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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1268 - Extreme Imperial Soldier (Seeking Subscription)

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"Perhaps the Holy Land's Extreme Imperial Soldier can counter this terrifying pressure."

The Sacred Son of the Shining Light Sacred Ground said to the Holy Maiden.

But the latter shook her head and said, "I don't think so, although our Holy Land's Extreme Imperial Soldier, the Dragon Marked Black Gold Tripod, is very powerful, I don't have a bottom in my heart."

It was true.

The imposing pressure sweeping in from outside was just too powerful.

So powerful that she couldn't breathe.

That mighty pressure.

It was truly terrifying to the extreme.

Even the Shaking Light Sanctuary's Extreme Emperor Armament might not be effective against it ah.

It was very that.

It was realistic, but it wasn't something that normal people could change.

The Extreme Path Emperor Soldier was just as powerful, or it wasn't considered a weapon anymore, it was considered a revered and expected artifact.

Every holy land had it.

There were also some big powers that had them within them.

It was not easy for each of the Extreme Emperor Armaments to appear, and they were all the result of a lot of hard work to possess.

Regardless of the manpower and financial resources spent, or the time spent, it was an and its terrifying number.

Coincidentally, their Shaking Light Sanctuary had such an Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier, called the Dragon Tattoo Black Gold Tripod, which was formed only after countless years of pilgrimage.

Of course.

In fact, this Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier had a great deal more to it.

It had a great relationship with the Fierce Man Emperor, and it was because of these various connections and entanglements that the Shaking Light Holy Land considered them to be the dao inheritance of the Fierce Man Emperor.

"That's an Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier."

The Saint Son of the Shaking Light Holy Land sighed, "If even the Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier can't stop that terrifying breath, there's nothing we can do about it."

After all, that terrifying breath could suppress them on the ground and unable to get up, and it could prevent them from mobilizing even a fraction of the true essence in their bodies.

This kind of strength was beyond their imagination.

The Sage felt that it was still easy to rely on their Shaking Light Holy Land's Extreme Emperor Soldiers.

Although the momentum sweeping in from afar was strong, although the terrifying aura was as powerful as a steel blade, it was so strong that they couldn't breathe.

But for a moment, he trusted the Shaking Light Sanctuary's Extreme Dao Emperor Soldiers.

If only it was possible.


He might be overthinking.

The truth was that Jiang Xiao's early Earth Immortal cultivation was not something they could deal with.

That was something that the Saint Maiden of the Shaking Light Sacred Land had thought about very clearly, although she was also well aware of Jiang Lack's terrifying nature, although she was also aware of the bizarre level of the imposing pressure.

Likewise, she also understood the powerful nature of the Extreme Emperor Soldier that the Shaking Light Holy Land possessed.

However, this so-called strength was not able to suppress that mighty momentum.

In the past, they had all considered themselves to be strong.

Towering above the world and unstoppable.

Considering themselves to be very talented, even enough to crush everything.

But it was only today that they suddenly realized that it was all a lie, that it was all just their respective guesses.

It was just their self-righteousness.

In fact, it wasn't the same at all.

Although they were heavenly pride and peerless geniuses, but that was before, and still because of their time in the Shaking Light Holy Land .

A comparison, naturally, was the one with outstanding talent, so it was used to being high above the rest.

It had always felt like I was the one who was that high and mighty lord, the Holy Son and Holy Daughter of the Shaking Light Holy Land, and a name like that sounded awesome.

It was nice.


Today, they finally felt it, the powerful air coming from the void, the pressure that rolled like thunder, was also quite terrifying.

Calling people horrified.

Now, they were lying dead on the ground, unable to move their true essence, just like an insect.

They had never dreamed that they would be so miserable.


With the arrival of Jiang Di, it should be said that the entire Shaking Light Holy Land was miserable.

They only felt that fate was too unfair to them, why did such a strong person have to appear?

It wasn't like they had offended anyone.

Never before had they offended an existence as powerful as Jiang Di, the endless pressure that seemed to make them feel as if the world was coming to an end.

"Enlightened Sovereign, the elders together have brought out the Extreme Emperor Soldier."

At this time.

A Shaking Light Holy Land disciple said with difficulty.

Even taking a step was difficult, but that Sovereign didn't mean to blame him.

It wasn't worth it at this time.

Nor did he want to.

"That's fine."

The Sovereign of the Shining Light Holy Land nodded, "Quickly tell them to bring over the Extreme Emperor Soldier, and this Sovereign will unleash the powerful power of the Extreme Emperor Soldier as a way to resist this terrifying pressure."


The disciple responded.

Then, it was revealed that those elders of the Shaking Light Holy Land were bringing the Extreme Emperor Soldiers in a difficult manner.

The speed was slowed to an extreme.


No matter how slow or difficult it was, they still had to do it, as the saying goes, the good ones don't come.

The fact that the other side was going to unleash such a powerful pressure to sweep over their entire Shaking Light Holy Land was enough to show how terrifying it was.

Since it was so terrifying, as elders of the Shaking Light Sacred Ground, they had to think of the Shaking Light Sacred Ground as well.

Otherwise, there would probably be no Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

This was also tough.


That Sovereign of the Shining Light Sacred Land clicked his hands and cupped one hand seal after another, quickly trapping it on that Extreme Imperial Soldier.

The Dragon Marked Black Gold Tripod.

This was the Shaking Light Sacred Land's Extreme Imperial Soldier, a powerful treasure that possessed all sorts of magical, and unbelievable, effects.


The Sovereign once again drank loudly and used his own blood to unseal the seal on the Extreme Path Emperor Soldier.

At this time, he couldn't care less, "Let's hope that this Extreme Path Emperor Soldier can resist, or else it really will be the end."

After all, the entire Shaking Light Holy Land was dying.

