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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1271 - Senior, Are You an Immortal? (subscription sought)

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After hearing Li Daoqing's words, Jiang Ji smiled suddenly, "It doesn't seem to be anything unusual, before the poor dao thought it was so incredible."

Now it seemed to be all floating clouds.

It didn't matter.

"What Senior Jiang said is extremely true."

Li Daoqing could only smile, not daring to talk about anything else, he couldn't make decisions when it came to the Fierce Man Emperor.

One had to know that the Ruthless Emperor was only sleeping.

God knows which day her old man would wake up, wouldn't it be miserable in case of an autumnal reckoning.

"Don't worry, I won't talk to her." Jiang Mo said indifferently, "It's just that the Vicious Emperor won't wake up for a while."

That was good.

Li Dao Qing's secret relief, "Just as long as the Great Emperor she hasn't woken up for a while."

If the ruthless Great Emperor knew that these descendants of his were making up and discussing her old man, he might be severely punished.

"Sovereign Li, this Shaking Light Sanctuary of yours is quite different."

Jiang Ji said, taking a closer look, "Rumor has it that the Shaking Light Sacred Ground is one of the few great sacred grounds in the world, it really is somewhat powerful."

Very or very terrifying.

There were several existences at the Great Saint level alone, whether these people were high on drugs or whether they were made out of other forbidden means.

All in all, compared to the many holy places, the Shaking Light Holy Land wasn't the bottom of the pile, and over the years, they were able to criss-cross the Southern Region of the Eastern Wasteland with a bit of tact.

"Senior Jiang you have fallacious praise."

Li Daoqing was so embarrassed by the praise that he was embarrassed, "It's all just the blessings left behind by the ancestors."

"It's not a bad thing to have such blessings."

Jiang Xiao was drinking good tea and eating spirit fruits, and was smiling and talking to Li Daoqing, the Sovereign of the Shaking Light Holy Land.

Talking about heaven and earth.

Talking about many things.

And there was no rush to talk about his purpose, it wasn't time to talk about his purpose yet, so it was good to have a good chat.


The crocodile ancestor at the side was a little surprised, "I didn't expect that my master would actually be able to endure it, worthy of being my master."

This heart alone was in no way comparable to a non-ordinary person.

It was counted as powerful.

He looked around vigilantly, afraid that the Shaking Light Sanctuary would use despicable methods against them.

This was common in the cultivation world.


He was clearly overthinking.

Even if he gave Li Daoqing a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to do anything to Jiang Chi.

The imposing pressure from earlier was still fresh in his mind.

If Jiang Liao wanted to do something, it wouldn't even need to lift a finger, just releasing the qi pressure again.

It would directly suppress the entire Shaking Light Sanctuary.

No other was needed.

It was precisely because he knew these specific circumstances that Li Daoqing didn't play tricks, or even dare to play tricks.

In case he provoked Jiang Lack and was suppressed.

Then it wouldn't be a farce.

It would be a terrifying thing, just by virtue of a bizarre and unpredictable mighty pressure, he could suppress everyone in their Shaking Light Holy Land.

How powerful a cultivation would have to be for that.

At the very least, not a Great Emperor.

Although Great Emperor level cultivators were already terrifying, they weren't actually strong.

It was far less powerful than Jiang Jian.

It was simply terrifying.

"Senior Jiang, I wonder what you think of our Shaking Light Holy Land?"

Li Daoqing suddenly asked.

There seemed to be a tentative meaning to the question as well.

After all, with such a powerful existence like Jiang lacking, he was not sure what it meant and did not understand what he was thinking.

If he had a good feeling about the Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

It was actually possible.

It was also possible to continue with the next step of the plan.

Cooperation was the win-win thing.

It wasn't good to have one family dominating after all, and besides, he wanted to rely on Jiang Lack, the big man, to make the Shaking Light Holy Land continue to become stronger.


That was why there was the tentative inquiry just now.

