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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1257 - Sorry, a Robbery (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Crocodile Joe felt that he should have understood it correctly and logically.

One reflects one's own intelligence, and the other reflects one's own ability, and one is not a person who just eats and doesn't do anything.

And not only can you be a mount, but you can also be a right-hand man and a trusted general.

How nice.

Thinking of this, the Alligator Ancestor stood up, "Bold, what do you Yin Yang Sect want to do, kill people?"

It's natural to dare.

But it's usually not said in the open, there's no point in saying it.

At this time, the Alligator Ancestor said, "How dare you, you dare to be arrogant in front of us, it seems that if we don't give you a little bit of a show, you'll still think you're a bull."

Yin Yang Sect: "........"

Those people were staring blankly at the alligator ancestor and were in no hurry to do anything, with the intention of watching him finish his performance.

That's right.

In their eyes, the Alligator Ancestor was performing, and he was the only one who was performing.

As for who he was performing to, they wouldn't know.

But there would always be someone to watch.

Obviously, it was actually for Jiang Liao to watch.

The current Jiang Chi, on the other hand, looked calm and calm as he watched the Alligator Ancestor's performance.

"This old guy's comprehension is not bad."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "But my idea isn't necessarily to bully people, as long as that Yin Yang Sect leaves."

He really wasn't asking for much at all.

It was obvious that the Crocodile Ancestor would get to Jiang Guiao's point, and would have to be very precise.

That was surprising.

Jiang Lack didn't care.

How to handle him was inadvertently left to the Alligator Ancestor.

And seeing the lack of reaction from Jiang Lack, the Alligator Ancestor's eyes turned, so naturally, he knew what was going on.

And so.

Then he slapped the table and said angrily, "You Yin Yang Sect want to seek death?"

You know, he was a very powerful existence.

A powerful momentum was emitted from the Alligator Ancestor.

It formed a terrifying and overbearing force.


It was truly a domineering lookout.

It was truly extraordinary, after all, having a Great Saint level cultivation, it was just different.

This moment.

The Crocodile Ancestor's domineering power was soaring.

He was a Great Saint, and an existence of this level was now one of the best in the entire world's universe of ten thousand races.

Absolutely powerful.


It was because of this that the Crocodile Ancestor was so arrogant.

The Yin Yang Sect crowd: "........"

The sudden change, however, left them a little bewildered.

All of a sudden, they were confused.

"What's the situation?"

"Why is this man so strong?"

"Who the hell is he, and why is he so good at it?"

"Sheesh, this is just too scary."

"It's over, I think our Yin Yang Sect may have kicked the iron plate."

"Blame the Holy Maiden, if she didn't have to take that little girl, where would she have caused so much trouble."

"Yeah, just blame her, it's all her fault."


For a while.

Everyone was feeling the momentum of the Alligator Ancestor.

In a comparison, even if they tied their group together, they might not be able to fight against the Crocodile Ancestor.

He was a great saint, and was definitely not comparable to ordinary mortals.

And so.

Then they started complaining about that Saint Maiden of the Yin Yang Sect.

If it wasn't for her, probably the rest of them wouldn't have followed, let alone thought anything of Jiang Liao and the others.

Well now.

For the sake of a stranger little girl, they had already offended a bunch of big shots.

Jiang Lack hadn't shown any specific strength yet, they weren't sure.

But the Crocodile Ancestor had already shown terrifying strength, and if they remained indifferent, they could literally just cut themselves.

"Who exactly are the people we've offended?"

"Hiss, just this momentum alone is terrifying enough, I can feel as if I'm going to be crushed by him."

"Yeah, this brutal air of his is too strong, we have no power to fight."

"Gotta, we're all going to be finished together this time."

"I think that even our Yin Yang Sect's face might not be enough, the other party is just too strong, too strong."

"What should we do then, we can't just leave like this."

"Oh, even if we want to leave, people may not agree to us leaving, right."


It's a different situation and situation now.


They thought they were on the chopping block and others were on the chopping block.

But now, it was they who were the fish and others who were the chopping block.

Being ruthlessly suppressed by the mighty pressure of the Alligator Ancestor, there was no longer any temper left.

After all, the gap in strength between them was too great, so great that he couldn't even bear to look at it.

It was truly terrifying.

As disciples of the Yin Yang Sect, as well as the elders of the Yin Yang Sect, they had never thought that they would one day end up in a situation where they would be bullied.

Nor had they ever thought that they would be unable to hold their heads up in front of a certain powerful person.


When they were observing, but it was clear to see that neither Jiang Xiao nor the Alligator Ancestor was actually strong.

But in the blink of an eye, the momentum that the Alligator Ancestor was releasing was terrifying.

This time, it might have really kicked the iron plate.

"It's over."

Even that Saint Maiden of the Yin Yang Sect's face was gloomy.

"I... I seem to have gotten into trouble."

She knew that the cause of this matter was herself.

Probably in the case, she was afraid that it would be difficult to leave.

If it wasn't because of herself, those Yin Yang Sect disciples and elders around her probably wouldn't have been in trouble.

Now, they couldn't leave even if they wanted to.

This was embarrassing.

It's depressing.

Even the mood was bad.

"Isn't he... aren't they a bunch of ants?"

Originally, in the eyes of that Yin-Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, Jiang Di and Crocodile Ancestor were just ants.

When did they become big brothers?

She was confused and puzzled.

It really felt like this was too weird and too frustrating.

What should she do on her own?

Right now.

The most important thing wasn't the matter of the little inan.

This is very clear to that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, "No, I have to leave, I'm a Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, and I want to continue living."

So, she couldn't die here no matter what.

And so.

