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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1252 - Yandu? Don't understand (subscriptions required)

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After coming out of the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, Jiang Chi and the Alligator Ancestor walked around casually, while walking they came to a place.

This was a city, or let's call it a city.

Although it looked somewhat desolate to Jiang Ji, it was also somewhat ordinary, just like many ancient cities.

The only difference, presumably, was that there were many cultivators in this city.

Their presence laid the foundation for the city's prosperity and made it different.

Jiang Mo faintly looked at, at the entrance of the city, while the two words written on it he could not recognize.

So he asked, "Old Crocodile, can you read the words on it?"

"Recognize it though."

Crocodile Ancestor said, "It's just a little strange, when I left the Big Dipper Domain, there were no cities here."

"Well, the time has passed."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "After the passage of time, it has naturally become different."

Everywhere was developing, not to mention a place like the Big Dipper Star Domain.

It was also realistically normal for development to occur.

Not enough to be afraid of.

"You haven't said what those two words are called."

Jiang Xiao reminded up.

Hek couldn't wait.

The mood was a bit cold.

Crocodile Ancestor hurriedly said, "Yandu, master, these two words pronounce Yandu, so I guess this should be Yandu City."


Jiang mumbled up and carefully recalled, but he didn't remember what this Yandu was.

After all, it was too long ago.

It was normal for his memory to be fuzzy as well.

"However, what exactly is Yandu is a cultivation city of the Big Dipper Domain, it's just right for me to explore the situation."

Jiang Qiao thought so.

This Yandu was also very important.

Although he was very strong, he needed to pry for information.

After all, in this world, he only remembered a general idea, and the specifics weren't clear.

Based on this.

He then boldly said, "Old Crocodile, let's go into the city."

Such a good opportunity, we definitely have to go in.

"Master, what is our purpose?"

The Crocodile Ancestor was somewhat curious.

His own master was at least at the Great Emperor level in strength.

What was he worried about?

Can't read.

Can't see it either.

"Naturally, I'm asking about where there are ancient monuments, powerful clans, holy places and forbidden lands."

Jiang Ji's gaze narrowed, and his essence flickered, "All of these places have countless cultivation resources, and countless years of heritage, and their techniques and secret arts are beyond the imagination of ordinary people, and these are exactly what the Poor Dao wants."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."

He suddenly understood.

No wonder his own master had previously asked for a technique.

So this was the reason.

He understood.

It was actually something like this.

It was just that it still left him a little startled, "What does the master want these for?"

Reasonably, if it was just for cultivation resources, he could understand.

What the hell was a technique or secret art.

Those things were useless even if there were more of them.

Moreover, it was even more useless for a big man like Jiang Chi, who was at least at the Great Emperor level.

Could such an existence still be a little short of a merit method?


So, what's the use of bringing in those low-level feats?

He was confused.

Jiang Jiang smiled slightly, "Every technique has its own mysteries, and only when you gather the best of a hundred schools can you achieve great things.

Old Crocodile, learn from it."


The alligator, on the other hand, stared.

For a moment.

Staring up, incredulous.

Jiang Jian's words were unbelievable.

Horrifying enough.

And enough to overturn all his previous views.

"So, there can still be such a method?"

The Crocodile Ancestor was astonished and also secretly admired, "Gathering the strengths of a hundred families, perhaps only an existence as powerful as the master could have accomplished it."

Others didn't have this kind of talent and skill.

Anyway, after comparing it himself, he should be able to do half of it.

"Master, you're ox!"

The Crocodile Ancestor had to give a thumbs up.

Jiang Lack was really not a peak he could pass.

This was a big guy.

"Let's go, into the city."

Jiang Xiao didn't enjoy the alligator ancestor's flattery, probably because he was used to it.


Alligator Ancestor followed behind, acting like a little sidekick, not daring to cross the line at all.


It was a cultivation city.

But at the same time, it was also a very famous city in the Northern Star Domain.

It was just that neither Jiang Xiao nor the Alligator Ancestor were clear about it.

What Yandu or not Yandu, they didn't know, nor did they understand it.

Jiang Chi looked calm, "This Yan Capital is not bad, prosperous enough, if it takes time it can definitely grow."

He appraised.

The crocodile ancestor beside him nodded, "You're right, master, it's just that this kind of place is mixed with fish and dragons, so I'm afraid that I can't get much useful information, right?"

"That's not necessarily true."

Jiang Qiao said, "There are times when it's because of this kind of fish and dragon place that we can get the information we want to know."


That's not really something that Crocodile Joe has experienced much.

He was a little appalled.

Was the master his idea of right?

Is this really the kind of place where you can find the information you want?

To be honest, he was actually a little unconvinced and thought the whole thing was amazing.

At the same time.

He was also confused on the matter of how Jiang Lack was going to gather a hundred schools.

Not sure why.

That was something to look forward to.

And of course, there was worship.

That's right, the current Crocodile Ancestor was quite worshipful of Jiang Lack, the master.

Shouting that he had made the right choice.

Otherwise there wouldn't be so much shit going on now.

That's great.

He was thrilled just thinking about it.

"To have such a master, it can be considered my patron."

Crocodile Ancestor thought to himself, "In other words, such a good thing that no one else would even think of, only I, Crocodile Ancestor, can encounter it because of my luck."

This moment.

He felt that he was really lucky.

Awe-inspiring and domineering, looking down on the world.

If he hadn't seized this opportunity, he would probably just be an ordinary ancestor.

A very miserable kind.

It was depressing to think about.

It really shouldn't be.

At this time.