As long as Jiang Lack's perception of their Shaking Light Sanctuary was still good, there would be something to talk about next.

Not to mention, he also understood what Jiang Lack had in mind when he came over, and it was also clear that he definitely had a purpose.

It was just that he hadn't opened his mouth yet.

"Well, the Shaking Light Sanctuary."

Jiang Qiao was slightly startled and said after some thought, "Actually, your Shaking Light Sacred Ground is pretty good, it would be nice if it could be a little more low-key."

Li Daoqing: "........"

Do you mean that the Shaking Light Sanctuary is too high-profile and overbearing?

He doesn't think so.


These thoughts in his heart Li Daoqing didn't say anything, in fact he had already gotten the answer he wanted.

Jiang lacked a good feeling for the Shaking Light Sacred Land, "In other words, between my Shaking Light Sacred Land and this Senior Jiang, we can actually talk about matters of cooperation."

That was enough.

As for the ensuing deliberations, they still needed to proceed slowly, "You can't eat hot tofu in a hurry."

"Senior, junior would like to take the liberty to ask a question, I wonder if it is possible?"

Li Daoqing hesitated and eventually asked out, he was really confused in his heart.

He also didn't know what Jiang Xiao was thinking, so he was a little worried, a little apprehensive, and also had a bit of a Rinpoche feeling.

It always felt like this big brother in front of him was terrifying and overbearing, not what he thought he was.


With a raised eyebrow, Jiang Xiao did not faintly say, "Fine, then ask, as long as it's not upsetting."


Li Dao Qing smiled inwardly, where did he know which ones would make people not angry ah.

But the thoughts in his heart were not to be vented.

He could only say with a hard scalp, "Senior Jiang, you are a senior, and we have felt the mighty pressure of the Qi you have released before.

However, I still want to ask, how strong is your cultivation realm?

You can suppress us all with that imposing pressure, we really can't resist.

O Senior, have you already become immortal?"


It was a terrifying existence.

A supreme one.

Many people were trying to become immortal, but they were not allowed to do so, simply because the world lacked the means to become immortal.

Just like in the world of Dou Dou, one could not break through to Dou Di if they lacked something called Source.

It was the same in this world.

You can be as talented and magnificent as you want to be, but you can't cultivate to immortality or become an immortal.

As for that so-called ascension to the Immortal Realm, it was even more impossible to talk about.

Even the Red Dust Immortal was extremely difficult, it was only that emperor alone.

Even the Fierce Man Emperor who had lived several lifetimes was not an immortal, but merely a powerful being.

In fact, even a powerful being like the Fierce Man Emperor was still a far cry from Jiang Qian.

Li Daoqing thought silently in his heart while waiting apprehensively for Jiang Xiao's reply, but he began to think.

"Even an existence as strong as that Red Dust Immortal couldn't have the imposing pressure of Senior Jiang that could suppress this world."

It was truly terrifying.

There was even a moment when Li Daoqing felt that the world was coming to an end.

He was indeed terrifying, and he was indeed looking down at the tyranny, "Suppressing the crowd so much that they can't even lift their heads, he alone is equivalent to all of us in the Shaking Light Holy Land ah."


Li Daoqing had always been puzzled in his heart, which was why he had made such an inquiry.

In this long, long time, in this world, did someone already know the method to become an immortal?

Even if that immortal path hadn't appeared yet, but had the method of becoming immortal already appeared.

It's quite possible.

After all, it was becoming immortal, who wouldn't want that.

He wanted it too.

If you become an immortal, you can live forever and never die.

However, in this world, there were too few substances that allowed cultivators to live forever.

So much so that many people don't live long, and a few thousand years is already considered horrific.

You know, it really isn't easy to live forever.

"Even an existence as desperate as that desperate Beginningless Emperor, even an existence as fierce as the Fierce Man Emperor, can't live forever and become immortal."

