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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1239 - Reality is Bloody (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Listen to you as if we're still taking advantage of a great deal?"

Liu Yunzhi coldly said, "But what is he, Ye Fan, and why is he as powerful as you say he is?

What's more, we don't even know if you made it up, after all, we don't know these circumstances, you're the only one who knows."

Jiang Qiao: "........"

He continued with a cold gaze and said, "Poverty Dao has already said that this is your chance, and that you are in Ye Fan's good graces.

Whether you believe in it or not is up to you, and Ye Fan's identity is not something you can presume to discuss.

Also, it's not something you can doubt, because if you provoke the poor dao, you might actually have a bloodbath."

"So you want to kill someone?"

Liu Yunzhi sneered, "Nowadays it's a society with the rule of law, it's against the law to kill someone, let alone that there are more of us than you.

No matter how powerful you are, you're still a two-fisted fighter, hahaha!"

Liu Yunzhi was happy.

Because he had many little brothers.

This meant that he could control a lot of people, and he would be able to control the big picture.

He didn't care if Ye Fan was not Ye Fan or not, and never believed what Jiang Lack said.

From Liu Yunzhi's point of view, all of Jiang Lack's actions and thoughts were actually touting Ye Fan, and this trend was obvious and he could see it very clearly.

You know, he, Liu Yunzhi, was also a person.

And so.

He continued, "You, a divine rod, touting Ye Fan when you were out there, and now you still want to tout him, is he the only one in your eyes?"

As soon as this was said, not only the others were surprised, even Ye Fan looked over.

It seemed... it seemed that Liu Yunzhi was making some sense.

Ever since Jiang Xiao appeared, Ye Fan felt that he was bragging about himself, saying that he had the posture of a great emperor.

Now he was saying that it was all because of himself, that's why he had the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin, and even that what was lying in this coffin was most likely his past life.


Did he do it on purpose?

Or did he do it on his own?

All of these seemed possible.

It really forced Ye Fan to think more like this, he felt that either what Jiang Lack said was correct, or what he said was wrong.

But if it was wrong, wouldn't Liu Yunzhi's speculation be correct?

But if Liu Yunzhi is right, then what is he?

Ye Fan's mood was a bit complicated.

Especially now.

He felt that he might not be fit to appear here.

But this coffin wasn't very big in the first place, and with all of his dozens of classmates appearing here, it naturally still seemed a bit crowded.

Regarding the fact that there were some scriptures on the walls around this coffin, or secret methods, Jiang Xiao did not say anything, nor did he remind the crowd.

The ones that were created by chance might be able to be discovered.

Once luck and chance didn't work, there was naturally no possibility of discovering it.

Regardless of what these people thought, what needed to be said had already been said by him, Jiang Xiao anyway.

"Alright, next under this Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin, everyone has already started to leave the Earth, so go prepare your thoughts individually."

These people would still be needed to be cannon fodder on the next Fluorescent Ancient Star.

After all, reality would always be cruel, always bloody.

He, Jiang Chi, was not a benevolent person, nor was he a kind-hearted and benevolent person, also not a good old man.


He also wanted to use those people as cannon fodder, and only if they became cannon fodder would he have a chance to observe Ezu better.

After all, Ezu was not a simple person, but a great saint.

But it was just a great saint.

The reality was bloody.

Unfortunately, whether it was Liu Yunzhi, or Ye Fan, or those of their individual classmates.

None of them actually thought of this.

They all thought that he, Jiang Chi, was just a prodigy and that he was unimportant.

But they didn't know that the fact that Jiang Lack knew so much was enough to show that he was not ordinary.

But now it seemed that these circumstances were a little different, a little strange.

"Godstick, do you know how to get out?"

"The poor Daoist Jiang lacked the name of a prodigy and had no way to get out, so I'm afraid you'll be disappointed."

"Then you should know where this Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin is taking us, right?"

"I do know this, the first stop is Mount Tai, and after picking you up you'll be going to the ancient star of Fluorescence, which is Mars, and then it's straight to the Big Dipper Domain, which is also said to be the cultivation world."

"Why do you know so much about it?"

"That's a good question, but unfortunately the poor can't answer it, nor do you want to, you just need to know that you'll all basically have a good time on this trip, as long as you don't die on the way down."

"But there's a good chance you'll also die in the middle of the trip, right?"

"Yes, that's still a big possibility, because the poor can actually kill people, huh?"


A conversation that made those classmates of Ye Fan's scrupulous about Jiang Xiao.

That's right.

This prodigy in front of him knew so much and was so strong.

What kind of existence was he?

It was impossible to know.

But one thing they were sure of was that ever since they entered this coffin, Jiang Chi had always shown a calm and indifferent demeanor.

Even Ye Fan, who had been very calm, couldn't compare.

This prodigy called Jiang Lack was the one who was truly calm, and I don't know where he got the confidence.

Anyway, in the eyes of those of Ye Fan's classmates, the Jiang lacking at this moment was a bit weird, even a bit mysterious and terrifying.

This shouldn't be an existence that was easy to mess with.

Even if those girls had figured out this kind of reasoning, Liu Yunzhi actually understood it as well.

It was just that his heart was still a bit unhappy.

When he was on Earth, his family was very good, wanted money and money, and among the many classmates, he had a better life than anyone else.

Naturally, he was incomparably arrogant.

Even high and mighty was used to it, had been used to it this way.

Now it seemed.

The reality was far more terrifying than he had imagined, if Jiang Chi was truly unstoppable, if this mysterious prodigy was truly capable.

Then, he, Liu Yunzhi, would be the first to die.


