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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1241 - Fluorescent Ancient Star (Seeking Subscription)

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A sound of landing was heard, and the crowd inside the coffin felt a sensation of landing.

Immediately after.

The coffin plate opened and a sliver of light shone in, shining the people inside the coffin so brightly that they couldn't open their eyes.

It was actually hard to adapt for a while.

Only after they slowly opened their eyes and had a hard time adapting did they feel the difference outside.

It seemed that they had arrived at their destination.

For Ye Fan and those individual students of theirs, they had indeed reached their destination now.

It was just that they probably didn't know that this so-called destination was actually just a temporary destination.

There was another new journey to be started next, perhaps that was unknown to them.

Jiang Xiao looked calm and aloof, with a cold and proud face, "Finally, we've arrived, a yellow sandy sky, it seems that this should be the legendary Fluorescent Ancient Star, which is Mars."

Originally, when it came to being an ordinary person on Earth, this Mars was a place that was too far away from humans.

It was also definitely not a place that ordinary people could imagine, because according to the research of various probes in recent years, Mars might have once existed on life, but there was absolutely no life on it now.

True or false, it's unknown.

Of course.

Ordinary people actually know that, and we all think so.


It's only when people actually get to know about it that they'll find out what's different about the fluorescent ancient planet.

Like now.

Jiang Xiao was the first to jump out of the coffin, he wanted to go outside.

It was unknown if there was air on Mars, but Jiang lacked being an early Earth Immortal realm powerhouse, it was no matter at all.

On the other hand, although Ye Fan and his classmates were all mortals, they didn't know if it was because of the Nine Dragons pulling the coffin that caused them to be fine either.

This made one feel unbelievable.


Jiang Xiao didn't think about these things, there were more important things for him to do.

Those Buddhist treasures of the Great Thunder Sound Temple he didn't care for, but there was no guarantee that there were some Buddhist teachings hidden in this broken wall.

Or scriptures.

These were all origin forces ah.

In other words, they were all things that he used for breakthroughs.

They couldn't be wasted.

In addition, he also wanted to see what the once Great Lei Yin Temple was like.

It seemed to have been discovered now.

After Jiang lacked out, the people behind him started to follow suit once they saw him all like this.

And so.

They all began to come out of the coffin, and for many of them, the coffin they had previously stayed in was about to get moldy.

And it had been many hours since, they also wanted to come out to see what kind of place the Nine Dragons La Guan had arrived at.

Was it familiar, or unfamiliar, or was it a place that made them feel desperate?

These are all possible.

But the premise was to go out and take a look.

Whether it was Ye Fan, or those of his classmates, after they realized that Jiang Lack had all gone out, they began to walk out of the coffin one by one as well.



Was it the wrong place.

It was only after they stepped out of the coffin that they realized that all around them was a yellow sandy landscape.

Can't see the edge.

There was yellow sand everywhere, and it was impossible to see where the future was.


For a moment, it actually made them feel deeply desperate.

That's right, despair.

At this moment, they felt that the end of the world was approaching.

With all the scenery in front of them, there was no vegetation or water source, and the only thing that came into view was the endless, and countless yellow sands, which looked extremely desperate under the wind.

"What is this place, is it a desert?"

"It's all a land of yellow sand, I don't think we've ever driven here before, it looks like this place is quite something."

"Look everyone, there are still some wrecked groups of buildings up ahead, it looks like there have been buildings."

"Wait a minute, everyone, tell me, are we still on Earth, why do I always feel like we're not on Earth anymore."

"I also have the feeling that this scene of yellow sand in front of us doesn't seem like the one we remember."


Soon, these people spoke one word to another.

Their guesses were not faulty at all, this really wasn't any Earth.

Rather, it was the legendary Fluorescent Ancient Star.

Of course.

This was the ancient name.

According to the modern term, this place should be called Mars.

A dead planet.

However, it was such a dead planet that was extraordinarily different today.

There was a windy yellow sand, a majestic and overbearing dead silence, and a sight that could not be seen at a glance.

Everything seemed mysterious.

Surprising, but also baffling and despairing.

In fact.

Jiang lacked some excitement in his heart, unlike Ye Fan and this classmate of his.

Those people only had deep worries, only countless amounts of despair and worry.

And, of course, fear.

For them there were only these things, and they were terrified of knowing some real problems.

And yet, this reality had to be listened to, or else it was really not good for them.

At the moment.

Jiang Xiao's heart was somewhat looking forward to it because he knew that some interesting things were going to happen on this Fluorescent Ancient Star.

For example, those cannon fodder were finally going to be useful, and he would finally be able to try out that Crocodile Ancestor's realm.

An existence capable of rampaging through the world, living for thousands of years, looking down upon the dominating world, had once been magnificent.

His Crocodile Ancestor wasn't a simple person, even the Buddha's Sakyamuni couldn't compete with him much.

Otherwise it wouldn't have been possible to just seal and suppress it.


Even an existence as strong as the Crocodile Ancestor was considered a tragic existence in this world.

Once he had indeed been unstoppable, but that was all in the past, the distant past.

And not the present.

