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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1261 - Misfortune is Coming (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Yin and Yang Church.

There was a yin and yang formation enveloping the teaching, which was one of the underpinnings of the Yin and Yang Sect for so many years.

The Yin and Yang Qi surged through the teaching, and all kinds of magical lights flickered from time to time.

Between black and white.

It was as if there were innumerable great powers.

Terrifying and terrifying, strong and powerful, majestic and suppressing the entire Yin-Yang Church.

Because of this, the Yin Yang Sect was able to take advantage of the opportunity to grow bigger over the years.

This was their chance.

On the mountain gate of the Yin Yang Sect, there were hundreds of Yin Yang Sect disciples trying out cultivation here.

Although many big brothers in this world were low-key and black-hearted, however, Jiang Chi and Crocodile Ancestor weren't afraid.

The Yin-Yang Cult was nothing either.

Although, for many people, living in this world was quite difficult.

You think you've reached the pinnacle, but in reality you're still at the foot of the mountain.

But such a thing didn't exist for Jiang Lack, Crocodile Ancestor and the others.


It should be said that it was only for Jiang Lack.

Even for the Crocodile Ancestor, the actual Great Saint level of cultivation was really not strong, and there were even stronger ones above.


Right now to deal with a Yin Yang Sect, it shouldn't need to be that strong of a cultivation.

Since he actually knew that the Yin Yang Cult shouldn't have an existence beyond their imagination, everything was still under control.

Everything was not difficult.

And, it was also fitting that they should be unlucky for the Yin Yang Sect.

At this moment.

The Yin Yang Sect was still the same as usual, there were disciples trying out against each other in the arena on the mountain gate.

There were also some onlookers.

This was a sect built on top of a huge mountain range, and it was even shrouded in the Yin-Yang Formation.

Black and white colors swirled in the sky.

The people of the Yin-Yang Sect were already used to it, but to Jiang Xiao, the Alligator Ancestor, the little inan and the others, it was so strange again.

"Is this the Yin Yang Sect, it really is powerful."

The Crocodile Ancestor also couldn't help but exclaim, "Just this sight, just this environment, it's like a fairyland."

It should be nice to cultivate here.

Inan, however, said, "What's so good about this place, it's just a place of yin and yang."

Her memories about some cultivation things were down, so she opened her mouth.

It was just yin and yang creation, it wasn't anything clever.

And at this moment.

Jiang Qiao also stepped forward and said, "Actually, this place is good enough for the Yin-Yang Sect, they were originally cultivating the way of yin and yang ah."

But it was.

The mountain range here naturally had the power of yin and yang forming and swirling the wind and clouds.

And then down the road, a yin-yang formation was set up to shelter it, and only then could the Yin-Yang Sect have its current might.

Otherwise, the Yin-Yang Sect wouldn't be this powerful.

It was crazy.

Also, Jiang Jiang could faintly sense some powerful vibes within this Yin-Yang Sect.

It must be that the Yin Yang Sect itself had cultivated many strong people over the years.

As the Ancestor of Crocodiles had generally said, the Yin Yang Cult's heritage was actually quite good, "In the original plot, if they hadn't forcibly taken the little inan away, there wouldn't have been a later incident of Ye Fan killing up the Yin Yang Cult."

And now.

Ye Fan didn't come, though.

It was him instead, Jiang Someone.

"This seems quite interesting."

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "Only if the Yin Yang Sect's foundation is strong enough, can we show that we are not losing out on this trip out ah."

Otherwise it must not be a loss.

At this time, the Crocodile Ancestor smiled, "Master, it seems like this Yin Yang Cult is still holding some kind of competition, so it seems like they're having a quiet little life."

Not knowing in the slightest that danger was coming.

Perhaps because of the presence of the Yin Yang Formation, those from the Yin Yang Sect did not send disciples to guard the foot of the mountain.

It was only the mountain gate that had people stationed at it.

But it was only the mountain gate ah.

