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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1262: Directly Leveling (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"It's over."

"The Cult of Yin and Yang is going to be finished!"


On the Yin-Yang Cult.

One by one, the top executives of the Yin Yang Sect whimpered.

Very angry.

Also very annoyed and on fire!

How did this happen?

Our Yin Yang Sect has always been diligent and earnest, keeping a low profile again and again, never offending anyone.

But now it has offended.

And people are even hitting our doorstep, looking at the trend, it's a big threat to wipe out the entire Yin-Yang Sect.


It's horrible.

What to do?

Those top brass of the Yin Yang Sect are feeling panicked and disorganized.

Our Yin Yang Sect has always been very low-key, and has never attracted hatred, let alone misses.

How could someone come up the mountain and kill quite a few of their Yin Yang Sect disciples.

With a powerful temperament and a look of wanting to annihilate the Yin Yang Sect, it's really a bit terrifying and frightening.

It was hard to fathom the human heart.

This moment.

Those high-ups of the Yin Yang Sect wanted to vomit blood, and one by one, their faces were puzzled.

"Who the hell are they?"

"It's over, it's really over this time, our Yin Yang Sect is going to be unlucky."

"A lot of disciples have died, what can we do about this."

"Quickly open the Mountain Protection Formation, we must block those people ah."

"Open the fart, people have already come in, even if we open the Mountain Protecting Yin-Yang Formation, it will be difficult."

"No matter what, we have to give it a try."


What if they succeeded.

Although this was highly unlikely, even if they relied on the Yin-Yang Formation, it would be difficult for them to deliver a targeted strike against the people within the formation.

Because that Yin-Yang Formation was originally an external defense, forming a strange black and white Yin-Yang Taiji pattern, it was like a barrier.

No matter how strong your cultivation was, its attack would be blocked from the outside.

Therefore, the function of targeted strikes on the inside was a bit weak, at least in Jiang Di's opinion, those high-ups of the Yin-Yang Sect were incapable of carrying out targeted strikes.

This gave the Crocodile Ancestor the opportunity.

An opportunity to wantonly kill the disciples and elders of the Yin Yang Cult.

"Anyway, their Yin Yang Sect was already evil for many years, and the elders and disciples of the sect are not good people."

To kill them is also to serve the people and to think of the world.

It is a great virtue.

It was really good, and all of them had no misgivings or scruples.


Keep killing!

After having the promise of Jiang Chi's promise, the Crocodile Ancestor became bold, even if he knew that there was actually a Sage Realm Ancestor in this Yin Yang Sect.

"Even if the confrontation is about to brake blood and stop life, I don't think the other party will be a match for me, Jiang Someone."


You're invincible yourself.

That Yin-Yang Sect ancestor wouldn't be a match for myself either.

"For the sake of the master's technique, for the sake of my and my little inan's cultivation resources, we must work hard."

The Yin Yang Sect could not be spared, those people had been working for evil for many years, so killing them was just killing them.

It was the same as killing a group of people who had been working for evil, but it was actually the same thing.

Therefore, the Alligator Ancestor pushed all the way through the gates of the Yin Yang Cult, eradicating all those in his way wherever he went.

With his Great Saint level cultivation and his own strength, even if he hadn't recovered to his peak state, he was stronger than that Yin Yang Cult's ancestor at the moment.

Even more so, he was countless times stronger than that Yin Yang Sect's crowd.

Pushing and fighting across the road, even though there were many disciples and elders of that Yin Yang Sect, they couldn't resist his mighty power.


"Bang, bang, bang!"

After a violent sound, that one after another, the Yin Yang Sect disciples and elders were lifted into the air by the Crocodile Ancestor.

Straight away, they made several circles in that mid-air, then spun and landed on the ground, also smashing many holes

But those Yin-Yang Cultists must be dead, never to live again.


