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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1258 - Master, did I do the right thing? (subscription sought)

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A word of disagreement.

Crocodile Ancestor said it was not at all false, he was a great saint, "It's just as well that after being suppressed by the Buddhist seal back then, he's holding a lot of anger that he hasn't let out yet."

Right now, this group of Yin Yang Sect disciples, elders, and saintly women who had hit the gun themselves were just right.

If they were to be blamed, they could only be blamed for being too proud.

If they didn't come to provoke the little inan, how could they be evil to Jiang Chi and him, and how could they receive such treatment.

They could only blame themselves.

But there was no one else to blame.

The Alligator Ancestor thought beautifully in his heart, "When this is done, I wonder if my master will praise me for it?"

He was actually quite looking forward to it.

After all, this time he had taken the initiative to do something without Jiang Lack's orders.

It was assumed that he should be able to get registered with Jiang Lack.

That would be enough.

In this way, he would be able to get Jiang Lack's attention.

The Alligator Ancestor was happy.

That group of Yin Yang Cult guys were finally going to start resisting.

But would they be able to resist?

Couldn't resist at all.

His crocodile ancestor was a great saint.

And those guys from the Yin Yang Cult were still too far away from the realm of great saints.

There were a hundred and eighty thousand miles.

It was too far.

It was simply not enough to bridge the current gap.

And because of that, that's why the Alligator Ancestor dared to bully people so squarely.

That's right.

He was just bullying people.

It was only the people from that Yin Yang Sect that were being bullied.

For a time.

The people who saw the pressure of the Alligator Ancestor all around clapped their hands, that Yin Yang Sect should have been taught a lesson long ago.

It was just that no one had taught them a lesson before.

Now someone had finally stepped forward.

Many people were teary-eyed with joy, really bullied by that Yin Yang Cult.

They were barbaric, arrogant and unstoppable.

Yet they could only lay low in the corner, and then lay low again, not daring to put up any resistance.

The difference in realm represented the difference in strength to a certain extent, so no one dared to take action against the Yin Yang Cult.

But this time, the Yin Yang Sect was bad.

After falling into the hands of the Alligator Ancestor, it wouldn't be a good day for them.

This time.

The Yin Yang Sect was going to be miserable.


It was at this moment.

Those people of the Yin Yang Sect knew that they couldn't hide or escape, so they would have to fight hard.

Whether it was success or failure turned out to be empty.

It depended on this time.

If they could succeed, they would be able to break out and escape with a small life to go.

"As long as we can live, there's hope for revenge in the future, and we can definitely get revenge back."

"But right now, we only have to fight for our lives."

"Everyone, let's stop hiding and hurry up and show our watchwords, or else it's all going to be over."

It was all going to end anyway.

Simply spell out a pick a blood path.

Barefooted ones weren't afraid of wearing shoes, adhering to the idea that across the board was a deadly situation, they could only take it hard.

Even if the chances of success were too small.

They had to do so.

This was probably the only chance.

There couldn't be another chance to escape back to the Yin Yang Sect as long as they could break out.

At that time, whether it was to report to the sect, to call their friends and family, or to cultivate for a few decades before exiting the gate for revenge.


After a glance at each other, this group of people frantically slashed towards the location of the Alligator Ancestor.

At the same time, there was also a portion of them killing towards Jiang Xiao.

This time, one shot was all out.

Anything to stay alive.

The thousand li that erupted was also huge.

As terrifying as it was.

The power that erupted rolled and rolled like a tidal wave.

"Little Doyle!"

Alligator sneered, "Town!"

He flipped his palm in a circle, a mysterious light surged, and a huge palm seal fell in front of him, suppressing down towards those yin-yang teachings.


The giant palm tossed and suppressed, allowing those Yin Yang Sects to resist and struggle, unable to struggle in the slightest.

Any of your terrifying attacks fell one by one in front of Jiang Liao and the others, and there was a mysterious barrier blocking their attacks.

