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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1245 - Alligator Ancestor (Seeking Subscription)

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On the ancient star of Fluorescence.

The place was still filled with yellow sand, pervading this ancient, vicissitudes, and mysteries of the earth.

It blew over and over again.

As if it didn't want money.

It was terribly desolate.

Of course.

And yet Jiang Xiao didn't feel anything.

It was strange if it wasn't desolate, this was Mars, the legendary Fluorescent Ancient Star, so it was normal to be a little desolate.

What's more, this place had lost its life during a war countless years ago when the Alligator Ancestor was sealed and suppressed, and the entire Fluorescent Puzzling Ancient Star had lost its life.

The fact that it was still devoid of life now was also normal and not surprising.

After Jiang Liao's batch of killings, the small crocodiles finally fell.

The rest of them had developed a certain amount of scruples towards Jiang Xiao and retreated, not daring to pounce wildly again.

It was mainly because they were afraid.

The sacrifice of their companions was still fresh in their minds, and the blood hadn't even dried.

Although they were relatively low-level, they also possessed spiritual intelligence and had some instinctive reactions.

And so.

They hissed and walked towards the other side, as if they saw something, probably because they felt that Ye Fan and the others were weaker.

"Get into the coffin, put the lid on it."

Someone shouted, this was really a bit terrifying, it was unimaginable that the prodigy surnamed Jiang could actually make the crocodiles afraid.

Previously, they would never have thought of this, it was a bit terrifying to think about, it was crazy, weird and overbearing.



Even Ye Fan had to secretly give Jiang Lack a thumbs up, while clapping and quacking for him.

Such a big brother, where is he some kind of a prodigy.

He was clearly a super big brother only, it was just that before, none of them, who were mortal in the flesh, had discovered what Jiang Liao was truly powerful at.


There was still one thing that Ye Fan didn't understand, "He said that I have the posture of a great emperor, and that the reason why that Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin descended on Mount Tai is all because of me, is that really true?"

Is your own future really so awesome?

After thinking about this, Ye Fan suddenly felt that he might have drifted a bit and was stunned.

Great Emperor.

Although right now he, Ye Fan, didn't know what kind of existence this was, it sounded awesome, and he was looking forward to it for that.

It would be quite nice to become a great emperor if he could, "I just don't know if what he said is true, or if it's just to fool me?"

These were all possibilities.

But deep down, Ye Fan's heart was actually more willing to believe Jiang Lack, he felt that this person didn't look like an ordinary person.

He shouldn't be lying.

At this moment.

Jiang Chi was looking at those wrecked walls in the distance, "Seeing that the momentum is starting to climb terrifyingly, I think that place should be about to collapse, and that crocodile ancestor will be born soon."

Once the Buddha had set up a seal to suppress the Crocodile Ancestor, but such a seal was only suppressing him.

It could not be killed.

After all, that Crocodile Ancestor was also a Great Sage level existence.

After so many years, the seal would definitely have weakened and the power on it would have decreased cultivatedly.

Similarly, the crocodile ancestor's power was recovering step by step.

Although the speed of his recovery was slow, Jiang Kou was aware that until now, there wasn't much of a seal left on that Alligator Ancestor.

As long as he was willing to pay a certain price, it would be easy for him to break through the seal suppression set up by that Buddhist sect.

"It's just that, seeing his own descendants being used as cannon fodder, I wonder if that Crocodile Ancestor will come out?"

Jiang Qian was a bit worried, "What if that Alligator Ancestor finds this seat too terrifying, so he's afraid not to come out?"

It didn't seem like a good idea to fix it.

If the Alligator Ancestor was willing to remain sealed, it might be a bit difficult for his plan to come to fruition.

"So, it's up to that Alligator Ancestor to decide what he wants to do now, and by the looks of it he should be choosing to come out and take a look."

After all, it was many years of being suppressed by the seal, he might not want to continue being suppressed by the seal anymore.

