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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1274 - Leaving a Statue Behind (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan were more exaggerated, taking a lot of cultivation resources from the Shaking Light Holy Land's treasure trove, and I don't know if those in the Holy Land would have been twitching their faces.

Anyway, Jiang Ji is looking at it and is hurting for the Shaking Light Holy Land.

The many years of accumulation was afraid that it would be destroyed.


It should be said that the Shaking Light Holy Land's years of accumulation were all gone now.

At least most of it was gone.

Little Inan was a monster that devoured cultivation resources, but any cultivation resources that fell into her hands would be eaten by her in the first place.

Even the Alligator Ancestor was envious of this.

Although he was already in the recovery stage, and although he needed more resources.

But in reality.

He simply couldn't compare to the little inan.

Comparing it was incomparably sweaty.

It only felt like he had previously lived to a dog.

It was actually inferior to a little girl.

This made him feel helpless, many cultivation resources he didn't dare to try directly, but the little inan dared.


Even this caused the Shaking Light Sacred Ground to scavenge quite a few of those resources.

The people of the Holy Land did have a meat ache as well.

But when they remembered the words of their own Holy Lord, they were relieved.


It was just a matter of cultivation resources.

They didn't even care about their inheritance, would they still care about this trivial cultivation resources.

Not to mention, these things were a hundred and eighty thousand miles apart compared to becoming an immortal.

Simply one heaven and one earth.

It was truly puzzling.

There was no one to stop the actions of the Crocodile Ancestor and the little inan, not even Jiang Xiao, and encouraged them to scavenge more, and once they left the Shaking Light Holy Land, they were basically of the type that would not return.

So ah.

It was a rare opportunity.

Once you miss it, there would be no more.

This was normal.

After all, there were many more holy lands and forbidden areas in this world, all waiting for them to visit.

Now this was just the Southern Region of the Eastern Wasteland.

Just a holy land.

A flash.

Time had passed rapidly.

A month had passed in the blink of an eye.

During this month.

Jiang Jiang had cumulatively explained countless times to the Shaking Light Holy Land's crowd about cultivation problems.

He couldn't remember the specifics.

He only vaguely remembered that basically every single person had come to ask questions, and he had been tireless in explaining them.

It was probably good for him.

It was also a way to gain more things as a result, checking and filling in the gaps well, if they found out the deficiencies to fill out their previous techniques, they would also be able to gain the origin power.

Although the amount was a bit small.

But to him this was just routine.

No matter how small the mosquito was, it was still meat.

During this period of time, he, Jiang Someone, was living a comfortable life.

Good food and drink thereafter.

It was very enjoyable.

On the other hand, the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan were all driven to cultivation by him.

He didn't allow them to leave the gate until they cultivated.

Inan also made a scene.

But it was useless.

In this world, the strongest still reign supreme.

So you must become strong.

Inan recruited.

Even the Crocodile Ancestor had to go into seclusion.

The main reason was that Jiang was too strict.

He also gave a death order to his old crocodile that if he couldn't break through as a great emperor after walking through those holy places, forbidden areas and the like, he would leave on his own.

This made him feel extremely embarrassed.

So sad.

Breakthrough to Great Emperor?

How to break through.

He couldn't find a way or an opportunity anyway.

Probably could only muddle through and die.

That wouldn't do.

It's been a month.

The source of the harvest has been harvested.


It's time to end the Shining Light Sanctuary.

It was time to leave.

After all, there were still many more sacred and forbidden areas waiting for them to make their grand entrance.

It couldn't be wasted.

Other than the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Zone, they could go for a spin and take care of those Forbidden Zone masters along the way, which could be considered as doing something good for this world.

There might even be origin power rewards.

After thinking this through, Jiang Xiao woke up the crocodile ancestor and the little inan who were still in the confinement.

"Let's get ready to leave."

At the same time, he also instructed the people of the Shaking Light Sacred Ground to inform Li Daoqing and the others.

After all, people were the hosts of the Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

And they were just guests.

Now that the guests were leaving, they naturally had to greet the host.

