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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1272 - I Still Haven't Opened My Mouth (Seeking Subscriptions)

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It was a Xian.

Li Daoqing and the others suddenly revered Jiang Liao as if he were a god.

Before, it was only because Jiang Lack was powerful, just because of fear.

Now it was a heartfelt respect and reverence.

This time it was serious.

An Immortal was enough for Li Daoqing and the others to respect and carefully experience.


And worship.

To them, immortals were exalted existences that hadn't been heard of for thousands of years.

Even the Red Dust Immortals seemed to be extinct.

No one knew of them.

With the sharp decline of immortal substances, as the number of cultivators in the world increased, it became increasingly difficult for beings to cultivate.

Li Dao Qing had a deep understanding of this.

As the Sacred Lord of the Shaking Light Sacred Ground, he had seen and known far more than anyone else.

"We, the people of the Shaking Light Holy Land, pay our respects to the Immortals!"

Since Jiang Chi was an immortal, he should pay his respects and be courteous.

It would be a supreme blessing in their lives if they were to receive advice from a true immortal.

I can't ask for more.

The sudden kneeling and worshiping salute, however, caused Jiang Chi to be slightly stunned, "What are you guys doing?"

Just because you're a fairy?


Jiang Ji suddenly remembered something, "In this world, immortals are already legendary, and since that Desolate Heavenly Emperor single-handedly resolved the Corpse Immortal Emperor, no true immortals exist in this world anymore."

Even if there was, it was nothing more than a Red Dust Immortal.

But that was only the peak of the Xiantai Realm after all.

It couldn't be considered a true Immortal's dignity.

"Therefore, my early Earth Immortal realm cultivation has long since passed about the Human Immortal realm and is considered a true Immortal."

He understood.

What Li Daoqing and the others cared about was actually Immortal.

It would be even better if they could obtain the method of becoming immortal from themselves, or the path to becoming immortal.

For so many years, immortals had already become legends.

Immortal Kings and Immortal Emperors were even more unheard of.

Many people didn't remember these legends anymore, they had long since become part of the past, a part of history.

This time.

Jiang Ji couldn't help but feel a little proud and smug, "Fortunately, I, Jiang Someone, had foreseen that I would enter a world like the Shading Sky, so I had prepared for it long ago.

Now, it seems that all the decisions I made before were right, and there's nothing wrong with breaking through early and piling my cultivation realm up after all."

No matter when.

A powerful cultivation realm always represented the strength of a cultivator the vast majority of the time.

Earth Immortals were also immortals.

It had also become immortal.

It was also an existence worthy of befriending and rallying with Li Daoqing and the others.

Go along with the situation.

The next step would be even more beneficial to Jiang Xiao's purpose.

He thought so in his heart, "It seems that it should be easier to obtain the Shaking Light Holy Land."

With the identity of an Immortal, with this sign, he could use this identity to do many many things.

None of them would need to be suppressed by force.

How nice.

"This is the most correct way to open it."

Jiang Qiao's heart thought, "The previous method of brutal suppression is a bit peacekeeping, it's hurting heaven and harmony ah."

It was not desirable.

That wasn't a long-term solution after all.

Right now this kind of method was the only one that could make the other party willingly take out their techniques, secret arts, and cultivation resources, which was the king's way of life.

"Er wait up."

Jiang Ji squarely said, "Although Poverty Dao has become an immortal, it is merely a step ahead on this path of seeking immortality, you may continue to address Poverty Dao as Senior.

This was something Li Dao Qing understood.

This was giving them a chance ah.

It meant that they could mention them some.

For a moment.

These people from the Shaking Light Holy Land began to ponder.

The look was not slightly right.

Very much looking forward to the future.

"Senior Jiang, how did you become an immortal?"

Li Daoqing was a bit torn.

He was also cautious, afraid that Jiang Chi would be angry.

After all, this question already involved the secret of becoming an immortal, where is the secret of becoming an immortal for such a big shot to be able to share ah.

Li Daoqing knew all of this.

However, his heart just couldn't help but ask.

After all, that Becoming Immortal was also extremely attractive to him ah.

He also wanted it badly.

This senior seemed to be very easy-going, so Li Daoqing gave it a hard try.

Hoping to succeed.


Jiang Chi, on the other hand, smiled faintly and said, "It is inevitable for the poor to become immortal, and it is not like the normal method, nor can you learn from it.

The Heaven and Earth have long since collapsed, and there are even more terrifying existences in this world. The root cause of the chaos is enough to explain everything.

So ah.

You guys should just wait honestly for the path to becoming an Immortal to open, and perhaps... there will be a slight chance of that .

Of course.

These days, the poor dao will live in your Shaking Light Sacred Ground for some time, and you can come ask me any cultivation problems you have."

Want to become an immortal?

Hard, hard, hard!

Want to live forever and never die?

That is even more difficult.

The reason it is difficult to become immortal is because of the lack of longevity, and the problem with longevity is the problem with immortal material.

Here was the problem again.

The problem of immortal substance, according to Jiang Xiao's guess, was most likely related to the Heavenly Dao, and to the fact that this world was already about to collapse.

After all, it had gradually entered the End Times.

The Earth had gradually become unable to cultivate.

This was enough to explain a lot.

The world was changing.

It was evolving.

This change might be good for ordinary people, but for many cultivators, it was a devastating blow.

It was terrifying.

Once all the longevity substances were gone, the lifespan would most likely be further sharply reduced, and even if there was a cavernous blessed land, even if there was that everlasting physique that appeared, it seemed impossible to break through.

Without a long lifespan, it would be a fool's errand to break through to Immortality, to ascend to the Immortal Realm.