So that's why he had the current idea, or maybe he thought he was a Xiantai Realm Great Sage cultivator, so he didn't take Jiang Xiao into consideration at all.

It wasn't just a day or two since the Crocodile Ancestor had been arrogant and cocky.

Many times back, he could have actually come out, only it wasn't cost-effective at all to come out at that time.

Because at that time, the Fluorescent Ancient Star was a desolate and wretched place, with nothing, and it hurt to look at his brain.

Even if he had come out, so what?

To cross the stars with his saintly cultivation?

It wasn't that it couldn't be done, it was just too much effort, too much waste, and too much effort to be pleasurable.

God knew what would happen in that endless starry sky, and adhering to the principle of not doing anything that was laborious and unpleasant, he felt he had to wait more.

Wait for the time to be right.

And now, it was clear that the time was gradually ripening.

He was going to come out and do something.

Although that Nine Dragons Pull Coffin gave him a terrifying feeling, being able to cross the starry sky was definitely not simple.

Moreover, even ordinary mortals like Ye Fan and the others could come over in this Nine Dragon La Coffin, so why couldn't he, Ancestor Crocodile, leave in the Nine Dragon La Coffin?

All the same.

In the crocodile ancestor's view, this was the chance for the heavens to give her another life.

He could also finally leave this desolate and incomparable Fluorescent Ancient Star, and when he returned to the Big Dipper Domain Cultivation World, his Alligator Ancestor would be able to be brutally domineering again.

How wonderful.

I feel soothing just thinking about it.

The days were still quite good, "The good days of this seat are finally coming, hahaha!"

In the eyes of the Crocodile Ancestor, even Jiang Xiao was just a cultivator with some strength, and there was no way to compare with his Great Saint level cultivation.

He was inherently different.

As for those little crocodiles, they were just something his crocodile ancestor had made out in his spare time.

Even if they died, they were just dead.

They were just cannon fodder.

It was simply not enough for him to care.

"Hahaha, this seat has finally come out." The Crocodile Ancestor laughed openly and was very arrogant and domineering, "Sakyamuni, back then, you Buddhists sealed and suppressed this seat in the Great Thunderbolt Temple, but in the end, I never thought that your Great Thunderbolt Temple would be the first to be annihilated instead, how ridiculous."

He finally came out.

All these years of holding back had made him twist up inside, and the gloom was hard to dispel.

It was good to still be alive.

The Crocodile Ancestor glanced at Jiang Chi, "You're not bad, are you willing to be this seat's crocodile slave and follow this seat?"

Jiang lacked: "........"

Upon hearing that, Jiang Qian was slightly appalled, "What are the benefits of being your crocodile slave?"

"An inexhaustible number of techniques, inexhaustible resources, claiming the throne and rampaging across the heavens, can these be considered benefits?"

The Crocodile Ancestor transformed into a large man and said extremely domineeringly, "You may not know that back then, this seat was also a powerful generation that ranged across the world and was a supreme ancestor, following this seat will definitely not treat you badly."

If Jiang Chi was just an ordinary person, then he would go and still consider the offer of the Alligator Ancestor.

But now well.

He, Jiang Kou, was a big man himself, and he could even feel the terrifying power in his body that could directly kill this Alligator Ancestor in front of him to smithereens.

It was possible to turn into a mass of flesh and blood.

Therefore, the Alligator Ancestor's proposal was probably going to fall flat.

How could Jiang Hou become his E Ancestor's crocodile slave, it was impossible before, it was impossible now, and it would be even more impossible in the future.

Not in this life, not in the next.

E Zu quietly waited for Jiang Chi's response, in his opinion this plan should be good, after all, following himself could criss-cross the heavens.

To look down upon the cultivation world.

Just thinking about it should be satisfying.

How could there be no chance?

It doesn't exist.

Think about it.

He continued, "Kid, this throne sees that you have also cultivated, so you must have obtained some crude methods.

Wouldn't it be better for you to accompany this throne and dominate the heavens?"


