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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1242 - Great Thunder Sound Temple (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"This... these words are called 'Great Thunder Sound Temple', and it's just like what you think, it's the legendary Great Thunder Sound Temple."

Ye Fan suddenly spoke with a trembling voice.

He still recognized those words, having studied a few ancient books.

Engraved on it like dragons and phoenixes, it was clearly something from the Buddhist family.

There were several large characters written on the plaque.

Great Lei Yin Temple.


It was a moment.

It was like the minds of the crowd had exploded.

They were all a little confused, a little weepy, and looked frightened and panicked.

"Are you kidding me?"

"The Great Lei Yin Temple, this kind of thing is only found in mythological TV shows, right?"

"This is the Fluorescent Ancient Planet, or Mars, why is the Great Thundering Temple up here?"

"I don't understand, it's amazing anyway, but if there really is a Great Thunderbolt Temple on Mars, does that mean we're on Mars?"

"I'm trying to figure out how to get back to Earth."


The appearance of the Great Thunderbolt Temple certainly signifies that we may be entering a scary place.


It was already different from the ordinary mundane world they had imagined, but no one wanted to admit it just yet.

Even something that only existed in mythological TV shows, or mythological stories, had actually appeared.

And it was right in front of everyone's eyes.

There was no point in hiding it at all.

"Wait, things aren't right, if this is the legendary Great Thunder Sound Temple, then isn't it the lair of the Buddhist sect, how could it be so ruined?"

"Although many, many traces once indicated that the Great Thunder Sound Temple was located on the ancient planet of Fluorescence, but since it is a heavy Buddhist site, where are the gods and goddesses, and where is the legendary Rudraksha Shakyamuni?"

"Perhaps we came too late, so this Buddhist nest has been overturned by others?"

"Looking at the appearance of the wrecked wall, this Great Thunder Sound Temple should have been completely destroyed anyway, it's rare that the hallowed and unstoppable Buddhism would end up in such a state, ah."


Very soon.

Ye Fan and the others were close to the remnants of the Great Thunder Sound Temple, looking at some traces that were already about to weather and decay, their hearts were truly cold.

The Hall of Buddhism, who exactly had subverted them.

Here, how many years had passed?

It looks shabby and has a pitiful look that makes one feel extremely sorry for it, but this place has been shabby for countless years.

It was just that no one had ever found it.

Even as smart as Ye Fan was, he didn't think of anything at the moment and only roughly deduced, "I think that something terrifying, strange, and mysterious must have happened here back then, that's why."

"Then what exactly happened?"

Someone was puzzled and asked.

Looking at the scene, the terrifying things that happened here back then should not be small at all.

Ye Fan shook his head, "I don't know, but certain things must have happened that made the Gods and Buddhas not dare to fight and deal with it head on, that's why the Great Thunder Sound Temple was destroyed and disappeared.

Therefore, there should be certain unpredictable dangers here, so we must be careful."

"Oh, it's been so many years, I don't believe there are still any dangers."

Liu Yunzhi on the side couldn't help but sneer after hearing Ye Fan's words, "You know, this is Mars, it's a bird's nest, even if there were dangers, they would have been obliterated long ago by the crushing of the river of time."

He didn't believe it anyway.

Thinking that it was just Ye Fan sensationalizing the situation.

What danger could there actually be?

Liu Yunzhi scoffed at this, and even his minions were very reluctant to believe it.

If there was still danger, this Mars wouldn't be so desolate.

Seeing that Liu Yunzhi and the others didn't believe what he said, Ye Fan sighed slightly, "The Great Thunder Sound Temple is an important place for Buddhism, and the fact that such a place could be destroyed is powerful enough for the opponent, and how could an existence that powerful die so easily."

It definitely wouldn't work to generalize with an ordinary person's three categories.

He carefully inspected the ruined Great Thunder Sound Temple, now only some wreckage remained, and it was a mess everywhere.

It was as if someone had fought countless battles here.

It looked like it had been many years since anyone had appeared, and this place was just too desolate.


What kind of power could have caused this level of destruction?

No one is clear.

No one could see it either.

Everything in front of them seemed to confirm one thing, this was indeed once the home of the Buddhists.

It was also true that it was the so-called Great Thunder Sound Temple.

However, it was unknown what had happened to cause an accident here, resulting in the present scene.

The heavy land of the Buddhist sect was destroyed.

Of course.

Ye Fan and the others were sharp-eyed and easily searched for some Buddhist treasures in this broken wall.

Although after countless years, the mana added to these Buddhist treasures had long since been about to be extinguished, there were still some of them that still had some mana left.

It was considered to be some defensive objects.

It was not bad.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo both found some.

Once the other students saw this, they followed suit and looked for some Buddha treasures.

Only that the Buddha treasures were limited, and there were more of them, adding up to dozens of them.

With such a large number of people, the Buddha Treasures were simply not enough.

One item for a human hand was not even a thought.

Even if it was one for two, it all depended on whether people were willing or not, after all, in front of profit and life, all so-called friendship was pale and powerless.

Selfishness and self-interest, only for one's own self-interest and so on, in this moment embodied most vividly.

Everyone is looking out for their own interests and will never think about anyone else, because between others living and themselves living.

If one really had to choose one or the other, everyone would choose to live by themselves.

Even if that hope is small.

But for many people, it was an opportunity after all.

And so.

A great search for the Buddha's treasure began.

Rummaging through the ruins, hoping to find some useful Buddha treasures from within the ruins.