Jiang Chi continued, "Old Crocodile, lead the way and find the biggest and best inn, let's stay in it first."

Well, asking for news.

The most suitable one is an inn.

Nowadays, inns don't just provide accommodation, they also provide all kinds of food and drink.

Wine and dishes those are inevitable.

In other words, there are many people who eat, drink and have fun in such places.

Even those who were in cultivation.

That was also the case.

They could be well-informed.

That's why Jiang Hou had come to such a place, intending to let the Crocodile Ancestor go out and shed his face to find out the news.

Whether it would work or not, he didn't know.

But it should train the old crocodile well.

That was certain.

It was also for his own good.

That's what Jiang Xiao thought, the Crocodile Ancestor actually needed to continue exercising.

He had been suppressed by the Buddhist seal for so long that he might not know a lot about the human condition.

"Yes, master."

The Alligator Ancestor passed over with a hard, numb scalp, searching in his heart, "Master told me to find the biggest and best inn, and I don't know which one will count?"

What are the criteria?

That's not clear to him.

He could only go on a search first and pray that the heavens would bless him.

It wouldn't be good if it disgusted Jiang lacked, "After all, master he's very optimistic about me."

Although he didn't say it explicitly, he did see it, which is why this heart felt a bit strange.

At the moment.

Jiang Qian didn't actually know the inner thoughts of the Alligator Ancestor, he looked calm, looking forward to the various holy places and forbidden places in this world.

"When I was in the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land before, although I didn't go to that Fierce Emperor, the Fierce Emperor was actually registered there."

In other words, there he could go over there at any time.

Not necessarily the other places.

The ones to go to now were also other places, such as that Shaking Light Sacred Ground and so on.

"I guess those holy places should have quite a few techniques."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought, "I'd love to raise my entire cultivation realm to the mid Earth Immortal Realm."

After taking a turn in Yandu, the Alligator Ancestor thought that there was an inn that wasn't too bad, so he took Jiang Chi to stay there.

He was the one who handled the relevant matters the entire time, and Jiang Chi did not participate, nor did he seem to want to.

It probably didn't make sense.

Anyway, there was the Crocodile Ancestor, otherwise what was he looking for a mount for.

Naturally it wasn't to look good.

For the crocodile ancestor, however, this was a rare opportunity, at least he could perform in front of Jiang Liao.

If he could perform well, maybe he would rise in the future as well, too.

It was exciting to think about.

The Crocodile Ancestor actually thought the same, and he was also happy, "Master, I've asked around, there are really some clans and holy places around here, and the situation is like this..."


The Crocodile Ancestor told the news he had heard, probably because he felt that what he had heard was valuable.

So when he spoke to Jiang Xiao, his expression was still somewhat proud, as well as deliberate.

It seemed like he was eager to have Jiang Lack, the master, praise him.

For an existence like him, even at the Great Saint level of cultivation, he was still somewhat restrained when facing Jiang Lack today.

"Master, what do you think?"

After saying that, the Alligator Ancestor saw that Jiang Chi hadn't spoken for a long time and became anxious, "I've spent some effort and cost to get this information."

Jiang Qiao: "........"

Instead of praising the alligator for that, he frowned, "Is that all?"


The Alligator Ancestor was stunned at the news, "Shouldn't there be others besides these?"

Isn't that too much.

This information is already good enough for you.

Isn't it enough?

However, he had thought about it all by himself, there was absolutely no problem with it, it was definitely real and effective.

Jiang Chi, on the other hand, gave the Alligator Ancestor a glance in a bad mood, "Just knowing the names isn't enough, we also need to find out their exact location, as well as get a map, or else we'll have two eyes?"


The alligator ancestor wiped his cold sweat in a row and said, "Ahem, master, that, it's all my fault, I'm going to implement it clearly."

So there were so many dao here.

I've seen it all.

At this moment, the Crocodile Ancestor suddenly had a desire to worship Jiang Qian as his master.

Only that he was a rider, and once a rider, always a rider.

This was a reality that couldn't be changed.

The Crocodile Ancestor was about to turn around and go away, but was stopped by Jiang Ji, "Wait, don't be busy yet, the seat has an account to attend to.

You'd better find out about the forces of the various sects and holy lands, what kind of backgrounds they have, etc.

Be sure not to take any chances, even though the poor Dao has a profound cultivation, you should still be careful."

That's the way to go.

Otherwise, what is it?


The Crocodile Ancestor's heart was shaken and said, "So there are so many more dao, I had underestimated it before."

It was only when he really went to work on things that he realized it was difficult, really too difficult.

Snooping around for this information would no longer be something an ordinary person could do.

He needed a different method.

After the Alligator Ancestor left.

Jiang Ji sighed slightly, "Next, this is a catastrophe, I don't know how the one from the Desolate Forbidden Land is doing now."

Except for that brother of hers, no one was put in her sights, which showed how powerful she was.

Jiang Xiao didn't know.

Right now in that ancient forbidden land, the sleeping Ruthless Emperor suddenly frowned as if he was about to wake up.

It also seemed that, having encountered certain things, she could feel that her own brother seemed to have returned.

Yandu Li.

The Alligator Ancestor was frantically searching for information about those sects and holy lands, this was a first for him.

At one point, he actually got a little excited, "If I can take this opportunity to enter my master's eyes, then my future is boundless."

Just think of the many, many possibilities for the future if he was valued by an existence at the level of a great emperor.

"It might even be possible..."

Crocodile Ancestor's heart was in the right place, the Buddha had always been a thorn in his side.


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