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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1251 - Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land (Seeking Subscription)

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Big Dipper Domain.

This was a place in the Great World of the Obscuring Sky where human cultivation was the main focus, and the forbidden lands were so rampant that it screamed despair.

Only those with monstrous strength and unparalleled talent could barely make it through.

And this place was called the Forbidden Zone of Life.

There were many forbidden areas in the world, and among them, the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area was famous, or because the place where Jiang lacked them was the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area.

The current Desolate Forbidden Area's current Desolate Master was the Ruthless Emperor, and Jiang Xiao still knew this.

"Rumor has it that the Dark Movement . The initiator of the chaos needs to reduce his lifespan every time he ascends and evolves, so he absorbs the life evolution of the universe's ten thousand races to replenish himself, and the ten thousand races call this catastrophe the Dark Turmoil . . chaos."

Jiang Jiang said slowly, "Therefore, in these life forbidden areas and forbidden lands, the phenomenon of life essence and life span passing away will occur, and even Great Saints cannot avoid it."

It was only that the effect was less obvious for Great Sage level existences.

Alligator Ancestor: "........"

He was instinctively a little fearful, and he even said, "Please help me out, I still want to continue working for my master."

He knew that this should be the legendary restricted area of life.

Otherwise, Jiang Gou wouldn't have said these words.

"If you follow Poverty Dao and become Poverty Dao's mount, Poverty Dao will naturally shelter you."

Jiang Kou nodded and said, "At any rate, you are considered one of us, this Life Forbidden Zone is powerful, and some kind of power in it has gradually formed rules, but Poverty Dao is not afraid."

In this world, Jiang Ji wanted to change his name.

The title of this seat seemed a bit too high profile.

Hence the use of Poverty Dao.

He considered himself to be a Daoist anyway.

"Thank you, Master."

At first, the Crocodile Ancestor really didn't feel anything, but after being reminded by Jiang Xiao, he felt the life force draining away.

It was slow, but it was still draining away.

After Jiang Xiao settled the matter for him with a wave of his hand, he also clearly felt that his life force and longevity were not draining away.

"Is this the big brother, is this the master's skill?"

It was terrifying to think about.

At this time, the Alligator Ancestor was considered to be truly aware of the power of this master of his.

At least at the level of a Great Emperor.

Of course.

In addition to that, there was also the fact that he also felt that the power of this Life Forbidden Zone didn't actually work on Jiang Xiao.

Naturally, it had no effect on Jiang Kou.

His Immortal Yuan mana itself was stronger than this power, and he was completely able to move through the forbidden zone without any hindrance.

It was not affected by it at all.

Of course.

Other than Jiang Liao and the Crocodile Ancestor, no one else knew that this was the Forbidden Zone of Life, and naturally, they didn't beg Jiang Liao for shelter.

Jiang Lack wouldn't shelter them either.

There was no need to shelter at all, he wasn't an old man, nor was he a bodhisattva who saved people from suffering, he wasn't as tall as that.

At this time, the Crocodile Ancestor curiously asked, "Master, I wonder if this is that forbidden zone of life?"

There were many Life Forbidden Zones.

In total, there were seven Life Forbidden Zones, namely the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, the Ancient Mine of Taijuan, the Upper Sky (Burial Island), the Immortal Mausoleum, the Divine Ruins, the Immortal Mountain, and the Sea of Reincarnation, seven Life Forbidden Zones that were well known to all the races of the universe.

Of course, there was also a dungeon.

But that was of a different kind.

The Crocodile Ancestor still knew something about the distribution of the pattern in this universe.

"It's the Desolate Forbidden Zone."

Jiang Jian said indifferently, "So you should know the importance of that Nine Dragons La Coffin.

Now the Ancient Forbidden Land Ruthless Emperor is the Desolate Lord."

Crocodile Ancestor: "Hiss..."

He couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Truly in a mood of shock and horror, he couldn't help but say, "Actually coming to this place, and to the territory of that ruthless emperor."

Fortunately, they didn't have any thoughts about the coffin, otherwise....

The consequences are unimaginable.

It's expected to be crazy and scary.

