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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1264 - The Next Target (Seeking Subscriptions)

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On the morning of the other day, when you looked up from the Yin Yang Church, you could see the ray of red light, rising slowly from the east.

Countless years of withered bones had created the prosperity of the Yin-Yang Cult.

And regardless of whether or not the people of the Yin-Yang Cult were low-key, they were all dead after all.

Including that Great Sage level ancestor, who was just as consumed and died, and has since faded into the heavens and earth.

A generation of ancestors was annihilated with this.

The years rolled by.

Last night, the small building and the east wind, blowing all night, will be the blood of which washed away, leaving only an empty and silent place.

Yesterday there were bones everywhere, and after today, the bones have been disposed of by the crocodile ancestors.

The Yin Yang sect that had accumulated countless resources was also divided between the crocodile ancestor and the little inan.

Inan gets two-thirds, and Ancestor gets one-third, which is pretty sensible.

That was fine.

The merit method, on the other hand, fell into Jiang Qian's hands and became the fundamental place for him to draw on his origin power.

Early morning.

The Yin Yang Sect is already on higher ground, and if you look into the distance, you can see the scenery really beautiful.

Very touching.

The next destination had not been thought of yet, but according to Jiang Xiao's idea, it should at least be a holy place.

"Master, it's almost time, we should leave."

The Crocodile Ancestor whispered, "This Yin Yang Sect is finished, and there's no telling which power will occupy it from now on."

He finally ended the existence of the Yin-Yang Cult, cutting off their continued existence.

Dead and injured.

In the future, there were still many more sects and sects waiting for them.


Jiang Xiao echoed and asked, "What do you have in mind?"

Success or failure, it was all about standing on that tired white bone.

"No ideas."

The Alligator Ancestor shook his head and said, "I'll do whatever my master tells me to do."

Jiang Qian: "........"

He really wanted to hear what the alligator ancestor was thinking, but who knew that this guy would say he had no ideas.

This caused him to be embarrassed.

The Yin Yang Sect, which was originally bustling with activity, was now empty.

It felt empty.

Last night's battle had been so dark and dazzling that it had even wiped out the entire Yin Yang Sect as a result.

This was not an alarmist statement.

In the end.

Even that Yin Yang Cult's ancestor came out.

But it still wasn't enough and was slapped into the ground by the Crocodile Ancestor and couldn't get up.

And then there was no more after that.

That unstoppable ancestor of the Yin Yang Cult had been completely annihilated.

Jiang Mo looked at the Alligator Ancestor and said indifferently, "Since you let the poor man decide, then go to the Shaking Light Holy Land."

That Shaking Light Sacred Ground was the main power of the Spiritual Ruins Cave Heaven.

And there were also Ancestor-level existences, and there were many Great Emperors among them.


Even if a great emperor existed in a place such as the Shaking Light Sacred Ground, he, Jiang Someone, wasn't afraid of it and would just crush it.

A horizontal push would do.

If the Crocodile Ancestor couldn't push it, then he would push it.

Anyway, he needed countless techniques and countless amounts of origin power in order to have great power.

Shaking Light Sanctuary.

It was a good place.

It was a good choice.


The Crocodile Ancestor was stunned and said, "Are you really going to the Holy Land?"

Previously, he had thought that Jiang Xiao was just joking, that he was joking.

But now it seemed that this master of his was very ambitious.

He even dared to touch the Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

You know, that was a holy land.

A real big brother power.

With just the three of them?

No, just the two of them, to be precise?

Isn't that a little too embarrassing.

Still not good enough.

Anyway, the Crocodile Ancestor was feeling no good, after all, he was only a Great Saint, while Jiang Lack was still not enough to face the entire Shaking Light Sanctuary, right? although they were all at least Great Emperors.

He felt that this risk factor was too high.

It wasn't cost effective either.

What if he lost his little life in the Shaking Light Sanctuary.

He was a man who cherished his little life.

Mostly, he didn't want to die.

The Shaking Light Sanctuary was a holy place in the Eastern Wasteland of the Big Dipper Domain in the Sheltering Sky, and the best techniques were the Sacred Light Technique and the Mixed Yuan Sacred Light Technique.

