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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1243 - Little Crocodile (Seeking Subscriptions)

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As if a huge rock had been lifted off, some strange noises began to appear all around.

At first, everyone thought it was made by their companions.

But when everyone stopped, those sounds continued, as if something terrible was crawling over.

Crawling out from those wrecked walls underground, although everyone didn't see what it was, they were already frightened by those noises.

"This, what kind of frightening sounds are these?"

"It sounds a bit spooky, it looks like it should be a living creature, so we must be careful."

"No, this might have danger coming, it looks scary."

"What do we do?"

"Let's take a look first, we're outnumbered, no matter what, we're not afraid, and then we just obtained some Buddhist treasures, they should be useful."

"I do think that it might be some monsters."


Regardless of what the crowd thought, the small crocodiles that had broken out of the ground, on the other hand, quickly appeared.


Suddenly, there were countless small crocodiles, some within a meter, some several meters long, but now they quietly appeared.


They looked dumbfounded and terrified.

"This, this is a crocodile, isn't this Mars, how can there be a crocodile?"

"Run, everyone, run, these crocodiles are too scary."

"Wait, everyone use the Buddha Treasure, those crocodiles are afraid of the Buddha Treasure, we can still be saved."


As Ye Fan discovered that the Buddha Treasure could actually block the crocodile.

He then shouted for those students to hurry up and bring out their Buddha Treasures to resist.

There might even be a bit of a chance.

Otherwise, running would definitely not be enough to outrun the crocodile, and they were already a bit far away from the coffin.

Running would definitely catch up with them, and then they would face nothing but death.

Fortunately, those Buddhist treasures had some mana added to them, no matter how much.

It was because of this that Ye Fan and the others were lucky enough to get some chances of survival.

At least, relying on those Buddhist treasures they could still sustain for a while.

Perhaps it was because those crocodiles had also started to cultivate, so when they got close to the Buddha Treasures, the mana change on them was drawn out, forming a barrier that enveloped Ye Fan and the others.

This way, they wouldn't be attacked by those small crocodiles.

Even if they were attacked, they would be blocked by the barrier formed by those Buddha Treasures, thus they could not harm Ye Fan and the others.

It was just that as time passed, the mana on top of the Buddhist treasures gradually began to weaken.

After all, after thousands of years of sedimentation, the mana contained in them had already begun to weaken.

So the barrier formed by resisting those little crocodiles was also gradually weakening and diminishing.

It was as if it was about to change at any moment.

Moreover, it was weakening further in a way that was visible to the naked eye, and that was enough to show that those Buddha Treasures were not going to be available for much longer.

Once they waited for those mana on the Buddha Treasures to be depleted, those Buddha Treasures they were holding would be of little use.

At that time, what would they be able to use to resist those little crocodiles' attacks?

When they saw that group of small crocodiles, it was as if Ye Fan and the others had seen that the small crocodiles were going crazy with hunger.

In other words, they had actually been treated as food by the little crocodiles.

"Hurry up and go, we'll all be in bad luck when the mana on these Buddhist treasures runs out."

"Quickly, everyone retreat to the coffin and use the Buddha Treasures to top it."


A run began.

However, they still couldn't resist those hungry little crocodiles.

After all, there were many small crocodiles, and they were fast and responsive, giving Ye Fan and the others little chance to react.

What's more, not everyone had a Buddha Treasure.

Those who didn't have Buddha treasures were the first to be abandoned, followed by the little crocodiles catching up with them and then sharing and eating them.

Even two people couldn't do it, and they all started to struggle, some snatching up the Buddha's treasure and taking it for themselves.

The other one then died in a logical fashion.

Becoming food for the little crocodiles, they were eaten cleanly, even if there wasn't even a bone left.

As for the rest of them, some of the Buddha's treasures had a dimmed light, and the magic power that was already added to them gradually began to dissipate.

Or rather, it was exhausted.

After the mana was exhausted, even the Buddhist treasures would be destroyed, and without the mana added to support them, they wouldn't be able to resist the hungry little crocodiles.


When a piece of Buddhist treasure is bitten by the little crocodiles, there is no more left.

And the people among them also fell into the food of the little crocodiles.

I guess they could never have imagined in their lives that they would become like this one day.

One day, starting one day, people could also become food.

This time.

It was already too late to run for your life.

There was still some distance to travel to the coffin.

But at this time, such a distance was like a rift in Jiang Mo's opinion.

Difficult to cross over.

It was ultimately difficult to cross.

"Cannon fodder is just cannon fodder."

Jiang Mo was expressionless and cold as ice, "Just a few small crocodiles ate nearly half of the people, even more compared to the original plot."


The little crocodiles continued to pursue though, and the remaining half might not have a chance to take them down.

Also, that Ezu didn't show up, and I don't know if it had discovered Jiang Xiao's existence, or if it couldn't get out because it was sealed.


Jiang Hou did not see it.

It was as if the crowd fleeing for their lives had forgotten about Jiang Liao.

The most anxious about fleeing for their own lives.

The concern was also whether they could continue to live or not, who would care about the others.

They had already forgotten about that prodigy Jiang lacked.

Facing that group of small crocodiles, it was too late to run away, so who would care about that prodigy's existence.

No one cared.

Even Ye Fan, at this moment, was resisting those little crocodiles together with Pang Bo.

Perhaps because of his strong body, a bit of a body, so when facing that group of small crocodiles, Ye Fan was a bit easier than the others.

In comparison, those classmates of his were miserable.

Liu Yunzhi was still alive.

But those little brothers of his had been sold by him.

He was holding two Buddhist treasures, and for a while those little crocodiles couldn't eat him.

