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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1265 - Shining Light Holy Land (Seeking Subscription)

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The Shining Light Sanctuary, it was a far away place.

But it had to be there.

There were many techniques there, which meant that there was a lot of world origin power.

And enough origin power would be enough to support his Jiang Lack's breakthrough, enough to allow him to continue to be invincible in this world.

Only being invincible would allow him to feel a slight sense of wholeness, and not even a sense of security if he was invincible.

After all.

After being invincible, one's little life was in one's hands, and if one wasn't invincible, then it was most likely in the hands of someone else.

That was why he had to go to the Shaking Light Holy Land, only by going there could he gain more.


Hey, I haven't even stated my position yet okay.

Crocodile Joe said he was crying, he hadn't even thought it through.

Didn't even think it through, and the result was nothing.

It really made him feel a bit depressed, "As expected, Master he was really just informing me."


Not discussing with himself.

Absolutely not.

This could be seen from the current situation, and that was what Jiang Lack meant.

Sitting mounts really had no human rights, which made his heart twitch, "Just go to the Shaking Light Sanctuary, maybe a place like the Shaking Light Sanctuary can still have countless benefits."

Now, he only prayed that Jiang Xiao would be stronger and more powerful, otherwise he probably wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

The Shaking Light Sanctuary was powerful after all.

He didn't want to die yet.

The group began to set off, and the destination was naturally the so-called Shaking Light Holy Land.

This time.

They were going to take a look at the Shaking Light Holy Land, and perhaps be able to have an extraordinary harvest.

Eastern Wasteland Southern Region.

This was the legendary Shaking Light Sacred Ground's sphere of influence.

They existed right here.

As one of the several great holy places in the world, their Shaking Light Holy Land was also a place that countless cultivators yearned for.

If one could join the Shaking Light Holy Land, it would be an extremely happy event for many cultivators.

This was because the Sacred Ground would mean that there were merits and legacies, as well as some resources that no other power had, and so on.

For example, some great medicines.

Of course.

It was impossible for an ordinary disciple to get all the benefits, and unless one was a holy son of a holy land, then that kind of inheritance couldn't be obtained at all.

As for the Shaking Light Holy Land, as a powerful holy land, even the Spiritual Ruins Cave was a subsidiary power to them.


The power of the Shaking Light Sacred Ground could be imagined.

"Master, it's said that the Shaking Light Sacred Ground has a great medicine."

On this day, the Crocodile Ancestor who returned from snooping said to Jiang Qian, "And their Extremist Imperial Soldiers shouldn't be able to fight easily, otherwise this world would have been the Extremist Imperial Soldiers long ago."


Jiang Kou was fine with it.

Whether it was the Extreme Dao Emperor Soldiers or the Greatest Medicine of All Time, it was something he wanted.


The Extremist Imperial Soldier wasn't really of much use to him, but it could be given to Little Inan so that she could have a divine weapon as well.

As for the Ultimate Great Medicine, it could be useful.

It might be of great benefit.


This territory of the Eastern Wasteland is huge.

In the Southern Domain.

The Shaking Light Sacred Ground was in it.

There was an abundant aura, there were countless proud disciples, and the Shaking Light Sacred Ground held itself to be the dao of the Fierce Emperor, taking this opportunity to rampage through the world.

I don't know how many people had been scandalized by it.

It was barbaric and tyrannical.

In fact.

Which holy land was not overbearing?

The sky was as black as a crow, even this Shaking Light Holy Land was the same.

"Old Crocodile, you're still leading the charge this time, still you're leading the charge, what do you think?"

Jiang Ji suddenly said with a smiling face, "You should know clearly that this time is also of great benefit to you, the Shaking Light Holy Land's cultivation resources are no less than that Yin Yang Sect, even if you can only obtain a portion of it, it's a great opportunity for you."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."

I'm leading the charge, and you're leading the charge?

I'm just a Great Saint level cultivator, what the hell is the rush.

There's no way to charge okay.

He was really feeling a bit depressed and a bit listless.

An instant.

He felt that the task was heavy and hefty, yet he didn't know what to do.

To deal with a sect like the Yin Yang Sect, even if he was just a Great Saint, it would be enough.

But to deal with that Shaking Light Sanctuary, a Great Sage level cultivation wouldn't necessarily be enough.

Maybe he'd have to take it all in.

Looking at his own master's expression, it seemed like he wasn't going to help himself at a critical moment either.

So, until Jiang Yao made his move, he would only be alone, but if his master didn't rescue him in time, he would die in the Shaking Light Holy Land.


"Master, this... I'm lowly, why don't I just forget it?"

The Crocodile Ancestor continued, "You're powerful, the Shaking Light Sanctuary is not simple to begin with, so if you were to just push straight across, I don't think that Shaking Light Sanctuary would be enough."

"That's natural."

Jiang Ji nodded his head unceremoniously, but then his voice changed, "But well, the poor Dao feels that it's better for you to be the front runner."


"Because you're an old crocodile and you're sturdier."


The Crocodile Ancestor was speechless for a moment.

He suddenly felt that Jiang Lack's skin seemed to be getting thicker and thicker, with a great sense of making the best use of everything.

That's right.

In the view of the Alligator Ancestor, his own master, Jiang Xiao, was making good use of himself, presumably wanting to make the most of what he had.

That was probably what it meant.

Anyway, I understood it myself.

He was a pawn himself, and although that was in fact the case, he always felt a little strange in his heart.


Very awkward up.

The mood was always a bit heavy, but when he saw Jiang Xiao's seemingly smiling look, he understood.

His own master was at least a Great Emperor level existence.

So he would definitely not let anything happen to him.

