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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1273 - How Embarrassing This Is (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"This Shaking Light Sanctuary is very upbeat."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought, "Not only is the method of detecting words and colors powerful, even their other ideas are advanced, they look smart."

Especially that Shaking Light King.

I don't know why he had offended Ye Fan, otherwise he was also a character.

To be able to become a Saint Son of the Shaking Light Holy Land, he really had some skills, not that kind of mass product.

But that was all.

If Ye Fan hadn't appeared, he might have shined, but he wouldn't have been able to after Ye Fan's arrival.

To this day.

Whether or not Ye Fan would come over Jiang Xiao didn't know, but he was quite pleased with this Shaking Light Sanctuary.

Before he had even made his purpose known, the Shaking Light Sanctuary had already prepared everything.

To dedicate.

Even the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan couldn't help but look at each other sideways at the moment, they hadn't expected the Shaking Light Sanctuary to be so easy to talk to.

Before they even opened their mouths, they were just sending things straight to their door.

Kung Fu and secret arts.

These two things were already the most important things for a sect, a religious sect, or even a holy land.

But now.

Such things were unceremoniously contributed by the Shaking Light Sacred Ground and made their attitude clear - whether it was Jiang Lack, the Crocodile Ancestor, or Little Inan, they could freely enter and leave the Shaking Light Sacred Ground to view those merit methods and secret arts.

This included the inheritance of their Shaking Light Sanctuary's sons.

They were all counted inside.

There wasn't half a thing that was hidden.

Merit methods, secret arts and whatnot were indeed precious, and in the entire cultivation world, it was a matter of inheritance.

There were no cultivation resources that could be taken, and they could even be obtained through countless other means.

But not without an inheritance.

In this world.

Or in any world for that matter.

Inheritance was something that was watched to death and basically wouldn't be exposed.

"It's fine if there are merit methods and secret techniques."

For Jiang Xiao, cultivation resources were not rare to him, and that stuff was useless to him.

Even if it was a great medicine, although it could be a great remedy, it wasn't useful for the improvement of the cultivation realm.

Especially one like Jiang Chi, whose talent wasn't good and whose qualifications were too poor, even relying on the Greatest Medicine would not allow him to break through.

He was merely relying on the World Origin Force to forcefully ascend up.

And for Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan, all those cultivation resources in the Shaking Light Sanctuary could be taken at will, which could be considered a good ending.

Although their initial thought was only to take away a third, or even two thirds.

But now it didn't even seem necessary to take away that much.

A very small portion would do.


They were satisfied with the current situation.

While Jiang Xiao was still in the Shaking Light Sanctuary these days, they would be able to cultivate just fine.

It might be good too.

Thinking like this.

The Crocodile Ancestor was also busy thanking, "Then, thank you all of the Shaking Light Holy Land."

He knew.

His own master would definitely agree.

It was as expected.

Right after the Alligator Ancestor finished his words, he heard Jiang Xiao say, "Alright, just follow what Saint Master Li said, but I might have to bother you guys for a while."

"Not disturbing, not disturbing at all."

Li Daoqing said evenly.

What kind of disturbance was it to have a true immortal living in the Shaking Light Holy Land.

It doesn't count.

This was a great joy, a great good thing.

It would be great if there were a few of them in the Shaking Light Sacred Ground who had received Jiang Lack's guidance, thus advancing all the way up.

That included Li Daoqing and the Shaking Light King.

They all thought so.

"Senior, if you stay in our Shaking Light Holy Land these days, we will definitely treat you well."

Li Dao Qing began to promise.

Just having those previous promises wasn't enough, at least not in his opinion.

There was still a need for Bit this Immortal to provide a better environment before he could do so, after all, he was the current incumbent and an amazing existence.

If there was a chance, he would definitely have to ask him for some tips on how to become an immortal.

Although Jiang Jiang didn't say it before.

But Li Daoqing felt that there must be some things that he could learn from.

Such as comprehension and so on.

Such as the flow of experience and so on.


