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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1249 - Master, I Was Wrong (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Previously, after being suppressed by the Buddhist sect for so long, he had had enough of the silence and boredom.

It just felt like life had lost its meaning of living, and if it wasn't for Jiang lacking them, he might have continued to be sealed and suppressed there.

Then continue to live a life of silence and boredom until one day at the end of his life span, he would die of old age.

It would be done hastily.

He didn't want to continue to be suppressed by the seal, it was a bit of a hard and unpleasant life.

He didn't want it for the rest of his life.

To fight to death and not want to be suppressed by the seal again, that was really a bit horrifying and appalling.

Thinking of the possibility of continuing to be suppressed for thousands of years by Jiang Hou, the Crocodile Ancestor instinctively trembled his body.

"Ahem, master, a mount as powerful as mine is not often seen in the world."

The Alligator Ancestor said evenly, "I was wrong, I will never speak nonsense again, just don't worry."

"Just don't worry."

Jiang Jiang said, "There is no more suitable mount than you here, but there must be one in the Big Dipper Domain, it's still easy to find one at the level of a great saint in the region."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."


Are you abandoning me, master?

He trailed off, "Oh master, I've led some miserable lives over the years."

"You weren't meant to be human, you're a crocodile." Jiang lacked a mending blade.


Upon hearing that, the Crocodile Ancestor almost spurted blood.

Although he was a crocodile, he had also cultivated for countless years and was able to transform into human form.

In a humanoid state, wouldn't that be human?


Even though I used to eat people, and even though I used to commit sins.

But that was all in the past.

Crocodile Ancestor felt that he had long since cleansed himself and had long since resolved to be a good person.

No more cannibalism, no more arrogance and cockiness, to be a thoughtful, virtuous, and even loyal New Age mount.

This was something he had only just thought of.

A deep realization, or a heartbreaking kind of realization.

Next, he still said fervently, "Master, you are a savior to me, ah, when I was suppressed by that Buddhist sect in this barren land, those days were miserable, miserable."


The past was unbearable to look back on.

It's too bad.

Thinking about it makes me feel suffocated, "Now I can recognize a supreme being like you, master, it's all a great fortune, you are my star of enlightenment, the guiding light that illuminates my path..."

I have to say.

This crocodile ancestor has a way of kissing ass.

Very interesting.

Hearing Jiang Qian have some thoughts, "When I looked at this old thing before, he seemed to be nothing more than arrogant, domineering, and a bit cocky.

Now, it seems that this old thing can actually still skulk around and act as if he's a lightweight, it looks like he should have been shooting a lot in the past ah."

That's embarrassing.

It's also truly startling and laughable.

"Is this matter of me accepting an alligator ancestor as a mount right or wrong ah?"

Suddenly for a moment, he felt it was wrong because he, Jiang Someone, didn't really need someone who could flatter.

But the problem was, Crocodile Ancestor he wasn't human, he was just a day crocodile cultivating into a dao.

In the words of the Ancient Immortal Era, an existence like the Crocodile Ancestor was actually a legendary demon.

The kind that the righteous would see and kill once and eradicate cleanly.

Guaranteed no problem.

But in this side of the world, well, his Alligator Ancestor was a Xiantai Realm Great Sage, so he was barely a person, right?

"Alright, look at you old thing being scared." Jiang Chi indifferently left his mouth, "Clean up well and prepare to depart with the poor to the North Dou Star Domain."

"To the Big Dipper?"

The crocodile ancestor was stunned, "Master, how do we get there, by flying?"

"You can fly, this seat doesn't have to."

The corner of Jiang's mouth twitched and pointed at the Nine Dragons pulling the coffin, "See that coffin over there?"

"I saw it, I just didn't understand what was going on."

Crocodile Ancestor spoke up as soon as he was old enough, "The coffin is a good one, but it's a pity it's a bit worn out."


Jiang Chi indifferently said, "Poverty Dao didn't ask you to evaluate it, it's a Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin, enough for us to use to leave the Fluorescent Ancient Star.

No, since you're a Great Sage, you can totally use it to fly, and the poor Dao doesn't mind at all."


Crocodile Ancestor got bitter, "Master ah, that, I actually think I still need to sit in a coffin, the fact that flying across the stars is a bit scary, let's just sit in a coffin."

There are shortcuts you can take, the devil go flying across the starry sky.

That would be pure effort, and it wasn't like his Alligator Ancestor was out of his mind, how could he do that.

It didn't exist.

There was no pit in his brain or bag.

"I thought you wanted to fly across the stars." Jiang Qiao said, "That would actually be fine, the worst case scenario is that the poor will just wait for you in the Big Dipper Domain."

"No." The Crocodile Ancestor shook his head, "Since I'm your master's mount, I still have to follow you at all times."


Although it wasn't very good, Jiang lacked the comfort of sounding really good.

Right after that.

He said, "Right, Old Crocodile, since you're leaving this Fluorescent Ancient Star with the poor, those little crocodiles of yours..."

What to do?

Although these three words were not spoken by Jiang Chi, the Crocodile Ancestor had already understood them.

He hurriedly said, "Don't worry, master, I can take all those little crocodiles away with a secret method, and when they go to the Big Dipper Domain, their strength will increase exponentially, so that they can also work for you, master."

At any rate, they were the descendants of his crocodile ancestor, it was a bit of a pity to destroy them.

"Still, you're thoughtful."

Jiang Jiang smiled, "In that case, you should pack your belongings properly, and we'll enter the coffin later and depart for the Big Dipper Domain."

"Yes, master."

The Crocodile Ancestor nodded and looked at the coffin curiously, "Master, I wonder who owns that coffin, is it yours?"

Looking at Jiang Lack's appearance, it seemed to be his.