Li Daoqing thought to himself, "But this Senior Jiang is different, that imposing pressure of his is definitely not fake, so how powerful must he be to achieve it?"

The only thing he could think of was Xian.

Immortals in the true sense of the word might be the only ones with such skills, where else could anyone else have such skills.

Jiang lacked was the first person he had ever met, "Terrifying as hell, I wonder if he'll be angry if I ask this straightforwardly."

Li Daoqing's heart was actually a bit worried, after all, Jiang Lack's existence was like a forbidden existence.


"I wondered what it was about, but it turned out to be just asking about the cultivation realm."

Jiang Chi smiled slightly and said, "There's no harm in telling you, in fact, it's nothing, it's just a district realm.

Poverty is an early Earth Immortal realm cultivation, according to you, I should have become an immortal already.

I wonder if this answer is satisfactory to you?"

Li Daoqing: "......."


For a moment, Li Dao Qing had to swallow his saliva, only to feel shaken and frightened.


You're already an immortal?


Li Daoqing suddenly thought again, "What is the early stage of the Earth Immortal realm that Senior Jiang is talking about?

Is it... is it the division of realms in the Immortal Path?"

I didn't think there were so many realms in the Immortal Path, and all along, they had been painstakingly searching for the path to become immortal.

But they had found nothing, and even the so-called Immortals were merely Red Dust Immortals.

In other words, immortals were actually very far away from them.

Jiang Mo wasn't hiding anything, it wasn't important that it was just a mere cultivation realm.


His words were like heavenly thunder in the ears of Li Daoqing and the rest of the group of people from the Shaking Light Sanctuary.

Rolling and shaking.


Earth Immortal Realm ah.

Nevermind the initial stage or not, or anything else.

It's always that's Immortal on it.

"In other words, what's in front of us is actually a true Immortal?"

"It's really too terrifying."

"Heavens, Immortal has actually arrived at our Shaking Light Holy Land, this is definitely a blessing that our Shaking Light Holy Land has accumulated over several generations, otherwise it definitely wouldn't have been so beneficial."

"Immortal, there's an Immortal, we've finally seen an Immortal, hahaha!"

"So it's nice to say that we should be getting rich in the Shaking Light Sanctuary."

That's great.

Those in the Shaking Light Holy Land all looked at each other, but they looked a little excited.

Seeing a True Immortal.

This time.

The Shaking Light Holy Land was going to be huge.

And in fact, there was a certain fellow called Desolate Heavenly Emperor who had once been unstoppable and single-handedly ruled the ages.

In that era, there were the Corpse Immortal Emperors who unleashed the Dark Unrest . There were corpse Immortal Emperors who waged dark chaos, as well as various Immortal Kings and Immortal Emperors.

That Desolate Heaven Emperor was an Immortal Emperor .

In that era, it was actually possible to become an immortal, but in the various later years .

After the passage of time, the Heavenly Dao collapsed and the material for immortality became less and less, which eventually led to not being able to become immortal or live forever.


Even though he was such a powerful being, he still hadn't received immortality and still couldn't live forever.

It was terrifying.

"We Shaking Light Sacred Land have to seize the opportunity this time no matter what, this is a good time for us to soar into the sky."

"Right, right, right, we absolutely can't give up, this opportunity is still very rare."

"Even if we have to pay a great price, we have to get on the line with this Senior Jiang ah."

"That's right, that's right."



Those in the Shining Light Sanctuary secretly conferred, for those of them who wanted to become immortals, what could be happier than meeting a True Immortal.

Immortal ah.

"I don't know how this Senior Jiang became an immortal, and I don't know if the rest of us have a chance to become immortals."

Almost everyone in the room thought so.

Even the holy sons and daughters.

Even those elders of the Shaking Light Holy Land.

"Senior, are you... are you really... an immortal?"

Li Daoqing was so excited that he was all incoherent, as if he wanted to confirm it again.

"It's Xian, what's the problem?"

"No problem, I just wanted to make sure."



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