Jiang Yao didn't be polite to Li Daoqing and nodded, "Then it's troublesome for you all to come over and ask questions about cultivation for the duration of the poor dao's stay in the Shaking Light Sanctuary."

This he also gave a promise.

If you wanted the horses to run, you had to make sure they were fed.

Jiang Kou was well aware of this truth.

The Shaking Light Holy Land was so uplifting, so he was naturally embarrassed to let people pay for nothing and knew how to give some kind of return.

After all, he, Jiang Hou, was not a demon.

He was a good man.

"Thank you, Senior."

Li Daoqing and the others were sincerely grateful.

Originally, they thought that Jiang Lack was an immortal, an exalted being that was not good to get along with.

But that didn't seem to be the case now.

It was actually quite easy to get along with.

At least the kind and gentle immortal in front of them fit the image of an immortal in their imagination.

After leaving the meeting hall.

A group of people from the Shaking Light Sanctuary were overcome with emotion.

"I didn't expect that Senior Jiang was really an Immortal, and such a powerful one at that."

"Yeah, and it doesn't even have any shelf, it's very approachable."

"Senior Jiang is worthy of being an Immortal, just this kind of cultivation is definitely enough for us to learn from."

"In the future, my little goal is to become an immortal, from today onwards I'll serve in front of Senior Jiang, don't you all steal from me ah."


Oh, shit!

The rest of the people cursed straight in their hearts after hearing this.

They couldn't help but look up in anger, Obviously the Immortal is everyone's Immortal, Senior Jiang is also everyone's Senior Jiang, why should you be allowed to snatch it away by yourself.

No way!

"Old Zhang, you're being unkind, we're all elders of the Shaking Light Sanctuary, why shouldn't we be able to go after you go?"

"That's right, I still don't know what kind of person Senior Jiang would like to serve, but you, Old Zhang, want to take care of it alone, there's no door."

"I think I can do it too."

"Forget it, I think we should each use our own means, maybe Senior Jiang has already seen through our tricks."


After deliberating no further.

They could only stare at each other with big eyes, and unanimously decided that we should each use our own means.

After all, the Immortals had some taboos they weren't sure about.

In case they angered the Immortals, it was no joke, so it was best to send a beautiful woman over to test the waters first.

And so.

Such a good thing fell on Saint Maiden Yao Xi.

This was the unanimous decision of Saint Lord Li Daoqing and the elders of the Shaking Light Sanctuary.

Originally, the Saint Son Shaking Light King wanted to compete, after all, he was a talented and powerful person.

It was still a Saint Son.

Such a status should have been able to give Jiang Lack maximum satisfaction if it went over.

Saying it out also had a name.


Li Daoqing, however, told him not to be imaginative.

In this aspect of serving people, women would always have an advantage over men, no matter what.

Plus, the previous impression of the Shaking Light King wasn't that perfect in Jiang Xiao's eyes, so Li Daoqing just dismissed it with a straightforward sentence.

"It's not the right time yet, looking at Senior Jiang's meaning, he should continue to stay in our Shaking Light Sanctuary for a while, let Yao Xi try it out first."

After Li Daoqing's words, the Shaking Light King couldn't say much more.

The matter concerned the Immortals.

It's not something you can decide on your own.

Just like Yao Xi now, although Jiang lacked a fairy and was young and handsome, she was a holy maiden.

A little helpless for a while.

Because the identity was there to go.

Plus, she was usually used to being high and mighty, and was already arrogant.

It was nothing.

There was another voice in her heart, if she could seize the opportunity this time, maybe she Yao Xi wasn't just a Saint Maiden of the Shaking Light Sanctuary.


Of course.

Those thoughts in her heart were just some thoughts and could not be taken seriously.

Naturally, she was also aware that although she might have been arrogant in the past, and although she was still the Saint Maiden of the Shaking Light Holy Land, she was actually nothing when compared to Jiang Qian, the Immortal.

