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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1238 - Explaining the Reason (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Grylls, what's wrong with that?

He was about to enter the coffin, and he didn't want to start something early.

Right now, the opportunity had come quietly.

The Nine Dragons' coffin had been charged.

Now, it was time to leave for the planet Flicker.


If a mortal can hitch a ride on this ride, and if luck is against the sky, he is destined to fly up to the clouds and become an immortal practitioner.

Cultivation was the norm in the Great World of the Obscuring Sky.

But not everyone could cultivate, even in the Big Dipper Domain.

There were some people who could not cultivate.

Of course.

These benefits were only because of those classmates of Ye Fan's, if they were lucky, they might be able to fly up the branch and turn into a phoenix.

One day stepping onto the path of cultivation, there must be an infinite future.

Cultivate, enter the Tao, step on the path of immortality, and live forever.

Who doesn't know this and who doesn't?

"What a bunch of lucky people."

Jiang Xiao mumbled and sighed, "They're all just getting a taste of Ye Fan's glory, and this time around, the lucky ones will be able to step into the cultivation path, while the bad ones will only be reduced to ashes."

There was definitely cannon fodder.

As for who it was, it was also obvious.

"Here it comes."

It seemed to feel a terrifying aura coming from the top of the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin, followed by a vast attraction.

It was truly terrifying and extraordinary.

Jiang Jiang knew that this was the coffin that was going to start sucking people in.

He didn't resist, although he was able to resist, but his purpose was to catch this Nine Dragons Pulled Coffin bus as a way to go to the ancient star of Fluorescence, to the Big Dipper Star Domain.

To step into that even more vast and vast world.

From then on, those holy places, those forbidden lands, and those major powers within the Obscuring World would all have his footprints within them.

It was crazy to think about it.

The future was infinitely possible, and in the future, he was going to acquire more resources and possess more benefits.


Suddenly, a terrifying whirring sound arrived in a flash, and Ye Fan, as well as those of his classmates, leaned very close.

And no one retreated because of Jiang Lack's previous words.

Even more no one left.

A terrifying attraction arose at once, as if there was an endless attraction, sucking Jiang Lack, Ye Fan, and those of Ye Fan's classmates into the coffin one by one.

This time, they finally stepped into the car.


For a time, the coffin plate closed up again, it was really a staggering sight to behold.

Terrifying power swept out.

Jiang Xiao was calm and steady as a dog, he already knew these things were happening, so he didn't feel anything.

The Nine Dragons La Pavilion, officially departed.

Jiang Lack sat alone in a corner, extremely calmly watching Ye Fan and his frightened classmates.

With a cold smile, "This is just ordinary mortals, unaware of what's going on, uninformed, panicked, anxious, and not calm."

Of course.

There's actually bondage.

At least their minds were bound, and most people believed that there were actually no cultivators in the world.

But there actually existed.

Ye Fan was more convinced.

He had also been studying related things, so he had always believed it, and had always felt that the world was not simple.


"Where are we?"

"It's dark, what the hell is this place and are we going to die?"

"What are we going to do now, it's like we're in a coffin."

"Are we going to die?"


Soon, panicked voices rang out everywhere.

Those students of Ye Fan's, on the other hand, one by one, were frightened, afraid, and even dreaded.

In the dark coffin, everything was mysterious and also unknown.

But it was precisely because it was unknown that they were afraid, terrified, and God knows what kind of danger existed.

It might all be bad luck.

For something like bad luck, neither Ye Fan, nor those of his classmates were willing to do so.

However, whether they were willing or not, there was no point in it now.

They were already in the coffin.

And something had already happened.

The darkness was most frightening and messy.

And fear of that unknown variety appearing, and even more fear that things will go bad and life threatening.

For the most part, they were simply curious, just trying to live a normal life.

Except for that.

Nothing more.

And don't want the extra.

That's when someone else started to get creeped out.

"Wait, why are there two extra people?"

"After counting our class, there's actually two more people coming, what the hell is going on?"

"Who's the extra one?"


I thought it would be some kind of dirty, unclean thing.

But now it was all too much for them to imagine, it wasn't dirty at all, there were indeed two more people coming.

One of them was a foreigner.

And the other, was Jiang Xiao.

The foreigner was a bit nervous and confused about what was happening right now.

Jiang Chi was different.

He had a calm, placid face, as if the sky and the earth had nothing to do with him.

Those students who called the surrounding Ye Fan were all horrified.

They were amazed.

This man wasn't even afraid.


They suddenly remembered, wasn't Jiang Gou the fortune teller from earlier on Mount Tai.

Why was he in here too?

"So it's you goddammit!"

"I look like everything must be inextricably linked to him."

"I don't know who the hell he is, but by the way he's calm and relaxed, he seems to have known we'd be sucked in by the coffin."

"Hey, sherpa, do you know how to get out?"

"That's right, when we were out there you said we had a bloodbath, but now it seems you're the one with the bloodbath."



They all got uncomfortable.

Some were ugly.

Jiang Gou's gaze was gloomy, chilling tendrils moving.

He didn't put these classmates of Ye Fan's in his eyes at all, they were nothing more than ants.

Not enough to be afraid of.

So what if they were deceiving him.

He, Jiang Chi, was never afraid and always had not been.

If more people were useful, there might not be any strong cultivators in the world.

There would also be no more strong people who were dictating the world.

These people in front of him were basically not good things.

Jiang Chi's cold eyes swept over and said, "Instead of thinking about the reason for this and what is about to happen, what is the reason why you are throwing all kinds of things at the poor instead?

