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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1248 - Suppressing Another Thousand Years? (subscription sought)

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Ezu was shocked, he really thought Jiang lacked wanted him dead.

It turned out to be just a merit ah.

That's easy to say.

He lacked everything, but he didn't lack merit methods.

This was something he had plenty of.

Once when he had made his way through the great holy lands more than once, he had done many things like this in passing.

So he also held quite a few merit methods in his hands, and he was relieved when he heard Jiang Qiao say that he wanted a merit method.

As long as it didn't cost him his life, he had plenty of merit methods, and there were plenty of them.

"Master, if you wanted the merit method, you should have said so earlier." The Crocodile Ancestor couldn't help but say, "Causing me to worry blindly for a while."

He was indeed worried just now.

He almost regretted it.

Luckily, it was steady.

Jiang Chi gave the other party a glance in a bad mood, "No matter what, the poor man is still a strong man, how would he play such tricks with you?"

He doesn't want to lose face ah.

Upon hearing that, the Alligator Ancestor was a little embarrassed, "Master, I was wrong earlier, I was being mean."

He made a solemn apology here, showing that he was also deluded in a moment of insanity.

But Benshin definitely didn't mean that.

Jiang Ji nodded flatly, "I forgive you for not daring to do so, but no matter what, the poor Dao is a world-beating powerhouse, how could he harm you like this?"

Just kidding.

He's a big shot.

The super kind.

"Yes yes yes, master you are majestic, looking down on the world, not old and immortal..."

Alligator Joe had started bragging about it, and he could flatter, but he was a bit rusty from years of not practicing.

Right now it was still quite smooth.

Secretly wiping the cold sweat from his temples while letting out a sigh of relief, "Finally, I got away with it, and my little life is saved for now."

As for the future, it could only be discussed in the future.

I only prayed that Jiang Jiang would treat himself well, otherwise, his Hall Ancestor would be finished.

But it would be easier if it was just a merit method.

He had numerous merit methods on him, it was normal to casually give a little bit, anyway, more, it didn't even matter if it was less or less.

Based on this situation, he even said, "Master, I wonder how many merit methods you want?"


Jiang was stunned and asked, "Do you have many techniques?"

"There are quite a few."

The Crocodile Ancestor said confidently, "Back then, before I was sealed and suppressed by the Buddhist Gate, I had dominated the world and was desperately monstrous, and I had also been in and out of forbidden and holy places, and I had also harvested quite a few merit methods."

Some of them were treasured by him, while others were kept in his heart, but either way, he possessed as many merit methods as he did.

It was worthy of being a Great Saint level existence.

This kind of person had lived for many years and visited many places.

There were many things that they knew, and there were many more that they had collected merit methods intentionally or unintentionally.

Over the years, it also made Jiang Xiao feel appalled, "I'll take as much as I have, even if it's just topography."


The crocodile ancestor nodded approvingly, "If master wants it, then I'll take it all out."

In order to show his loyalty and sincerity, he felt that he should try his best to satisfy Jiang Qian's request.

There was no escaping it in the end anyway, and sooner or later, it would all fall into his Jiang Liao's hands.

The Alligator Ancestor was very clear about this.

It was just that his mood was still somewhat baffled, "I don't know what he wants those techniques for."

The Crocodile Ancestor was baffled, and even thought for a moment that the reason Jiang Xiao had come to the Fluorescent Ancient Star was actually just for those feats.

"It's definitely like that."

The Crocodile Ancestor frowned, "Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to say such words after the throne was all subservient."

It must have been prepared.


I can't believe I've encountered such a thing, but who let myself be someone's mount.

In addition, it was also because of Jiang Lack's powerful strength that the Alligator Ancestor didn't dare to think otherwise.

It really didn't feel right.

Just be your own mount in peace.

As for the feats, just contribute them, he, the Alligator Ancestor, had lived for so many years anyway and had no sects.

