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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1260 - A Road of No Return (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The sun was shining and it was a good day.

Early in the morning, Jiang Xiao tidied up early, incidentally waking up little Inan from her sleep.

"Little Inan, today we are leaving Yandu."

Jiang Xiao reminded her, "We don't know when we'll be back this time when we leave."

He didn't have a bottom either.

However, this was something that had been agreed upon long ago.

Little Inan nodded and didn't say anything else, probably caused by the sadness of the departure.

On the side.

The Alligator Ancestor was a little excited though.

He hadn't slept the entire night last night, and Jiang Zhan had passed on some secret methods that he had enlightened all night.

But didn't comprehend anything.

That secret method was too profound.

How could he gain anything in one night, it was like he was reading a wordless book, all muddled.

And a bit unfulfilled.


Their eyes burned and moved, "Master, this time, shall we go directly to the holy land outside, or..."

Do you want to do something before you go?

He actually wanted to ask this.

After all, they had previously beaten and killed the Yin Yang Cult's Holy Maiden and a bunch of others, it would be strange to say that people didn't have any ideas at all.

So he had to have other ideas.

Maybe they could just kill the entire Yin Yang Sect.

Wouldn't that be better.

"What ideas do you have?"

With a raised eyebrow, Jiang Gao asked, "Might as well say it and hear it, if you can pour it can be adopted."

It wasn't that it couldn't be adopted.

It was also useful.

It might even be unexpectedly rewarding.

At this time.

The Alligator Ancestor, on the other hand, said, "Master, although that Yin Yang Sect is not considered to be a big sect, but I asked around yesterday while I was shopping, and it is said that the Yin Yang Sect is actually not low in background, so why don't we..."


Crocodile Ancestor then told Jiang Ji about the Yin Yang Church in its original form, and Jiang Ji's original intention to go directly to the Holy Land was hesitant at this time.

How about going to the Yin-Yang Cult first?

Although that Yin Yang Sect wasn't a holy land, it was the same as the Spiritual Ruins Cave Heaven, but it was considered a subsidiary of those holy land stream forces.

It could be considered to have some heritage.

Plus, that Yin-Yang Cult had offended them before, so this hatred was bound to end.

The only way to deal with it now was to strike first.

Furthermore, with their cultivation, it would be possible to find them and annihilate the Yin-Yang Cult.

On the way, they could also obtain some resources.

As well as merit methods.

It could.

After thinking it through, Jiang Ji nodded and said, "According to what you said, it's not a bad idea to go to the Yin Yang Cult first, just as they had offended little Inan earlier.

Although it's because of that Holy Maiden, she was using the Yin Yang Cult's banner, so naturally, the debt should be settled at the head of the Yin Yang Cult.

So, let's go to the Yin-Yang Sect."

Jiang Jiang immediately made a decision.

The Crocodile Ancestor also said evenly, "I've already found out the location of the Yin Yang Sect, just need to go over there."

Neither needed to do much more.

"That's good."

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "I'm sure the Naiyang Sect has caused a lot of misfortune over the years, let's go and kill the Yin Yang Sect and annihilate them, it can be considered a virtue."

"Yes extremely."

The Crocodile Ancestor compensated with a smile, "It's great that you think like that, Master, we're not going to do bad things, but good things, promoting positive energy and accumulating merit."

This was for the sake of the world's ten thousand people.

There is supreme merit.

It's definitely not a bad thing.

It might be just right for them to make a name for themselves.

Of course.

Crocodile Ancestor didn't really want anything to make the world famous, he had been born once, but then his fame had faded cleanly after being suppressed by the Buddhist seal.

Now he also realized that being famous and all that was useless.

Ultimately, it was strength that mattered.

Therefore, what he was interested in was the resources of the Yin Yang Sect.

Jiang Chi, on the other hand, was interested in those techniques, and regardless of whether the Yin Yang Cult was a holy land or not, there were always some techniques there with them.

And it should not be weak.

Based on this fact, so that Yin Yang Sect would be doomed to misfortune.

