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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1270 - Holy Lord, Holy Son, and Holy Daughter (Seeking Subscription)

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"Senior, please."

That Sovereign of the Shining Light Sacred Land was bitter in his heart and invited up towards Jiang Chi, "Let's go to the meeting hall first and eat something to calm down the shock."

Whether or not he was frightened by Jiang Qian, it was unclear.

However, it was true that his heart was somewhat bitter, but he only felt that his little life was saved, and the next step was to see how he could improvise.

If he got it right, there might be huge benefits for himself as well as the entire Shaking Light Holy Land.

Once disposed of badly well.

If it's not disposed well, there will be no benefit. Maybe the Shaking Light Holy Land will be unlucky.

Maybe it's still bad luck.

It's not a good deal.

Jiang Chi's gaze turned and said, "Well, I've long heard that the Shaking Light Sacred Ground is rich in resources and the dishes are unparalleled, so this time, the poor Dao is considered to be blessed with a mouthful."

But isn't it a blessing of the mouth.

The Shaking Light Sacred Ground was a hallowed ground, so naturally some good things existed.

He felt very satisfied.

His heart naturally yearned for it as well.

"It's great that you can think like that, Senior."

Immediately, that Saint Lord said with assurance, "And rest assured, our Shaking Light Sacred Ground will definitely strive to make dishes that will satisfy you, Senior."

Isn't it just eating.

This was something that they Shaking Light Holy Land could still be satisfied with.

Now, that Saint Lord had another thought in his heart, "If we can take this opportunity to draw him in, our Shaking Light Holy Land will have a great situation ah."

No matter what.

All of Jiang Xiao's strengths were strong, and none of them were existences that their Shaking Light Holy Land could contend with.

If Jiang Lack could stand on their side, even if they had to support this him like an ancestor, it would be possible.

They could shamelessly go and tell others that their Shaking Light Sacred Land was the lineage of the Fierce Emperor, its inheritor.

Then why couldn't they change it?

And there's no need to use this method to pull in Jiang lacking.

There were many ways.

But right now, well.

It was better to get acquainted with this big brother first, "And to make the other party feel the warmth of our Shaking Light Sanctuary."

There was absolutely no intention to be opposed to it.

They just wanted to get along peacefully with Jiang Liao.

It would be even better if they could pull this powerful existence along with them, and in time, their Shaking Light Sacred Ground could become the head of the Great Sacred Grounds.

That would be good too.

At least there was still a chance that it wasn't.

And a lot.

Many things could be talked about at the table, they could get closer, and they could take the opportunity to climb in with a powerful being like Jiang Liao.

How wonderful.

"Right, let me introduce you to your Shaking Light Sanctuary."

Jiang Chi whirled around and said, "This is Crocodile Ancestor, you can also call him Old Crocodile, who is a great saint and also a mount of the poor."


After hearing Jiang Di's introduction, the Shaking Light Sanctuary's crowd secretly swallowed their saliva.

A Great Saint.

It was actually just a mount.


That's a big deal.

And big.

Truly they were a bit dumbfounded.

Why hadn't they thought of this before.

Now it was finally clear that the Alligator Ancestor hadn't said a word more since he came to their Shaking Light Holy Land.

I dare say that there was a reason for it.

Immediately after.

Without waiting for the people of the Shaking Light Holy Land to return to their senses, the Alligator Ancestor said, "Oh, hello, everyone, I am my master's mount, and you can also call me Old Alligator."

This was the Shaking Light Sanctuary.

In the past, he didn't even dare to come.

There were some hidden Great Saints among them, but now, well, they all had no place to go.

Even if there were a few of them who had only broken through by fluke.

Of course.

Such a cultivation realm and status, for example, was actually only equivalent to someone's mount in comparison.

The difference was so great.


After seeing that the Alligator Ancestor still looked happy, they were a bit confused.

For a moment.

These people from the Shining Light Holy Land were all thinking, "It's actually a mount, what a joke.

