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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1256 - Alligator Ancestor's Brain (Seeking Subscriptions)

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You want to take the little girl?

Want to take the little girl?

Even tried to take it by force?

How dare you think.

But as far as the crocodile ancestor was concerned, that yin-yang sect's holy woman was actually thinking about fart eating.

How could it be so good.

When they don't exist, or when they're all a bunch of ants?

He wasn't a fool.

Neither was Jiang Gou a fool.

Then, the only thing left was that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden herself was a fool.

If they were just a bunch of ants, they would have been targeted long ago for feasting and drinking these days.

Wealth does not reveal itself.

Many people understood this truth.

Those who truly dared to reveal, which one was not a strong person, which one did not have absolute confidence in their own strength.

Unluckily, they were such a person.

Faintly looking at the people in front of him, Jiang Mo looked calm and cold, his gaze as electric as the wind, "Yin Yang Sect, so it seems that this Yin Yang Sect should be annihilated as well."

Jiang Ji muttered.

At least this Yin-Yang Sect was originally a large sect.


Just right for him to carry out his plan.

In other words, the previous calculations should have changed.

At least that's what Jiang Xiao thought now.

That Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden couldn't have imagined that both Jiang Liao and the Crocodile Ancestor were existences she needed to look up to.

Of course.

Or the kind of strong person she couldn't even see the top when she looked up to them.

The supreme.

In this world, Jiang Ji was the supreme immortal, and he even felt that he might be stronger than the Red Dust Immortal.

However, that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden was not clear about this.

She looked at Jiang Gou and the Crocodile Ancestor with a bad face, "You two better get out of the way, or else blame me for the Yin Yang Sect's lack of mercy."


Jiang Jian spoke up, "How is this a disingenuous method?"

He was eager to see what kind of unsympathetic method this Saint Maiden of the Yin and Yang Sect was talking about.

In his eyes, whether you were a holy maiden and son or an emperor-level ancestor, they were all the same.

They're all just insects.

Not enough to be feared.

"If this Saint Maiden wants to forcefully take her away, none of you can stop her, and the only reason I'm asking is because I don't want her to be sad."

She said coldly, "So, it's not that this Holy Maiden didn't give you a chance, but that you didn't even cherish it yourselves."

Who was she?

The Holy Maiden of the Yin Yang Cult.

And how could she be an ordinary person.

Holding herself backed by a powerful sect, she also considered her cultivation realm to be inscrutable and didn't take Jiang Mo and the others seriously at all.

It was just two mole crickets.

Did she need to take them into consideration?

No need, not at all.

Gryphons are just gryphons.

Otherwise it wouldn't be possible to be called a Gryphon.

It was because of this that she looked cold.


Continuing, "However, you should not feel that this Holy Maiden has to ask your opinion in order to do so, even if it means taking it by force."

She believed that time was the best forgetfulness water.

Only a long enough time could erase everything.

Even if it was just to make the little inan forget about Jiang Lack and the Alligator Ancestor, it would be possible to do it.

It was probably just a matter of time.

Jiang lacked and Alligator Ancestor: "......."

They both looked at the Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden, who acted as if she was high and mighty, in astonishment, and were somewhat in tears.

Even very puzzled.

Couldn't figure it out.

What was that Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden thinking, and how did she decide that they were insects?

This was very puzzling.

As a Holy Maiden of a sect and a powerful existence that was still considered a genius in general, her vision shouldn't be so limited.

Not to say how brilliant, but at least she shouldn't be a fool.

But now it looked like Jiang Xiao thought she was a fool.

Who gave her the guts?

Who gave her the courage?

As that crocodile ancestor generally said, could it be that he felt his wings were hardened?

Jiang couldn't figure it out.

In fact, Crocodile Ancestor couldn't figure it out either.

How on earth did such a stupid person survive until now.

"Under normal logical circumstances, she should have fallen into the pit long ago and then been killed."

But the reality was not like this.

This once made Jiang Xiao feel the weirdness of reality coming.

Couldn't guess.

Couldn't understand it either.

That Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden had thought that her threatening words might be useful to both Jiang Gou and the Alligator Ancestor.

But the truth was.

When she said it, neither Jiang Lack nor the Alligator Ancestor paid any attention to her.

A pair of eyes looked at her as if she was looking at a fool.

That's right.

In the eyes of Jiang Mo and the Ancestor of Crocodiles, that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden was a fool who didn't know the sky.

It was estimated that she didn't even know when she would die.

How dare she be arrogant.

I really don't know where she got her courage from.

It was quite admirable anyway.

Jiang Mo looked slightly moved, so he suddenly said, "Alright, seeing as you didn't actually do anything, get out as far away as you can.

Otherwise, the poor Dao doesn't mind letting you, the so-called Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden, stay in Yan Capital City."

He, Jiang Chi, was not a benign person.

In the end, he was actually a decisive and murderous person.

Even if it was a woman, even if it was a holy maiden.

He would still fight and kill as usual.

Now there was no need to even do it himself, with the Crocodile Ancestor by his side, this Great Saint level existence would definitely help out properly.

Yin Yang Sect Saint Maiden: "........"

Jiang Guiao's words caused her a sudden burst of anger and annoyance.

A face that was already gloomy was even gloomier now.

Calling Jiang Gou all impressed.

As expected, saint maidens were all high-minded and arrogant.

They all thought that they were geniuses and that they were great.

Thus, they did not put others in their eyes.

This was normal.

They were used to being high and mighty.

Always believing themselves to be supreme, they were not afraid of anyone except for the seniors in their sects and sects.

But in reality.

They weren't aware that there were actually many more powerful people in this world.

It wasn't necessarily only in those sects and religions.


That Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden quickly said in a cold voice, "It seems that you guys are toasting the wine."

