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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1255 - I'm Taking Her Away (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The face of the Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden was delighted, it was a one in a million chance to meet a person with a good constitution in a place like this.

The probability was too low.

But it was biased to let her encounter it.

The physique was special, and that was enough.

As long as she brought back to the Yin Yang Sect and cultivated it properly, she would be able to become a strong person in the future and become a sword in their hands to a large extent.

For this model, as a Saint Maiden she was very clear about it.

Because of this, the first time she saw the little inan, she thought of these situations.

Just bring it directly back to the Yin Yang Sect.

As for the Jiang lack and the Crocodile Ancestor, she didn't put it in her eyes at all.

One mighty bearded man, who looked mighty, actually had no skills at all.

As for the other one, he was just a scholarly young man.

As for the other, he was just a scholarly young man. He was too young to have much cultivation.

Based on these circumstances, she felt that this matter had great potential.

Those thoughts just now weren't just ideas either, they could very well become reality.

It could even start to be implemented right away.

It wasn't difficult at all.

And so.

Under the startled gazes of Jiang Qian and the Alligator Ancestor, that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden slowly walked over, "Little sister, what's your name?"

It was as if they hadn't seen Jiang Xiao and the Alligator Ancestor.

Inan: "........"

She didn't pay any attention to that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden.

Instead, she gave her a suspicious glance, then looked at Jiang Lack, and saw that her own brother did not speak.

It was as if he didn't hear.

Nor did she pay attention to the other party.

The Yin Yang Cult's Holy Maiden: "...."


What's going on here?

Ignore me?

Her eyebrows were raised, but she was a little startled.

I thought to myself, "What the hell is going on here, why is she ignoring me?"

Still not thinking about that, she said, "Little girl, I see that you haven't started cultivating yet, why don't you come with your sister?"

practice to become stronger.

She felt that with the kind of conditions, she should be able to attract little Inan.

After all, right now, Inan doesn't practice, a person who doesn't practice, is incredibly eager to be able to practice.

And in the view of the Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, there should be no problem in fooling the little inan.

It might even be easier.


Inan still didn't pay attention to her because she didn't know her at all, plus Jiang Jian didn't say much else.

So the little inan doesn't dare to talk to that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, even if she looks really beautiful.

Inan still understands the importance of affinity.

However, the Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden was in a depressed mood, lowered to the bottom for an instant, and didn't know what to do.

She was a Holy Maiden.

She was the Holy Maiden of the Yin-Yang Sect.

Now she was being ignored by a little girl, and had no intention of taking care of her at all.

Or is it that the matter of cultivation is actually not attractive to little girls at all?

She didn't know.

"Little girl, do you want to cultivate with your sister?"

The unbelieving holy woman of the yin and yang religion continued to ask questions as if she was unwilling not to find out what happened.

In the past.

All she had to do was say that she was recruiting people, that she could follow her cultivation, and many people would show up.

But now, she actually ran into a wall here at Little Inan.

People simply don't pay attention to you, and let you talk about breaking the sky, let you talk about breaking the earth, and make special sense, but you can't move her.

As for the matter of cultivation, she didn't care about it, and the strength she showed up from time to time wasn't weak anyway.

She was even more not lacking in cultivation.

So the good intentions of that Yin-Yang Cult's Holy Maiden were not interesting at all, and she did not want to have any unclear connection with her, lest it affect her relationship with her brother.

What's a mere Yin-Yang Cult?

Although the little inan didn't understand this, deep down, she instinctively felt this way.

After all, she was considered an alternate rebirth of the Fierce Man Emperor.

In a way, she was the Tough Man Emperor.

Therefore, although she was still young, she didn't want to follow any Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden cultivation.

In other words, there was no point in such cultivation.


After being ignored once again, that Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden's face began to turn green.

She probably did not expect that a little girl would actually dare to ignore herself like this.

At this time.

When she saw that the little inan was unmoved, she cast her gaze on Jiang Gou, "Kid, this is your sister, right, what do you have to say about letting her go with this Saint Maiden to the Yin Yang Sect to cultivate?"

Jiang lacked: "........"

Opinions were naturally there.

It was just that Jiang Xiao didn't say it.


It's been a long time since I've been called that, but I haven't heard that voice in many years.

A bit nostalgic.

That seemed like a long time ago.

His eyes reminisced and began to recall the past, as if countless hours had passed.

So still, he didn't respond to that Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden.

It was close to driving the other party crazy.

How many meanings was this?

At any rate, this holy maiden is the head holy maiden of the Yin Yang Sect, her cultivation is not bad, what do you mean by ignoring each and every one of you?

You know, when she entered the inn, her reputation had already spread.

So, she thought that Jiang Jian and Little Inan must be aware of her identity, and in fact it was so.

Not only Jiang Xiao and little Inan, even the Crocodile Ancestor heard about the Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, the street has gone crazy.

It is said that this Holy Maiden is also a beautiful woman.

But that's all.

A beautiful woman.

It's not like he hasn't seen her before in his life.

Back in the early years, before he was sealed and suppressed by the Buddhists, he had seen many beauties.

So seeing this Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden right now wasn't a big deal, not to mention that she was still masked, so God knows if she was a real beauty.

It was right for his own master to not take care of it.

"If it were me, I wouldn't take care of her either."

Crocodile Ancestor thought in his heart, "It's just the Yin Yang Sect, even if it was strong, it wouldn't be as strong as its master."

At least a great emperor.

