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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1250 - Departure, North Star Domain (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Fluorescence was just fluorescence, this place was ultimately useless, and there was no life or environment for survival.

The Big Dipper Domain was the best place for cultivation, where there were magnificent saint sons and daughters, and dazzling cultivation prosperity.

It was dazzling and colorful.

Even Jiang Xiao, an outsider, was looking forward to it, if he could witness the legendary brother-controlled ruthless emperor with his own eyes.


It was actually quite nice.

The Crocodile Ancestor didn't know why his master was smiling, but after he waved his hand and rolled up those offspring, he followed.

As for whether the Ye Fan and the others inside the coffin would be afraid of themselves, the Alligator Ancestor didn't think about that.

Nine Dragons pulled the coffin.

It looked very pulling.

The Alligator Ancestor felt that he should review that he had indeed been clumsy and misjudged before.

This Nine Dragons Pull Coffin was the real treasure, "Master, how about we take this coffin away when we wait for the North Dou?"

It was a treasure, so naturally the virtuous should reside in it.

Although his Crocodile Ancestor didn't consider himself a virtuous person, his master was powerful, profound, and all-powerful.

He should be a virtuous person, right?

So thought the Alligator.

There was just still some skepticism in his heart, whether this was not too moral, whether this was not too generous.

After all, he was doubting his own master.

It was truly inappropriate.

Jiang Qian: "........"

All of a sudden, Jiang Jian looked at the alligator ancestor like he was a fool, "Don't you know who this coffin is related to?"


The Crocodile Ancestor said enthusiastically, "But it's precisely because I know that I want to take it, and as the saying goes, the fact that the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin can cross the void and cross the endless starry river means that this treasure is not simple."


Jiang Ji pondered, "According to you, it seems to make a bit of sense, but in reality, this coffin is considered a treasure, but it is useless to the poor, much less wanting to deal with that ruthless emperor."

That's not cost effective.

And it wasn't worth it.

There was no point and even less benefit to be gained from it.

The Nine Dragons Pulled Coffin was good, but it wasn't what he wanted, and he didn't want to add to his own problems.

Although he also wanted to meet the ruthless emperor who was unstoppable and magnificent for countless years.

However, he didn't want to offend the Ruthless Emperor, because it would be troublesome to do so.

And trouble was something that Jiang Yao did not want.


However, it was different in the eyes of the alligator.

The situation gets a little weird, "The owner doesn't even want a coffin, does he think it's too inferior?"

But it's a treasure at least.

I can't even look at it.

The Crocodile Ancestor did want to take it himself, but unfortunately, he wasn't much good at it, and just his Great Sage level cultivation strength wasn't enough.

In the end, he had to rely on Jiang Chi, and Jiang Chi didn't want it, so there was nothing he could do.


Just don't want it.

He was merely suggesting it, but actually, apart from suggesting it, he didn't want it either.

Having been sealed and suppressed for many years in the Great Thunder Sound Temple of this Fluorescent Ancient Star, he had figured out that living was the most important thing.

The Ruthless Emperor couldn't afford to offend.

Even he knew that the Ruthless Emperor had once been a world-beating powerhouse and was definitely an existence that couldn't be messed with.

Since Jiang Ji wouldn't even mess with him, he naturally couldn't, "It's better to take this car honestly and go to the Big Dipper Domain."

That was what was most important.

After going to the Big Dipper, no matter what would happen, it would be a great opportunity to do something.

From the Alligator Ancestor's point of view, the future would be better after having Jiang Xiao as a backing.


The door of the coffin was opened.

Although Liu Yunzhi and the others had closed the lid of the coffin to death, this Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin would not leave until the time was right.

The current moment was the best proof of that.

Plus, Jiang lacked great strength, so he easily lifted the lid of the stuff coffin and leapt in.

The Crocodile Ancestor hesitated for a bit, but eventually jumped in.

He was a mighty bearded man-looking man, but both Ye Fan and those students of his were very clear about it.

Previously, there was no Crocodile Ancestor in their group.

