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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1263 - Bulldozers (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Yin and Yang teachings.

Clouds and mist clouds gathered, diffuse and indeterminate up.

The terrifying power was like a rolling sweeping blade roll, killing like a mess.

For a while.

The people of that Yin Yang Sect actually felt a terrifying atmosphere tumbling out, as if it was going to roll up a thousand piles of snow.


The alligator continued to strike.

Again and again.

Even though there were many disciples of that Yin Yang Sect, with a total of about a thousand or two thousand combined, they still weren't enough.

In Jiang Di's eyes, they were not enough.

In the eyes of the Crocodile Ancestor, they were also not enough, but if numbers were useful, what else would the strong ones do.

Just straight up pile with numbers.

"Yin Yang Sect, you will soon regret this."

The Crocodile Ancestor sighed grudgingly, "Master just gave you a chance to choose, but you yourselves don't know how to cherish it."

There's nothing you can do about it then.

There was no stopping the people who were seeking their own death.

There was no choice but to kill them and be done with it.

The Yin Yang Sect harmed many people.

The disciples, elders, and others were not good people.

Therefore, those people all deserved to die.

Crocodile Ancestor was originally the best of the saints, and although he wasn't the most powerful, he was much better than those of the Yin Yang Cult.

He pushed his way across and pushed out a blood path.

Jiang Qiao walked behind with his little inan, his face calm, "Little inan, are you afraid?"

"No fear." Little Inan shook her head and said, "Because you're here brother, I'm not afraid at all."

"What a good boy!"

Jiang Mo rubbed her little head, "If you are in the cultivation world, you should see the fierce wind and blood to have a chance to become a strong person, and I want you, little inan, to become a strong person."

Although Little Inan was considered to be another type of reincarnation rebirth of the Ruthless Emperor, in the end, they were now considered two separate individuals.


The Ruthless Emperor was the Ruthless Emperor.

Little Inan is Little Inan.

They were identical, yet they were not even half the same.

"I know."

Little Inan said, "Brother, in the future, I will definitely cultivate well and strive to be a strong person, so I'll be the one to protect brother from now on."

"Good, I'll follow little inan you."

With a smile on his face, Jiang Qian gently flicked his hand, and a divine energy surged out of his hand.


The ground was clean, that had no traces of blood.

But it was directly swept away by Jiang Qian's powerful power, and there was not a single point left.

For a moment the ground was very clean.

The little inan is somewhat happy, "Brother you are so good."

She, however, was a ghost elf and knew that this was made especially for her by Jiang lack.

In front, there was naturally an alligator ancestor in front of him who nonstop opened the mountain and pushed across the present.

Under the impact of his brutal force, whether you were the strongest of the strong or that supreme heavenly pride, you could only be rammed into a rout.

In the end, there was nothing left.

"Old Crocodile, speed up even faster."

Although the horizontal push passed.

But the speed wasn't fast, so Jiang Qian was somewhat dissatisfied.

When the crocodile ancestor heard this, he was not able to skim up, "Fine, just do as your master says."

Speeding up was fine.

It didn't have much of an effect on him.

It was also still acceptable.

The power within his body once again surged up, like the water of a river that was changing in waves.

It churned non-stop.

"The death of the Yin Yang Sect is not enough."

Killing over and over again, the Crocodile Ancestor's heart didn't change at all.

He was once an existence that even ate people.

How could he be afraid.

It was simply a pleasure for him.

Killing people was quite enjoyable as well.

Of course.

It was also commonplace for Jiang Xiao.

He was likewise used to seeing it, only to experience some of it again.

"There's quite a bit of good stuff in this Yin Yang Sect as well."

Through his own consciousness, Jiang Xiao had discovered that there were quite a few cultivation resources in this Yin Yang Sect's treasure trove.


These cultivation resources he could only distribute to Little Inan and the Crocodile Ancestor, he couldn't use them himself.