The Crocodile Ancestor coldly said, "Previously, your Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden was arrogant and domineering and offended my master, the son's failure to teach the father's fault, the Holy Maiden's failure to teach is your Yin Yang Sect's fault.

Now it is your Yin Yang Cult's bad luck, and from now on there will be no Yin Yang Cult as a sect."

Yin-Yang Sect: "........"

They really didn't know that the so-called Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden was out there doing so many evil things.

It was killing them.


People were originally coming for this, and the cause was because of their Yin-Yang Cult's Holy Maiden.

She angered people, and that's why so many evil things were happening now.

"Senior... senior, this senior you stop for now, all of this actually has nothing to do with us, it's all because of that holy maiden's mess, you find her and settle the score."

"Right, right, just look for that holy maiden directly, we don't have any connection with that holy maiden right now."

"The Holy Maiden is the Saint **Yang Cult is the Yin Yang Cult, it's not the same, besides, she's no longer our Holy Maiden now."

"Senior, as the saying goes, if you want to find it, go find that holy maiden, but don't look for our Yin Yang Sect ah."

"As long as you are willing to give up, our Yin Yang Sect is willing to pay some price and compensate you for your losses, I wonder what you think, Senior?"

Even if they had to pay a certain price, even if it meant expelling that so-called Holy Maiden from the Yin Yang Cult, they would have to shift all the blame onto the other side.

Preserving the Yin-Yang Sect was the most important thing, only if the Yin-Yang Sect continued to exist, they were all still high up in the top echelons of the Yin-Yang Sect.

All of them could still continue to live their comfortable lives, but once the Yin-Yang Sect was gone, the comfortable days they wanted would probably be gone.

It was conceivable.



Now, those top executives of the Yin Yang Cult could only secretly pray that Jiang Lack, Crocodile Ancestor and the others would agree.

For a while.

Like ants on that hot pan, they really couldn't figure out what the Crocodile Ancestor was thinking.

That's right.

And that Jiang Liao should just be a person who followed, so it didn't matter.

They were expecting the Ancestor of Crocodiles to promise that as long as they didn't annihilate their Yin Yang Sect, they would just have to settle all the debts on that Holy Maiden .

Even though they needed to pay a certain price, they were willing to do so.

They weren't rivals, and even if they called out that Yin Yang Cult ancestor, they probably wouldn't be rivals.

So, it would be better to pay a small price and let the Ancestor of Crocodiles and Jiang Xiao leave, so that the Yin Yang Sect could be spared a disaster.

It was also good.

It was really annoying.

It was also really somewhat gloomy and difficult to settle, and one and all were now apprehensive, as if they were waiting for the Ancestor Crocodile's verdict.

What if the Crocodile Ancestor didn't agree with their decision, then what should they do.

Do they fight hard.

It seemed that they couldn't fight.

Even if they had an advantage in numbers, it would be useless at this time, they would panic and be afraid.

"Oh, really?"

Before the Crocodile Ancestor spoke, Jiang Jian narrowed his eyes, "As long as you hand over all the techniques, secret methods, and cultivation resources of the Yin Yang Sect, we'll forgive your Yin Yang Sect this time, how about it?"

Does it feel surprising?

This was their condition, and it was assumed that no one would agree to it.

After all, if this was agreed to, it would be the same as the extinction of the Yin Yang Sect.


There was equally no benefit to not agreeing to them.

There might only be death in the end.

Kung Fu and secret methods, these were the most fundamental things of a sect and sect, the underpinnings.

Cultivation resources, on the other hand, were the fundamental things for a sect and sect to grow and develop, and they were equally rare.

All of the basic ones were rationed, and there was absolutely no excess.

Giving it all at once, what would they of the Yin Yang Sect take to cultivate ah.

It seemed to break the path of fortune.

Absolutely not.

Kung-fu and secret methods could all be given topological versions, but cultivation resources were not, and there was no topology to speak of with such things.



Those top executives of the Yin Yang Sect all kept their mouths shut, and no one dared to promise or even promise anything.