Even if it was feasible to give all the merit methods that he knew to Jiang Xiao, it would be feasible without the slightest pressure or burden.


After a moment's silence, the Crocodile Ancestor stretched his hand towards his eyebrow ancestral knot, and a magical light flew out.

It was filled with the techniques he had collected over the years, which was considered a method of divine sense transmission.

It was not considered clever or lowly, "Master, this is all the techniques I'm familiar with."

"Very good."

Jiang Ji nodded, "It seems that you are quite knowledgeable, Old Crocodile, keep this kind of vigor and you will have the posture of a great emperor, the future great emperor is expected."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."

For some reason, Jiang Guiao's words always sounded odd to him, as if he had been tricked.

There was a feeling that Jiang Kang was drawing a big pie, "Does Old Ancestor I really have the posture of a great emperor, why wasn't I clear before?"

He was befuddled.

Not stunned, "Old Ancestor I haven't been able to cultivate for so many years, a Great Saint level cultivation isn't enough now."

Great Emperor?

It was still far away.

So Jiang Xiao's words were not really on his mind, nor did he feel anything.

Perhaps, one day in the future, if he was instructed by Jiang Xiao, he wouldn't have no chance to break through.

Anything is possible.

Although this was highly unlikely, and although such a thing was also basically impossible, the Crocodile Ancestor still held great illusions.

After all, the strength of Jiang Lack's cultivation strength was there, it couldn't be faked.


With a wave of his hand, Jiang Ji took in the Divine Sense Light Cluster that the Alligator Ancestor had taken out, and after carefully reviewing it, he found that the Alligator Ancestor hadn't lied to himself.

There were indeed so many techniques within that consciousness light cluster, so many that he didn't even bother to count them, directly allowing the Vajra Bracelets to fuse and optimize the ones that should be fused and optimized.

Only the origin power was in hand, he didn't care about anything else.

"How nice."

Jiang Jiang was satisfied and looked greatly pleased, "Although these techniques given by the Crocodile Ancestor are not of high grade, but your quantity is so great that a quantitative change can cause a qualitative change as well."

The advantage of this was that Jiang Kang was able to draw a lot of origin by this method.

It would be of great use in the future.

There was still a long way to go before his so-called breakthrough to the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, although it was still far away now.


It was a process of accumulating less and more.

"Master, I wonder if it can be useful?"

Ezu was excited, and the thick flesh on his face trembled with joy over the matter, "If I hadn't been suppressed all these years, I would have collected more feats."


All of a sudden, Jiang Qiao became curious, "By the way, Old E, why exactly were you suppressed by the Buddhists in the Great Thunder Sound Temple of this Flickering Ancient Star back then?"


At the news, he was silent for a while.

Dipping up at a forty-five degree angle to the right front, he looked up into the depths of the sky with a reminiscent face.

"Speak quickly." Jiang Gou didn't have a good temper.

This old crocodile was actually quite pretentious as well.

It was unpleasant, and a very strong urge to punch someone surged to the surface.

Ezu hastily smiled awkwardly, "Back then, it was because of love."


Jiang Qiao's entire body burst out laughing at the news and immediately came staring, "What, love?"


"So what, old gator, it's not that the poor look down on you, it's a bit unbelievable, what do you call love?"

"To love deeply and to love to death is a past worth remembering, but a tragedy that is impossible to be happy and fulfilled."

"How so?"

"That's a long story, probably from a few thousand years ago, when..."

"Wait a minute, you'd better keep it short."

"Say no more, say no more."


Jiang Que looked at the other very suspiciously, this old crocodile that had lived for thousands of years and had been suppressed by the seal for most of it's life.

Did he really have love?

Doesn't such a thing as love exist in some play, or in a story?

Then again, this old crocodile really wasn't handsome.

If he were to use one word to describe him, it would be ugly!

Not as handsome as him.

To the end.

