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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1254 - Yin Yang Sect (Seeking Subscription)

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This day.

Jiang Chi and the Alligator Ancestor were enjoying themselves inside Yandu, and incidentally, they had also started to collect some merit methods.

And yet, a group of uninvited guests came to Yandu City.


Just uninvited guests.

The arrival of this group of people added a lot of mystery and oddity to the otherwise silent Yan Capital, and their clothes were not ordinary people at a glance.

Not only were they not ordinary people, they were a group of strong people with extraordinary cultivation.

At least that was how it looked to many people in Yan Capital.

This group of people had an extremely odd air about them, as if they had some sort of lonely, arrogant, and unapproachable feeling.

Calling people to feel cold as soon as they approached.


When this group of people arrived at Yan Capital City, the people on the street instinctively made way for them.

Some of them recognized that the cuff pattern on their clothes was a Yin and Yang Tai Chi diagram, and many of them saw it.

They couldn't help but stare at them.

"Look, we actually have strangers in Yan Capital City again, they look like they should be strong men."

"What strong people, they're not just any strong people."


"Did you see the pattern on those people's cuffs, less Juan Xiu?"

"I've seen it, but I just don't feel anything, isn't that just a yin-yang taiji diagram."

"The pattern on it is something that is only found in the legendary Yin-Yang religion."


"So, aren't those people from the Yin Yang Cult?"

"I guess so."



After that group of strangers appeared, the entire Yandu City began to change.

Everyone began to be more cautious, although it was said that a strong dragon couldn't overpower a snake in the ground, if the dragon was too powerful, the snake wouldn't be able to do a thing.

It was realistic.

But there was no one who could do anything about it.

After all, people were too strong, and just that unintended breath was enough to shock people.

It was definitely not comparable to ordinary people.

This could be seen very intuitively from the attitude of the cultivators on the street who automatically gave way.

Strong people, no one was willing to offend.

"So it's someone from the Yin-Yang Sect."

"Man, is this Yin Yang Sect famous?"

"How can I put it, it's quite powerful, people have holy sons and daughters, and a complete management system and inheritance system."


"That's for sure, not to mention all that, even the strength of the people themselves is still strong."

"I don't know what the status of these Yin Yang Sect people who came over here is."


Anyway, many people began to speculate secretly.

Of course, there were some cowboys who recognized them right away.

"Look, I know that leader ah."


"I wonder who that is?"

"That woman is none other than that Yin Yang Cult's Holy Maiden."

"Hiss, that powerful?"


"So how do you know each other?"

"Once by chance, I ran into a battle, which included this Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden, whom I knew then."

"Bullshit, you were at most hiding from afar to take a look."

"It's okay to poke at people and not poke at the pain!"


The man was so embarrassed.

It was true that he had been a bit of a wimp at first.

But so what?


But he himself knew the Saintess of Yin and Yang.

--Although the Virgin didn't know herself, although it was just her own wishful thinking and self-interest.

But you do know yourself after all.

"It's much better than those old dirt."

Although I was a bit of a wimp back then, I was at least considered an ox.

Otherwise, when that Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden appeared, he wouldn't have been able to think of it in the first place.


None of these things had anything to do with that Yin Yang Sect, or even with Jiang Xiao and the others.

Originally, Jiang Jiang had spent a few days in Yandu City, and the Crocodile Ancestor had also collected many techniques by various methods.

They were planning to leave.

But not today.

The sky was a little late.

"Little inan, today you are a table of delicious food, and you are about to eat like a ball."

Jiang Xiao said with a smile, for the little inan his look was the most gentle.


Actually alligator ancestors are envious.

Envy from the very beginning.

Himself was essentially a crocodile.

Naturally, he couldn't attract the attention of his own master.


Really, the old crocodile definitely didn't feel wrong about this.

Nor did he lie.

But in reality.

In some ways, his crocodile ancestor was actually considered Jiang Lack's right-hand man, at least in this world of shade.


At least Jiang Lack treated him well.

The three of them still chose a location by the window of the inn, Jiang lack of money, let the shop second wait on good wine and good food, the three of them will eat and drink.

Little inan was amused by Jiang lack's words, she said, "Brother, I won't become a ball, right, what is a ball?"

She just instinctively felt that Jiang Gou was calling herself fat.

But she was clearly not fat.

Of course.

She also didn't know anything about the word pellet. ,.

Jiang Chi smiled, "You little girl, these days those shopkeepers are afraid of you, if you eat any more, people will complain."

"Brother, but didn't we pay for it?"

"It's given, but people think it's too little, so I'm spending more these days."

"Huh? Brother, I'd better eat less after that."

"Don't worry, brother just gave you a joke, we have plenty of money, we lack everything in this life, just not money, understand?"




Crocodile Ancestor looked at the warm words between Jiang Lack and Little Inan and suddenly felt wonderful for a moment.

Actually, it was quite nice.

Who said that cultivation had to be living on the sword wave, who said that it had to be counting that all day long.

It's okay to be a little bland.

This kind of life was nice.

He didn't really want to pursue too much more.

At this moment, even the Great Emperor wasn't attractive enough to him in the Alligator Ancestor's opinion.

It was just that such thoughts were just a fleeting thought.

Because Crocodile Ancestor knew that this kind of life was just what he could enjoy these days, and in fact the next time they followed Jiang's plan, they would have to cause trouble almost every day.

That's right.

Just stirring up trouble.