However, this was just a delaying tactic.

To save his own life, he would eventually have to re-enter the coffin and rely on the protection of that Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin.

There's still only one way to stay dead.

I don't even know the surname of the person who will die then.

Under Jiang Mo's consciousness, he similarly looked at Liu Yunzhi and the others.

That Liu Yunzhi hadn't died, this point was also expected by him, who let people have a few little brothers.

Since it was normal, then there was nothing to say.

Jiang Chi stared off into the distance with a flat face, where was the remnants of the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

But that should be the place where E Ancestor was sealed.

"Hall E Ancestor, the realm cultivation of a Xiantai Realm Grand Sage, yet in the end, he was still sealed and suppressed by the Buddhist lock and ended up in a miserable state."

Jiang Mo didn't even know whether to praise E Zu or despise him.

If this guy had been righteous all along, he probably wouldn't have been sealed and suppressed by those people from the Buddha Gate.

It was just a pity.

A great sage realm cultivator, yet he still had to end up in such a miserable state in the end.

Cultivation was just too difficult.

But an ancestor as eternal as Ezu was originally not simple, yet he had spent most of his time in ban and suppression.

Presumably, even he hadn't thought to understand it.

It was surprising that he would live such a life.

It was really a bit miserable.

At this moment.

Those little crocodiles had fully rushed out.

There were so many of them that they looked as if a swarm of locusts were passing through.

It was densely packed everywhere.

If one had Terror Intensity Syndrome, they would definitely get sick.

"So many little crocodiles, I don't know how that Ezu has spent so many years on the Fluorescent Ancient Star."

Jiang Qiao got a little curious, "It's reasonable to say that even though his E Ancestor has great prowess, most of his strength has been sealed and suppressed, so how could he create small crocodiles?"

This, it seemed, was a soul torture.

Jiang Kou couldn't understand it anyway.

Nor could he figure it out.

The little crocodiles were still continuing their pursuit and soon caught up to where Jiang Lack was.

They were unaware of Jiang Lack's power, and because Jiang Lack was concealing his breath and strength, they didn't feel any danger from Jiang Lack's body.


The first time wasn't afraid.

Instead, they greeted them with great enthusiasm, and that way, it seemed that they also regarded Jiang Liao as food.


They had never dreamed that Jiang Liao was not a so-called ordinary person.

Naturally, it was impossible for him to be food in their mouths.

To eat him, with the teeth of these little crocodiles, it didn't seem to be enough.

So a more powerful existence would be needed.

It was just that they were just little crocodiles with a slight bit of spiritual intelligence, and probably couldn't see that day coming.

Naturally, they couldn't find out how powerful Jiang Xiao was.


They opened their mouths and bit.


Jiang Gou's eyebrows raised, "It seems that you guys are really tired of living, I wanted to give you a way out, but you guys don't want it."

He couldn't be blamed then.

With a flick of his palm, a powerful force was added to his hand.

In an instant, an invisible force rushed away with this flick of his hand, and the powerful force lifted off the small crocodiles that were rushing towards Jiang Lack.


The little crocodiles flew out backwards.

And a quick look at the scenery on the ancient star of the fluorescence.

Unfortunately, the good view was short-lived.

Before they had time to wait much longer, they had already been flushed away by a brush of Jiang's hand, and then landed heavily on the ground.

They shook a few times and died.

This was still just a casual strike from Jiang Cao.

If he were serious, it would be tens of millions of small crocodiles, which probably wouldn't be enough for him to kill.

At this moment, Jiang Hou felt very comfortable.

Those little crocodiles were just looking for death.

He didn't think he was trash.


He was no ordinary existence.

A cold gaze looked at the group of small crocodiles that had preceded and succeeded him, "It seems that that strike just now didn't make you long at all, so let's let you long next."

With a few more flicks of Jiang Mo's palm, a bizarre and unpredictable light flew out and landed on the ground in a matter of seconds.

It went out on the wind and turned into a few streaks of sword Qi.



Jiang Guiao muttered, "You're useless anyway, and have helped the poor kill a lot of cannon fodder, so I guess your ancestors have been alerted."

Originally, he just wanted to sit on the viewing wall.

Only wanting to be a powerful existence that was sitting on a fisherman's wall.

But now, it seemed that such a fisherman was not a good idea, so he still had to make a move.

Even if he had to disturb that E Ancestor, he would not mind, as E Ancestor was already registered in his Jiang Chi's heart anyway.

There was no escaping from it.

As for that group of small crocodiles, they were even more like ants in Jiang Chi's eyes.

They could be pressed to death at any time, the difference only lay in whether or not he, Jiang Gou, wanted to press them all to death, because while that would work, it would be very troublesome.

And the scene should also be rather bloody.

Hence, Jiang Lack didn't like it.

"Everyone, look, isn't that prodigy surnamed Jiang over there?"

"See, he seems to be surrounded by a bunch of crocodiles, that guy is an abomination, and he really seems to be right about the bloodbath."

"You see, the man is done for, that's the evil of acting alone."

"It's better to be dead, who let him lie to us, that man is clearly just a prodigy, it's rare to see him dead."


It seemed that Jiang lacked a bad existence in the eyes of Ye Fan's group of students.

In this crucial moment, there were already many people who cursed him to die.

Even those who didn't open their mouths actually acquiesced to the words of those who did.

It was best if Jiang Lack died.

It was just a pity.

Jiang Lack probably wouldn't be as they wanted.

It was impossible for him to die.

This group of little crocodiles couldn't let him die either.

Even that E Ancestor, who was sealed and suppressed beneath the Great Lei Yin Temple, probably couldn't do it.


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