The only things that he wanted were those techniques and secret methods.

"This is the stable source of origin power, it must not be cut off." Jiang Ji carefully looked at this Yin Yang Sect and secretly said, "This Yin Yang Sect is not simple, but it has been developing in a low-key manner for so many years, it has accumulated a lot of reserves ah."

And now.

This accumulation was going to be taken away by him, Jiang Xiao.

To be honest, Jiang Chi was actually a bit unbearable, but he had no choice ah.

He was only trying to become stronger.


If he didn't use this method, there was no telling how long it would take before he could gather enough origin power.

Not to mention the fact that this Yin Yang Sect had previously eviled Little Inan, which was the same as eviling him, Jiang Chi.

They would have to bear the consequences of this.


The demise of the Yin Yang Sect was on the agenda.

Even if that Great Sage Ancestor of the Yin-Yang Sect were to leave the capital, it would be impossible to change reality.

They couldn't in the past, and naturally, they couldn't now.

"It's their fate."

Jiang Xiao pulled the hand of his little inan and continued to advance, the Alligator Ancestor in front of him was pushing wildly across the field, vowing to wipe out the entire Yin Yang Sect.

There was destruction everywhere it passed.

Even some buildings would be directly destroyed by the Crocodile Ancestor because they were an eyesore.

"It's really over now."

"I told you that I would follow what they said and take out all the cultivation resources and techniques and secret methods in the religion to survive this calamity, but you all didn't listen, so this is good."

"The threat of death is right in front of us, so let's talk about what to do."

"What else can we do, cooler!"

"The disciples and elders of the sect died, were injured, and even fled, now our Yin Yang Sect is already miserable."

"If people die, the resources for cultivation naturally can't be preserved, I don't know what you guys were thinking, and now you're making everyone else go down with the misfortune."

"Bunch of idiots, if the old ancestor makes a move it can definitely be suppressed, naturally these two people in front of us are not a problem."

"Then is the old ancestor here?"

"Where are the disciples sent to invite the ancestors, where are they dead?"

"It seems to have escaped, and now we don't know where it's gone, so what do we do?"


For a while.

The remaining top brass of the Yin Yang Sect all looked heavy and ugly one by one.

The old ancestor of the Yin Yang Sect that they were expecting still didn't appear, the reason was after all that disciple who went to invite the old ancestor, he saw something wrong and ran away.

So well.

No one had gone to inform their Yin Yang Sect's ancestor now.

In other words, that Great Sage level ancestor of theirs was actually still unaware of the situation.

The sound of shouting outside shook the heavens, but as an ancestor-level existence, they were all closed off to the five senses and knew nothing about the outside world.

And when the people of this sect went to shout, they would also shout through some special secret method, which would be successful.

But now well.

The situation is awkward.


It was awkward for that group of executives of the Yin Yang Sect.

They had thought that this time they would be fortunate enough to invite the ancestor, and even if the Crocodile Ancestor, Jiang Lack and the others were powerful, they would have a chance to ask for the prize with the help of their Yin Yang Sect ancestor.

But now the situation was different.

The Old Ancestor wasn't invited out.

The Yin Yang Sect disciples and elders in front of them were dead, injured, and fleeing, and there were not many left.

So soon they would have to do it themselves.

Once they couldn't do it, they would have to die, and it would be very miserable then.

That would be tragic.

What to do?

"Why don't we go talk to them again and see if we can negotiate?"

"There's probably no way around it."

"That's right, we didn't even agree to it before, and now we're sure people won't either, after all, they want to save face."

"But, with the remaining disciples and elders of our Yin Yang Sect, and our old bones, we can't deal with them."

"How about we escape, there's still a chance now, as long as we escape far away, as long as no one stops us, the future world is still at our disposal?"

"But the Yin-Yang Sect is all gone."

"As long as we're still alive, as long as the old man is still around, even if the Yin Yang Sect is currently wiped out, it will be re-established in the future."

