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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1269 - Welcome Senior's Arrival (Seeking Subscription)

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In the void.

Jiang Chi, the Crocodile Ancestor, and Little Inan flew with a calm look on their faces, "I wonder how that Shaking Light Holy Land feels now after feeling my imposing pressure?"

Is it a pussy?

Or do you want to deal with them?

It was unknown, and even he felt a little surprised by it.

The situation was somewhat inexplicable.


The Crocodile Ancestor at the side, on the other hand, comforted, "Don't worry, master, in my opinion, you will definitely succeed, after all, your imposing pressure is so powerful, maybe that Shaking Light Holy Land is waiting for you to go forward."

Jiang Ji: "...."


Although the alligator ancestor's words sounded a bit strange, they had to make sense.

He, Jiang Someone, was an Earth Immortal.

A true immortal.

The imposing pressure was extraordinary.

Although it was directed at the entire Southern Region of the Eastern Wasteland, although the area was indeed a bit larger.

But it was actually quite strong.

It should be able to have some influence on the Shaking Light Holy Land.

He thought so.

And at this moment.

Within the Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

That Sovereign and the elders all had gloomy faces, finally deciding to greet that powerful and imposing master.

It wouldn't do not to greet it.

The other person was the strong one, the real big man.

And although the people of the Shaking Light Holy Land, such as themselves, were powerful, although they were also powerful, they were nothing when compared to the master of that powerful imposing pressure.

No comparison could hurt.

"This time, it's our Shaking Light Holy Land's calamity."

"It's bitter, and I don't know who the owner of that mighty aura pressure is."


"Let's be more cautious, the other party's strength is terrifying."


The weak were to be bullied, that was for sure.

It was just that in the past, their Shaking Light Sacred Ground was that high and mighty existence, but now it was nothing in front of Jiang Chi.

Although there was still a Fierce Man Emperor behind the Shaking Light Sanctuary, because of the special nature of the Fierce Man Emperor, even the Shaking Light Sanctuary knew that it was impossible for that Empress to come out.

It was even more unlikely that she would come out for their Shaking Light Holy Land.

"Everyone, prepare yourselves."

That Saint Lord suddenly said, "I can feel that big brother is approaching our Shaking Light Holy Land."

The other side had already arrived.

There was no room for it.

This is the only thing to do now.

Get your attitude right and go meet that powerful existence.

According to what a certain elder had said before, as long as they Shaking Light Holy Land grasped this opportunity, they might be able to make the connection.

As long as they had some connection with this big brother, their Shaking Light Holy Land would be developed.

Whether it was to become an affiliated force of the big brother, or to become one of the big brother's men, or any other relationship, it was actually possible.

Based on this possibility, right now, on that Shaking Light Holy Land, whether it was the elders or their Holy Lord, it was actually very clear.

For a while.

The mood didn't seem so bad anymore.

This was danger.

But at the same time, it could also be an opportunity, a chance for the Shaking Light Holy Land to rise again.

It wasn't very likely, but it wasn't impossible either.

"Prepare a feast, once the other party communicates, we also need to entertain them properly, we cannot degrade the reputation of our Shaking Light Holy Land."

He had already prepared for this.

It had also been anticipated.

"It is time to prepare."

The rest of the elders of the Sacred Ground looked at each other, and then they all felt that this matter was promising.

The people who came to the Shaking Light Sacred Ground weren't necessarily all evil people, and those who gave downfall weren't necessarily all without room for discussion.

Certain times could still be discussed, such as now.


The Holy Lord and the Holy Son and Holy Maiden and the others remained gloomy, just not very good looking.

It was because that terrifying imposing pressure was still continuing, giving them a sinking feeling in their hearts.

If the other party were to do something to the Shaking Light Sanctuary, they wouldn't even have the slightest power to resist.

Just by virtue of this terrifying momentum, it would already be enough to suppress them.


People are angrier than people.

It's not the same after all.

It's a bit awkward.


In the void.

The figures of Jiang Xiao and the Crocodile Ancestor slowly appeared in the sight of the Shaking Light Sanctuary crowd, and next to them was little Inan.

"Here we go."

"It's two people, no, it should be three, and a little girl."

"It seems that it should be the two big ones."

"I don't know what exactly they're doing here, they're really worried."

"That's right, our Shaking Light Holy Land is at least a party, it has never been threatened before, but this time..."


Rather refreshing.

It was also very depressing.

"So there are actually three of them, and one of them is actually a child."

Even that Sovereign of the Shaking Light Holy Land couldn't help but murmur at this point, "I wonder what will happen next?"

He didn't know.

Was it a mighty pressure on the Shaking Light Sanctuary, or was that imposing pressure just a downer?

Or maybe.

None of these are major?

Seems a little hard to understand.

Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

Everyone gazed longingly, as if they could see through Jiang Lack's and their strength with a single glance.

In fact.

Whether it was Jiang Lack or that Crocodile Ancestor, neither of them were able to see through the Shining Light Holy Land's crowd.

It was actually a bit strong.


The Saint Lord reminded, "The imposing pressure on us right now isn't even over yet, which is enough to show that their purpose hasn't dissipated yet."

The other side definitely wanted to continue to give a downward spiral.

There was no doubt about that.


The crowd of Shaking Light Sanctuary people roused up, their faces somewhat heavy.


It might be a matter of life or death for the entire Shaking Light Holy Land.