Could it be that you think the poor man is in control of all this?

Or do you think that if you kill the poor, you'll be free to go?"

"Doesn't it?"

Someone asked rhetorically.

At this moment, this was what they were thinking.

It was the feeling that it was all because of Jiang Lack, and it was all because of this damned guy who was causing trouble.

"Goddess, don't be in a hurry to explain, you advised us to leave before, it's obvious that you already knew about this."

"That's right, you should have known that we would all be sucked in, so that statement you made earlier was actually intentional!"

"I told you that looking at your face, you shouldn't be a simple person, I see."

"Hurry up and tell me, what did you have in mind when you got us all in here?"


For a while, everyone was pointing their guns at Jiang Lack.

Probably in their eyes, Jiang Lack was a culprit, and if it wasn't for him, probably nothing would have happened to them.

What should be done?


Some people, led by Liu Yunzhi, had already pointed their fingers at Jiang Lack, as if Jiang Lack was the biggest murderer, and that nothing could have happened without him.

Probably so.

Some of the girls were more rational and were still trying to think, thinking about whether Jiang Lack was the real murderer.

After all, it was too outrageous.

They also felt deeply unbelievable, and only felt that this matter was a bit weird and terrifying to the extreme.

They really couldn't believe that it was all true, and they really couldn't figure out where Jiang Xiao was getting his strength from.

Because everything that was happening in front of them was all too terrifying.

It was also too mysterious.

It could even be described as bizarre.

What the hell was going on, the girls were somewhat sensible and didn't go all in on Liu Yunzhi's words.


Even if they didn't believe all of it, right now under those so-called speculations of Liu Yunzhi and the others, they still had to believe it.

Perhaps, this matter really had something to do with Jiang Lack?

It's also possible.

It's crazy to think about it.

"Who the hell are you?"

"You're a prodigy, but we think you might be more than just a prodigy."


It was as if those female students of Ye Fan's knew what a diva was.

He didn't explain anything either.

Only his eyes glanced coldly at Liu Yunzhi and the others, "There are some things that have a painful price to pay.

The poor dao previously reminded you with good intentions, but you didn't believe it, but now you're here to blame the poor dao, where in the world is there such a truth.

You guys are still too young."

The crowd: "..."

In the face of Jiang Guiao's words, they always felt that this matter was a bit bizarrely strange.

It was just as well that there would be a nine dragons pulling a coffin on a good Mount Tai, after all, it was normal for something a bit supernatural to happen.

There were many things in the world that could not be explained by scientific explanations.

The Nine Dragons La Coffin that descended on Mount Tai wanted to be.


What they never expected was that the Nine Dragons La Coffin would actually suck them all in.

It was also so strange and terrifying.

It really wasn't something that an ordinary person could imagine.


Thinking about it made my scalp go numb.

Now, those of Ye Fan's classmates could only attribute the cause of all of this to Jiang Lack.

There was no other way for them to do it.

Also feeling scared up, they really felt that this matter was rather strange.

Maybe it was really related to Jiang Lack?

At this time, even Ye Fan, Pang Bo and the others were looking towards Jiang Lack.

That meaning seemed very obvious.

Thinking about what Jiang Lack had said earlier, it was obvious that Jiang Lack should know something.

Even if the coffin matter had nothing to do with him, even if he wasn't the murderer behind it, he should know something.

It could be weird.

Thinking about it made my brain hurt.

Right now.

Faced with the speculations and suspicions of the crowd, Ye Fan also asked, "Daoist, I know that you have a benevolent heart and no malice to speak of, but I also know that you must know something.

Can you be bothered to tell me what exactly you know?"


Jiang was appalled for a moment and said, "You want to know? Or do you all want to know?"


Everyone nodded.

They really felt creepy about the coffin.

Some of them felt creeped out.

It was even frightening, after all, none of them had ever experienced this before, nor had they experienced this kind of supernatural thing before.

"Since all of you want to know, the poor dao will tell you what it knows."

Jiang Ji said, "As for whether or not to believe, that's your business, it's not the poor dao's business."

It was natural.

And they agreed.

As for whether they believed each other or not, they might have to wait until Jiang Gao had finished speaking.

At this time, Jiang Chi said indifferently, "About this Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin, it's actually related to Ye Fan.

The poor dao is just some speculation, it is said that this coffin is lying in your past life, but it might not be, the specific poor dao is also not clear.

What's also clear to me is that your past life was amazing, you have a sister, and the Nine Dragons Pulled Coffin was mostly from her handiwork.

You're right in thinking that there are indeed divine places in this world, the kind of strong people who are called cultivators, who can draw on the energy of heaven and earth to cultivate and possess great abilities.

Earth is just an ordinary Earth, but a special place.

The Nine Dragons Pull Coffin is like a bus, the rest of you have all come in because of Ye Fan's light, and you'll be entering the cultivation realm on his day.

If you're lucky, you'll still have a chance to become immortals, but the chances of that are very slim.


When he said that, he paused.

With a calm face, he looked at the crowd.

The look was startling.

Because those people were surprisingly shocked, and instead of being afraid, they were looking forward to something.

There were also a few girls who wanted to go home and just live a peaceful, normal life on Earth.

And that kind of life seemed to them all to be just plain, but peaceful.

In the cultivation world, after all, it was cruel, hideous and terrifying!

If you've never eaten pork, you've seen a pig run.

For these truths, after the Internet, we all know it by heart.


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