Since it was a holy place, it naturally had its own uniqueness.

Not to mention that there was more or less a relationship between the Shaking Light Sacred Ground and that Fierce Emperor.

One must know.

The Shining Light Holy Land was once secretly controlled by the Fierce Man Emperor's lineage, but later on, a Sovereign named "Weiwei" emerged from the Fierce Man Emperor's lineage and escaped from his control.

This is how the Shaking Light Holy Land became prosperous.

But no matter what, there is an unexplained relationship between the Shaking Light Sanctuary and the Fierce Man Emperor.

Although it wasn't direct.

But Jiang Xiao was aware of it and had spoken to the Crocodile Ancestor.

It was for this reason that the Crocodile Ancestor was afraid.

At this time.

The Crocodile Ancestor said, "Master, the Shaking Light Sacred Ground's Extreme Emperor Soldier is the Black Gold Tripod, which was formed by the Shaking Light Sacred Ground's successive sages, elders, and disciples worshipping it for 50,000 years and proving it on their own, which is enough to show how powerful their Extreme Emperor Soldier is.

If we go to the Shaking Light Sacred Ground, we'll face too many dangers.

So, should we move to another place?"


"How do you change it?"

Jiang Qiao asked, "Even if we were to change it, it would just be a new holy land, and all the holy lands in the world are pretty much the same, do you think it would be any different?"

Crocodile Joe: "...and..."

He lost his temper at that.

The holy places in the sky were really similar, if you switched from the Shaking Light Holy Land to another holy place.

No harm done ah.

Jumping from one pit to another.

They're all pits.

What's the difference.

At most, it's just a different name.

At this time.

Jiang Jiang continued, "Although the Shaking Light Holy Land's Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier is also powerful, it is not an Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier forged by a great emperor.

Although, in reality, that Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier was made by the Ruthless Emperor, but with the Poor Dao here, what are you old things afraid of?

The Shaking Light Sanctuary has Saint Lord Li Daoqing, Saint Son Shaking Light King, and even Saint Maiden Yao Xi, but their strength is actually nothing.

You have to believe that you'll be absolutely fine with Poverty Dao."


Crocodile Joe wanted to cry.

The Shining Light Sanctuary was really hard to bully.

They were powerful.

And they were related to the Tough Man Emperor.


What he didn't know was that even if the Ruthless Emperor was connected to the Shaking Light Holy Land, that was before.

There wasn't much of a relationship between the Shaking Light Holy Land and them now, and even that Shaking Light King, the holy son of the Shaking Light Holy Land, wouldn't be able to compete with Ye Fan.

To know.

Even though there was no full and complete evidence that Ye Fan was the brother of the Fierce Man Emperor, it could be seen from many traces that Ye Fan was actually inextricably linked to the Fierce Man Emperor.

How else would Ye Fan be able to step onto the actual that Nine Dragons La Coffin.

To a certain extent, Ye Fan and the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin was actually the driving force behind the Fierce Man Emperor.

In the original plot, the Shaking Light Holy Land's saint son being killed was tantamount to shortchanging her Ruthless Emperor's legacy.

But she was still indifferent, and her mind could be said to be at peace as she let Ye Fan go, as if nothing had happened.

If it had been Ye Fan who was killed by the Shaking Light King, then probably the entire Shaking Light Sanctuary and the entire clan would have faced the wrath of the Fierce Man Great Emperor.

The might of the Great Emperor's thunder could be imagined.

What's more, the Fierce Inheritance was still a self-proclaimed one from the Shaking Light Holy Land side, and the others Fierce Emperor had never acknowledged it at all, nor had he ever.

Although he, Jiang Chi, wasn't Ye Fan, he had never helped Ye Fan, and I guess that ruthless emperor saw it in his eyes as well.

What's more.

He wasn't going to fight and kill the Shaking Light Sanctuary now, he just wanted to intimidate the Shaking Light Sanctuary and obtain their feats, thus gaining the World Origin Power.

On the other hand.

He, on the other hand, wanted to obtain some of the Shaking Light Holy Land's resources, and not all of them, even a third of them.

It was exactly like this, so Jiang lacked no fear at all.