In other words, the mighty bearded man in front of them appeared later, quietly appearing on the Fluorescent Ancient Star.

To say that nothing happened at all would be a lie.

So, they thought of one thing.

"What's the connection between this man and that group of crocodiles just now?"

This wasn't just Ye Fan's thoughts, it was also something that Liu Yunzhi and his group of students were worried about.

Jiang Lack had lifted the coffin lid, they didn't dare to say anything.

Even Liu Yunzhi, no matter how stupid he was at the moment, knew that Jiang Chi was extraordinary, able to easily survive in such a shitty place on Mars.

This person was definitely not simple.

So Liu Yunzhi didn't dare to continue jumping.

Afraid of being cleaned up by Jiang Xiao.

It wouldn't be cost-effective then.

At any rate, this trip was considered to be a journey on the path of cultivation, and if it was lost like this, it would be even worse.

It was not a good deal.

He huddled in a corner, looking a bit baffled.

A long sigh of relief.

It was really a bit strange and the mood was a bit low.

Of course.

He thought that this was only temporary, as long as he went to the real cultivation world, when he would find a cultivation sect to worship, he, Liu Yunzhi, would also become an immortal.

At that time, it would be time for him to clean up Jiang Chi.

After thinking of these circumstances, he didn't say anything.

Ye Fan and the others were vigilantly looking at the Crocodile Ancestor behind Jiang Lack, looking a little nervous, and vaguely he felt that this person was terrifying.

A bit dangerous.

Also, they had previously scouted the entire Fluorescent Ancient Star, and there were no life forms on it at all.

Then, how did this mighty bearded man appear?

It would be strange if there wasn't any weirdness at all.

Thinking of these things, he was actually about to die of worry inside, what kind of existence was Jiang lacking?

He was worried.

It would be bad if he got himself involved.

Not to mention, so many fellow classmates had just died.

However, no one, including Ye Fan, dared to accuse anything, even though they all knew that those classmate companions would definitely not die if Jiang lacked a hand.

However, not a single person dared to come out and say such accusatory words.

Even those girls didn't dare to say some sarcastic windy words right now, nothing more, but fear of er.

To be afraid is to be afraid.

Jiang Jiang was calm and relaxed, and didn't say anything.

He found a corner on his own and began to meditate and close his eyes.

The Crocodile Ancestor, on the other hand, followed Jiang Chi and sat down as well, carefully examining those people around him.

Basically, they were all ordinary people.

Even if each of them held a Buddhist treasure, he was not afraid of it.

The magic power on those Buddhist treasures had been weakened for a long time, and now only a tiny bit of it was left.

Such a good pity.

Ye Fan and the others watched the Crocodile Ancestor vigilantly, sweating coldly, if Jiang Chi and the Crocodile Ancestor were to do something to them, it would be hard for them to resist.

Even with those Buddhist treasures, they wouldn't be able to resist.

Jiang Lack's strength was just too strong.

Not to mention that the Crocodile Ancestor didn't reveal himself either, so it should be extremely easy to deal with them, a group of mortals.


Only, I'm afraid that their so-called vigilance and worry were all in vain.

Jiang Chi and the Crocodile Ancestor didn't even have the intention of taking action, nor did they look down on Ye Fan and the others, these guys were just a bunch of ordinary people.

In other words, there was no point.



A loud sound was heard, and the crowd felt a tremor, and the coffin lid closed automatically.

Immediately afterwards, the coffin trembled.

After a shaking, it quickly flew deep into the starry sky.

This stop at the Fluorescent Ancient Star was considered to be over.

Next it was time to head to another place, the legendary cultivation realm, the North Star Domain.

It was a large place.

There were many people, all sorts of forces and cultivators of all sorts, and just as many.

It was also a sacred place in the minds of many, a place that was desired by the world, even the Crocodile Ancestor was not exempt.

Departed, heading to the North Star Domain now.

Inside the coffin.

Even Ye Fan, who had a relatively good relationship with Jiang Lack, did not come forward at the moment to inquire about the situation.