Even the Holy Lord, his old man, had to carefully serve in front of Jiang Chi, not to mention them.

Even more so, they had to be careful.

This world.

Even the Red Dust Immortal hadn't appeared for many years.

That is to say.

The sudden appearance of Jiang Lack now gave hope to the cultivators of this world.

It was like a dawn in that darkness.

It might not be far from the day when that Immortal Path would open.

After thinking of these circumstances, Li Daoqing's eyes began to shine as he continued to say to Yao Xi, "You go and try first, no matter what, you must make Senior Jiang happy, and no matter what, you must not let him have a bad feeling towards our Shaking Light Holy Land, understand?"

"I understand."

Yao Xi nodded and went down to prepare.

At this time.

Saint Son Shaking Light King said, "Is it really okay to let her go? Also, we still don't know Senior Jiang's purpose for coming here..."

"Shut up!"

Li Daoqing scolded, "Although you are somewhat clever and have good talent in cultivation, you are still far from being human as well as experienced.

No matter what, Senior Jiang is an immortal, he is a taboo, you are not allowed to talk nonsense and chew your tongue, and you are not allowed to say it again in the future.

The immortals are vast, where is it for us to discuss, and as my Sovereign has already said before, for an immortal to come to our Shaking Light Holy Land is a great chance in itself.

It doesn't matter if it's a request or not, or if it's a condition or not, it's nothing compared to becoming an immortal.

None of you should have such thoughts in the end, those that have been there before are now restrained for this Sovereign, and if this Sovereign finds out that you have ruined this chance, don't blame this Sovereign for turning over a new leaf.

Including the sons, daughters and elders, all of you are the same."


Hearing the thick words of Li Daoqing's warning, the crowd had to step forward and respond.

At this time.

It also dawned on them.


Immortals were immortals, people were already divine, once they were aware that they were talking about him, wouldn't they all be hated by the immortals.

Even if they didn't hate them, they might still hate them.

This would not do.

They were still thinking of becoming Immortals.

Compared to cultivating to become immortal, whatever else is going on, it doesn't matter.

Becoming an immortal is the king's way.

Because only when you become immortal can you live forever and never die.

Everyone wants to live longer.

Li Daoqing's words also made the others in the Shaking Light Sanctuary ponder.

Whether it was the so-called benefits or entanglements, they were all just mundane things.

Becoming immortal was the most important thing.


It was necessary for them to serve Jiang Lack wholeheartedly, and only by serving this immortal big brother well could they have a future.

After all, Jiang lack's arrival was actually a chance and a creation for them.

Moreover, people, Senior Jiang had spoken, and as long as they had problems with cultivation, they could go to him.

This was the opportunity.

"Alright, let's all disperse."

Li Daoqing continued, "The next few days are still long, we all still have a chance."

There was indeed a chance.

Everyone agreed on this point.

Shaking Light Sanctuary.

In a luxurious courtyard, the three of Jiang Xiao lived in, which was deliberately arranged for them by the Shaking Light Sanctuary.

At the same time.

Someone was also dispatched outside specifically to await the arrangements.

It could be said that the specifications were very high.

That day, Jiang Jiang went for a stroll around the Shaking Light Sacred Ground, and he was very richly rewarded, he was very happy and naturally satisfied.

He was very happy and naturally satisfied. It was a fake to visit the holy land, but it was actually true to take the opportunity to collect those techniques and draw on the world's origin power.

It was also to upgrade his ninth-grade Dao power.

You know.

His Jiang Someone's Ninth Grade Daoist Gong didn't have a devouring attribute before, but this time, after joining the Shaking Light Holy Land's techniques and secret arts, he also obtained the blessing of the Ruthless Emperor's Swallowing Demonic Power, giving his Ninth Grade Daoist Gong a devouring attribute.

This was easy to do.

In the future, it wouldn't be so troublesome when refining the World Origin Power.

In addition, he had gained a large amount of origin power as a result.

Compared to that.

Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan and the two of them were going to be much more exaggerated.



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