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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1253 - Little Inan (Seeking Subscriptions)

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This place has the most prosperous things in the world, as well as a wide variety of cultivators.

Enemies and grudges, cultivation enmity between a thread.

How many grudges throughout the ages have been in it and can't be extricated.

Jiang Ji was drinking the wine himself and poured it into his mouth when he tilted his head.

He leaned against a table by the window, surrounded by guests who were drinking, but no one dared to disturb him.

The dusty temperament made many cultivators stop in their tracks in awe.

The actual time of the day, you'll be able to find a lot of people who'll be able to get the most out of the game.

The ones that can live are not stupid, and the ones that are stupid have naturally died.

They have long since become dead bones in the mound.

The first thing to come out of the game was a banishment of the immortals, and the second thing to come out of the game was a banishment of the immortals.

The crocodile ancestor himself went to find out the news.

He didn't return.

He can't understand what Jiang Ji is doing, so he goes to find out more about it.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the window and see that the street, which is about 10 meters wide, is already full of people.

In the center of it, there were some powerful cultivators riding exotic beasts.

Sort of showing off their pride.

To show off their prowess.

There were as many of them as there were cow hairs.

Jiang Jiang took it all in.

His face was exceptionally calm, neither happy nor sad, as if this mundane and dusty matter had nothing to do with him.

On the street.

Crowds of people swarmed on both sides, while on both sides were some shops selling objects used in the cultivation world.

There should be everything.

Commerce was also extremely prosperous.

"It's really not bad."

Jiang Qiao praised, "Worthy of being Yan Capital, the prosperity here should only be a microcosm of what's going on in the entire cultivation world."

He looked at the end at a glance.

There was no fighting, killing, looting, or anything like that.

Perhaps the law and order environment of this Yan Capital had messed up quite well, or perhaps it was because of other reasons that this place was very centered.

And yet.

Today, when he looked over, he saw a three-year-old girl walking down the street.

She was wearing tattered little clothes and little shoes with toe holes showing, begging alone in a sea of people.

She was timid and had her head down, as if she had done something wrong.

Big eyes hung with tears.

Like a homeless little girl.


"Dressed like this, could it be her?"

Jiang Ji secretly mused, "Rumor has it that the Fierce Man Emperor had left behind his own Dao Fruit, which transformed into a divine infant.

Its an obsession of the Fierce Man Emperor in the Red Dust.

The little girl she begged in Yandu has a mysterious origin, her form doesn't grow up, and she loses her previous memories every once in a while.

If it's really her..."

That's a lot of fun.

Little Inan should have been adopted by Ye Fan.

But now it is by chance that he was met by Jiang Xiao.

Isn't this chaos.

"By the looks of it, it looks a lot like her."

Jiang Xiao sighed in his heart, "It would have been fine if I hadn't met her, but now that I've met her, I can't ignore it."

The little inan was ultimately pitiful.

Although she was the result of the dao fruit of the Ruthless Emperor, and counted as an alternate reincarnation of the Ruthless Emperor.

But Little Inan was again very different from the Fierce Man Emperor.

Inherently they were one.

But under the marks of the years, they began to change again and became different.

"Old Crocodile, go and politely invite that little girl up here for the poor."

The Crocodile Ancestor was in the inn.

Since hearing Jiang Xiao's voice transmission, his entire body was shocked, "The master is actually interested in a little girl?"

What is this?

He was ten thousand times puzzled.

But Jiang Jian didn't give him any unnecessary explanations and gazed coldly, waiting for the little inan to be brought up.

He didn't care what method the crocodile ancestor would use.

In short, he wanted to see the little inan.

"Perhaps it would be a good idea to adopt it."

Jiang Qiao suddenly remembered, "I don't have a sister yet, so it would actually be quite good if I could have the little inan as my sister."

And Little Inan's problems, in the eyes of him, a strong man in the early Earth Immortal Realm, naturally, it didn't even matter.

Not to mention growing up, it was quite possible for memory to always exist.

And, it wasn't easy for little Inan.

That appearance of hers was pitiful.

Jiang lacked that cold heart, that walking around with the thought that he was only passing through in the worlds of the heavens, all began to melt at this moment.

That's right.

He was moved with compassion.

Originally, Jiang Xiao thought that he wouldn't move the so-called compassionate heart.

But now it seemed that he still moved.

Little Inan was a pitiful person, and he just wanted a sister.

"Against the time river does not dump."

Jiang Mo closed his eyes, "I'll just follow my true heart, there's no need to do anything deliberately."

This was very clear to him.

Immediately after.

Jiang Qiao added, "It might be better to take her with you."

Many things would be justified.


The Crocodile Ancestor brought up the little inan in a polite manner.

Then retreated.

The little inan looked somewhat confusedly at Jiang Qiao, "Big brother, did you call me up here?"


"And do you know where my brother is?"

"You're looking for your brother?"


"Where are your parents?"

"Long dead, I only remember being with my brother."

"What was your brother's name?"

"I...I don't remember."

"Well, you won't have to look for it later, because I'm your brother."



"But I can't remember, I'll forget after a while."

"Be good, don't be afraid, it's a small thing."

Jiang Xiao stretched out his hand, and a divine light enveloped the little inan.

A terrifying light flew out.

The mysterious air began to spread out on Little Inan's body, and its memory situation was unraveled under Jiang's Immortal Yuan mana.

From then on, she would not lose her memory.

"It's okay."

Jiang Chi smiled and said, "Little Inan, from now on, you will be my Jiang Chi's sister, no one will dare to bully you with your brother here."

Not even this world.

Not even.

He, Jiang Chi had an early Earth Immortal realm cultivation, this was the bottom line.