And all of them were weaklings.

And the sound of their conversation happened to be heard by the Alligator Ancestor.

"Today is the day of the great competition within the sect, and there are already many people from the sect participating in the competition, but unfortunately, with our talent and strength, we are unable to participate."

"Yes, it's said that the rewards are quite generous this time as well."

"I've also heard that the Holy Maiden is also on her way back, so she might be able to witness the birth of the final first place."

"We don't have a chance, so let's guard the mountain gate and work hard at cultivating."

"But it's quite a pity that we won't be able to cultivate no matter how hard we try."


A gift is a gift.

It was innate, and generally speaking, no one could change it.

Of course, there were some ungodly strong people who could actually change it, but that kind of strong person was just a bit too ungodly.

However, as the lowest level of cultivators, they didn't actually have such an opportunity, so they could only watch with envy.

Perhaps it was because it had been like this for so long, so they naturally resigned themselves to their fate.

Neither felt anything wrong with it.

The world's law of the jungle, the rules of survival, was already like this ah, they could not break it.

The Yin Yang Sect's arena.

Right now there was a group of people frantically competing against each other, men and women, their means different from each other.

Not only for rewards, but also for fame.

Otherwise, if you're not famous, you probably won't even make a move to cultivate them.

This was also the tradition of the Yin Yang Sect over the years.

Of course.

It was also very effective, each would basically use every means they could in order to get a good ranking.

I'd be sorry if I didn't give it my all.


Only two, to be precise.

Because the little inan didn't have much fighting power at all.

As they went up the mountain, no one from this Yin Yang Sect came out to stop them, but they let Jiang lack and the others go up with ease.

And they also heard the words of those people at the mountain gate.

It turned out that the people from the Yin Yang Sect had just gone to the big competition.

That was good.

"I was afraid that they were all out and away."

Crocodile Ancestor relaxed a little, "Since they're all here, it's just as well to get rid of them all at once."

That's fine.

Killing them all in one net is the way to go ah.

It was just as well that the master, Jiang Lack, didn't suppress them, he, the Alligator Ancestor, could actually do it on his behalf.

Most of the Yin Yang Sect deserved to die.

At least that's what he thought.

"Well, right."

Jiang Gou said, "Since that's the case, then, Old Crocodile, you should prepare yourself and just push it in horizontally."

It was like a bulldozer.

Push push push.

It doesn't matter if you're strong or not, it doesn't matter if you're a big brother or not, it doesn't matter if you're a battlefield or not, just push it straight across.


There were some truly strong people in this world though, and even an Alligator Grand Sage level cultivation was nothing in front of these strong people.

Just a mere Great Saint.

And none of them were even the advanced kind.

If you really put all the strength out in the open, it shouldn't be enough to look at.


This Yin Yang Sect was different.

Even though it possessed an extraordinary heritage and had the presence of some strong breaths, there were actually no existences in their sect that surpassed the level of Great Saints.


The most powerful one was just a Great Saint.

It was still a low level.

Dying old too.

With the strength of the Crocodile Ancestor, he would naturally be able to easily deal with it, so Jiang Xiao wasn't worried at all.

"In this world, some ancient kings and heavenly dignitaries who are nearing the end of their lifespans, in order to live or to wait for the chance to become immortal, will slash themselves and then seal their lives in the life in, absorbing the essence and energy of the world and relying on this method to extend their lifespans."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought, "And this method is actually very similar to some worlds' blood gates to stop life.

However, as the saying goes, success or failure, that's how it works.

Those ancient emperors and even great emperors, although they didn't really die, they wouldn't come out easily.

At least, they wouldn't come out for the sake of the District Yin Yang Sect.

However, you should pay some attention in the future instead, those old and immortal existences will most likely come out for some holy land, although for Jiang someone isn't afraid of them and can slap them back to their original form, they will also find it annoying."

It was because of these various reasons that Jiang Chi instructed the Alligator Ancestor to push straight across.