And an existence at the level of a great saint, is it a happy thing to be someone else's mount?

Not necessarily."

You know.

A mount is just a mount.

It's even more inferior than a servant.

Where are the human rights to speak of.

But the crocodile ancestor looked really happy that way, as if he saw hope, saw the future.

It was truly puzzling.

"Old Crocodile, how long have you been with Senior?"

That Saint Lord of the Shining Light Holy Land asked curiously.

If he had followed Jiang Lack since he was a child, such feelings would naturally be a different matter.


The Crocodile Ancestor smiled slightly and said, "It's only been a few months since he was full grown, Master he's a good man and a strong man, a strong man beyond what you can imagine."

The Shining Light Sanctuary crowd: "......."

Although they had already guessed that Jiang Liao was a strong man, even though their hearts had been prepared for it long ago.

But at this moment, after hearing the words of the Alligator Ancestor, they were still somewhat surprised.

It had only been a few months.

Is it that deadly.

Moreover, the words of the Ancestor of Crocodiles that Jiang Lack was a strong man, although those in the Shaking Light Holy Land agreed, they did not know how strong Jiang Lack was.

The specific cultivation realm, they didn't have a count in their hearts.

This led to a problem.

They began to think about how big of a bargaining chip they would have to put up to pull Jiang Lack in.


Before they could think it through, Jiang Yao once again introduced, "This is Little Inan, who is the sister of the poor, it won't do you any harm to get to know her."


The crowd twitched their mouths once again as they also couldn't see through the little inan's realm, could it be that this little girl's strength was also stronger than their own and others.

That was really terrifying enough.

Little Inan arrogantly didn't pay any attention to those people from the Shaking Light Sanctuary.

"Brother, let's go eat something."

Little Inan said, "I've been hungry all this way."


For a moment, Jiang Xiao felt that Little Inan was probably going to be raised crooked by him.


Jiang Chi was busy advising, "Little Inan ah, a girl can't always think about food, you are a beautiful and pretty little princess, you can't turn into a foodie ah."

"Brother, what is an eater?"


If the little inan becomes a foodie and eats fat indiscriminately in the future, I don't know if that ruthless emperor will find himself in trouble.

Jiang Xiao's heart thought so.

It only felt a little big-headed.

This was not easy to fix.


"We must control Little Inan's diet, or else she will really become a little fatty."

Jiang Xiao sighed, "This is not good."

Can't let the little inan do that.

"Let's go, I'll have to watch you closely from now on."

Jiang Xiao said with a smile on his face, and in fact, he was incomparably spoiled for little Inan.

Having such a sister was really the joy of life.

"Seniors, this way please."

The Shaking Light Holy Land Sovereign, who was carefully observing the scene, hurriedly made a gesture of invitation, "This is not the place to talk, let's go to the meeting hall and sit down and talk slowly?"


Jiang Qian didn't think so much about it.

But he couldn't resist that Shaking Light Holy Land Sovereign, so he had no choice but to let him lead him to the reception hall.

After the guests had settled down.

That Sovereign then ordered someone to serve tea and the best spiritual fruits.

Not daring to be the slightest bit slow.

The awe-inspiring pressure that Jiang Jian had displayed before was enough to make all of them in the Shaking Light Holy Land treat them respectfully.

And didn't dare not to be that way.

It was mainly fear.

Coupled with the fact that Jiang Liao didn't have the intention to do anything now, and put away his imposing pressure, and his amiable appearance, it made everyone in the Shaking Light Sanctuary feel that they should still be able to pull together.

There was still room for cooperation.

Whether it was making Jiang Chi become the ancestor of the Shaking Light Sacred Ground, making him a guest, or making the Shaking Light Sacred Ground a power under the protection of this big brother, it was something that was feasible.


That Sacred Lord of the Shaking Light Sacred Land had a change of heart and also introduced himself to Jiang Ji, "Senior, I am the Sacred Lord of the Shaking Light Sacred Land, Li Daoqing.