Whether it was life or death, it depended on this, success or failure, it was all up in the air.

There was a high possibility of success or failure, the outcome of which they did not know.

"All of the people of the Shaking Light Holy Land are here to welcome their seniors."

Spearheaded by the Saint Lord of the Shaking Light Holy Land, followed by the Holy Sons and Daughters of the Holy Land, as well as the elders of the Holy Land.

Together, they bowed and curtsied, as well as greeted Jiang Ji respectfully, as if Jiang Ji was truly a distinguished guest of their Shaking Light Sanctuary.

The treatment was high.

It was also very high class.

All sorts of laughter were evident that they were welcoming Jiang Liao and his party.

The smiles on their faces were also sincere, with no false intentions at all, which was what the Shaking Light Holy Land Sovereign had deliberately asked for.

He had to do so as well.

As a Holy Lord of a Sacred Land, they had unlimited scenery, but when necessary, they had to make considerations for the entire situation.

Otherwise, he really didn't know what to do.

Jiang Xiao and Alligator Ancestor: "..."

It's okay.

It's great that it's all under control and everything is still viable.

"Master, you see that the people of the Shaking Light Sanctuary have been overwhelmed by your imposing might, and they are now bowing to you respectfully and welcoming you."

The Alligator Ancestor reminded.

In fact, he didn't need to be reminded, Jiang Kou had already seen it.

The people of the Shining Light Holy Land were indeed welcoming their arrival, and it must be because of the imposing pressure.

That's why they had to let the others do so, I guess.

"However, this is not a bad thing."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought, "It's much better for the next matter of me discussing things with them."

After this matter of qi pressure, I'm sure it would be much easier to talk about things later.

By then, the people of that Shaking Light Holy Land would definitely consider, or take into account, his Jiang Chi's skills.

It was just blatant awe-inspiring pressure, so what?

He felt that no one should be able to object to it.

Kung Fu could be topped up.

As for the cultivation resources, at first Jiang lacked the idea of taking away a third of them, but now the idea was to take away half.

Those people in the Shaking Light Holy Land had been scared silly, so they should be willing to take even half of it.

After all.

Taking money to dispel disaster was the best way for them, otherwise it was still unknown if the Shaking Light Holy Land would still exist.


Very quickly, Jiang Gou and his group of three slowly floated down in front of that Shaking Light Holy Land Sovereign and the others.

And also said lightly, "Alright, get up.

The poor and others have suddenly arrived at your Shaking Light Holy Land, but they've caused trouble, so please don't blame them."

"No blame, absolutely no blame."

That Sovereign hurriedly said, "It is a blessing for our Shaking Light Holy Land that you, seniors, are able to visit Shaking Light Holy Land.

And we are very willing and welcome for you, seniors, to be able to come.

It's our honor."


Jiang was stunned, "Is that really what you all think?"


"No regrets?"

"No regrets, not at all, don't worry about that, seniors."

"That's good."



That Sovereign of the Shining Light Holy Land suddenly felt as if he had been duped and deceived.

This senior before him seemed terrifying.

In a few words, he had taken himself to the pit, "I wonder what he actually means?"

At this time.

Jiang Ji's voice turned and continued, "Alright, since your Shaking Light Sacred Land has welcomed the arrival of Poverty Dao and the others so respectfully and politely, how could Poverty Dao not know?"


This moment.

Those on the Shaking Light Sacred Ground were finally relieved.

The fact that Jiang Xiao was able to voluntarily withdraw the imposing pressure was enough to show that their attitude just now, and the way they had greeted it was very effective.


That Sovereign also discovered one more thing, if the other party was going to kill them Shaking Light Sanctuary, or if they had a hatred with them, they would never stop.

That was only but.

That's great.

"Seniors, you must have all had a long journey to come here."

That Sovereign continued, "We had already asked someone to prepare a banquet when we felt your arrival earlier, Senior.

Why don't we have a chat while we eat?

If there is anything that you, seniors, need us to do in the Shaking Light Holy Land, we will definitely not refuse!"

Before he even began to say a few words, that Saint Lord was the first to make a promise, "The only way to get the other party to let go of my Shaking Light Holy Land is to show determination like this."

This was the only method.

It was also the simplest and most direct method.

Otherwise, Jiang Mo wouldn't know what would happen.

What's more.

He firmly believed in one truth: Take the short hand, eat the short mouth.

This was an eternal truth.

Even in this world, it was actually the same.

That was why he had invited Jiang Chi to the banquet and the feast was almost ready.

Their Shaking Light Holy Land already had ingredients and cooks, so preparing a grand feast was fine.


Jiang Xiao chanted and finally agreed.

Firstly, the Shaking Light Holy Land took the initiative to make peace, although it was based on his Jiang Someone's great strength, it wasn't a bad thing.

Secondly, it would be nice if they could make peace, if they could eat and talk about things while doing so.

As for killing the people of the Shaking Light Sanctuary and directly performing that act of banditry, it was not desirable.

Nor did it fit with the concept of development.

Not to mention, extending a hand without hitting a smiling face.

The other Sovereign was so polite, he was too embarrassed to refuse ah.

After thinking of this.

Jiang Chi then said, "Still this Saint Lord of yours sees things through, good, the future is great."

Sovereign: "........"

His heart was bitter, no matter how big his future was, it might be spoiled by you.


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