After thinking of these situations, Liu Yunzhi's heart was a bit dumbfounded, "Everyone don't be fooled by him, he's just a divine rod, probably talking nonsense.

Otherwise, why would he be sucked in by this coffin, and why would he bother explaining so many things to us?

Therefore, he must also be just an ordinary god stick on Earth, but he's just more calm because he's seen so much.

Everyone join me in beating this prodigy to death!"

Liu Yunzhi thought simply, as long as he gathered everyone's strength now to kill Jiang Lack, then the entire coffin would basically be his decision.

Ye Fan and the others would be nothing.

Those girls were even more just vulnerable.

When he reached the cultivation world, he, Liu Yunzhi, would go find another powerful force to worship in, and keep it safe to become a big brother and be worshipped in minutes.

It probably wouldn't be a problem either.


In any case, Liu Yunzhi couldn't have imagined that the words that Jiang Chi had said were actually true, and not half false.

Once he was pissed off, he was truly angry.

"I believe he's a prodigy, because we're all the same on Earth, and this person came in with us, so by normal logic, he should be just an ordinary person."

"In that case, what he said earlier about Ye Fan is false, and about that fluorescent ancient star, as well as the Big Dipper Domain, is likewise all false?"

"This one, it's probably fake."

"Have we all been fooled by this damned god?"

"Everyone get on, never let him go."



Everyone was unanimous.

Jiang Lack, the prodigy, became the target of their siege, as if he was the biggest culprit.

Compared to those crowded students, Ye Fan was considered to be relatively calm.

Although Jiang Lack had always touted him, and although what Jiang Lack had said was somewhat unreliable and untrustworthy.

However, Ye Fan had heard about the Fluorescent Ancient Star, and some of the circumstances of the Big Dipper Domain.

It was said that the Flickering Ancient Star was the planet Mars, and there was the Thunder Sound Temple built on it, which was the place where Sakyamuni's dao place was located.

This was just some ancient records.

Now that he recalled Jiang Xiao's words, he felt that it was very likely to be true.

"In other words, he's actually right, we've probably already left Earth."

Ye Fan secretly thought, "This Nine Dragons La Coffin is already very mythical, and dragons are creatures that originally existed in some mythical legends passed down from ancient times.

But now, it has already appeared right before our eyes, what is it if it's not a miracle.

So, there must be some untold secrets in this world, but we just don't know."

He really didn't know.

Nor did he guess the various reasons for it.

But for a moment, he was starting to feel a little willing to believe Jiang Xiao.

Maybe he was right about everything.

As soon as he thought of these situations, Ye Fan hastily stopped the many students who were in a group, "Everyone stop, please use your own brains to think it over, I think what Daoist said is correct."

"Ye Fan, you don't really think that it's all because of you, do you?"

"Oh, I guess this Ye Fan fellow of ours is thinking that he is the fate of the protagonist."

"It's because of that, along with the non-stop bragging of that divine stick from before, that's why he now so-called believes."

"Who believes it? We all don't believe in it anyway, a divine stick is just a stick."

"That's right, if the world suffers a great change, it's impossible to go towards cultivation, shouldn't it be the end times?"


All kinds of unpleasant words.

Hearing Jiang Gou involuntarily frowned, his look was indifferent and cold light emerged.

Ye Fan was also frowning, what these students said was just too unpleasant.

If they weren't sure that they were ordinary people, if they didn't know that these people didn't believe in it in the first place, Jiang Gou would have wanted to give them a good lesson.

But now well.

It wasn't worth it.

"It's not time yet."

Jiang lacked a dark glance at Ye Fan, and finally his eyes fell on the others.

In his opinion, apart from Ye Fan and Poundland, those other people were cannon fodder.

They all had to experience the cruelty of reality.

Blood, before there was a future.

Which change and alteration didn't start with bloodshed?

"It seems like they've all never seen that hideous, cruel and bloody reality."

Jiang Chiang thought so, and now after Ye Fan blocked those people for him, he thanked, "Ye Fan, thank you."

At any rate, people were doing it for their own good.

"It's okay, for just thinking that what you said, it could be true."

Ye Fan said, "I once read in some ancient books that the Fluorescent Ancient Star is the legendary Mars, and there is said to be a temple on Mars called the Great Thundering Poem.

Since you know this, Daoist Master, you must also know about this Nine Dragons La Coffin and something a little more profound."

"Worthy of being the future Ye Heavenly Emperor."

Jiang Qian appreciated, "You thought right, no wonder you can go so far in the future."

Ye Fan, was no worse than that Desolate Heavenly Emperor from the beginning.

All in all, it was also a big brother.

At least when he came back big brother.

Although Jiang Qian also felt that he was quite strong, compared to someone who worked hard like Ye Fan, he was only hanging on because of the existence of the Vajra Bracelets.

The kind of growth he had on his own was entirely due to the countless amounts of origin power that had piled up.

And that required world after world.

Without the precipitation and accumulation of that world after world, it was impossible to have the current early Earth Immortal cultivation.

"Ye Fan, feel it well, perhaps you can have a great harvest here as well."

Jiang Xiao vaguely reminded, as a thank you for Ye Fan's rescue just now.

One had to know that there were some secret methods and dao sutras on the inner wall of this coffin.

And this kind of stuff was very useful, no matter if it was for Ye Fan, or for him, Jiang Chiang Jiang someone.

"Okay, I'll write it down."

Ye Fan nodded his head and jotted down Jiang Lack's words very carefully.

Jiang Lack, on the other hand, secretly began to do another thing to....


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