His own purpose and thoughts being seen through by this Senior Jiang, Li Daoqing could not help but be shocked and delighted, and actually began to stare.

Very frightened.

Also very fearful up.

"Will Senior Jiang blame me?"

Li Daoqing said in his heart: "Wait, Senior just said that his Immortalization Method is different from the ordinary methods, so it's not suitable for us.

In other words, he's actually answered me.

But this result is a bit of a pity.

Not being able to borrow Senior's method of becoming an immortal, this path is considered broken.

Of course, there is a way to ask senior about the questions he doesn't know about cultivation.

In any case, it was necessary to raise one's strength to a peak state when the opening of the path to immortality came.

After all, there is only one path to immortality, and if you want to compete with those old immortals, you have to have great strength, otherwise everything is just empty talk.

I had also heard that the next time the path to immortality opens, it will most likely be the last time.

In other words, when the next path to immortality opens, there will basically be no more immortal paths.

This is the last chance, I must seize it ah."

Become an Immortal!

Who hasn't yearned for that?

Even a mere mortal would aspire to it, let alone his hallowed Shaking Light Holy Land's Holy Lord.

Li Daoqing felt that this was also understandable and nothing more, it was all very commonplace.

Jiang Chi's words were similarly heard by those of the Shaking Light Holy Land around Li Daoqing.

For example, that Saint Son Shaking Light King, for example, that Saint Maiden Yao Xi, and even those elders of the Holy Land all heard it.

Although they were also somewhat disappointed like Li Daoqing, Jiang Di's final words were what cheered them up.

"It's already good enough to be able to receive the guidance of an Immortal, hahaha!"

"That's right, it's not that easy to become an immortal, Senior Jiang can become an immortal, he might have obtained some amazing chance to create something, this kind of opportunity can be found but not sought, and it's very likely that it's no longer available, so we don't have a chance."

"It's possible to improve our cultivation strength, the path to immortality will definitely open up again in the future, and it's said that's the last time, that's our chance ah."

"That's right, there's one more chance to become an immortal, we must grab it."

"Wait, we can't let Senior him instruct us for no reason ah, why don't we give Senior some benefits?"

"But what benefit will get you into the eyes of your predecessor? You know, a powerful existence like Senior, and who has already become an immortal at a young age, definitely doesn't look down on these broken pieces of metal from our Shaking Light Holy Land."


It's embarrassing.

It's frustrating.

This time it was really a bit difficult for those elders.

Even the Saint Sons and Daughters were starting to think, and of course, Li Daoqing, the Saint Lord.

What benefit to Jiang lacked?

To make someone an ancestor of the Shaking Light Sanctuary?

Or maybe make someone a guest elder of the Shaking Light Holy Land?

However, he felt that all of these Jiang Cai might not be able to see, they were just tacky fame.

He had become an immortal, where would he care about anything else ah.

"Can't give senior any status, he is already an immortal, even if we give even the best status, it won't compare to that."

At this time, the Saint Son Shaking Light King pondered and said, "We could have given Senior the freedom to travel in the Shaking Light Sacred Land, the gongfu and secret techniques are at his disposal to look at, although Senior may not necessarily look at them, but we have to do things attitude.

Another is the issue of cultivation resources, senior has become immortal, and is still an earth immortal, he naturally does not look at the resources of our Shaking Light Holy Land.

But that mount and sister of his are in need, which means that by recruiting those two, we're actually recruiting Senior Jiang.

Regardless of whether it's the two of them for the sake of the techniques and resources, or Senior Jiang for the contribution of our Shaking Light Sacred Ground, they should be satisfied with our efforts.

This would also be a logical way to pull in Senior Jiang, who is an immortal.

We must pull it together."

The rest of the crowd: "......."

After hearing the Shaking Light King's transmission, whether it was Li Daoqing or those elders of the Shaking Light Holy Land, they were all looking at the Shaking Light King with shocked faces at the moment.

Their faces were horrified by a few points.

"This holy son who usually doesn't even show his face much is just a bit arrogant, but I never thought he would have such a unique insight?"

This was the thought in the minds of the people, and it was terrifying and horrifying.

Truly terrifying.


After thinking about it carefully, they felt that what the Shaking Light King had said was correct.

Jiang Chi was already an immortal.

Giving any status or not, it was unrealistic.

It was too feasible to pull him in directly.

The only way was to directly gather the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan by his side.

At that time, no matter whether Jiang Lack saw their efforts or whether the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan saw their efforts, it would actually be good.

What's more.

Even if they gave the Shaking Light Sanctuary to Jiang Lack together, maybe people wouldn't want it.


How could they look at these mundane things, as long as people wanted them, there would be countless holy places in minutes.

Whether it was self-built or solicited, it was feasible.


Li Daoqing and those elders of the Shaking Light Sacred Ground all of a sudden felt that the Shaking Light King's idea was feasible.

Senior Jiang was an immortal, but Ancestor Crocodile and Little Inan had not become immortal, so this was their chance to recruit.

After thinking of this.

Li Daoqing's heart made up his mind and he said towards Jiang Qian, "Senior Jiang, it is a blessing for our Shaking Light Holy Land that you are able to come to our Shaking Light Holy Land.

However, our Shaking Light Sacred Ground has nothing to offer you, in the future, if there is anything you need us to do, just let us know.

In addition, no matter if it's a technique or cultivation resource, if you need anything, just feel free to take it.

Old Crocodile and Little Inan are also treated the same."

Jiang Qian: "........"

I hadn't even opened my mouth to make a condition.

I dare you to already tell me what I'm thinking?


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