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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1246 - He Who Knows When to Act (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Crocodile Joe suddenly wanted to cry, what kind of existence had he offended!

It's not true that he was arrogant and overbearing, but he was so arrogant and overbearing that he once overpowered the Buddha's Sakyamuni.

All of this was true.

However, he seemed to be a bit too pathetic.

Having just appeared and been calmed down by the person in front of him, he wouldn't think that Jiang Chi was just an ordinary person who was nothing, nor would he think that this person was swindling him.

After all, he could see that his Great Saint level cultivation was at least an existence in the same realm.

And because he himself couldn't see through Jiang Lack's cultivation realm, he assumed that Jiang Lack must be a super strong person.

Such an existence was a bit terrifying.

When he thought of these situations, the Alligator Ancestor's heart felt bitter, "What kind of life do I have, it's so bitter."

Had I known this, it would have been better to stay out and continue to be suppressed by the seal.


Is it too late to leave now?

Or, could you just go back to the sealed place and pretend that you're still being suppressed by the seal?

He didn't know.

Jiang Xiao seemed to be just smiling at him and didn't say anything more rude.


The more he was looked at like this by Jiang Gou, the more bitter he actually became in his heart, really because he had no end in mind.

At first.

He didn't think about it that much, but now that he suddenly remembered, his entire body was shaken.

It seemed like he was really suffering.

However, there was nothing he could do, he originally thought that he would be able to come out after breaking free of the seal this time.

Thinking that all the demons and monsters in front of him couldn't stop him because he, the Crocodile Ancestor, was a great saint.

Not to mention on the Fluorescent Ancient Star, even in the entire North Star Domain, his Crocodile Ancestor was considered a character.

Never had he been so helpless as he was now, and even though he hadn't fought yet, it wasn't just because of great strength that the Alligator Ancestor had been able to get to this point and become so powerful.

He was also smart.

If he wasn't smart, he wouldn't have survived to this point.

But it was because of this that he discovered that Jiang Jian was powerful and terrifying, and he could faintly sense Jiang Jian's terrifying aura.

It was an extremely terrifying, yet well hidden breath, which the Crocodile Ancestor was still able to sense.

He had a secret method, so he knew this.

But it was precisely because he knew that he was deeply wary of Jiang Lack before he did anything.

Or rather, he was scrupulous.

Ten thousand scruples.

He wasn't sure what kind of existence Jiang Liao was, but he always felt that this person was dangerous.

This was probably the most terrifying thing he had encountered since he had left the border.

This moment.

Crocodile Ancestor felt that he actually shouldn't have come out, or else this wouldn't have happened.

His own life, bitter.

"If I had known that, I wouldn't have said anything to come out, it's better to be suppressed by the seal."

Crocodile Ancestor thought so inwardly, "At least then I wouldn't have to face such a terrifying existence, and I wouldn't have to die."

As the saying goes: a good death is better than living, that's how it works.

He still wanted to live.

The crocodile ancestor felt that he could continue to live as well, because living was hope, and there were countless female crocodiles.

That's what he wanted.

Once he died, there might be nothing left.

Jiang Xiao's eyes revealed a terrifying killing intent that was extremely powerful.

"I... I'd better not make an enemy of it."

The Crocodile Ancestor thought to himself, but the look on his face was changing from moment to moment, and it was really a bit difficult to face.

At this moment.

He said to said, "Ahem, Senior I have eyes but can't see Mt. Tai, I didn't mean to offend you just now, so please let me go."

Jiang Ji: "........"

Reacting that fast?

This was somewhat unexpected, he had thought that it would take a vicious battle before the Crocodile Ancestor would realize how powerful he was, Jiang Gu.

It was unexpected that the Alligator Ancestor would react so quickly, "It seems like he should have felt my scent as well, so I should be stronger than him."

Then, it was obvious.

Jiang Chi's cultivation strength was actually stronger than the Ancestor, he could tell this from the Ancestor's expression.

"Is that so, good."

Although the Alligator Ancestor's reaction was beyond his expectation, it was actually normal.

"Are you saying you're wrong?" Jiang Qiao was surprised and asked.

"Yes." The Crocodile Ancestor nodded hurriedly and thought to himself, "It looks like there should still be something to talk about, otherwise there's nothing left to escape."

For some reason, he always felt like he was facing a towering mountain when he was facing Jiang Xiao.

It was as if his life was in danger at any moment, while he, the Alligator Ancestor who had been in the hall for thousands of years, was no match at all.

This made him feel very embarrassed and depressed.

Had he cultivated to a dog all these years?

Yet this was reality, and there was no way he could not accept it.

If there was something to talk about, then let's keep talking, and maybe he could still live.

"O Old Crocodile, it seems you've realized something."

Jiang Jiang continued, "Since you've realized that you were wrong, then tell me where you exist?"


Alligator Ancestor was stunned, "......."

Where did you go wrong?

He really didn't know this, but when you think about it, it doesn't seem like there's anything wrong with what he's doing.

What could be wrong?

"No, I'm not wrong." Alligator Ancestor said to himself in his heart.

But he couldn't say this to Jiang Xiao, because he couldn't.

He still wanted to live, and only living would be the best and most useful.

Death well.

That might really be the end of it all.

And yet there would be nothing left, the crocodile ancestor had a hard time escaping, he had to live.

He had to live. Death was not what he wanted.

The Alligator Ancestor then said, "I'm wrong everywhere, please forgive me, Senior, it's fine if you want me to be a cow."