"Brother, I have a brother."

Little Inan was happy, the brother she had searched for so many years had finally been found.

But Jiang Qian sighed, "I don't know how she'll feel when she finds out that I'm not her real brother."

In a way, little Inan's last life was actually the Tough Man Emperor.

In essence, she was actually the Tough Man Emperor.


I don't know if it was right or wrong for me to take Little Inan as my sister.

"No matter if it's right or wrong, you'll be my sister from now on."

He looked at Little Inan's eyes that caught the tears and were watery, so he became a little happy.

It was really a great pity.

Even if the king of heaven came, he couldn't take the little inan away.

"Brother, I... I'm hungry."

Little Inan suddenly said, and got a little embarrassed.

Her little face was red, as if she was still a little embarrassed.

It made Jiang Jiankou laugh, "Good, brother, I'll let Xiao Er serve the food, to make sure you eat enough, and you won't be hungry in the future."

In the midst of his words, Jiang Chi instructed.

Money he naturally had, and there was still a lot of it, and there was no problem at all with raising little Inan.

"Brother, you're so good."

The little innie barks and kisses a mouthful of kisses on the face of Jiang Chi's face, and then she smiles with happiness.

Although she only had the appearance of a three-year-old girl, she actually understood quite a few things.

Finding her brother meant that the obsession in her heart was gradually starting to transform.

Not far away.

Crocodile Ancestor, on the other hand, was a bit envious, "I really envy her, recognizing her master as her brother at such a young age, that's a much higher starting point than me."

For that, he was all envious.

It was a pity that he didn't have this kind of opportunity.

"With her master taking care of her, she'll be flying high from now on."

Crocodile Ancestor thought darkly.

This was also predictable.

Jiang Qian was secretly shocked and his eyes flickered, "Little Inan, do you like following your brother?"


The little inan could feel the goodwill of Jiang lacking.

Naturally happy.

And, she instinctively sensed that the Jiang Xiao in front of her was actually the brother she was looking for.

Now that it had been found.

And the fact that the brother was still nice to himself made little Inan's heart happy.

As Xiao Er brought up the food, little inan began to eat, perhaps hungry for too long, she was a little wolf to swallow.

Seeing Jiang Jiankou heartache.

"Inan, slow down and eat, no one will steal from you."

He touched the little inan's little head, his eyes flashed with a soft look, "This little girl, she is really hungry."


He couldn't see a little girl like Little Inan suffer and be alone.

Not far away.

The Crocodile Ancestor who had already heard the news returned.

He stood respectfully beside Jiang Xiao and reported, not daring to take a seat and eat without Jiang Xiao's initial approval.

This was the difference between a sitter and a sister.

Inan could, but he couldn't, it was a courtesy.

Unless one could get Jiang Lack's approval, as well as his acknowledgement, it was only possible to eat at the same table.

Otherwise, it was simply impossible.

"Have you made all the inquiries?"

Jiang asked, "Is there anything else we missed this time?"

"Back to the master, no more."

The Crocodile Ancestor hurriedly explained, "This time, I've asked all about the various sects, religions, holy places, forbidden lands, and the like, and I've even gone to buy a map for safekeeping and usefulness."

"That's good."

Jiang Ji nodded and said, "You did the right thing, sit down first, and we'll find a nearby one to practice with first in a few days."


The crocodile ancestor was shocked and said, "Master, do you really... really want to do it?"

Isn't that a little too scary?

With the two of them, plus a drag queen, can they really go to those sects, religions, holy places, and forbidden places to borrow Kung Fu?

For some reason, Alligator always felt a little unlikely.

After all, it was hard to beat four hands with two fists.

Isn't it a bit too weak to rely on just the two of them.

Since they couldn't do it, then let's try a different method?


Before the Crocodile Ancestor could say his thoughts, Jiang Ji was the first to say, "When the time comes, Old Crocodile, you will open the way, and you must show the dominance of your Great Sage."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."

Suddenly he felt he might be trapped.

The master actually trusted himself this much.

"But, I don't even trust myself."

This was embarrassing.

Alligator Ancestor's heart was helpless.

It was also very depressed as well.

Was the Great Sage great?

There were Great Sage level existences in this Big Dipper Domain as well ah.

His Alligator Ancestor was really nothing when compared in this great environment.

This was bitter.

"Brother, I'm going too."

Little Inan picked up, "I want to come with you too, is that okay?"

"Aren't you afraid, little innie?"

Jiang Qiao smiled, "We're going to fight, so don't be afraid if you go."

"With my brother here, I'm not afraid."

The little inan continued, "Because brother will protect me, right?"


Jiang Kou all had to admire how quickly the little inan's thoughts turned.

It was also truly admirable.

Little Inan didn't know that Jiang Jiankou had actually planned for her to come along in the first place.

Now it was just another smooth agreement.



Alligator Ancestor was truly envious.

The way Jiang Xiao treated Inan and the way he treated him were simply two different attitudes.

It was truly enviable.

"It would be great if I could also be cared for and taken care of like this by my master."

He was full of expectations, but such a thing seemed inherently impossible ah.

He was only a mount himself.

"However, compared to many others, I'm a good enough mount."

The Crocodile Ancestor thought darkly, "Not everyone can become the master's sister or his mount, and I'm equally lucky."

Perhaps in the eyes of many others, he was worthy of the envy of others as well.

While Jiang Chi and Little Inan continued to say some sweet words, a group of uninvited guests arrived in this Yan Capital.

The reason why they were uninvited guests was simply because they were unpleasant visitors!


It was still just a bunch of ants in front of Jiang Qian!


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