the little inan.

This trip to the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground wasn't far.

In itself, that Great Diffusion Sacred Ground belonged within the Eastern Wasteland of the Big Dipper Star Domain, which already had existences like the Shaking Light Sacred Ground and the Desolate Forbidden Ground, and there were even fewer places for the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground to survive.


These years, the Great Diffusion Sacred Land was actually not having a very good time.

It was painful.

It was true that decline was ultimately looked down upon, but for the Great Diffusion Sacred Land, many of them had already agreed.

Or rather, they had resigned themselves to their fate.

Even if they didn't resign themselves to their fate, the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground was no longer the glamorous Great Diffusion Sacred Ground it once was.

It wasn't the same.

This day.

The Great Diffusion Sacred Ground was bustling with three or five disciples practicing with each other as if it was the only way to practice.

The declining Great Diffusion Sacred Ground was no longer the behemoth it was, and many people booed.

However, some things in the past were in the past.

The fact that they hadn't caught up with better times was itself fate, and there was no one to blame.

"Do you guys think that there is still a chance for our Great Diffusion Sacred Land to rise again?"

Some Holy Land disciples asked, their eyes shining as if they wanted to see what others thought as well.

But whether they could turn their imagination into reality, it was hard to say.

After all.

The decline of the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground wasn't just a day or two, but many years.

Did they... still have a chance?

It seemed difficult.

Those disciples all shook their heads.

"To rise again, how easy would that be to talk about."

"There are only two paths, either there's a powerful ancestor, and his old man will come out to lead our Great Diffusion Sacred Ground to the path of rise, or a disciple with unparalleled talent and equally incomparable luck will come out, and he will lead our Great Diffusion Sacred Ground to the peak."

"That's right, but we don't have either of these two, nor are we satisfied, so it should be somewhat difficult for our Great Diffusion Sacred Land to develop."

"Actually, as long as the Great Diffusion Sacred Land doesn't die, it's already considered a good thing."

"Yeah, all the holy lands in this world are declining anyway, and it's not just our Great Diffusion Holy Land that's the only one."

"That's actually right, our Great Diffusion Holy Land is located in the Eastern Wasteland, and there's a Shaking Light Holy Land in the Central and Southern Regions of the Eastern Wasteland itself, with them holding up the front, our Great Diffusion Holy Land won't be in any danger."

"So it seems that it's actually okay for us to quietly retire in the Holy Land and cultivate the next generation."


As a disciple of the Holy Land, where's the skin?

What about even dignity?

None of them seem to have been taken and fed to the dogs?

Instead of thinking about making the Great Diffusion Sacred Ground rise again, they were still just at peace with the idea that they just needed to cultivate properly.

What is this?

The Great Diffusion Sanctuary disciple who had asked at the beginning was all just a little weepy at the news.

He really felt that everyone should have a bit of fighting spirit, and without dreams, what was the difference between that and a salted fish.


That's just salty fish ah.


Once the time comes for the Great Crisis and Great Calamity, they won't be able to survive it ah.

Also that path to immortality is said to be about to open, and once the day really arrives to open it, with their current situation, it doesn't seem like their Dare Sacred Land will be able to go to the path and compete with others ah.

It was difficult.

For a while.

Everyone grew somewhat silent, and they all sighed in frustration.

"In fact, we also want to work hard to cultivate and then lead the Great Diffusion Sacred Land to rise, but it's clear that none of us are that material."

"Yeah, who doesn't want to become strong, but it's good to think about such thoughts, but not to actually put them into actual action."

"That's right, none of us are actually good at our natural qualifications, it would be like dreaming if we were to lead the Great Diffusion Sanctuary to power and rise to power."

"Difficult, it's really too difficult."


After a discussion that didn't really end well.

A fallen holy land could not be saved in a day or two.

It was just like a decaying dynasty that no one could take the opportunity to rise up.

"Forget it, let's not talk about these unhappy things, let's go back to our respective cultivation."




Then they would have to leave on their own.

After all, the sky was gradually fading and there wasn't much glory left.

Each of you should go back to your respective courtyards, to practice and think about what to do tomorrow.


It was at this time.

From the void came a piercing cracking sound, and a few flying rays of light suddenly appeared in everyone's eyes.


"What's that?"

"Someone should be coming over, is there going to be a big visit from someone again after all these years in our Great Diffusion Holy Land."

"I don't know who the visitor is, is it friend or foe?"

"Not sure, but it looks a little strange."

"It's always all or nothing that is, there must be something about the other party coming over."

"Wait, those people look like they're strong, they're just not something we can deal with."


Is the Dayan Holy Land going to be sacked again?

But there had only been ah before, and now they were coming again, wasn't it too much to look down on their Great Diffusion Sacred Land.

Anyway, those disciples of the Great Diffusion Holy Land all looked at each other with a somewhat heavy look.

This might not be good.

At the very least, it wasn't good for the Great Diffusion Holy Land, for those of them who were still remaining in the Great Diffusion Holy Land to cultivate.

It might be bad luck for all of them today.

That would be tragic.

"Let's get ready, there might be a bad battle."

"Well, we've prepared ourselves mentally, but our bodies aren't ready yet."

"I guess you can't prepare physically without a Great Sage level of cultivation."


Although they had to face several unknown powerful existences, and although they were likely to die, no one retreated.

The person who came over in this void was none other than Jiang Chi, the Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan.

At this moment, they all looked calmly at those disciples in the Great Diffusion Sanctuary with the feeling that they were winning.


The Great Diffusion Sanctuary was going to fall into their hands next, what a fragrance.



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