Jiang Gou's eyebrows raised as he suddenly said, "You don't blame me for just killing those sons and grandsons of yours?"

"Just a bunch of unbearably created ants, there's no harm in killing them."

E Ancestor felt indifferent.

The little crocodiles that Jiang Mo had killed were just little trinkets that he, Ezu, had made idly when he was sealed and suppressed under this Great Thunder Sound Temple.

No need to care.

In other words, those little crocodiles were actually trinkets that he had created at random.

"That said, the poor dao feels that it's better for you to be the poor dao's mount."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Although you only have a Great Saint cultivation, you're barely good enough to be seen in this side of the world."

Shocked by Jiang Jian's words, he couldn't help but ask, "Kid, do you know who this seat is?"

How dare you talk to him like that? Don't you know how to spell death?


Coldly, he snorted.

His killing intent swept over him, and he couldn't help but say, "In the eyes of this throne, you're just a Gryphon."


"You need to think it over before you say anything, lest you think that this seat is too cruel, giving you the chance is to look up to you, but don't let this seat down."

"Unfortunately, the poor dao doesn't need any opportunity, instead it needs a mount, I wonder if Ezu would you be willing to seize this opportunity?"


Jiang Jiang's words directly made Ezu angry.

Since he had become a Great Saint, he had been sealed and suppressed for most of his years, and no one had ever spoken to him in such an outrageous and overbearing manner.

Jiang Chi was the first.

But in Ezu's opinion, it should also be the last.

"Very well, you managed to anger the throne, I hope you'll still be this confident later."

Under E Ancestor's cold voice, it was as if Jiang Lack was already a dead man.

How dare you anger him.

It was really unknown where he got his strength.

Even E Ancestor wondered if Jiang Chi was a newborn calf who wasn't afraid of tigers.

Not knowing his E Ancestor's power, that's why he was so arrogant and cocky, simply a bit more arrogant than he was back then.

Looking at it, he wanted to beat it up.


Suddenly, E Ancestor seemed like he thought of something.

"This brat just said that this throne is a great saint, how did he know that?"

In Ezu's eyes, Jiang Xiao should only be a weak human, and even if he had cultivated, he should only have acquired some crude methods.

Then the question arises.

How did this brat know about his cultivation realm?

And how did he know those little crocodiles were his own children and grandchildren?

This one question suddenly appeared, haunting Ezu's mind, it is hard to put it into words.

It was hard to say and hard to understand.

It was a trance.

When he looked at Jiang Xiao, he actually found that Jiang Xiao seemed hazy, near and far away from the sky.

This person suddenly became mysterious.


Ezu stared at him, full of incredulity, and as if he had seen a ghost.

"What's going on?"

He couldn't help but yell at Jiang Gou, "Kid, what did you just do?"

He felt that it must have been something that Jiang lacked done, otherwise he shouldn't have felt this way.

Who was this person?

What does he want on the ancient planet Flicker?

"Fortunately I didn't start doing it right away, otherwise I don't know what would have happened."

After thinking of this.

Ezu felt a chill down his back and suddenly cold sweat came out.

At this moment.

He had a feeling like he was on the verge of death.

It was as if he was going to die at any moment, and faintly he felt danger on Jiang Liao's body.

It was an extremely frightening atmosphere.

"I actually can't see through his cultivation realm!"

Ezu pondered darkly, "Either he's a weak, uncultivated kind, but that's completely impossible, it's not like a mortal could have done that when he just killed those sons and grandsons of mine.

And the other possibility is an even stronger cultivator, the outrageously strong kind that no one can imagine, that's why I can't see through it."

There were only these two possibilities.


But now.

Ezu felt his brain starting to hurt.

If Jiang Gou was the latter, it meant that he had inadvertently offended a big brother.

As for the former.

It was simply impossible.

"I... I seem to have gotten into trouble ah."

Ezu's facial skin twitched as he couldn't help but think, "What should I do?"

Waiting online, very anxious.

Especially being watched by Jiang missing, he felt his old face heat up and redden.


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