"It's just the Shaking Light Sacred Ground, don't think about things too complicated, it's not what you think at all."

Jiang Chi waved his hand slightly and said, "The Shaking Light Holy Land is the Shaking Light Holy Land, the Ruthless Emperor is the Ruthless Emperor, they're not the same in the first place.

What's more, we're only going to borrow something.

Not robbing the Shaking Light Holy Land by force, Old Crocodile you have to understand the reasoning behind this, we can't deal with the Shaking Light Holy Land the way we deal with the Yin Yang Cult.

That's unrealistic, otherwise we might make enemies all over the world, and that's undesirable."

Direct pressure would be fine.

There are many more ways of pushing across the barricades.

It's very different.

It doesn't have to be a direct hit and kill to get in there, and not everyone is going to die, that's not their goal, that's not the fundamental goal.

Right now they're thinking about something else.

Just don't fight and kill.

I'm sure that with their strength, as well as if the pressure went down, they would be able to make the Shaking Light Sanctuary compromise.

In addition, even if this option didn't work, there could still be another way to deal with it, not just going to quietly fight Autumn Wind or using other means as well.

"But master, this is too..."

Crocodile Ancestor's heart still felt a bit terrified, it was the Shaking Light Holy Land after all.

Even when he had once criss-crossed the Big Dipper Domain, even when he had been in the limelight, when he hadn't been sealed by the Buddha Sakyamuni, he was afraid of the Shaking Light Sanctuary.

Neither had ever provoked that Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

It was mainly fear.

The name of the Sacred Ground was second only to the Forbidden Zone.

It was scary.

"Alright, it's decided."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "We'll go to other holy lands without going to the Shaking Light Holy Land, and we'll even end up going to those Forbidden Zones, especially those that started the Dark Turmoil . Forbidden Zones that are causing chaos .

Just take this opportunity to settle it in one fell swoop."


Crocodile Joe thought his master was a bit of an ox and had a big heart.

Especially ambition.

It was too big.

Not only those holy places, but even those forbidden areas, and that dark movement . . chaos to move .

It was terrifying!


What about yourself?

Waiting online, anxious ah.

Continue to follow the ambitious master of Jiang lacking, or find another way out?

This was a problem.

The Shining Light Sanctuary wasn't an easy place to bully, and if you were to stick around, you might end up not getting the results you wanted.


The current situation was very unfavorable for the Alligator Ancestor.

He was in a somewhat dazed mood, "According to what the master said, once you actually go to the Shaking Light Holy Land, whether it's direct looting, or whether it's in the form of pressure to tell the Shaking Light Holy Land to take out its techniques and resources, it's actually unrealistic."

The other Shaking Light Holy Land, being a Holy Land, would have been unwilling ah.

It was very likely that they would have other ideas as well, so it was difficult and frustrating.

That's probably how things are.

And depressing.

But the Alligator Ancestor suddenly thought, "Just now the master's words were definitely not discussing with me, but informing me ah."

It was clearly like that.

But this situation also made him feel that the future was uncertain and at a loss, something very dangerous was probably happening.

That's why he was in a bit of a bad mood, it was really sad.

"Little inan, you also pack up your things, we're leaving."

Jiang Qiao instructed, "The next target is that Eastern Wasteland's Shaking Light Sacred Ground, I hope they don't disappoint me."

Jiang Kou had been looking forward to the Shaking Light Sanctuary for a long time, it was, after all, the Shaking Light Sanctuary.

It was actually a good place, "Although they are actually considered poor among the many holy lands, the Shaking Light Holy Land possesses quite a few techniques."

It was because of this that he was looking forward to it with great anticipation, "Maybe I still have a great chance."


How nice.

Jiang Chi's eyes moved and suddenly said, "Right, this time, it's a long way to the Shaking Light Holy Land, little Inan, you must cultivate well and strive to become strong as well."

"Brother, I will."

Little Inan hurriedly nodded, "I will definitely become strong and then protect brother you."


Immediately, they departed for the Eastern Wasteland Shaking Light Sacred Ground.

What kind of place was that legendary Shaking Light Sacred Ground?

He's looking forward to it!


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