Senior, if there is anything you need our Shaking Light Holy Land to do, just let us know, and we will make sure to get this done properly."

Guaranteed satisfaction from you, Senior Jiang.

That holy lord greatly meant it.


Jiang Jiang nodded and said, "The poor has heard of you, Saint Lord of the Shaking Light Holy Land, and the fact that you are able to run the Shaking Light Holy Land so well shows that you are still very talented."

He expressed his full approval of this Saint Lord Li's abilities and appreciated the great contributions he had made to the Shaking Light Sacred Ground over the years.

And highly praised him for such actions.

To know.

Jiang Qian's strength was even stronger than the Great Emperor.

In other words.

The big man in front of him was actually a real big man.

"I just don't know how strong he is."

Li Daoqing secretly thought, "It would be great if he could stay in my Shaking Light Holy Land, or instruct our Shaking Light Holy Land a few times."

Such a strong person could be encountered but not sought after ah.

Ordinary people couldn't even meet one.

"Senior, this is our Shaking Light Holy Land's Saint Son, the Shaking Light King, he is..."

Immediately after.

Li Daoqing said once again: "The Saint Son is also an existence of excellent character and virtue and extremely strong talent, ah."


Jiang Kou also nodded, "Not bad, it's quite a bit like a Saint Son, but in the future, don't be too flamboyant or overbearing, or else you'll fear for your life ah."

Thinking of this Saint Son's end, Jiang Xiao could not help but feel sad for him.

Well originally.

He was the Saint Son of the Shaking Light Holy Land, with an honorable status, coupled with his own great strength and extraordinary talent.

He should have been high above the world and unstoppable.

Even domineering.

It was possible to become a big brother.

It was just a pity.

It was a pity that he was miserable when he took on Ye Fan, the reincarnated reincarnated brother of this suspected ruthless emperor.


How can it be okay?

King Shaking Light: "..."

He perked up and thought to himself, "Could it be that this big guy in front of me can really see my future?"


Is your own future that bleak?

What to do.

A few words of advice and it's over.

At this time.

Li Daoqing said once again, "Senior, this is our Shaking Light Holy Land's Holy Maiden Yao Xi, she is also a genius..."

Immediately after.

He began to introduce this Saint Maiden once more.

Jiang Mo nodded slightly and continued to praise her, "Not bad, good-hearted, much stronger than your Saint Son of the Shaking Light Holy Land."


Whether it was Li Daoqing, the Shaking Light King, or that Yao Xi, they were all a little embarrassed.

Wouldn't it be bad to count in front of others like that.

But at this time, Jiang Jian didn't care about this and spoke with a calm face.

It was as if it didn't matter if the sky was falling.

It didn't matter.

Next, Li Daoqing introduced all those elders of the Shaking Light Holy Land.

Speak clearly.

When it was completely over, only then did Jiang Chi said, "Poverty-stricken Jiang Chi, now that I've come to your Shaking Light Holy Land, I'm a little disturbed."

"Not disturbing."

Li Daoqing said incessantly, "It is truly a great honor for our Shaking Light Sacred Land for you to come to our poor and remote land, Senior Jiang."

A great honor indeed.

If it wasn't for the fact that Jiang Chi had other purposes.

After getting to know the Saint Lord, the Saint Son, the Saint Daughter, and those elders.

Jiang Chi then said once more, "Gentlemen, I wonder if between your Shaking Light Sacred Land and the Fierce Emperor..."

He started asking questions.

It's a family affair.

You have to find something to talk about.


That Li Daoqing and the others all turned black and thought to themselves, "Senior Jiang Da, which pot are you talking about."

In that case, the name of their Shaking Light Sanctuary was black.


Facing a powerful existence like Jiang Lack, they were too embarrassed to cover it up.

And so.

After hesitating for a moment, Li Daoqing continued, "Ahem, Senior, the thing is, back then..."

Li Dao Qing slowly explained.

But the relationship between the Shaking Light Holy Land and the Fierce Man Emperor was made clear.


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