The power on top of the Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier, the powerful pressure contained within it, and the terrifying and overbearing might, hopefully it would be able to compete with the imposing pressure of that arrival.

Otherwise, their Shaking Light Sanctuary would be truly miserable.

"It must be a success."

"Our Shaking Light Sanctuary's Extreme Emperor Soldier is also extraordinary, so I'm sure it will be able to withstand that person's mighty pressure."

"It's hard to say if it can, but there's always a little hope, and if there's not even hope, then I'm afraid that our Shaking Light Holy Land will have to..."

"I don't know who the other party is, but they have such a powerful imposing pressure?"

"I don't know, the other party's scent is strange and doesn't seem to be something we're familiar with."

"Is it possible that it's the owner of the Forbidden Zone, or some great emperor that's hiding."

"No, that's very wrong, even if it's a great emperor level imposing pressure, it's not like that, that pressure isn't actually as strong as it is now."

"Then what kind of an existence is the other party?"

"I don't know, it's only because we haven't offended each other for so many years in the Shaking Light Sanctuary anyway, let alone now that we haven't even figured out who they are."

"Maybe it's some seniors."


Very quickly.

The entire Shaking Light Sanctuary was hesitant, it was really a bit of a stare, as if a large stone had been pressed into their hearts.

It was thick.

It was also very distracting to them.

Terror was coming.

It definitely wouldn't come over for no reason, either it was a great enemy, but the Shaking Light Holy Land had offended quite a few enemies before, so it wasn't clear which side it was.

But they knew that the Shaking Light Sacred Land hadn't directly offended an existence as powerful as this over the years.

On the other hand, well.

"The other side is most likely here with some sort of purpose."

Some elders had already said it.

It was easy for anyone to think of that.


Before the others could even pick up on it, they could already see the terrifying light erupting from that Extreme Emperor Soldier.

It was extremely powerful.

The dazzling light rolled out as it swiftly began to sweep out in all directions of the Shaking Light Holy Land under the control of that Saint Lord of the Shaking Light Holy Land.

It was so turbulent.

It was truly too vicious and overbearing.

It had to be said that it was worthy of being an Extremist Imperial Soldier.

It was very powerful.

If Jiang Chi hadn't existed, this Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier would most likely have been strong and exploded with ever greater power.

But now it was different.

Right under the eyes of those elders, holy masters, sons and daughters of the Shaking Light Holy Land who were all looking forward to it.

The power that erupted from that Extreme Emperor Soldier did not lessen the pressure on them.

It was as if it had no effect at all, not even half an effect.

Everyone: "........"

The Shining Light Holy Land's crowd was confused, their faces horrified and horrified.

Was it true that even the Extreme Emperor Soldiers wouldn't work?

That was an Extreme Imperial Soldier.

Such a powerful treasure was actually useless, who was the owner of that imposing pressure that rolled and swept over, who was he?

What is the purpose of coming to the Shaking Light Sanctuary?

At this time.

Those in the Shaking Light Holy Land couldn't help but start thinking about whether or not their Shaking Light Holy Land had offended anyone beside them.

If there was, where and when was it?

If they didn't figure this out, I'm afraid that they would all be out of luck, as not even the Extreme Emperor Soldiers were a match.

Not even the slightest change.

What about the other things?

Well, that's hard to say.

"Everyone, I think we should think about what to do next."

Once it wasn't handled properly, all of them would be out of luck.

It was not a good thing.

"The other party's is just too strong, even the Extreme Emperor Soldiers are useless, what can we do?"

"Which means there's nothing that can be done about it now?"

"Wouldn't that be waiting to die?"

"The other party is menacing, definitely the type where the good ones don't come, otherwise with the other party's strength, how could they unleash such imposing pressure."

"It looks like they're coming for our Shaking Light Holy Land, it's better to plan early, I reckon it shouldn't take long for them to arrive."

"With such a powerful imposing pressure, even if we were to pour out our nests, we might not be a match."

"After all is said and done, we're still waiting for death."


There was really only this one way.

Now suddenly it felt like there was no use even being a sanctuary.

The damned still had to die.

The ones that should be unlucky still had to be unlucky, like now.

But this was nothing that could be done, it was beyond their Shaking Light Holy Land's control.

So it was still miserable.

"Sovereign, the other party's scent is unfamiliar and as powerful as the vast expanse of the ocean, so there must be some other purpose for coming here, it might be better for us to speak with them and entertain them well, and listen to their opinions first."

"That's right, if we Shaking Light Sanctuary can seize the opportunity to climb up to them, it would definitely be good for us."

"I also think it's feasible, once it develops well, our entire Shaking Light Holy Land might be able to take this opportunity to rise."

"Yes, agree with that."

"As expected, ginger is still old, the elders just think differently."


That Sovereign of the Shining Light Holy Land looked at everyone and finally nodded, "Since everyone has said so, this matter is settled, I hope our assumptions are correct.

Otherwise, there's a chance that our decision could go wrong, and if it does, the consequences would be unimaginable."

That would be terrifying.

At that time, the entire Shaking Light Holy Land might be unlucky, and all of them would have to pay an extremely painful price for it.

"Sovereign, there's actually no other way for us."

An elder said, "The reason why the other party is so menacing and has unleashed such a powerful mighty pressure is that they only have the intention of giving us the Shaking Light Holy Land a run for our money.

But the more so, the more we must not think otherwise, or else our Shaking Light Holy Land will truly be finished."

"That's the only way."

That Saint Lord nodded his head with an extremely ugly face, "We have no choice but to do this."

Let's first see who the other party is and what exactly they want to do.

Otherwise it's really hard to decide.


Even if they were to admit that they were forced to do something, it was temporary.

Just what would they think of Jiang lacking?


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