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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1259 - Rewarding Big Chicken Legs (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Yandu City.

Jiang Xiao is shopping with her little inan, but will buy anything she sees that she likes.

None other.

One is spoiled.

The second is that if you have money, you can do whatever you want.

Inan likes a lot of things, in order to experience the fun of shopping, Jiang Jiankou did not put the things into the Qiankun bag.

Rather, he let someone carry it.

Unluckily, this person to carry things could only be the Crocodile Ancestor.

Jiang Que was too lazy, so naturally he wouldn't lift it.

The little inan was too small and also wouldn't lift it.

So the only one left was the Crocodile Ancestor, who had nothing to do, and he didn't need to purchase anything.

Plus, he couldn't be lazy, so the lifting of things was rightfully his responsibility.

Only, at first he was fine with it.

Because there wasn't much stuff.

With his mighty bearded physique, he was able to lift a few small items with ease.

But the later you go, the situation is different.

Jiang Mo purchased more and more things for the little inan, and he was starting to get hung up all over.

In this Yandu City, it formed a beautiful scenery, so hard to look at, being pointed at by many people in the city.

It seemed to have the intention of looking at him as a joke.


The old face of the Crocodile Ancestor turned red as he secretly said, "Master and Little Inan have screwed me over this time, alas!"

This is going to be a lot of fun.


He was secretly bitter, "I can't help it, who let me, Alligator Someone, just a mount."

C'mon, there was no reward for what happened before, but now it's some more things.


Just when the Alligator Ancestor was full of dissatisfaction, he heard Jiang Gou say, "Old Alligator ah, lift things well, I'll add chicken legs for you when I get back."

Crocodile Ancestor: "........"


Is it a chicken leg I need?

And aren't the chicken legs too small.

At least the legs of a golden-winged roc.

Crocodile Joe was full of frustration.

I dare say I've been bribed by a small chicken leg, so cheap.

Jiang Chi seemed to have seen through the Alligator Ancestor's mind, so he continued, "Alright, you don't have to cry and mourn, what you've done is in the eyes of the poor, and I'll give you a chicken leg when I say I'll give you a chicken leg, and I'll never break my word."

He, Jiang Chi, was a very trustworthy person.

Never lying.

"Yes, thank you master."

The crocodile ancestor also had to thank a bit, and he couldn't do without thanks, his own master was staring at him.

This moment.

The Crocodile Ancestor suddenly couldn't guess what Jiang Guiao was thinking.

This master, it seemed, was somewhat special, somewhat mysterious, and he had probably never guessed correctly.

No wonder he was a strong man.

And he was just a great saint.

Still, there was a difference.

Thinking about the Crocodile Ancestor's heart felt a thousand bitterness, but....

He suddenly remembered something else, "Wait, when the master said to add a chicken leg to me, I don't think it's just literally."

If it was meant literally, it should be just adding a chicken leg to it.

But his own master was at least a great emperor level powerhouse, so he should have meant more than just literally.

There should be other meanings as well.

Then the question arises.

Did Self-Master have other meanings beyond his words that he just didn't guess for a while?

"It's possible."

Crocodile Ancestor thought to himself, "Existences as powerful as our master usually like to speak in a very cryptic manner, thus reflecting their mysterious and unpredictable nature.

Therefore, there must be other meanings in his words, and there must be other hidden meanings beyond his words.

It's just that the extra-textual meaning he's trying to express is hidden a bit deep, and I haven't comprehended it yet."

This was awkward.

For a moment.

Alligator Joe began to spread his mind and think carefully.

Chicken legs.

Wasn't it just a benefit.

"In other words, the master is actually going to give me benefits."

The Alligator Ancestor began to ponder in his heart, "What he said before is actually telling me that no matter what I did before without permission, or what I'm doing now, he's looking at it, taking credit for it, and just waiting for the time to ripen to give me the benefit.

No, it's adding chicken legs.


It was fresh.

It's nice to see the alligator's heart soothe when he suddenly thinks about it.


"So the master is still thinking of me."

The alligator was satisfied, and after thinking this through, he was in a good mood.

Very happy.

It was as if he had eaten a peach.

It was so good that the master hadn't forgotten about himself after all.

In other words, everything that he had done was actually worthwhile and could pay off.

That's good.

Doing things without expecting anything in return, he, the Crocodile Ancestor, hadn't been so bold as to be able to do it himself.

And now.

He just needed to continue doing his part.

He murmured contentedly, "Master's methods are truly magical, I have to learn."

The words all contained a profound truth.

Not bad.

If it wasn't for his own careful extrapolation and guessing, he might not even be able to comprehend the dao of it.

As expected, a big brother is a big brother.

It was different.

His gaze settled like a blade, gloomy as a cloud.

After untangling the knot, the crocodile ancestor's admiration for Jiang Lack also grew more respectful.

This is the self master.

How nice.

"Master, I wonder how much longer we'll be strolling around?"

Half a day later.

The Crocodile Ancestor was already exhausted and panting.

He couldn't help but continue towards Jiang Di, "We've been out for half a day, shouldn't we go back?

After all, Ming'er has to leave Yandu City."

At any rate, you have to clean up a bit.

It can't be too ordinary like this, either.

His body was already full of things, clear of all the little inangs.

Although it wasn't heavy, but being watched by so many people on the street, he always felt a bit embarrassed with his old face blushing.

At any rate, he was a great sage ah.

Surprisingly, he was treated as a pendant.

A little embarrassed.

A little embarrassed up too.

This was depressing, although he had the appearance of a mighty bearded man, although his face was also thicker.

However, no matter how thick one's skin was, one still had to be cheeky ah.

There was no such thing as not wanting it.

So it looked a little embarrassed and helpless.