He didn't care at all about Jiang Chi's title and only prayed that the big man would leave soon.

That was what he was thinking about.

He didn't know if Jiang Hou would leave or not, and he didn't dare to bet on it, but now he could only secretly pray for something.

It was pathetic that the hallowed Alligator Ancestor had ended up like this, he didn't want this, but there was nothing he could do about it.

It was wrong everywhere.

This might be the right one.

Jiang was both satisfied and dissatisfied with this answer from the Alligator Ancestor.

He said, "It sounds as if it means something, but in reality, if you extrapolate this carefully, you'll know that it's not sincere, and you can't even feel half of the sincerity of the poor."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."

Do I look like a lying liar to you?

He never felt like a liar, he was supposed to be a dare-devil.

The kind that never cheats.

Sincere ah, how can you say no?

As I was thinking, I heard Jiang Xiao continue, "You'd better be more sincere, otherwise I can't guarantee what will happen."

At least that's what the Crocodile Ancestor was thinking, it was so hard.

"Does, does he have to have this seat to be his mount?"

But in my heart, I'm very unhappy, "I'm not a mount, I'm an ancestor of crocodiles, I can cultivate, I'm a great sage level existence."

And yet I can only be reduced to a mount?

What's the benefit of being a mount?

It would be better to keep going back to being sealed than to do that.

But the Alligator Ancestor didn't dare to say it directly, "Senior, what kind of sincerity do you need?"

He inquired.

But Jiang Chi shook his head, "I don't have any need for it, that's what you needed to show me in the first place, otherwise the poor man wouldn't mind killing the crocodile for one more day."


Gator Joe expressed tiredness.

Is that a threat?

Naturally, it counted.

And to a large extent, so large that it was depressing, "Damn sincerity, this ancestor has lived for so many years, he doesn't need this so-called sincerity."

But this time.

The terror that Jiang Yao intentionally or unintentionally revealed, but it made him feel very desperate, there were things he should be facing.

Like now.

He had to give enough sincerity before Jiang District would forgive him, otherwise, it was just a matter of killing one more crocodile.

Jiang Zu was a casual act anyway, and whatever the crocodile ancestor thought about that, Jiang Zu was stronger than him.

And it was a very strong kind.

He had no way of imagining it, and he didn't dare to imagine it, and he looked panicked, "Alas, do I have to die here in my hallowed crocodile ancestor?"

He was a little puzzled.

Even a little panicked.

The whole person was a little baffled, all a little strange.

The anger in his heart was really hard to swallow, but he was facing a Jiang who was stronger than himself, and didn't know exactly how much stronger.

In fact, he was really confused, really puzzled.

The mood was a bit heavy.

Although he hadn't fought, although he hadn't fought with Jiang Lack, vaguely the Crocodile Ancestor knew that he would probably never be a match for Jiang Lack.

"Is he a living Great Emperor?"

Crocodile Ancestor thought to himself, "But in all these years, I've never heard of any living emperors, and I don't even feel anything."

What's going on?

The more he thought about the alligator, the more wrong he felt, but he couldn't just say things like that.

Sometimes there was no way to say it.

As for fighting.

It seemed like it couldn't be beaten, after all, Jiang Lack's cultivation and strength was powerful, or at least more powerful than they thought it was.

Based on this possibility, he didn't dare to try, "Because if I fail, it means that this old bone of mine might have to be accounted for."

Although he was a Great Saint, he was actually far from a Great Emperor.

Such a gap made him feel confused, was it wrong for him to break free from the seal, was it wrong for him to do this thing by sacrificing something as the price for coming out?

Now it seems that he was probably wrong.

He felt that way.

Right now, his entire body was doing celestial warfare, all hesitating on how to make a decision.

Because if he wasn't careful, it was very likely that he would step into a state of doom, and a living emperor was definitely not something that someone like his crocodile ancestor could deal with, because he wasn't strong enough.

Therefore, there was only one way to die in the end against Jiang Chi.

There was nothing else but that.

But now, there was nothing he could do, and he could only follow Jiang Xiao's request like this.

Jiang Chi's gaze turned cold, "O old crocodile, what are you staring at, continue."

He saw that this old crocodile was staring, so he had to remind him, "You don't have much time to think, and the poor dao won't give you any more time to think."

"I understand."

The crocodile ancestor was busy, and he still looked a bit groveling.

But there was nothing he could do about it.

This wasn't the time to think more either, "Senior, I understand what you mean."

He apologized incessantly and said.

Because there was no way.

And also had to say this, if before, the scent of Jiang lacking's body was still looming and made him feel confused.

Then, the scent coming from Jiang Xiao's body was now gradually starting to become stronger and stronger.

This made the crocodile ancestor feel even more confused, his own assumptions seemed to be correct, but how should he make a decision right now?

He didn't know.

At this time, Jiang Xiao said, "There are some things that need to be bravely borne, otherwise the price might be a bit high."

As for what the cost was, he didn't say explicitly, but the Alligator Ancestor had actually figured it out.


He immediately fell to his knees, "Senior, I... I'm willing to follow you, even if it means being a mount for you."

To be a mount for a living emperor, why not?

It was still a good thing that no one else could ask for, and he looked forward to it.

Since there was no other choice, this was probably his only option.

It was also the only chance.

"You figured it out?"

"Figure it out."

"But don't regret it, or else it will be too late to regret when it's too late to regret."

"Never regret, if you don't believe it, senior, I can take a heavenly oath."

"Yes, you can, then take it."


As expected, it's the man who knows what's good for him!


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