"A bunch of Gryphons."

The Crocodile Ancestor said in his heart, "This seat is a Crocodile Ancestor, how dare you do it, I really don't know what to do."

He was a Great Saint cultivator, who could match him?

Finger point.

Then with a single finger point, several strange divine lights broke out from the tip of that crocodile ancestor's finger, breaking the various attacks of the people of the Yin Yang Sect's methods with a bizarre speed.

No matter how brutally powerful their means were, it was difficult for them to counteract it.

It surged endlessly.

In this world, the strong were the strong and the weak were the weak.

The strong crushing the weak, this was the law of the heavens.

The faces of the Yin Yang Sect's crowd changed dramatically.


But then, all of a sudden, a mouthful of old blood couldn't help but spurt out, and they were instantly seriously injured.

And their faces turned pale.

This confrontation, I thought that I could gather the strength of everyone to resist Jiang Liao, Crocodile Ancestor and the others.

Even if it was just for a while.

But the current situation was far from that.

They couldn't even make it through a single move before they were injured and defeated, and then the entire group was tragically reduced to one wounded person.

The next battle would be even more difficult.

They stared intently at the Crocodile Ancestor, this person was countless times more powerful than they had imagined.

What kind of existence was this person?

They were puzzled.

But the instinct to survive made them resign themselves to it.


Start begging for mercy.

That look, it seemed like they had truly given up their status and all kinds of pride.

In their eyes, only living was the way to go now.

If even being alive became a luxury, then the rest of them didn't matter.

Nor was it meaningful.

"Your Excellency, if you're so generous, just let us go as a fart."

"I beg your lordship to let us live, and we will repay you."

"As long as we can live, we're your dogs, Your Excellency."


Even if it's for a dog, it's still a good thing.

It's probably good.

At least you can live and survive.

But as far as the Crocodile Ancestor was concerned, these Yin-Yang Sect people sharing their lives were cheating on his feelings.

"There's no door if you want to live with these methods."

He remembered clearly that in the beginning, these guys were arrogant and cocky, just like that Yin Yang Cult's Holy Maiden.

Standing on her side flaunting their might.

Hiding around them to do something.

Now the enemy couldn't be bothered.

So they wanted to retreat, wanted to leave.

Even want to live.

--even if it's only to live very lowly, but that's living after all.

Just live.

"Want to leave?"

The Crocodile Ancestor sneered, "You're afraid you're thinking about fart eating and wanting to live, so give this seat a chance to die."

Stretching out his hand, he clapped out.

A terrifying energy swept and crushed over those Yin Yang Sect crowds, bizarrely tumbling and pressing down.


It was sudden.

There was an endless wind that swirled wildly.


Crocodile Ancestor's great sage level cultivation had viciously attacked those of the Yin Yang Sect.


They screamed.

It also included that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden.

As well as the two elders of the Yin Yang Cult, they were also all broken one by one and let go of their power.

All of a sudden, they became invalid.

The instant transformation of their identity roles was hard for them to accept for a while, and their old faces were as black as coal.

Now those eyes were filled with dread, fear, uncertainty and regret.

There was even a hint of reluctance.


No matter what thoughts they had now, they were useless.


The Crocodile Ancestor then stretched out his hand and slapped those of the Yin Yang Sect with a single slap, flipping them dozens of times in mid-air before landing heavily on the ground and smashing a few human-shaped holes as well.

So far.

All of those people from the Yin Yang Cult died one by one.

Without even being able to stop Jiang Kou, the Crocodile Ancestor decided whether they would live or die.

Jiang Qiao: "........"

At the moment.

Jiang Jiang was looking weird, he was trying to get the Alligator Ancestor to stop so that he could use his soul search to search the memories of those Yin Yang Cultists.

Even if it was just to obtain some ordinary feats, it would be good.

But that Crocodile Ancestor didn't give him a chance at all.

It was hard to be destroyed.

It was so fast that he didn't even have the chance to say anything before it ended.