This time out, she had also brought many disciples of the Yin Yang Sect over.

Among them were two elders.

Although they weren't at the Great Saint level, their cultivation was higher than hers.

So with those two elders there, she could definitely ensure her absolute superiority and position.

With that kind of strength.

That's why she didn't panic at all.

Letting the storm surge in and let you Jiang Qian and the Crocodile Ancestor talk about the sky, she wasn't afraid.


The few Yin Yang Sect disciples around her, as well as the two Yin Yang Sect elders, all came together.

There was a great intention to surround Jiang Lack, Crocodile Ancestor and the others.

Looking at that expression, it seemed like they were about to make a move on Jiang Chi and the others at any moment.


The Crocodile Ancestor glared at him and said angrily, "You people of the Yin Yang Sect, you still want to force your hand?"

"So what if it is?"

"If you dare to offend my Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, then you are offending our entire Yin Yang Sect."

"A mere two Gryphons, do you really think you can guard everything?"

"Oh, that's a long way to go today."

"It is said that ah, in this world there are always some people who are confident."

"Also, but their so-called confidence and courage are nothing more than arrogance, they're actually nothing."

"Don't talk about people like that, maybe they're just trying to pretend in this way."


For a while.

Those disciples of the Yin Yang Sect spoke one word to another.

There was a great tendency to belittle Jiang Liao and the others to the point that they were nothing.

By holding themselves as disciples of the Yin Yang Sect, they were so high above the rest that they didn't put others in their eyes at all.

It seemed.

They were the Old Son of Heaven.

At this time.

Jiang Jian didn't say much else.

He just sat calmly and continued to eat and drink his own, unaffected at all.

It was as if the sky had collapsed, as if the storm clouds swirled and swept away, and even if the world had been destroyed, it had nothing to do with him, Jiang Someone.

He was still very calm.

Of course.

It wasn't that he didn't want to take action against that Yin Yang Cult.

It was just that he didn't feel the need.

Dirty hands.

He was an Earth Immortal, a true Immortal.

How could you personally do it.


That would ruin your own reputation.

Even though you don't care much about your reputation, the truth is, sometimes you still have to care a little bit.

That was the case right now.

Moreover, no matter if it was that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, or those Yin Yang Sect disciples or elders.

In fact, he didn't even put it in his eyes.

So well.

No fear at all.

Everything was under his Jiang Ren's control.

No matter how hard you jump, you can't jump from his Five Finger Mountain.

It's just like some monkey.

There's nothing you can do if you can't get out.

What can you do?

In the end, they only had to concede the matter.

Therefore, Jiang Qiao felt that those people from the Yin Yang Sect should be the same.

In the end, they would have to admit their guilt.

On the side.

The Alligator Ancestor was a bit surprised.

In his heart, he couldn't help but ponder, "Strange, according to his master's temperament, he should have already made a move.

Even if he didn't do it, he would have gone out of his way to dig a pit, and then waited for these Yin Yang Sect members to jump into the pit."

That was the normal logic.

He had experienced that firsthand, and had experienced what it felt like.

It was actually a bit unpleasant.

At this time.

The Alligator Ancestor couldn't help but secretly think in his mind, "No, I must have thought wrong.

It's reasonable to say that the master is such a powerful existence that those people from the Yin Yang Sect are just like real ants in his eyes.

So it doesn't matter if he moves his hand or even speaks out or not.

This situation now should be something he's hinting at.

It just didn't occur to me for a while."

What exactly was it?

What was the implication of your own master?

"No, I must guess it, I must behave well in front of my master."

The Alligator was well aware that he was a mount.


And he was not willing to just be a mount.

So well.

Himself needed to change.

And change would require taking the initiative to do something about it.

And no matter what it was, it needed to show sincerity to the self-master, which was Jiang lacking.

Or rather, to see his own strengths.

"Only if I'm still useful, will he continue to use me in the future, so he won't look at me as just a mount."

Crocodile Ancestor thought, "So, this is the only path in front of me now, I must enlighten my master's thoughts, I must find out exactly how he thinks about this matter."



It was as if the Alligator Ancestor had thought of something.

He couldn't help but secretly think, "Something doesn't seem right, just now the master went out of his way to sarcasticly mock that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden.

From this, we can deduce that the master must be dissatisfied with the Yin Yang Sect's holy girl.

At the same time, the relationship between the master and Little Inan can also fully support this point.

As for why he didn't do anything, why he didn't dig a pit for those of the Yin Yang Cult, it was most likely because he was too powerful himself, and he was too embarrassed to bully the little ones with the big ones, nor was he too embarrassed to directly speak out and dig a pit.

That's why he didn't show it.

And I, Alligator Someone, as the master's mount, must do something."

The crocodile ancestor felt that he would be out of his mind.

Since he had comprehended what Jiang was thinking, shouldn't he do something about it.

"Oh, Master doesn't want to bully the small with the big, that's because he's benevolent and a good person."

Crocodile Ancestor secretly said, "But I'm different, whether it was before I was suppressed by the Buddhist seal, or after this, I'm not a good person.

What the master doesn't want to do, I'll just do it for him.

I'll just be the one to be the evil one.

Moreover, I, Alligator Someone, am also a great saint, so it would be a handful to deal with a bunch of guys who are far from even being great saints."

It should be easy, easy to think.

No effort at all.

Not to mention, it would also be an opportunity to gain the goodwill of one's master, Jiang Lack.

How nice this was.


"This idea should be quite good."

The Alligator Ancestor thought so in his heart, "This time, I, Alligator Someone, will definitely make this matter beautiful for my master, so that he can take a look at my strength and ability, and he will be able to impress me in the future."

This will definitely work!


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