If that holy maiden of theirs hadn't targeted Little Inan in the first place, and if they hadn't offended Jiang Xiao, perhaps none of these latter things would have happened.

However, it had already offended.

This was also a fact that they could not salvage.

Even if most of the people in that Yin Yang Sect didn't actually know about this matter, and hadn't even heard half a word about it.

But they would have to pay a heavy price for it.

And that price would most likely be the complete annihilation of the Yin-Yang Sect.

After all, although they had existed for many years, they had offended many people.

If they would take action, many people would probably clap their hands and even secretly trip up the Yin Yang Cult.

"Let's go, let's go to the Yin Yang Sect."

Jiang Chi indifferently commanded, he already decided this matter, so no one could refute anything.

And the Crocodile Ancestor was in agreement.

The little inan likewise agreed, as long as it was a decision made by her own brother, she strongly supported and approved of it.

This made Jiang Xiao feel very satisfied.

Little Inan was considered a bit of his thoughts, and not just because of the Ruthless Emperor.

"Brother that Yin Yang Cult offended us before, are we going to take revenge back now?"

Nui is very young, but she already knows a lot.

Like now.

She understood just as well.

Jiang Xiao smiled slightly and explained, "Right, who let them bully our little inan.

This field must be recovered, and they must also be punished properly."

Otherwise, they wouldn't even have to pay the price for offending them in the future.

How would that work?

This was absolutely not possible.

That was why the decision had just been made to clean up the Yin-Yang Sect first, while some of the other holy lands didn't have to be so anxious.

There was still plenty of time.

Based on such a reality, Jiang Qiaoton felt that the Yin-Yang Cult deserved to be unlucky as well.

Originally, according to his idea was to go directly to those holy lands.

But Ancestor Crocodile reminded him of that.

No matter how big that Yin-Yang Cult was, they had ultimately offended him, so the Yin-Yang Cult deserved to be unlucky.

And this so-called bad luck was actually the complete annihilation of the entire Yin-Yang Sect.

"Brother, then will there be any danger if we go to the Yin-Yang Cult?"

Little Inan asked with some concern, "Why don't we poke around first before we go, so as to avoid any danger."

The little inan was able to be so concerned, Jiang Qian's heart felt warm.

It couldn't be helped to explain at her, "No harm, Little Inan don't worry, with our cultivation strength, even if that Yin Yang Cult comes out in full force, it won't be a match for us."

At this time.

Even the Alligator Ancestor hurriedly nodded his head up, "That's right, Little Inan, you shouldn't worry about that.

There might not even be a need for the master to make a move, just me making a move will be enough, what's the point of killing a chicken with a slaughter knife!"

Even if there was an existence at the level of a great saint in that Yin Yang Horn, his crocodile ancestor wasn't afraid and was sure of killing the other.

If an even more powerful existence existed, then... that shouldn't be possible.

"Is that so?"

Little Inan frowned, quite unconvinced of what Alligator Joe meant, "But that Yin Yang Cult has a lot of people, how are you going to beat up so many people by yourself?"

She was curious.

The heart was not in shock.

Didn't they say it was hard to beat two fists?

How many more can one person fight?

The more she thought about it, the more confused she became, the more confused the whole thing still was, "Brother, is he right about the old alligator?"

Are you sure you're okay with just three people going over there?

She was actually quite worried.

Jiang Jian smiled slightly and said, "No harm, it's all just a small matter, and he's right, the three of us will be enough to deal with it."

It was just the Yin Yang Sect, so what was there to worry about?

He didn't have the Yin Yang Cult in his sights anyway.

Even if Ancestor Crocodile Ancestor couldn't suppress all the people of the Yin Yang Cult, he, Jiang Jiang, was confident enough to completely suppress those people of the Yin Yang Cult.

It was reasonable to let the destruction of the Yin Yang Cult begin, and at the same time, it could be considered doing something virtuous for the living beings in the world.

This was a good thing.

Although, after leaving this Yan Capital City, it was very likely that they would embark on a path of no return.

