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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1240 - A Scripture (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Inside the coffin.

Countless amounts of light surged and flickered nonstop, and in the inner wall, some strange words flashed.

If one didn't watch carefully, they would definitely not be able to find it.

Jiang Jiang naturally knew all of this already, so he was well aware of the current situation.

The scriptures inside this coffin were all good things, some from the ancient era.

At the very least, it would allow Jiang Lack to obtain a lot of World Origin Power.

To Jiang Xiao, World Origin Power was always the first good thing, and as long as he possessed this energy, he could rely on the most primitive and brutal ways to break through to a terrifying realm of cultivation.

For example, the Earth Immortal Great Perfection, or the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

These were all possible.


With a movement of his gaze, Jiang Chi secretly gave instructions to the Vajra Bracelets, "Master Vajra Bracelets, absorb all the scriptures and secret methods in here."

He knew that the Vajra Bracelets would definitely be able to do it.

And that this possibility was very high.

After all, the Vajra Bracelets could carry him through the worlds of the heavens.

Those scriptures and secret methods weren't capable of doing that.

In summary.

After a quick comparison, he clearly understood.

As expected.

The next moment began.

One could clearly sense the terrifying power of it, and it was that one scripture and secret method, as well as some origin power obtained at the same time.

It was all good stuff.

How many techniques and scriptures were hidden within this coffin, Jiang Kou didn't really know, but had only seen them before.

It was unthinkable that there were quite a lot of Benevolence obtained.

This time.

He, Jiang Guiao, had earned a big profit.

Of course, Ye Fan was also due to Jiang Chi's previous subtle reminders, resulting in him being very clear about one thing now.

There should be some good stuff inside this coffin.

Plus, from what he had heard from Jiang Lack, he was a great emperor in the future.

Therefore, he did one thing.

Carefully observe the surrounding inner walls to see if they could find something.

Maybe this time they would be able to discover something as well.

He became satisfied.

And so.

It would be good to carefully examine about these contents, even if it was to obtain a secret method.

In fact.

Ye Fan guessed right.

There were indeed some of these things that the Fierce Emperor had left to him.

Perhaps at some point in the future, he would discover that it had actually been arranged long ago.

The Fierce Man Emperor had long ago arranged for Ye Fan that in this world, an existence as powerful and unstoppable as the Fierce Man Emperor was able to peek into a corner of the future.

Maybe she already knew that Ye Fan was the reincarnation of her brother, and that was why she had this time at the Nine Dragons La Pavilion.

Therefore, everything had already been predetermined.

The wheels of fate had already begun to move, had already begun to grind.

Now it was just the beginning, Jiang lacked a copy of the scriptures and secret methods within the coffin through the vajra bracelet, and then gathered those origin forces.

The harvest from this trip to the ground would be rich.

A lot to count.

He was filled with anticipation.

In his heart, he couldn't help but think, "Just in this coffin, there's so much to be gained, if we go to Fluorescent Confusion, will we also gain even more."

Of course.

There was also the Fluorishing Ancient Star, and the Great Cultivation Realm of the North Star, these were all treasure lands for Jiang Xiao.

An endless number of treasured lands.

It must have more techniques, more resources, and would be able to give him access to more World Origin Power.

At that time, this cultivation of him, Jiang Someone, wouldn't be able to scuffle up ah.

It was exciting to think about.

Of course.

And very happy.

This world has many benefits well.

There are so many opportunities.

"Maybe I'll be able to break through to Heavenly Immortal in this world ah."

Jiang Ji smiled inwardly, "Ascend the path of immortality, tread the song, and flick your fingers to cover the sky!"

This then spoke to Ye Fan.

He carefully felt the technique this time, and other than deepening it a bit, he didn't gain from being.

The Ninth Grade Dao Gong did not improve much.

This made Jiang Jiang a little depressed, just gaining the World Origin Power was not enough, he also needed to upgrade his gong method to do so.

Otherwise, it wouldn't work at all.

"Forget it, there are plenty of merit methods in this world anyway, I think I'll have a way to upgrade the Ninth Grade Daoist Merit in the future."

There was a way after all.

In this world, there were still many more merit methods and countless resources.

Thinking it should be possible.

But now well.

It probably wouldn't be of any benefit to one's Ninth Grade Daoism.

Of course, Jiang Qiao didn't care about that, he was already satisfied with being able to obtain some benefits.

Nine Dragons pulling the coffin.

It had already started.

Ye Fan also started to comprehend a portion of the scriptures in a corner, it wasn't difficult for him to gain benefits from those scriptures as well.

This was not such a good thing for others.

At the very least, Liu Yunzhi and the others didn't have this kind of day without this kind of benefit.

Jiang Xiao was also very happy.

"Hehe, when we wait until we reach the Fluorescent Ancient Star, these cannon fodder will die by lights."

Jiang Chi was well aware that the Fluorescent Ancient Star was the first calamity, but at the same time, it was also the place of opportunity for him, Ye Fan.

Of course.

For Jiang Kang, there wasn't really much going on.

That one scripture brewing underneath, he read it carefully, it was all good stuff, or at least it was mysterious.

There were good things hidden.

If a mortal could comprehend it, there would definitely be countless benefits, it would definitely be able to strengthen the body and heal a hundred diseases.


Some people were destined to have a destiny, while others were not.

That one scripture made Jiang Jiang feel mysterious and unpredictable, the ancient mysterious coffin, engraved with all kinds of strange and unpredictable patterns, as if it had some kind of special meaning.

Jiang Hou looked at it sternly, "Back then, the person who was able to create this coffin of need should also be a powerful existence, but it's a pity that I couldn't meet with one of them ah."


Jiang Jiang could feel his own strength.

When his divine sense swept over, he could feel an unobstructed view, and nothing could block his divine sense sweep.