It was like that bulldozer pushing horizontally.


Just push it horizontally.

"Yes, master."

A look of excitement also appeared on the face of the Alligator Ancestor, who was mainly going for those resources.

It must be known that he had been sealed and suppressed by the Sakyamuni Seal on the Fluorescent Ancient Star for many years, and he hadn't recovered to his peak state until now.

Thus, he needed more resources.

Well resources.

Thinking about the Yin Yang Sect was a lot.

And, Jiang would not take all of it, or not take it at all, "He should give some of it to the little inan, after all, she also needs cultivation resources, even if a third of it falls into my hands, it would be good."

Therefore, the Alligator Ancestor was now acting particularly positive.

But he knew that Jiang Qian actually wanted the techniques, no matter if they were good ones or those poor ones, as long as they were techniques.

As a mount and as a servant, he was very self-conscious and made sure to find all the things he wanted for his master.

That was what a servant should do.

"I must work hard to go from being a mount to a servant."

Crocodile Ancestor was well aware that he was not even a servant right now, and although Jiang Xiao hadn't really looked at him as a mount, he hadn't acknowledged him as a servant either.

Comrades still need to work hard.

For the revolution has not yet succeeded.

But judging from the current situation, this should be a chance for himself, "Master should be testing me with the Cult of Yin and Yang."

As for the content of the test, there could be many.

For example, ability, execution, and so on.

These were all again possible.

Alligator Ancestor was easily able to think of them.

"The Yin-Yang Sect, if you want to blame it, you can only blame it on your bad luck."

The Alligator Ancestor thought to himself, "We were going to go to those holy places and forbidden lands to fight the autumn breeze, but who let you offend the little inan, that's a little princess."

No one could be offended.

Looking at the mountain gate that was close at hand, a hint of coldness suddenly appeared in the eyes of the Alligator Ancestor.

The cold light of the world poured out, "Die, since the master has already said that he wants to push across, let's just push across."

Although he, the Crocodile Ancestor, didn't have much understanding of the word horizontal push, he could hear something special in Jiang Ji's words and tone.

It was vaguely clear.


At the mountain gate of the Yin Yang Sect.

The original few Yin Yang Sect disciples who were guarding the mountain gate suddenly found a mighty bearded man clenching his fist and blasting towards them.

Their faces were so pale that they were instantly dumbfounded.

It could only end with a scream.

"Scourge, scourge."

Very quickly, what happened at the mountain gate reached the arena and even spread throughout the entire Yin Yang Sect.

They never expected it to come to this.

Someone had actually trespassed into the Yin Yang Sect and killed quite a few of their Yin Yang Sect's disciples.

This was still okay.

Absolutely not!

It had to be killed to serve as a warning to others, or else anyone would come to challenge their majesty in the future, and the Yin-Yang Sect would still be open.

Those higher-ups immediately decided that they would take down that incoming enemy no matter what, and then punish it with the harshest and most brutal punishment.

To kill the chicken as a warning to the monkey!

It was necessary to get some practical results.

"Disciples and elders of the Yin Yang Sect, listen to the order to kill the incoming enemy!"

When it was discovered that they couldn't be captured alive, those Yin Yang Sect executives began to order it so.

Forget it, as long as they can kill people.

Nothing more.

Just, with the strength of the Yin-Yang Cult, could they kill the Crocodile Ancestor?

Even if this Yin-Yang Sect had hundreds, or even a thousand or two thousand people in total, was it really a match for the Alligator Ancestor?


Do numbers really prevail in the face of absolute strength?

Is the two-fisted argument still plausible?

At first everyone's answer was yes.

But as time passed, their faces became darker and darker.

Especially those people from the Yin Yang Sect.

None of them knew what had happened, and then the whole situation, the entire Yin-Yang Sect was like this.

It was really a bit infuriating.

They were all confused, and they didn't know where they had offended the alligator ancestor, an unoffendable existence.


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