They couldn't just quietly walk away.

Not long after.

Li Daoqing came.

Along with him came the Sacred Sons and Daughters of the Shaking Light Sanctuary, as well as the elders of the Sanctuary.

They bowed respectfully to Jiang Xiao.

Not daring to be the slightest bit lenient.

And they also said, "Paying homage to Senior Jiang, I hope that Senior Jiang will live long and prosper."

"Well, get up."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "This time I called you over, there is actually something I want to tell you, I hope you are not nervous."

Everyone: "........"


They weren't nervous at first.

But now well.

Suddenly after being told that by Jiang Xiao, they were strangely nervous.

It was fine not to say it.

"Does it concern us?"

At this moment, everyone was secretly guessing that there weren't many things that Jiang Lack had made, but every single one of them was related to their Shaking Light Sanctuary.

It had all been about to get used to it.


Jiang Lack suddenly became serious, which made Li Daoqing and the others feel a little baffled.

It seemed... something big was about to happen ah.


This moment.

Li Daoqing and the others were inexplicable.

Jiang Chi, on the other hand, looked at them with a calm face and began to say indifferently, "It's actually no big deal, it's just that we're leaving the Shaking Light Sacred Ground, so we've specially summoned you over to say hello."

Sort of a greeting.

Li Daoqing and the others: "......."

Jiang Guiao's words left them somewhat confused and puzzled, and they were stunned there at first, not reacting.

When they managed to come back to their senses, Li Daoqing was the first to ask with an anxious face, "Senior Jiang, but it's because our Shaking Light Sanctuary has poor hospitality?

Or maybe where we went wrong?"

He was puzzled.

Jiang Jian was an immortal.

A terrifying existence.

If such an existence remained in their Shaking Light Sanctuary, it was a rare good thing to come across in ten thousand years.

Originally, they were also used to having such a big guy around.

But now.

Jiang Xiao suddenly said that he was leaving.

This made Li Daoqing wonder if there was something that the Shaking Light Sacred Ground had not done enough in these days, or if there was something that had offended someone.

Otherwise, why would people, Senior Jiang, make such a request.

To leave.

This made him panic a bit.

It only felt like the Shaking Light Sanctuary had offended Jiang Lack, offended this Immortal.

Or perhaps, some idiot had offended the immortal.

"But, whichever possibility it is, it's not a good thing for me or the Shaking Light Holy Land."

Li Daoqing even said again, "Senior, if you have any dissatisfaction, you can just bring it up, and I guarantee to give you a satisfactory explanation."

Even if it was the Holy Son and Holy Daughter he dared to move.

Just waiting for Jiang Ji's words.


Upon hearing that, Jiang Qiao was a bit startled.

Whirling around, he couldn't help but say, "Cough cough, O Sovereign Li, there are some things you may have misunderstood, Poverty Dao's departure has nothing to do with anyone in your Shaking Light Sacred Ground, and really just wanted to leave.

It's been a month since Poverty Dao and the others came to your Shaking Light Holy Land!

During this month, I would also like to thank Sovereign Li as well as all the people of the Shaking Light Holy Land for their care and hospitality, and the poor Dao is very grateful and grateful.


There is no feast that doesn't end, and now that a month has passed, it's almost time for us to begin our departure.

So I'm purposely saying hello to all of you.

Also, we probably won't be coming back after we leave, do you all have any thoughts?"

For a moment.

Jiang Jiang's words were like a stone that stirred up a thousand waves.


Just leave.

This was also expected, and even Li Daoqing and the others were prepared for it.

After all, he was an immortal, he couldn't remain subservient in the Shaking Light Sanctuary, Li Daoqing and the others knew this.

But here was the problem.

After leaving, they probably wouldn't come back.

Wouldn't that be the same as leaving forever?

What about them?

What about the Shining Light shrine?

And so.

There were people who began to persuade and retain it with seven mouths.

Hopefully, they could use this method to retain Jiang Lack, even if just a little bit, ah.

We can't really let people leave.

That wouldn't be good.