He would also definitely make a move at a critical moment, and the reason for making himself that front man was to allow him to stir the pot and stir up the storm.

It might be useful at a critical moment.

Or rather.

Relying on this way to understand the strength of the Shaking Light Holy Land, then so that you can make the next move, "It must be like this, the master must be testing me at times, and also letting me be the striker to test the strength, and attitude of the Shaking Light Holy Land.

If their Shaking Light Sanctuary admits to it, then all is well, if Shaking Light does not, then the master should be able to use his supreme means.

At that time, even if their Shaking Light Sacred Ground wanted to concede, they would have no chance.


What a terrifying plan by the master."

So, it's a good idea that your own master is planning this.

Although you have to sacrifice yourself a bit.

But at this moment, the alligator felt that all those so-called sacrifices were worth it in the end, and they could all be taken back.

Think about it.

That Shaking Light Sanctuary was a holy land.

After so many years of development, even a place like the Yin Yang Sect could have a considerable amount of money, let alone a place like the Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

There must be countless reserves as well.

Whether it was a technique, a secret method, or a cultivation resource that he coveted, it was all good stuff.

If he could obtain a portion of it, even if it was just a small portion, it would be a good deal for him.

After thinking about these circumstances, the Crocodile Ancestor's heart balanced out, and he even said to Jiang Qian, "Master, I promise to complete the mission with everything you said."


Jiang Hou nodded casually, but suddenly came back to his senses, "Wait a moment, what mission did you say?"

"Master, aren't you all accounted for?"

Crocodile Ancestor said, "You asked me to be a primer, you must want to see more secrets of the Shaking Light Sanctuary, so I'll definitely work hard to complete the task."

Jiang Qiao: "........"

What the hell?

I planned it and let you old thing do the priming?


Jiang Xiao had an urge to strangle the Alligator Ancestor.

He'd never said anything about the calculations, and never said anything about the quotes.

Where did your Crocodile Ancestor get his information from?

I can't believe it's even clear to him.

That's embarrassing.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Qiao then asked, "Old Crocodile, ah, how did you get those ideas just now?"


How did your crocodile ancestor come up with these dao.

He doesn't even know.

"Master, didn't you come up with all this?"

The Crocodile Ancestor acted like I already understood and said, "You don't need to test me anymore, in fact I've already comprehended it all, I think master you're calculating it right, so that we can maximize our benefits."


God's damned calculations.

Jiang Gou couldn't help but think to himself, "You old thing came up with all this on your own, who admitted it?"

He wouldn't admit it.

For a moment.

Jiang Gou couldn't help but leave his mouth open with a strange look on his face, "Looks like it's a bit difficult this time."

Originally, he was trying to correct the alligator ancestor's such a wrong idea.

But the words stopped on the verge of being spoken.

"If I told him originally, wouldn't it appear that I, Jiang Someone, am incapable."

Jiang pondered, "If I can't even calculate, what kind of strong person am I?"

So you can't poke holes in it.

Let it continue to be wrong even if it is wrong.

Otherwise, his own authority would be gone.

If the crocodile ancestor knew that all of this was actually just his own speculations and delusions, then what had become of him, Jiang Ji.

Wouldn't he be greatly suspected?

That won't do.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ji said incessantly, "Well, Old Crocodile, you're right, that's how the poor man calculates, but you can't reveal this plan, otherwise it wouldn't be a calculation, understand?"

Crocodile Ancestor nodded, "Understood, I understand very well, don't worry master that is, I'm the best at this kind of thing.

You know, I have the tightest mouth.

I'm sure I won't say anything.

I'm sure I won't say anything. In addition, I won't ruin your plan, so don't worry.

Haven't I seen a pig run before?"


He crocodile ancestor had eaten pork and seen pigs run.

"Well, that's good."

Jiang Gou looked as if he was inscrutable, "I would have needed a while to tell you about this plan, but I didn't expect you to have such a good comprehension that you actually figured it out."

That's great.

After the compliment, the Alligator Ancestor was really satisfied.

He was happy.

He had once again guessed right about Jiang Xiao's calculations.

"So master he's been thinking of me, it's good to have such a master."

He, the old crocodile, couldn't help but be touched.

If there hadn't been all of Jiang Lack's calculations, there wouldn't be the current him, and he would have done an incompetent job as a mount.

On the contrary.

Jiang Lack, the master, had done a pretty good job.

In the beginning, he thought that it was against him, that the Shaking Light Sanctuary must be outrageously strong, and that if he was at the front then, wouldn't he die the fastest?

But then he thought about it.

He was Jiang lacking's mount, and he had never looked at himself as a mount before.

In other words, it was his own person.

Based on this, and the fact that Jiang Lack's cultivation itself was very strong, at least all of them were at the Great Emperor level of cultivation.

Think about it.

A living Great Emperor, how powerful would that be.

It was after thinking it through that the Alligator Ancestor came to a realization, "Master he will never let anything happen to me, he has assured me, so what am I worried about."

And there's nothing to worry about.

Just charge straight on.

Pushing straight across, as if you were in the Yin Yang Sect before.

Think it should be effective.

Think of it this way.

It was as if the Crocodile Ancestor had seen many, many good things, and his heart could not help but rejoice, "Master, this is already the Eastern Wasteland, and it's not far from that Southern Domain, also long is to say that we are actually not far from that Shaking Light Holy Land."


Jiang Ji was delighted at the words, "So then, what I want is right in front of me."


Jiang Qiao hadn't thought of anything, but now he finally thought of something.

There should be more than just the Greatest Medicine in the Shaking Light Sanctuary, there should be something better as well.

For example, that....


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