Now they were miserable and living a miserable life, and life was hard up.

For Crocodile Joe, he too was finally seeing the living.

Anyway, that was in the past, and he had been expecting someone to arrive, but no one had ever arrived.

In all the years he had been sealed and suppressed, all he had faced was the yellow sand that whirled and blew in the sky.

Don't tell me there was no one, not even a living creature.

And now, Mars had finally welcomed Ye Fan and his classmates on Mars.

The crocodile ancestor suddenly felt that this should be his chance, perhaps this time, he could also use Ye Fan as well as his classmates to get out of the trap.

Jiang Chi indifferently looked at the yellow sand that was flying in the sky, his eyes were obscure, as if he was seeing the future.

Looking at those yellow sands were all very confused and puzzled, where is this place still like Earth.

Although there was no definite evidence yet, it gave Ye Fan and the others the feeling that this was it.

"These days, we've been inside the coffin, almost suffocated, and now we can finally see land, it's great."

"Well, actually, I don't think that's necessarily a good thing, maybe there's a downside to this."

"This place, too, seems to be devoid of life and living things, it's just desperate."

"What should we do?"

"Let's just look around, maybe we'll find something."


They had no choice but to rely on this method to walk out everywhere and take a look around individually.

No one cared about Jiang lacked.

It seemed that, in everyone's eyes, Jiang Lack was just a prodigy, and it was best to die early in the yellow sands of the sky.

That way they would be less of an eyesore.

So no one bothered to bother with him.

Even Ye Fan only took a slight glance at Jiang Lack before walking in one of the directions with the urging of Pang Bo and the others.

It seemed that Jiang Lack was isolated.

This was normal, and Jiang Lack didn't feel anything about it.

It was strange not to be isolated.

After all, the others were all classmates, and even if Ye Fan had a bad relationship with them, even if there were all sorts of irreconcilable contradictions between them, that was still their internal conflict.

Comparatively speaking, Jiang Xiao was actually just an outsider.

Not much of anything.

Naturally, no one would care whether he lived or died, and there were probably many people who were eager for him to die.

Only, they were afraid that all these thoughts would be dashed, because Jiang Xiao was a profoundly powerful cultivator, and was at the early stage of the Earth Immortal realm, so naturally, he was not afraid of anything.

Therefore, there were many people who began to walk towards the side to explore this so-called Flickering Ancient Star.

Jiang Mo still looked calmly, "Go and explore, only when you all go and explore will you have a chance to be cannon fodder ah."

Otherwise, there wouldn't even be a chance to be cannon fodder.

These people's performance was evident to Jiang Xiao, and he didn't say anything more.

Perhaps, to him, Jiang Gao, even if every single one of them was eager for him to die, it didn't really matter.

They all felt normal.

Jiang Guiao looked far into the distance, profoundly watching the countless rays of light swirling and the ancient and mysterious sealing restrictions that seemed to be starting to loosen.

"As expected, the years are a pig-killing sword." No matter where it was, this saying was applicable.

Time was the most ruthless, as long as the years passed, as time passed, everything that was terrible, everything that had traces of it, would be gradually smoothed out.

At that point, there will be nothing.

That would be pathetic.


Jiang Mo looked gloomy and somewhat regretful, "It's a pity that the powerful existence that once raged and lived for thousands of years, the hallowed crocodile ancestor who revered eating, has actually ended up in such a state.

It's not a bad idea to keep him alive if you can, depending on his attitude and way of doing things.

However, everything still depends on that crocodile ancestor."

Jiang Gou thought so in his heart, the Alligator Ancestor who was still in an excited state at this moment probably couldn't have imagined that his fate had been decided by Jiang Gou.


Or rather, his fate had actually been decided by him.

Jiang was just a judge.

He didn't know anything.

Right now.

Ye Fan, as well as those of his classmates, had headed off into the distance, intending to check out things about this place.

Regardless of whether this was Earth or not, they needed to go and find out more about it, so they couldn't know nothing about it.

"There seems to be nothing left here except for that yellow sand."

"It's scary, this place is actually so dead, it doesn't seem to have any living things either."

"What kind of place have we come to?"


Everyone was a bit baffled, such a place didn't seem to exist on Earth.

This place, it seemed, was no longer within the boundaries of Earth.

Perhaps, it had left the Earth?

"Look everyone, there seems to be some writing on these wreckage, but this writing seems to be very old, do any of the students recognize it?"

Suddenly, someone began to ask questions, pointing to the wreckage in front of them.

Looking a little nervous and startled.

Of course.

And some fear.

It was all extremely bizarre.

They didn't really want to face it if they could help it, but there was no way.


The writing on it seemed somewhat familiar to Ye Fan, and he took a closer look at it and identified it.

The more he looked at it, the more familiar it became.

Not far away.

Jiang Chi naturally knew what those words meant, but he didn't say anything, instead he looked at the crowd with interest.

He sat on the viewing wall, as if he was a passing guest, calm and indifferent.

That breezy and light-hearted look, as if the sky and the earth had nothing to do with him, Jiang Lack.

At this time, Ye Fan also recognized those words.


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