That's how it felt to the Crocodile Ancestor anyway, that coffin of the Nine Dragons pulling the coffin was probably really his own master, Jiang Lack?

So it's a home-built car?

When he was thinking about it, Jiang Chi glared once again in a bad mood, "Old Crocodile, are you cursing your master in disguise for me to die quickly?"

Crocodile Joe: "...and..."


A curse?

Do I have a curse on me?


He immediately clarified, "Master, you must believe me, this curse thing doesn't exist."

"So, you think the poor man is over-interpreting it, or interpreting it wrongly?"

Jiang Jian faintly said, "You don't mean that at all?"


In a mental trance, Alligator Joe suddenly felt like crying, he shouldn't have flattered himself.

As expected, if you flatter quickly, you will die quickly.

The ancients sincerely did not deceive me.

"No, I'm clearly flattering on the hoof."

The thick veneer on Crocodile Ancestor's face twitched up, and he was actually so depressed for a moment.

If he had known that this was the case, he would never have given Jiang Chi the chance to lecture himself anyway, and he always felt powerless when facing such a strong big man.

It was really like feeling depressed to the point of being depressed.

It was hard to calm down.

Thinking of him, the Crocodile Ancestor, who had once crushed Sakyamuni in the cultivation world and blasted through the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

There were innumerable benefits in this lucrative fact.

He looked forward to it.

He had also been proud and proud of it.

However, all of that collapsed when he met Jiang Lack, "Master, let's talk about the matter of leaving the ancient star of the fluorescence."

"What else is there?"

With a roll of his eyelids, Jiang Gou couldn't help but ask, "As long as you've taken care of the little crocodile, aren't you halfway done?"

"Master, the ruins of this Great Thunder Sound Temple are still there."

The Crocodile Ancestor said, "Those people on Earth don't believe that there is life on this Fluorescent Ancient Star, and if they knew that there was once the Great Thunder Sound Temple on it, they wouldn't know what would happen."

"Isn't that just right?"

Jiang Jiang waved his hand, "Let it continue to stand, if one day, they can discover all these things about the Fluorescent Ancient Star, it will be their creation."

The path of cultivation, the Ancient Immortal Path, existed after all.

Although it was a bit bad now, countless immortal cultivators would eventually continue on, one after the other.

Like that locust swarm crossing.

"Alright, you're in charge."

The Crocodile Ancestor was fine with it, the reason he proposed destroying the traces of the ruins of that Great Thunder Sound Temple was simply because he was afraid of embarrassing the Buddhist sect.

However, Jiang Qian felt indifferent.

It didn't matter then.

He couldn't say anything, after all, this matter had nothing to do with him, and it didn't matter whether it was destroyed or not.

Jiang Jiang got cold, his gaze burning and divine, "Old Crocodile, isn't there any other treasures above this Fluorescent Ancient Star?"

It suddenly occurred to him that since people Buddhists had once set up their base camp here, it should be enough to show that this Fluorescent Ancient Star was important.

At the very least, it should also be special.

Upon hearing that, the Crocodile Ancestor shook his head, "I don't know, when I came here, I fought with the Buddhists, and then they sealed and suppressed me.

In the end, those Buddhists died and left, and never saw any treasures."

Anyway, from the perspective of him staying for so many years, this place was just a very ordinary place.

That's all.

As for the rest, frankly, the Alligator Ancestor hadn't found half of it.

He was all still looking for treasures.

Unfortunately, there was no trace of it.

"If there were no cultivators, the Fluorescent Ancient Star would just be a dead heart."

Jiang Mo regretfully said, "Actually, once upon a time, this Fluorescent Ancient Star was quite good, but then it was all destroyed by this old thing of yours."

It had indeed been destroyed.

Ecology ah.


"Master, I can't be blamed for this," The Crocodile Ancestor explained, "If those Buddhists hadn't gone too far back then and obstructed my search for love, this wouldn't have happened today."

So, he felt that everything was the fault of the Buddhists.

At least it didn't have anything to do with his crocodile ancestor.

Jiang Qian: "........"

He glanced faintly at the crocodile ancestor, "Get in the coffin, I hope your appearance doesn't scare the hell out of those in it."

"Are those the cannon fodder mortals from before?" Alligator asked excitedly.

"You want to eat?"

"Don't want to, how could I want to!"

"So what are you excited about?"

"I'd like to see the look on their faces, it should be great."

"You're perfect for a villain, the kind that can scare people to death right off the bat and don't even have to do anything."

"...Master, are you saying that I'm ugly?"

"No, that's what you think, and I won't correct you."


Doesn't that still mean ugly?


Am I that scary?

Crocodile Joe was suddenly eager to find a mirror to shine on himself as a way to prove his heart and mind.

He was a loving and righteous crocodile, and unlike before, he had cleaned up his act.

The future was also about being a big man.

At this time.

Jiang Qiao joked, "Old Crocodile, do you know the origin of that Nine Dragons Pull Coffin?"

"I don't know."

Alligator was honest enough to say he didn't know.

In fact, he really didn't know either.

It only felt that the coffin was a bit mysterious, there should be a great terror on it, and he couldn't understand what exactly it was.

"Master, you know?" Alligator asked curiously.

"Naturally." Jiang Gu replied, "The poor man only needs to say a few words and you should understand."


The Crocodile Ancestor was even more curious about this, "Master, tell me, I'd like to see who it is that is so generous to make such a thing."

Being able to fly across the starry sky and cross the river, this Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin was definitely not simple.

"Listen carefully." Jiang Ji said, "This Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin is related to the Fierce Emperor, so you understand?"


The Crocodile Ancestor gulped down his saliva and hurriedly said, "Ming... understand."

Ruthless Emperor ah.



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