It was only after a wild beating from Jiang Hou that Ezu, who liked to pretend a bit, slowly spoke out about the events of that year.

It was truly touching.

"Back then, before I became an Ezu, when I was still a small crocodile, I transformed into a human form, so that I happened to meet one of the Buddhists by chance..."

"After that, I knew I was in love and couldn't get out of it, then I approached Shakyamuni to talk about marriage, but he refused once or twice and tried to subdue me, but does this ancestor look like the kind of person who is easily subdued?"

"Naturally not, so I fought a war against the Buddhists, which was countless battles, and eventually they sealed and suppressed it, and the Great Thunder Sound Temple became what it is now."

After Ezu finished speaking, he was still full of reminiscence.

A long time had passed since the events of that year.


He still remembered it clearly, and that silhouette still haunted his heart, and he didn't know if he would ever see it again.

"Is that the truth?"

Jiang Xiao was suspicious, and he couldn't remember much about why Ezu was suppressed.

The age was too far back for him.

It was already unknown.

In his heart, he sighed listlessly, "I don't know if this old crocodile is bragging, but I feel like he's bragging anyway."

If he said that people Ye Fan had love, he was all too willing to believe it.

In fact.

The fact that Ezu had love, he really didn't believe it.

"It's no wonder that people Buddhists would seal and suppress it, just the old crocodile's appearance can definitely scare a bay of people to death, not to mention that he likes to eat people."

The always compassionate Buddhist sect would definitely take the opportunity to kill him, and if they couldn't kill him, they would seal and suppress him.

This was probably the reality?

Jiang Jian looked at Ezu with a very skeptical gaze, "You old thing, if there were still people alive in the Buddhist Sect, you would definitely pop up to continue suppressing you for another thousand years."

"Repressing for another thousand years?"

Ezu raged, "They dare, my ancestor has not been a vegetarian for so many years, humph!"

"In fact, you shouldn't have eaten anything all these years when you were sealed and suppressed."

Jiang Gou said in a cold, mending manner.

This was also true.

Ezu had been sealed on this Fluorescent Ancient Star for so many years, looking at this bird's nest all day long, with yellow sand everywhere, and other than the small group of crocodiles he had created, there were no other living things.

In other words, Ezu didn't actually have anything edible.

Even if he wanted to, he couldn't.

The conditions wouldn't allow it.

Ezu: "........"


He was choked up by Jiang Guiao's words and burst into tears, an old face changing shadily.

If it wasn't for the powerful cultivation aura that was enveloping Jiang Kou, he probably would have wanted to turn against him right now.

It was really infuriating.

What do you mean, nothing to eat.

Yourself that was clearly a diet for love.

Yes, that's right.

Ezu immediately said again, "Master, don't say it like that, the power of love is sometimes terrifying, you haven't experienced it, so you probably don't understand it."


Jiang Gou glared up.

His face instantly fell, what do you mean he hadn't experienced it, ah.

He also had a wife.

And also had love, more than worthy of having love.


He glared at the other party without good temper, "If this old ghost of yours dares to speak nonsense again, don't blame the poor dao for suppressing you for a thousand years with strong and powerful means!"


Ezu was stunned and panicked after seeing the furious Jiang lack, "Master, I didn't mean it ah, you must not seal and suppress me again."


Jiang Hou snorted coldly, his eyes burning like an electric snake.

"Then let's see you perform."

If you didn't perform well, it wouldn't be wrong to seal and suppress for another thousand years, and it wasn't himself that was being suppressed anyway.

Ezu was just a mere mount, which was really nothing to Jiang Chi himself.

It was just a weak chicken.

At most, it was just a bit older.

"When I go to the Big Dipper Domain, the worst that can happen is that I'll find a new mount."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, and the ill-intentioned gaze was sizing up the other party, causing that Ezu to stiffen and become nervous.

Fearing that Jiang Jiang would suppress himself for another thousand years, that way he would have to die of old age in the seal.


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