Suddenly, he couldn't help but stare at it.

Good old gator.

That's a little too much to do with this trespassing decision.

And wanted some goodies for himself.

And no chance.

His cheek twitched slightly, suddenly wanting to slap the crocodile ancestor away too, so he could go flip in the air a few times before he said anything.

This old thing liked to take matters into his own hands.

I don't know where he got the confidence.

He didn't agree to it himself.

However, the crocodile ancestor just did it, making him feel so depressed.

However, it was good that those Yin Yang Sect members weren't strong, and probably didn't have many powerful techniques on them.

So even if they lost, it was probably just a little bit of something, not important enough to be a flesh wound.

It was also still acceptable.

And so.

Jiang Mo just left his mouth darkly, so he didn't say anything to the Crocodile Ancestor, probably because he thought it was pointless to say anything.

He looked calm as hell.

And at this moment.

The Crocodile Ancestor, who had finished cleaning up the mess, ran over in a hurry and said, "Master, do you think I did the right thing?

If these people dare to make a move on you master, I, Old Crocodile, will take care of them."

Half unambiguous.

Killing people when they said they would.

No mud dragging ah.


Jiang Mo gave the Alligator Ancestor a glance in a bad mood, and didn't explain anything, giving him a look to experience it himself.

As for whether he could experience it or not, that was not for him to think about.

What did it mean?

Alligator was a bit confused.

He thought he was doing something quite right.

Previously, it would have also been correct.

There shouldn't be any other problems before, but looking at the look of his own master, Jiang Lack, he didn't seem to be satisfied.

What did this mean?

He didn't see it.

Was it the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do?

There was no result either.

Jiang Qian sighed in his heart, "It seems that this old thing's brain isn't very bright sometimes."

Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked so many questions.

It was a pity.

Jiang Mo didn't say a word back.

He only gave a look and imagined it for himself.

As for whether or not the Alligator Ancestor could figure it out, he didn't know and didn't bother to care.

At this time.

Little Inan had already eaten well.

"Brother, let's go shopping."

At the thought of leaving this Yandu City, she was a bit unhappy and just wanted to see more.

Crocodile Ancestor Mo.

Jiang Qiao, on the other hand, nodded his head and said, "Good, just listen to Little Inan you."

Immediately after.

He turned to the Alligator Ancestor again and said, "Alright, you follow along, just to help lift something, so that you can feel like you're shopping."


Crocodile Joe: "...and..."

Crocodile Joe he suddenly felt a little like crying.

Don't you have a reward for the work you've worked so hard to do?

Master, aren't you too biased.

Don't you see that I'm a powerful crocodile?

I'm doing this for your own good.

Crocodile Ancestor's heart was really confused, other people's masters had rewards for their servants, so why was it biased when it came to him, there were none.

It was really unpleasant.

He felt so angry.

So angry as well.

Following behind Jiang Chi, the Alligator Ancestor continued to ask, "Master, I wonder how I just did?"

He actually wanted a rating.

Even if that evaluation was bad, he wanted it.

Jiang Ji slowly turned his head and said indifferently, "It's actually nothing, the poor Dao originally planned to let them lead the way to the Yin Yang Sect."


The crocodile ancestor was shocked at the news.

Leading the way?

"In that case, I... wouldn't I be in trouble?"

He was shocked and said, "Master, it's all my fault, I didn't think it through, please forgive me, master."

At first.

Where did he think of so much ah.

Now, once he went in for a mention, he suddenly understood the meaning of Jiang Xiao's words.

But those people from the Yin Yang Sect were already dead.

That couldn't be helped.


Himself...seems to have gotten into trouble.

I've ruined the master's plans and calculations, so I shouldn't be silenced by him, right?

It's horrible to think about.

Your own brain cramps.

It must be like this, or else how would this happen again.

At this time.

Alligator Ancestor's heart was truly a bit apprehensive.

"Will the master punish me?"


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