One by one, the top executives of the Yin Yang Sect, at this time, you looked at me and I looked at you, staring at each other with big eyes.

Not daring to do anything at all.


Or not?

But what to do didn't seem to work.

"What to do?"

"Why don't we just promise them, that way we're still alive after all, otherwise it'll be hard to even have a chance to live."

"Yeah, we can't die, at least not just like that."

"Merit and secret methods can all be topologized, so this is nothing to us, the only thing that hurts is those resources."

"Our Yin Yang Sect's cultivation resources weren't much to begin with, right, and all of a sudden it's gone, isn't it too bitter?"

"Well, it can't be helped."


No way.

Cultivation resources were already tight.

There wasn't much in the first place.

Now that we had to take out some of them, where was there more ah.

But if they didn't take it out, their lives would be in danger, and maybe the two people in front of them were going to mess with them.

It might only be a matter of time before the destruction of the Yin-Yang Cult, and with the Yin-Yang Cult gone, they naturally didn't have any either.

It might have to end as well.

How to break it?

For a while, these top executives of the Yin Yang Cult were even torn.

So sad.

"Gentlemen, but have you guys thought this through?" Jiang Gou asked indifferently, "You can answer now, if you don't want to, forget it."


The next moment.

Still no one dared to take a stand and take out all their cultivation resources, this was too much.

Even if they were to fight to the death, they wouldn't agree to it.

Even if it was death.


This moment was very arrogant.

It was also very domineering.

In the end, in the final analysis, they still held the slightest bit of hope in their hearts.

Maybe there was a little hope.

After all, their Yin Yang Sect also had a Great Sage level ancestor, and it wasn't like they didn't have the strength to fight.

It wasn't impossible to achieve victory, and after thinking about it this way, their hearts were suddenly different.

Perhaps they and the others could wait and send someone to wake up their own ancestor and let him fight just a little.

Well, Old Ancestor.

Usually, they were not visible and were high up in the world, but it was different at critical moments.

When you need to give for the sect, it's different, even if you die you have to keep the sect, keep the sect, otherwise the consequences are unthinkable.

The higher doors of that Yin Yang Sect were all aware of this.

That's why they insisted on fighting.

Since peace talks couldn't be made, there was only one battle to be fought.

This was also something that could not be helped.

They were also helpless.

No one was willing to give up their limited cultivation resources, which wasn't much.

Once they were all gone.

What the hell would they cultivate.

"Forget it, it's fine to give some of the cultivation resources, but to say that it's better to give them all."

"That's right, it's not cost effective."

"Let's invite our Yin Yang Cult's ancestor to step in, I'm sure the ancestor's skills will be able to handle this crisis before us."

"Right and wrong will turn out to be empty, everything depends on this time."

Whether to preserve the Yin Yang Sect to continue living or to die unwillingly, it all depended on this time.

It might work.

But they didn't really have much in their hearts.

Realistically also angry.

Because at some point, that ancestor of theirs was actually on the verge of dying.

In other words.

Fast approaching the end of his life.

How could such an existence defeat the Alligator Ancestor who was in his prime.

There were some who insisted, but others doubted it, once that ancestor of theirs couldn't be dealt with, they would have no choice.

There was only one way to die.

And such a path was definitely not what they wanted.

What to do?

At this moment.

Jiang Jiang continued, "O Old Crocodile, since they've already made their decision, what are you waiting for?"

He didn't have a good look at him.

This old gator was really something too.

It doesn't even know how to read people's minds.

Alligator Ancestor: "........"

At this instant, it was as if he understood what Jiang Di had meant.

He said in succession, "Master has commanded me, I'll recruit them, since they are willing to fight, let's fight on.

We're just removing harm from the people anyway, hahaha!"

The yin-yang cultists: "..."


What's this all about?


What kind of beings has our Yin-Yang Sect's Holy Maiden messed with?


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