Jiang Lack's fearsome nature he hadn't experienced.

However, he had felt the mysteriousness of Jiang Lack, and always felt a little mysterious and unpredictable.

"I don't know what the identity of that prodigy surnamed Jiang is, he looks mysterious."

"Shh, don't ever call it that in the future, you guys are the ones who didn't see the scene when he killed those crocodiles, that situation was simply too scary."

"Actually, that mighty bearded man next to the guy surnamed Jiang is also a terrifying existence, he must be someone from this fluorescent ancient star."

"It's not necessarily a person either."


In the corner.

The group of Evan's classmates were talking to each other.

Discussing with each other.

Talking in a very reasonable manner, listening to both Jiang Lack and Alligator Ancestor froze and laughed under their breath.


They had indeed heard it.

With the cultivation strength of Jiang Mo and Crocodile Ancestor, it wasn't difficult at all to hear those people's whispering.

On the contrary, it was still difficult not to hear them.

They didn't want to hear it, but they were able to hear it.

This was depressing and made people a million times more unhappy.

In the corner.

Ye Fan looked at Jiang Lack with a complicated face, he didn't know how to face it, from the bottom of his heart, he actually felt that Jiang Lack was a pretty good person.

However, there was one thing he could never figure out.

When he was on the Fluorescent Ancient Star, Jiang lacked the ability to see death, and it made him cold.

But it was partial that all of Jiang Lack's strength was actually very strong, which was really frightening.

That was why he was complicated and puzzled.

The look was inevitably panicky.

Under this moment, he wouldn't dare to have any more interactions with Jiang Lack.

What so-called Great Emperor's posture, he felt that it was all fake, probably coaxed by Jiang Liao.

Although he didn't have anything worthy of being coaxed by Jiang Lack, although he was actually just an ordinary mortal.

But in Ye Fan's heart, there was a moment that was divinely complicated.

The Big Dipper Domain was far away.

Perhaps many people could look up and see the seven shining stars of the Big Dipper.

It was different now.

No matter if it was Jiang Lack, or Ye Fan's class, all of them had to travel to the Big Dipper Star Domain.

This was a fact that they couldn't change.

Of course.

After the incident with the Fluorescent Ancient Star, more than a third of the classmates from this class had already died.

That's terrible.

Well now.

No one dared to offend Jiang Xiao and the others.

There was one Liu Yunzhi before, but at the moment, he was also afraid that Jiang Lack would retaliate against him and that people would find trouble.

After all, he had offended Jiang Xiao so much before, it was strange that he wasn't afraid.

Jiang Chi actually wanted to find an excuse or reason to just kill the other person and be done with it, lest something else happen.

It was just that now Liu Yunzhi was huddled in a corner, looking pitiful, and didn't dare to offend him.

It seemed like that reason was gone.

Because it wasn't there, that's why he was depressed.

If he had known that, he would have killed him in the first place.

But well.

As long as that Liu Yunzhi no longer provoked himself, it wouldn't be a bad idea to let him go.

If after going to the Big Dipper Domain, if he still remained deadly after practicing, then he would be blamed for being heartless and merciless.

It could not be said that he would have to be completely exterminated.

Of course, these were all words for later.

Right now it was quiet inside the coffin, there was almost nothing to talk about anymore, and those who had been talking about it earlier had stopped.

It seemed that everyone was afraid.

Jiang Mo secretly smiled, thinking, "These guys are really a bunch of bullies and fearful people."

It was hard to say how many of these people would end up staying to practice.

This journey might be a bit far away, or it might be a bit scary and weird, after all, it was much closer from Earth to the Fluorescent Ancient Star.

And from the Fluorescent Ancient Star to the North Star Domain, that distance was not half as close.

Very far.

But still, it had to go.

The Crocodile Ancestor's heart was looking forward to it, "Back then when I was in the Big Dipper Domain, I had left behind a few treasures, and I don't know if these treasures still exist nowadays."

He was looking forward to this, worried up.

This time.


Another loud bang rang out, and the coffin spun to a halt.

At the destination?


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