Even if the danger hadn't appeared yet.


This kind of Buddha treasure, together with such magical things as the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin had appeared, what could be more mysterious than this.

At this time, no one was a fool.

Since there were Buddhist treasures in the ruins of this Great Thunder Sound Temple, that meant that some of them were still intact, even if they didn't have much magic power to add to them.

Even if there was an accident later, or if they returned to Earth, there were still one or two heirloom treasures.

Even if you went out to brag, you'd have something to brag about.

How nice.

They were looking forward to it anyway.

Naturally, such a good thing would come in handy.

After all, they were Buddhist treasures, and even though thousands of years had passed, they hadn't been dusted off.

In other words, these Buddha treasures were actually still somewhat useful.

They might have special effects at critical moments, and it would be a great blessing to them.

In other words, even if they didn't have any special effects, even if they were just sold as antiques, it would still be good.

After all, these things were somewhat mana-added, and had even once been added by powerful mana.

In a way, this was a legendary mana.

How could such a good thing not be desirable, and now everyone was starting to compete for it.

Even if they could only get one or two pieces, this was a huge gain, knowing that these were Buddhist treasures.

The things that the legendary Great Thunder Sound Temple possessed, how could they be simple objects?

For many people, these things would be rewarding if they were taken out, no matter what it was.

Not to mention, most of these classmates of Ye Fan's were actually not doing well.

And those like Liu Yunzhi who had mines at home were only a small percentage, most of them were still living a very poor life.

If they could take these Buddhist treasures back to Earth and sell them as supreme treasures, then they would be rich for them.

Perhaps with this one item, they would never have to worry about money from now on.

Jiang Ji watched with a calm face as the crowd searched for the Buddha treasures in the ruins of the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

In his opinion, those Buddhist treasures were only somewhat useful to ordinary people, and they were useless to the vast majority of people.

Or rather, for a strong immortal cultivator like him, even the most powerful Buddhist treasures here were useless.

It wasn't as useful as the junk he had collected, so he didn't fight for anything.

Even though some of these Buddha treasures still had mana power added to them, it had been thousands of years since then.

With these thousands of years of refinement, even the most powerful Buddha treasures would only become ordinary objects.

"However, it should be a little while longer before those little crocodiles come out to take the lead for the Crocodile Ancestor."

Jiang Chi secretly thought, the thousands of years of dead time had caused the Crocodile Ancestor to only be about to go crazy.

He had already been sealed and suppressed on this Fluorescent Ancient Star for thousands of years, and now he would never give up such a good opportunity.

After all, nothing alive had ever come to the Fluorescent Bewildering Ancient Star before.

Now it was an opportunity, a chance to leave this place, at least for him, such an opportunity was a bit rare.

"The Crocodile Ancestor won't give up, he wants to come out, so he'll definitely let those little crocodiles come out to test it out."

Jiang Chi secretly thought, "As soon as those little crocodiles come out, they should be able to verify if those Buddha treasures in Ye Fan and the others' hands are useful."

Of course.

Jiang Xiao thinks that there is definitely a use, but it's just that it's probably hard to say how much use you'd say it would be.

Maybe it really isn't much.

Because those Buddha treasures were just Buddha treasures, and in the original episode, that alligator ancestor didn't even come out completely, so Ye Fan and the others crawled back into the coffin.

Now well.

Most of them very evenly possessed Buddha Treasures, and they also possessed the opportunity to resist the little crocodile, would they take advantage of the opportunity to draw the crocodile ancestor out?

"Let's hope they give a little more power."

Jiang mused, "If that's the case, then the poor man will have a chance to meet the Alligator Ancestor.

The legendary Ten Unlucky Ancestors, and he, Ancestor Crocodile, is one of them ah."


The final fate was really a bit sad, being chewed up and eaten.

It was really a bit of a pity.

"If he can be sensible, the poor dao wouldn't mind taking him away from this fluorescent ancient star and go to the Big Dipper Domain."

Jiang Qian pondered, "But if his crocodile ancestor himself is arrogant and tyrannical and doesn't put anyone in his eyes, then Poverty Dao can't say that he will have to go out and kill him."

A disobedient crocodile ancestor would be useless to keep.

In addition, there were quite a few cultivation techniques and ancient scriptures in the memory of the Alligator Ancestor's soul.

These things would actually be quite good if they could be obtained by him, Jiang Gu.

All in all, Jiang Xiao felt that Liu Yunzhi and the others, these cannon fodder, should be about to play their proper role.

After all, the time was ripe, and they weren't unarmed anymore, but rather people who had Buddha Treasures.

Since they had Buddha Treasures, it meant that they already had the power to resist when facing those little crocodiles of the Crocodile Ancestor.

"Search to your heart's content, next, it shouldn't take long before you guys don't have the chance to search for Buddha Treasures anymore."

Jiang Guiao muttered to himself, "Next, this is a feast, I hope you guys can withstand it."

If it wasn't for the fact that he had already planned for this, Jiang Yao would have been about to strike and kill Liu Yunzhi and the others.

Obviously, he felt that such a time had come now.

At this moment.

Although Ye Fan and the others were still searching for the Buddha Treasure, no one cared about Jiang Lack's death or death of that prodigy.


Suddenly for a quarter of an hour, Ye Fan always felt that something was wrong.

It was inevitably too quiet in the wrecked walls of this Great Thunder Sound Temple.

It seemed that something dangerous was happening....


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