Jiang Qiao was surprised and asked, "You're a Great Saint level cultivator, how can you get tired so quickly.

Old Crocodile, are you not lying to me?"

"No, not tired."

The Crocodile Ancestor shook his head in a row and said, "Master, I... I just think it's getting late, it's time for us to leave, we still have to go on the road tomorrow."

There was no time to lose.

There was a plan.


Jiang Gou looked at the Alligator Ancestor seriously, "Actually, if you're really tired, you can take a break, no need to find another reason."

Tomorrow's departure.

Then let's talk about it tomorrow.

They had plenty of time anyway, so they didn't need to care about this day or two ah.

What about the promised reward of a large chicken leg.

He hadn't added it yet.

How can we go back.

It's better to wait first, the little girls are all still continuing to stroll around excitedly, there's no hurry.


Without waiting for the crocodile ancestor to speak, Jiang Xiao continued, "Alright, just continue to be patient, we'll be able to go back soon.

When we get back, the poor dao will add a big chicken leg to you."

"Thank you master."

The Crocodile Ancestor only felt a bright light, since there was a benefit to take, he didn't need to be in such a hurry.

The eyes of those people around him didn't even count for much.

Just look at them if you want.

It didn't matter to him anyway.

He was the body of a crocodile, and his face was thick enough, but in front of Jiang's benefits, his face and everything else was actually not enough.

"The benefits given by the master must be good."

The crocodile ancestor thought so in his heart and was in an excited mood, "I just don't know what the master will give me, it's something to look forward to.

After all, he should at least be a great emperor, so I don't think he'll give anything bad."

At this moment.

In the Crocodile Ancestor's heart, he had begun to imagine.

He began to brainstorm with his own brain.

As for the end result, he didn't know right now, and he hadn't even thought about it himself.

"It's still a comfortable little life for the master."

At this moment.

The Alligator Ancestor's heart was a little envious.

It was true.

A master was a master.

He was completely different from the average strong man.

Very strong.

So, the Alligator Ancestor's heart was Rin, "I used to feel compelled when I was in the Fluorescent Ancient Star, but now I know how strong the master is.

In the future, I must follow him well, and I must do a good job as a mount."

Only by following a strong person like Jiang Lack, he would probably be able to grow better.

The Alligator Ancestor thought so in his heart.

Although he was a Great Saint, he was only a Great Saint.

This bit of cultivation strength wasn't enough in front of a real big man, so he needed to continue getting stronger.

At this moment.

Jiang Chi and Little Inan continued to shop around, looking at the endless things in this Yandu City, and he also continued to buy some.

But the ones he bought were put into the Qiankun Bag.

This one day.

The amount of gold and silver money Jiang lacked spent was endless, originally this kind of gold and silver money and other yellow and white things, in such a world of cultivation was very devalued.

But he would rather use that gold and silver.

Even if it's gone, he can still go to other worlds to continue to obtain it.

It wouldn't cost much for him.

Cultivation resources like spirit stones were different, and they couldn't be used out easily at any time.

Of course.

In addition to that, Jiang Chi also emptied a Qiankun bag for this purpose, and after the yellow and white items inside were used up, he gave this storage treasure to Little Inan.

She would always need it in the future.

After teaching her how to refine it, the little inan happily put all the things that were hanging around the crocodile ancestor into the qiankun bag.

Only at this time did the Alligator Ancestor let out a secret sigh of relief.

He began to think to himself, "I'll never go shopping with anyone again, it's just too tiring, even with my Great Sage level cultivation, it's not enough."

It was actually a bit scary.


"Inan is more understanding of me, otherwise there's still no telling how long I'll have to shop."

It was crazy to think about it.

It's not heavy though.


Even if those things are really a lot.

But it really wasn't heavy.

At least for an existence like his crocodile ancestor, it wasn't heavy, there was basically no weight to speak of.

But shopping was not just a matter of the weight of the item stuff, it was also a matter of being tired.

It was always tiring.

This was probably a common problem for all men?

Of course, part of it might be a little unexpected.

When Inan finished loading her things, she said, "Brother, let's go back, I'm tired of shopping today."

"Good." Jiang Xiao nodded, "But weren't you quite happy just now?"

This Jiang Kou was a bit puzzled.

Was there still a change?

Who knows the little inanitor's smile, "Just now is just now, now is now, brother let's go back and eat a big meal, I'm hungry."

"Good, all according to you."

Jiang missing pulling the little inan, a look of spoiling, there is such a sister seems to be good.

"It's just that I don't know, when that fierce emperor comes back to her senses, when she finds out that it's me that little inan has been waiting for, and not that Ye Fan, I wonder if she'll be hunted down for three thousand years?"

This situation also seemed very likely.

Jiang Xiao was suddenly so thoughtful.

It was really a bit helpless, "But that's all a follow-up, I can't care about that now.

And, by the time she reacts, maybe the little inan will have grown up, and maybe I'll have left this world of obscurity."

It was estimated that it couldn't wait.

After thinking it through, Jiang Qian's heart was secretly relieved, "It's not because I'm afraid of that fierce emperor, but mainly because I don't want to be pestered, she's also a pitiful person."

You can't kill the other party yourself.

That would be meaningless.

At any rate, that one was famous, and if you killed her you might be sprayed to death, so it was better not to.

When they got back to the inn, Jiang Chi, Little Inan, and Alligator Ancestor ate a big meal.

It was very sumptuous.

Next, Jiang lacked the opportunity to add a large chicken leg to the alligator ancestor.

What you said must be done.

Although that chicken leg was nothing to him, it was a great benefit to the crocodile ancestor.

For a moment.

He actually cried tears of joy.

However, it was not humiliating at all.


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