But so what, it wasn't like they hadn't stepped on it before, and now it was just a matter of walking the road they had stepped on again.


After thinking through these circumstances, Jiang Chi said, "Let's go, let's go out of the city and go to the Yin Yang Sect."

The three of them slowly walked out of Yandu.

And this time, they didn't know that by the time they left, their entire life paths had changed drastically.

It was already different.

Even little Inan, her thoughts had begun to change to a certain extent under Jiang Xiao's intentional or unintentional teaching.

Unknown to them, the famous trio in the future Obscuring World was born.

It was simply that the major sects and sects were crying out for help, and those in the future who were jealous of Jiang Chi and the others could not imagine that such a trio would be born anyway.

Among them, the Yin Yang Sect was the beginning.

Later on, it gradually became different, "From now on, we're going to those holy places, not just the Yin-Yang Cult.

How can we do it with just one Yin-Yang Cult, it's simply not enough."

Just the Yin-Yang Cult was naturally too little, so other sects were needed.

Even the Crocodile Ancestor himself didn't believe that the trio that would vault the world in the future would emerge from this.

Specializing in plundering those large sects and sects, they appeared specifically to target those holy and forbidden lands.

From then on, the three of them would go anywhere.

The Crocodile Ancestor had already found out the information clearly, so with him leading the way, they headed directly towards the place where that Yin Yang Sect was located.

It was a road of no return, although it was a different path, but Jiang Xiao was looking forward to it.

"I wonder how much origin power that Yin Yang Cult can contribute to me, Jiang someone?"

Jiang Qiao was looking forward to this, "Actually, very much so."

There might be enough to go around.

It was just that the specifics would still need to be seen to know, after all, that Yin Yang Sect wasn't simple.

Come to think of it, there should be quite a few good things there for them.

Even the Crocodile Ancestor was beginning to look forward to it, "This time, the Yin Yang Cult will be annihilated anyway."

With him and Jiang Lack taking action, even if the Yin Yang Sect was strong, it wouldn't be able to resist the most terrifying thunderbolts.

Their fate had already been decided, or rather, they had been sold by that Holy Maiden of the previous Yin Yang Sect.

This was the reality, this was the cruelty of it all.

Although it was indeed a bit ruthless, in reality, there was nothing they could do about it.

Inherently, that Yin Yang Sect wasn't a good sectarian sect, so they would have to get rid of it in their own way.


Going to the door in person, this method was one that the Alligator Ancestor had personally come up with, and it was very effective.

Figured it should be good.

Right now.

Those people of the Yin Yang Sect, however, did not even dream of the idea that because of that holy woman of theirs, it would lead to the destruction of the Yin Yang Sect.

Even the vast majority of them didn't actually know what had happened.

They were all just confused.

Moreover, it was clear that their holy maiden had already been killed, and they were all dead.

They had also paid a painful price for it, so why should their Yin Yang Sect be held responsible?

Can't figure it out.

Couldn't figure it out in any way.

Only at the end of the day did it become clear to them that the matter of the Holy Maiden was actually just a beginning, just an excuse.

Jiang Chi's real goal was to completely annihilate the Yin-Yang Sect, and that was to get the resources and techniques of the Yin-Yang Sect.

As for whether or not the Yin-Yang Cult would give it to them, it didn't really matter much.

Even if it wasn't given, they could still go there themselves.

"Master, this Yin Yang Sect is really quite large, it seems that they have indeed accumulated quite a lot of reserves after countless years of development."

This day.

Crocodile Ancestor and Jiang Qian and the others arrived at the foot of the Yin Yang Sect and looked up at the towering Yin Yang Sect mountain range, they couldn't help but be secretly surprised, the development of the Yin Yang Sect was indeed good.

It was just a pity that they had offended someone.

If there hadn't been that for the Holy Maiden, there probably wouldn't have been such a miserable misfortune that happened now.

"Let's go, up the mountain."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "This is a road of no return, but it was actually predetermined since the moment we left Yandu City."

They were here to plunder, to scavenge for resources and techniques!

Revenge is just a trivial reason.


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