When the Ruthless Emperor was magnificent, the Crocodile Ancestor also knew about her and had heard all sorts of legends about her.

For example, that Heaven Swallowing Demonic Power, for example, the destruction of the Feathered God Dynasty.

Tale after tale after tale had long since become legends in the cultivation world, and had made the Alligator Ancestor all look up to her.

What he himself was inferior to.

The Ruthless Emperor.

That was more than just a terrifying existence, it was even more of a person not to be messed with.

Of course.

The current Ruthless Great Emperor had fallen into a deep sleep.

They were considered relatively safe in this Desolate Forbidden Area.

As for Ye Fan and the others.

Jiang Ji took a look at them and secretly said, "They also each have their own creations, so there's no need for me to worry about them, and those so-called creations, although they're all precious, aren't of much use to me."

He had all become immortal.

It was a powerful existence in the early Earth Immortal Realm.

Naturally, there was no need for divine springs and other creation things, those were left to Ye Fan by the Fierce Emperor.

Jiang Qian didn't want to destroy them either.

Otherwise, wouldn't the future Ye Heavenly Emperor be gone.

"Master, what do we do now?"

This was the Desolate Forbidden Land, and he was panicked, scared, and worried that the Vicious Emperor would come looking for trouble.

After all, they had all come here on a hitchhiker.

If that ruthless emperor had any other ideas, wouldn't they all be in trouble?

At the thought of all these situations, he was laughing and crying, and his face was almost written urging Jiang to leave quickly.

As long as they could leave, that would be best.

Only, it wasn't always possible to leave ah.

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "Wait a moment, I'll go say goodbye to them and we'll take a stroll through this Ancient Forbidden Land, before we get any more powerful."

Crocodile Ancestor: "........"

What the hell?

Saying goodbye was something he could understand, after all, Jiang Xiao and Ye Fan and the others were all from Earth and were considered old friends.

It was normal to go to say goodbye and be on their own from now on, after all, after this goodbye, it was still not sure if they could continue to meet.

Maybe this would be the last time they would see each other.

It was all understood.

However, what the hell was a stroll through the Desolate Forbidden Lands?

It's not neat.

It doesn't seem like it's easy to stroll around, either.

"You know, this is the Forbidden Zone of Life, even if your master is strong enough to resist the absorption of life force and longevity by that mysterious power of the Forbidden Zone of Life, you can't fight against the entire Forbidden Zone of Life, right?"

The Crocodile Ancestor, however, knew very well that there were actually Desolate Slaves, a group of slaves trapped in the Desolate Forbidden Land.

There were evil people and good people.

But in the end, the Desolate Slaves were all loyal to the Desolate Lord.

And who was the Desolate Lord here?

The Ruthless Emperor.

A very frightening existence.

Anyway, the crocodile ancestor wouldn't dare to offend him for fear of angering him, but it would be bad if he broke a taboo instead.

It was partial that his own master didn't seem afraid.

He wanted to call out to Jiang Liao and explain to him the terrifying nature of this Desolate Forbidden Area, but Jiang Liao had already gone over to Ye Fan's side.

At this moment.

The crowd of Ye Fan who had come out of the coffin were all looking around in some confusion and bewilderment, having the feeling of drawing their swords and looking around in a dazed state of mind.


"What kind of place is this, anyway, and what kind of place have we come to?"

"Is this still Earth?"

"Ooooh, someone help me, I don't want to stay here, I want to leave, I want to go home."

"I'm afraid we've come to a place that's unknown before."


There was anticipation, there was calmness.

There are also terrified and frightened, and even more nervous looking.

Think about being frightened.

Of course.

Whether it was fear or collapse at the moment, it was pointless and wouldn't solve the problem.

As Ye Fan watched Jiang Lack slowly walk over, he immediately asked, "Jiang... Senior Jiang, I wonder what this place is?"


Jiang Qiao said, "This is the Big Dipper Domain, a cultivation realm, and this place is a place called the Desolate Forbidden Land.

That's all I know, as for the rest, don't ask me, it would be futile to ask."

Ye Fan nodded his head slightly, indicating that he understood.