She began to say, "Ahem, everyone that, I just mistook the wrong person, and now I'm apologizing to everyone, so no one should take this matter to heart.

I'll leave now.

Sorry ah, the eyes are always bad."

Now she wanted to leave.

But where Jiang Chi and the Alligator Ancestor were willing.

The Alligator Ancestor stared coldly at that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, "Recognize the wrong person? That's not going to make it easy for you to leave."

Not even with an apology.

Do they care about that apology?


What they care about is pride.

It was dignity.

Obviously, that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden hadn't given them dignity from the start.

Not even for the sake of the little inan's face.

So that Yin Yang Cult's Holy Maiden definitely couldn't leave if she wanted to.

The crocodile ancestor continued, "Since it's a mistake, since it's a misunderstanding, what did you do in the beginning?

This matter is not considered a misunderstanding in this seat's opinion.

Therefore, the responsibility that should be borne, you still have to bear."


Can't run away.

Nor could he run away.

Old Great Jiang lacked the words to speak, so he naturally didn't dare to make a move without permission.

"So, this Yin Yang Sect is still going to be unlucky."

Who told them to mess with little inan.

And it would be a brain fart to get angry and put their ideas on their own master, Jiang Xiao.

"As expected, it's fitting that you should be unlucky."

The Crocodile Ancestor also laughed, "With such a Saint Maiden, it's a wonder you don't have bad luck."

After all, if it wasn't for that holy maiden making a moth in the first place, he, Alligator Someone, wouldn't have been able to do anything to them.

It wasn't like anyone had had enough.

"It's too late to regret now."

The Alligator Ancestor said coldly, "It's not like this seat hasn't given opportunities before, but it's true that you guys don't cherish yourselves, so you can't blame us."


The old face of that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, which was already gloomy, suddenly grew even darker and began to twitch.

She couldn't help but ask, "Then what exactly do you want?"

Killed them all?

Or had other ideas and purposes.

Anyway, now that she had seen it clearly, the fight was definitely unwinnable.

Judging from the imposing pressure displayed by the Crocodile Ancestor, even if all of them from the Yin Yang Sect were to fold here, they probably wouldn't be able to move the others a single bit.

Even if they added those two elders, the result would probably be the same.


It wasn't up to her to make the decision now.

Although she was still the Holy Maiden of the Yin Yang Sect, and a cultivator who seemed to have a good status and identity.

But in reality, they were nothing in front of a powerful person like the Alligator Ancestor.

That Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden knew this in her heart.

"Dear friends of the Yin-Yang Sect, I'm sorry, but this seat would like to do a robbery now."

The Crocodile Ancestor smilingly said, "Of course, you can refuse, but you better think about the price of refusal.

Otherwise, this throne doesn't mind doing some robbing myself.

Of course, in addition to the robbery, you will also need to hand over all your skills and then self-cancel your cultivation.

Otherwise your little lives will be hard to save."

All the Yin-Yang Cultists: "..."

Crocodile Ancestor's words made their old faces gloomy and even twisted.

There was no longer the arrogance and domineering that they had entered the inn at the beginning.

At first.

They felt that they were from the Yin Yang Sect, so they should be a bit more arrogant after they had backed the Yin Yang Sect.

How else could they reveal their status?

However, it was precisely because of their thinking that the current tragic situation had arisen.

It was finally their turn to be unlucky.

Surrendering the treasures and techniques, these were all expected and could be barely accepted.

As long as they could live.

But now the problem was different again, they actually had to scrap their own cultivation.


"He's so cruel-hearted."

"That's right, once we've really ruined our own cultivation, what's the difference between that and a dead person?"

"Disagree, absolutely disagree with this."

"He can rely on his powerful cultivation strength to intimidate us, and we can also unite to do over with him, so it's unknown if we can fight them off and escape."

"I also agree, since they are greedy and insatiable, let's fight them to the death and see who will live."

"Life and death is in the hands of the rich and powerful, but we still have to fight when it comes to the end, if we don't have the courage or guts to fight others, then what's the point of cultivating."

"Then turn the other cheek."


After half a day of transmitting and communicating, they finally came to such a conclusion.

Neither Jiang Lack nor the Crocodile Ancestor stopped them from communicating via voice transmission, and they looked so flat.

A calm face.

The mood was cold and uncertain.

Especially the Alligator Ancestor, when he looked at this group of Yin Yang Cultists, all of them had a few wisps of a smiling look in their eyes.

It was as if he was also quite expecting them to resist.

Or rather, he had made that condition in order to get the other party to rise up and resist.

Because then, he would be able to kill them in a logical manner.

And he would also be able to obtain the treasures on those Yin Yang Cultists, as well as the cultivation techniques they were familiar with.

These were pretty good for him.

So wanting.

For the people of the Yin-Yang Cult, the conditions given by the Crocodile Ancestor were still a dead end.

Nothing else.

If there was no cultivation in this world, there was really only one way to die.

Ordinary mortals living were worse than animals like cows and horses.

And before that, they had originally offended many people.

It was because they had offended, and once they were reduced to ordinary people, they were only afraid that they would attract countless reprisals, right?

Thinking about it made me feel crazy and terrified.

Therefore, no matter what, they had to break the dangerous situation and escape to save a small life.

"Senior, you are powerful, but we are not a good match, as long as you keep us alive, I don't know what to do."

That Yin-Yang Sect Holy Maiden hurriedly said again, "Behave yourself, and we'll meet again another day!"

"There's no need, just simply disappear from now on."

The Crocodile Ancestor smiled thickly and said, "Moreover, isn't it already keeping you alive by letting you ruin your own cultivation?"


Does that count?


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