About this plan, Jiang Hou had already told the Alligator Ancestor.

But he didn't have the right to refute it, nor could he refute it.

According to the idea that Jiang had put forward, it seemed to be quite good for him, and it was just as well to hone his skills.

It was actually quite good.

At this time.

Suddenly a group of uninvited guests came into the inn.

And they still came directly to the second floor.

Someone with sharp eyes fixed their eyes to see, wasn't this those people from the Yin Yang Sect.

One of the women led the group.

According to what those people had said before, this woman should be the so-called Holy Maiden of the Yin Yang Cult.

Jiang Mo and the Crocodile Ancestor and the others naturally noticed it as well.

They were not slightly surprised.

This group of people was good and looked strong.


The thing that made Jiang Guiao frown tightly was not right now, but he suddenly remembered something, "If I remember correctly, this Yin Yang Sect should be considered a rather bad sect.

I remember, in the original plot, Ye Fan adopted Little Inan, but Little Inan was also taken away because of the Yin-Yang Cult.

One of them is this Yin Yang Cult's Holy Maiden who personally took it away, because she was interested in Inan's talent.

So, it's not necessarily good.

I just don't know, this time, because of me, Jiang Shi, disrupted the original plot of little Inan, will these Yin Yang Sect people still take her away?

Especially this Yin-Yang Sect's Holy Maiden!"

The other party was masked, so he couldn't see.

Nor was it clear what she actually looked like.

Only that.

Jiang Jiang was clear that this Yin Yang Cult wasn't really a good thing.

It was because of this that he frowned, "I hope they don't do anything stupid, and this Yin Yang Cult's Holy Maiden doesn't get carried away.


At that time, he, Jiang Someone, would not be polite.

After all, the world didn't need a single family, and Little Inan didn't need a sect to teach her cultivation.

Jiang could teach it himself.

Not to mention that this Yin Yang Sect wasn't really a good thing.

Moreover, in Jiang Mo's opinion this also included that Holy Maiden of theirs, who was also not a good thing.

After thinking about it.

After taking a glance at the little inan and sizing up those of the Yin Yang Cult, Jiang Ke stopped sizing up the people.

Instead, he buried his head in food and drink.

What could be more enjoyable than this.

So what if it was the Yin-Yang Sect?

If it was Ye Fan, he might have been afraid and compromised at first.

But he, Jiang Xiao, would not.

With his cultivation and strength, how could he be afraid of this.


"Even if it's their Yin Yang Cult that pours out their nest, I am not afraid of it,"

This was clear to Jiang Ji, "And now, even if I don't step in, a mere crocodile ancestor at the level of a great saint would be able to suppress this Yin Yang Cult's Holy Maiden."

They simply weren't enough to see.

Jiang Chi knew this very well and was very clear about it.

In this world, strength was the way to go.

Strong strength could only guarantee eternal benefits, and this point was universal in every world.


He wasn't worried at all.

Because he was already at the early stage of the Earth Immortal Realm.

He didn't care.

Or rather, even if this Yin Yang Sect's Holy Maiden wanted to forcibly take Little Inan away, he, Jiang Xiao, had the strength to stop them.

"They don't have that strength yet."

Jiang Mo secretly thought, "Of course, it's hard to say if they have the guts, after all, people's guts are sometimes very strange, and even if it's because they're lonely and proud, they can still be born with a very strong guts."

However, Jiang Chi wasn't afraid.

Even the Alligator Ancestor wasn't afraid.

He was just as unconcerned with this group of Yin Yang Sect people.

One had to know that he, the Crocodile Ancestor, was a Great Sage level cultivator, and in this era, after that Desolate Heavenly Emperor once dictated to the ages, even a Great Sage level existence was now the head of each holy land.

Or an ancestor now.


He could take care of the Yin Yang Sect all by himself.

Of course.

Not now, after all, people hadn't even started to cross swords yet, and they hadn't discovered the special nature of little Inan.

And there was no intention of taking little Inan away.

People had just arrived.

It was just that Jiang was a little dissatisfied with the Yin Yang Sect.

His cold gaze fell on these people, cold light came out, and there was a terrifying atmosphere that filled the air for a time.

But it also went quickly.

Jiang Xia was so well controlled that even the little inan didn't notice.

"Brother, are we leaving Yandu City tomorrow?"

"Yeah, after so many days, it's time to leave, Yandu City is nice, but it's not our place."

"But I've gotten used to this place, and I'm a bit reluctant to leave."

"Be good, the worst that can happen is that we'll come back often to see it from now on, Yandu City is right here anyway, and there's no escaping it."

"That's true, but I still can't leave it behind."

"Then later on I'll go out and have a good stroll, splurge, buy more things, and let our little inan be a rich man again, hahaha!"


Inan was quite happy though, she liked shopping and stuff the most.

It was quite nice to go out for a stroll this time.

This conversation between the two of them did attract the attention of those people from the Yin Yang Sect.

Especially that Holy Maiden of theirs.

At this moment, she turned around to carefully examine them, and she first took a glance at Jiang Kou and Crocodile Ancestor, and was secretly relieved when she found that there was nothing special about them.

Finally, her gaze fell on the little inan.

"This little girl's physique is quite special..."

That Saint Maiden of the Yin Yang Sect thought, "If my Yin Yang Sect can get it, it may not necessarily not be able to grow in the future."

To come out on a trip and meet such a good thing, it seems that this is the heavens all helping themselves.

Very good!


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