At most, he could only see what was going on in the inner walls of the coffin.

He didn't know the situation regarding the things hidden within the heavy formations and restrictions therein.

Nor could he understand it.

Only, Jiang Qiao didn't find anything dangerous.

Even if there was, at least it didn't threaten him, and that made him feel much better.

For a moment, he began to feel that with his early Earth Immortal realm cultivation, he should be considered strong in this side of the world.

It was just that it was still hard to say which realm it corresponded to, and he needed to experiment with it concretely.

Obviously, for Jiang Xiao, the next crocodile ancestor sealed on the Fluorescent Ancient Star was his target.

Perhaps being able to discover something through that unfortunate ghost.

After all, in this side of the world, that Crocodile Ancestor was actually able to be ranked as one of the ten unlucky ancestors.

It was still number one.

When he came out, he was very imposing and domineering, but as soon as he came out, he was stepped on.

When he managed to get out of the trap once again, he was actually eaten alive or as food.

There wasn't even a bit of soul left.

This was embarrassing.

Jiang Jian was a bit longing, he was actually quite looking forward to it, "If I can get all those classmates of Ye Fan's to test out the crocodile ancestor, I can gain a lot of benefits by hiding behind it, ah."

And so.

Jiang Xiao's mind started to come alive, perhaps, this time he could settle Liu Yunzhi and the others once and for all.

Let them regret it.

Anyway, he, Jiang Da Xian, was very unhappy with Liu Yunzhi, "I guess that Ye Fan's sister, the Fierce Man Emperor, is also unhappy with Liu Yunzhi.

So, I'm just solving Liu Yunzhi's problem for the Ruthless Emperor, and in a sense, I'm also solving Ye Fan's problem for him.

That brat Ye Fan must be grateful to me for that."

Jiang Jian glanced at the other side from time to time, looking at Liu Yunzhi for a moment of bewilderment.

If it wasn't for the weird and potentially dangerous inside the coffin that made his scalp numb, he would have wanted to dislike Jiang Chi.

Only, it wasn't the right time yet.

At least he thought that the current Liu Yunzhi still had some use.

Even if he had the ability to kill Liu Yunzhi now, but Liu Yunzhi would be dead and there was no point in dying.

If he was allowed to become cannon fodder and die, the meaning might be different.

At least, Liu Yunzhi who died as cannon fodder could be considered to have made some contribution to his immortal cultivation cause.

That would be quite good.

Anyway, he thought it was quite good, just a single Liu Yunzhi, even with the addition of his little brothers, it was just a few more people.

But in reality.

They were all just ants, at least in Jiang Chi's eyes, a bunch of people who weren't good enough.

Not important.

It was because of this that Jiang Lack landed on the ground with a calm face, feeling the weight of something incredible.

And Liu Yunzhi and the others, which included the frightened girls, were now equally afraid in their hearts.

The coffin that was being measured in front of them, this Kowloon Rakkan, was perhaps the most amazing thing in their lives.

Of course.

Or maybe that was all.

This thing was mysterious, whether it was because of Jiang Lack's words, or because of something else, it was unbelievable to them.

But reality seemed to be mysterious.

"Is this really in that coffin? What do we do next? Will it die here?"

"Oooh, I still want to go back, I still want to go home, I miss my parents."

"It seems nice if you can live a normal life, why do we have to travel to Tarzan?"

"It's so scary here, I can feel the coffin moving, and I don't know where it's going to fly to."

"Can anything that's happening here be explained by science?"


Lots of questions.

But no one is answering them.

Not because they didn't want to answer, but because these people didn't know.

They also didn't understand what was happening, much less what they were facing right now.

Too dazed.

Dazed about the immediate environment, but also dazed about the self, and some fear.

Perhaps, if one's life was miserable, perhaps one shouldn't have gone to Taishan.

Even according to what Jiang lacked, this time they were considered to have gotten a taste of glory with Ye Fan.

To be able to have the opportunity to go to the cultivation world, to cultivate, to become stronger, or even to live forever and ascend the path of immortality.

It seemed like it was possible.

When explained in this way, it really seemed to be considered a good thing.

However, many of Ye Fan's classmates actually didn't think so.

At this moment, they felt that it was better to be on Earth.

Even if it was just a peaceful and stable life, even if it was just a few decades of fleeting time, they would be satisfied.

At least there was no need to worry, at least there were laws to protect the most basic rights.

But now, the situation might be different, and it also made their hearts secretly scruffy.

In case they couldn't go back this time, were they going to be separated from their parents for eternity.

Of course.

By the time they had the strength to come back, perhaps the Earth would have changed drastically long ago.

It was also already different.

At that time, it would be the vicissitudes of the world, and things would be different.

Not the same.

"Oooh, I want to go home, what should I do?"

"Evan, do you have a way back?"

"What about you, kamikaze priest?"


Many of the girls began to ask questions, even if it was Jiang Xiao who became the target of their inquiries.

But where would Jiang Gao pay attention to them, "Divine stick, when am I Jiang Gao a divine stick?"

He'd said he wasn't a prodigy, that he had a name and a name, but there was no one who remembered.

It was as if he had never heard it before, and it really made him depressed and a bit ugly.

The look was not simple.

At this moment, Jiang Jian continued his own meditation and refining, although he couldn't refine anything famous either.

But he was still calmly refining it, probably because it would take some time for the Nine Dragons La Pavilion to go to the Fluorescent Ancient Star.

And right now was naturally not the time.

It was useless to take care of it anyway, and he, Jiang Hou, couldn't change the course of the Nine Dragons La Pavilion because of a few people.

And so.

I'm not sure how much time has passed, but after a loud bang, the Nine Dragons Pulling Pavilion came to a halt.


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