"But can we really escape, I feel that those two are very strong and frightening, with their cultivation strength, I'm afraid that they will only be able to suppress us very easily."

"Then let's make our own decisions."


Since they can't ultimately discuss it all together, they'll have to decide their own things.

This is the best.

Some people directly went out with strange and unpredictable body techniques, but fled for their lives.

There were others who directly used their means to strike towards the location where Jiang Lack and the others were, trying to kill them by means of a sneak attack.

It would naturally be best if they could succeed.

Others ran to call out to their Yin Yang Sect's ancestor, and if they could take the opportunity to wake up the ancestor, that would be fine as well.


In the current situation, there were more people who escaped.

Since they were in the middle of an encounter, even if someone wanted to make peace with Jiang Lack, the Crocodile Ancestor and the others, they had no chance.

Because of this, the Alligator Ancestor was the first to settle those disciples and elders in front of him, crushing them with extremely brutal and tyrannical methods.


Suddenly, under his terrifying methods, those strong men of the Yin Yang Sect all turned into ashes and went away.


It was the one who intended to sneak attack.

The same was suppressed by the Crocodile Ancestor with a flip of his hand, and he died directly without a reason.

Nothing was left.

Even Jiang Yao didn't even make a move, just with the strong and domineering methods of the Alligator Ancestor, it was finished.

Although the Crocodile Ancestor hadn't recovered to his peak state, although the Crocodile Ancestor was still recovering, and although he was only one of Jiang Lack's mounts.

However, the strength of the Alligator Ancestor could not be underestimated.

Although he was also one of the weakest existences on the Fluorescent Ancient Star that had been sealed and suppressed by Sakyamuni.

However, the fact that Jiang Kou was able to look at him was an indication of his special nature.

"Not bad, the effect is fine."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "But there are still some people who are vainly attempting to escape, so you have to pay attention."

"Yes, master."

Those human crocodile ancestors naturally noticed it as well.

But because the other party's escape speed wasn't fast, at least in his crocodile ancestor's opinion.

So put it on the back to settle it.

The Crocodile Ancestor stretched out his hand, and there was a terrifying amount of energy that flew out.



In a moment there was a terrifying power that was attacking those people in an uncanny way.

And it was fast.

Far exceeding the speed of those people's escape.

In other words, after a short period of time to catch up, those Yin Yang Sect people who were already on their way to escape would definitely be caught up by the crocodile ancestor's attack.

Then their bodies would die.

In fact that was exactly what happened, and none of those fleeing people ended up escaping.

Instead, those who were about to go and invite the Yin Yang Cult Ancestor to come out of the mountain were still alive at this moment.

They were the last targets of the Crocodile Ancestor to be dealt with.

Adhering to the concept of Jiang Lack's horizontal push, with the idea of becoming a bulldozer, the most important thing for him now was to finish off the remaining remnants on the Yin Yang Sect.

Only after those people finished calving could he clean up the mess.

The battle didn't last long, and some of the weaker ones escaped long ago, which neither Jiang Kang nor Crocodile Ancestor cared about.

Killing the weak Yin Yang Sect disciples was of little use.

They wouldn't gain much merit.

It was better to let them go.

However, none of those senior members of the Yin Yang Cult were able to escape.

At the moment before they died, they greeted that Holy Maiden of the Yin Yang Cult's eighteen ancestors.

Unfortunately, that holy maiden had also died early.

Otherwise, it would have been the Yin Yang Cult's top brass who would have been furious.

"Pushing the Yin-Yang Sect across the world, across the world, hahaha!"

This moment.

It feels so good to be a bulldozer.

It was nothing more than pushing and pushing.

The brutally invincible flesh, the power to crush everything with a single punch, all made Alligator Joe feel excited and thrilled.

He was also bullish himself.

As expected, having a good master was more powerful than anything else.


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