Such a status gave the Alligator Ancestor a lot of confidence.

As soon as he saw Jiang Ji frowning, he immediately stepped forward, "Bold, you're just a Holy Maiden who dares to come out and flaunt your courage, who gave you the courage to do so?"

Yin-Yang Cult Virgin: "..."

It wasn't that I hadn't noticed the crocodile ancestor, it was just that from the beginning, I felt that this mighty bearded man was actually just a follower.

Therefore, a mere attendant was nothing.

But the Alligator Ancestor's sudden berating and reviling, that was different.

She was a Holy Maiden.

At any rate, she was a Saint Maiden of the Yin Yang Sect.

Originally, she didn't want to make things difficult with Jiang Qian and the Alligator Ancestor for the sake of her inan's natural aptitude.

But it was different now.

There was something special about the situation.

She was angry.


Turning her cold gaze to the Alligator Ancestor, she continued, "Get out of here before this Holy Maiden gets completely angry!"

Get as far away as you can.

That would be best.

Unfortunately, she thought too much.

How could the Alligator Ancestor be a disgrace to her.

He, Old Crocodile, had feared everyone in his life, but no one was afraid of a mere Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden.

Honestly, he really didn't put it in his eyes.

And so.

The Crocodile Ancestor also said coldly, "Little girl, you're quite courageous, I just don't know if you'll still have such courage later."


If you dare to talk to him like that, don't you have a prior check on his cultivation?

"This Holy Maiden wants to take this little girl to the Yin Yang Cult for cultivation, which of you is in favor and which of you is against?"

That holy woman didn't care about the words of the Alligator Ancestor, but continued, "I'm sure you've heard about the power of my Yin Yang Sect, which has developed over the years and..."

Immediately after.

She said a whole bunch of things about the Yin Yang Sect.

Its purpose should have been to threaten and suppress Jiang Lack and the Alligator Ancestor, although she could solve the problem in the most direct way.

But that way was not the best way, so she had always felt that it was unnecessary.

Because it would be a waste instead.

It would be better to make a direct threat faster.

As expected.

In the next moment, many people in this inn turned pale and were worried for Jiang Lack and the others.

There were also people who felt that it was actually quite good to have the little inan go to the Yin Yang Sect to cultivate, and to be able to follow a Holy Maiden to cultivate.

This was something that no amount of people could ever ask for, and maybe there would be a chance to become the next Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden in the future.

How nice.

Such an opportunity was a rare one.

At least, many people thought that if it were themselves, they might have agreed to it.

But not now.

The one who was really facing this problem was Jiang Lack, the little inan, how could they compromise.

Compromise was impossible to compromise in this lifetime.

Not to mention, after a series of experiments previously proved that his Jiang lacked the early Earth Immortal realm, it was actually different.

It was precisely because of this that they were smiling at that Holy Maiden of the Yin Yang Sect.

The meaning of the words was actually quite obvious, but that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden might not understand it.

Nor could she understand it.

She looked at Jiang Mo and Crocodile Ancestor with astonishment, but one of them was even stranger than the other.

And then look at little Inan.

This little girl, who was about three years old, was so calm and relaxed.

It was as if nothing had happened, it was really somewhat astonishing, "What kind of group of existences are they?"

This moment.

Even she herself secretly suspected that her so-called strong idea that the Yin Yang Sect was one of the top sects in the world seemed a bit wrong.

Not only was it wrong, it might even be outrageously wrong.

"Who the hell are you guys?"

That Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden said coldly, "Why has this Holy Maiden never seen you before?"

That was true.

In all the years she'd been traversing the world, she hadn't seen Jiang Lack and the Alligator Ancestor at a glance; it was as if they had appeared out of thin air.

Of course.

She was a little embarrassed at the moment.

Jiang Mo's gaze was electric, but he smiled without saying anything, thinking that it wouldn't do to bring a little inan.

If it was Ye Fan here, then there might still be some chance, but he, Jiang Someone, was different.

He was different!

The early Earth Immortal realm wasn't just words, it was an actual realm.

At the same time, this kind of realm was actually still invincible in this world.

Because of this, he didn't panic at all, just waiting for that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden to become annoyed and then strike out in anger.

At that time, he would have a chance to make a move.

"Little girl, this ancestor advises you that it's not too late to kowtow and apologize for your mistake."

The Crocodile Ancestor said creepily, "Otherwise, the consequences might not be something you can bear."

Not to say that Jiang Hou directly took action, even if he did, it wasn't enough to see that Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden's skills.

Not enough to see at all.

He was a great saint level powerhouse, but this kind of cultivation was inscrutable, yet it was not something that anyone could compare to.

At this time.

Little Inan also said, "Big sister, go away, Little Inan doesn't like you and doesn't want to go cultivating with you, you'd better die of this heart, Little Inan is going to cultivate with her brother."

She directly stated her attitude.

Because she had a brother.

Therefore, she didn't need another sister or anything like that.

Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden: "........"

She was suddenly a little annoyed that all of them had actually taken a stand except for Jiang Chi, was this because she felt that she was too inferior to the Yin Yang Sect Holy Maiden.

Her cold gaze swept towards Jiang Chi at once, whether it was from the words of the Crocodile Ancestor or from the words of Little Inan, she had actually heard that Jiang Chi was their main backbone.

"It's just that this Saint Maiden would like to see how powerful you are!"

She doesn't believe in this evil, she must take little Inan away, Inan's talent is too good.

I'm not going to let you go.


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