They still wanted to wait to continue being instructed by Jiang Lack, and they also wanted to find a path to immortality of their own from Jiang Lack.

But now, it seems like there's probably no such path.


It's already broken.

Once Jiang Lack left, where could they ask ah.

There wasn't even a chance to learn from it.


This is only going to be miserable.


"But we can't stop Senior Jiang from leaving, nor can we do that."

Li Daoqing and the others were very clear in their minds.

They couldn't compulsorily ask Jiang Liao to stay, mainly because they didn't have that kind of ability.

He, Jiang Liao, was an Earth Immortal, a hallowed Immortal, would not be bound by these worldly constraints, and it was because they knew this that Li Daoqing and the others felt even more uncomfortable in their hearts.

It was because they knew that they couldn't stop Jiang Lack.


How could this be.

Things are starting to look up for the best.

It's so embarrassing now.

"Senior, could you please not leave?"

"Yes, Senior Jiang, knowing that we want you to stay in our Shaking Light Sanctuary, we promise..."

"Oooh, we haven't even asked Senior for advice yet, and now we don't want Senior to leave."

"It's over, Senior Jiang's departure is definitely a terrifying earthquake for our Shaking Light Holy Land."

"Oh Senior, we can't leave you behind, what should we do?"


The corner of Jiang Chi's mouth twitched slightly as he said in his heart, "Where are you guys reluctant to let me go, you're obviously just greedy for my cultivation, huh?

But considering the fact that your Shaking Light Holy Land has taken care of me these days, I'll leave you some benefits.

Leave a statue behind.

At a critical moment, if you awaken the consciousness I left inside, you'll be able to bring out my fifth level of strength.

And because I left my consciousness behind, I can also automatically distinguish between good and bad, so if the people of the Shaking Light Sanctuary use my statue to do bad things, then I'm sorry, but the Great Master won't serve it.

This should work."

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Chi told Li Daoqing and the others about his idea.

After hearing the words.

Li Daoqing and the others all nodded in approval.

This seemed to be the only way to go right now.

This was also the way to stop the loss.

Otherwise, they were afraid that they would have to lose even more in the Shaking Light Holy Land.

Right now this was still good.

Thinking of this.

Li Daoqing continued, "Senior Jiang, we have agreed to your request, but isn't this a little troublesome for you.

Actually, serving you is a blessing to our Shaking Light Sacred Ground, we..."


Jiang Ji waved his hand to interrupt Li Daoqing's continued flattery, "You don't need to brag about me anymore, your own family knows its own business.

Staying in your Shaking Light Sacred Ground for a month is considered to be a trouble to your Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

This statue will compensate you for it.

From now on, the poor will never come here again, so you people of the Shaking Light Sanctuary should behave yourselves.

Don't cultivate well and don't think of evil things.

That's right.

In the future, if someone named Ye Fan comes over, you guys should take good care of him and don't get into a conflict with him."

As for the reason, Jiang Xiao didn't say.


Li Daoqing, however, secretly wrote down the name.

He knew that there was definitely a deep meaning to Jiang Chi's command like this, although he didn't know who this person called Ye Fan was right now and what was so special about him.

Nor did he even know what his relationship with Jiang Lack was.


Since it was something that Jiang Lack had personally ordered down, he had to be recruited.

There must also be his intentions.

Thinking about it this way, it was much more relieved.


Seeing that everyone no longer objected to the statue, with a casual wave of his hand, countless stones began to fly in the Shaking Light Sanctuary's arena.

Then naturally, they condensed into a small piece.

In the end, they formed the appearance of a statue's silhouette, and wouldn't a fixed glance be Jiang Gou's own appearance.


With a flick of his flexed finger, a mysterious and inexplicable mysterious light flicked out of his hand and disappeared into the statue.


It was as if the statue had come to life.

It was magnificent!

However, when Li Daoqing and the others came back to their senses and were ready to thank Jiang Xiao a bit more, they discovered that Jiang Xiao and his group of three had already left.

There was no trace of them.

Everyone: "........"

That's it?


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