At this time, without waiting for the others to ask questions, Jiang Xiao was the first to say, "Ye Fan, the rest of the journey is up to you.

As I just told you, this is the cultivation world, which means that you have every chance to worship a certain sect and then embark on the path of cultivation.

When the time comes, even if it's the path to enquire the Immortal Path, it's still possible to cultivate immortality and find eternal life.

So, I won't accompany you on the rest of your journey.

The mountains are high and the waters are long, and the road of life is long, so let's say goodbye and hope that by the next time we meet again, you will have completely activated your constitution.

Farewell, take care!"

After speaking.

Jiang Xiao turned around and left.

There was no benefit to staying, and there was no point to stay.

Besides, he didn't want to bring a bunch of draggers with him, he was here to find a technique, to find the World Origin Power, not to bring draggers.

And the Crocodile Ancestor.

He himself had a Great Saint cultivation, in this universe, it was barely enough to see, maybe some of the dirty work would need to be done by him.

Ye Fan: "........"

When he wanted to say something more, he found that Jiang Lack had already turned around.

His own physique?

What kind of body is there?

Ye Fan was now asking a lot of good questions and was at a loss.

But Jiang lacked the opportunity to ask questions at all, and he had already walked away.

This was a bit awkward.


After a long sigh, Ye Fan looked at the group of students behind him who were even more dazed than himself and said, "Senior Jiang and the others have already left, let's move on."

This was the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land.

The name wasn't a good one at first sound.

It was better to leave quickly.


Ye Fan didn't know that it was actually in this Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land that was the best time for him to lay his foundation.

Of course, the chance that should be his, as long as Jiang lacked the opportunity to take it, no one could take it away.

These paths were inherently doomed.

After bidding farewell to Ye Fan, Jiang Lack didn't care about the others, and that Liu Yunzhi didn't seem to be stupid anymore, making Jiang Lack unable to find an opportunity to fight and kill him.

Had to simply forget it.

Just let that bastard go for now.

Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, it was a forbidden land, but Jiang Chi didn't take it to heart.

He wandered around.

The Crocodile Ancestor, on the other hand, followed him, cautiously, afraid that he would provoke some remarkable existence.

That would be tragic.

However, Jiang Jian's strength that was at least at the Great Emperor level gave him enough confidence and made him feel that it was actually not bad.

It wasn't impossible to get out of this Desolate Forbidden Area.

This forbidden ground.

There were ruthless Great Emperors present.

Jiang Mo originally wanted to go meet that magnificent emperor, but after thinking about it carefully, he felt that now was not the time.

"Although the Heaven Swallowing Demon Skill in her hands is something I would like to obtain, and although there may still be many, many secret techniques in her hands, it's not the right time yet."

As for why it wasn't the right time, he couldn't say.

It always felt like it wasn't the right time for the opportunity.


They had also seen some of the specialties within this Desolate Forbidden Area, some precious herbs, spiritual items, and so on.

Without any rudeness, Jiang Qiao had taken them all away.

It was good that they hadn't encountered them.

Since they were all encountered by him, how could there be any possibility of letting them go, it was better to receive them all in his pocket as much as possible.

Even the Crocodile Ancestor followed and collected quite a few of them.

For a while.

The master and servant were quite richly rewarded.

Both of them got excited and secretly said, "As expected, the most dangerous places have the best things, there are actually so many precious things existing within this Desolate Forbidden Area, truly incredible."

If it had been outside, it would have only been excavated by the cultivators of that universe's ten thousand races long ago.

It was even possible that they might have dug three feet into the ground.

It was terrifying to think about.

It was truly staggering.

Half a month later.

Jiang Xiao took a glance at the distance of this Desolate Forbidden Land and said indifferently, "Let's go, after half a month of this, it's time for us to leave."

As for the Desolate Slaves, they hadn't seen any of them.

It was probably because they were more lucky.

"Yes, master."

The Crocodile Ancestor echoed, "After so many years, I, Hu Han San, am back."

"Your name is Hu Han San?"


"Then why did you say that Hohan San is back?"

"In the past, when I was sealed and suppressed on the ancient planet of Fluxus, I was bored, so I often heard people on Earth say that, so I learned it, hehe."



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