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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1237 - Hitchhiking (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang lacked: "........"

What do you mean a prodigy is a prodigy?

His eyebrows furrowed and his face looked a bit bad.

With a cold face and a flicker of cold light, "Your name is Liu Yunzhi, right?"

"Exactly Ben Young Master." Liu Yunzhi said, "You're a divine rod, you've been holding Ye Fan from the beginning, what is he worth holding?"

Than family history?

Or is it more than who has more money?

Sorry, Liu Yunzhi thinks he is stronger than Ye Fan.

Even if you want to boast, you're hard to boast yourself well.

It's biased to tout him, Ye Fan.

You know, between Ye Fan and Liu Yunzhi, there is actually some conflict.

All because of women.

In fact.

Liu Yunzhi's heart was very unhappy and continued, "The bloodlight disaster you were talking about before doesn't seem to have appeared either, I think you're really just a prodigy."

Jiang Chi: "........"

He looked at Liu Yunzhi very appalled, "Strange, where did you get these conclusions from?"

Anyway, he couldn't understand where this Liu Yunzhi actually got the confidence to dislike him.

Hadn't he noticed that those few little brothers of his had actually been immobilized by him and couldn't move or speak?

"Could it be that this Liu Yunzhi is actually just a Head Iron generation?"


This time, it was Liu Yunzhi's heart that was angry instead.

It was suffocating.

What bloodlight disaster, it didn't sound bad either.

He quite disliked it anyway.

Ye Fan, what is he?


Weakness is the original sin, and food is trash."

This wasn't despising anyone.

Jiang Xiao felt that he was just stating a fact.

He didn't want to do anything right now, he just wanted to send Liu Yunzhi and the others on their way to be cannon fodder.

That was all.

If they killed now, there would be no cannon fodder on the way to Firefly.

That was bad.

So, a certain amount of cannon fodder would be needed anyway.

For example, Liu Yunzhi, and a bunch of his little brothers, would be perfect for cannon fodder well.

Jiang Xiao felt that it was possible anyway.

Right now.

Liu Yunzhi was already pissed off.

If it wasn't for the presence of Ye Fan and the others, and if a big event like the Nine Dragons pulling the coffin hadn't happened, he would have wanted to rush over and beat up Jiang Lack right now.

This divine rod was clearly not putting himself in his eyes.

What an abomination!

Gas was definitely gas, but the fact that Jiang Lack actually knew about the Nine Dragons Pulled Coffin was surprising to Liu Yunzhi.

According to his conception, Jiang Chi should not have known about it.

After all, how could something like the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin be known by a prodigy.

It must be a coincidence.

He glared angrily at Jiang Lack, while the latter looked calm.

So nonchalant.

It looked so angry that Liu Yunzhi wanted to beat him up.

But he also knew that now was not the time.

Firstly, he didn't know Jiang Lack's identity, and secondly, the matter of the Nine Dragons pulling the coffin was in front of him.

He also wanted to figure out what it was.

The other thing.

It was the matter on Taishan, now the country just hasn't reacted yet.

Once they reacted, it would definitely be banned, and those of them who had witnessed it would most likely be dragged into conversation.

This possibility is still very high.

It was because of all these circumstances that Liu Yunzhi felt that he would let Jiang Lack off the hook first.

And let him be arrogant for a few more days.

His own father was very rich, and among the many students in his class, he was considered a small rich man.

Money can make the devil take the hindmost, so if you have money, you must have the opportunity to clean up Jiang lack.

No matter how it was cleaned up, it would be possible.

In Liu Yunzhi's opinion, there was nothing that couldn't be done in this world if one opened the way with money.

Even if a little money doesn't work, what about more money?

It must work.

As a rich man, he understands the way it works and understands it very well.

Makes perfect sense.

There was suddenly something fierce and twitchy about his somewhat youthful face.

And, of course, infinitely more gloomy.

Black as coal.


"If it wasn't for something happening here now, how could I have been restrained."

For various reasons, Liu Yunzhi couldn't move his hands.

Those little brothers of his also didn't dare to go on now because of the ones from before.

After all, Jiang Lack was really terrifying, and the lessons from the previous car were still fresh in his mind.

If it wasn't for the Nine Dragons pulling the coffin, the one they feared and feared now might have been Jiang Lack.

And because of the Nine Dragons pulling the coffin incident, it was clear that the dragon was much more attractive than Jiang lacked.

Now basically everyone's eyes were on the nine dragon corpses.

They weren't moving, or because they were inherently dead.

But the remaining power was still there.

It also told the people around them not to dare to approach them for fear of being swallowed alive.

Jiang Mo knew that the next thing was simple, just wait for this nine dragons to finish charging the coffin and basically set off again.

So it couldn't go far.

Ye Fan had also been checking it out as if he wanted to see a flower.

After all, this was a dragon, and it was the first time he had seen a realistic version of it.

It would be even better if he could touch and feel it himself.

But obviously, they didn't have the chance.

Even if he, Ye Fan, was the future Ye Tian Emperor, he didn't have that kind of chance right now.

Because chances were still quite rare.

Jiang Chi was watching in silence, thinking, "With this hitchhiker, this seat will be able to go to the Firefly, or even to the Big Dipper Domain."


He called it a bus.

Stopping at every stop is what it is if it's not a bus.

It was a nice feeling too, at least it saved him Jiang someone a lot of effort.

As for the things pulled in this bus, Jiang Xiao was curious, but didn't want to know.

The Dao Sutra and other techniques inside, he could instead absorb and fuse them through the Vajra Bracelets and gain origin power.

It was said that the coffin of the Nine Dragons pulling the coffin was actually pulling the Desolate Heavenly Emperor, the one who dictated the Ancient of Days.

But some people said that it was Ye Fan's past life that was pulling the emperor.

But how exactly, Jiang Chi actually didn't care at all.

Even Ye Fan he didn't even want to care.

"Just wait until I hitchhike on this hitchhiker, then I can go to Beidou and start my Jiang someone's legendary life."

Perhaps this time, he would no longer keep a low profile.

After all, this world was vast, and also had countless techniques, as well as countless resources.

No matter what it was, he needed it all, just pack it all up in one go.

As long as it could be turned into his own, anyway, those holy lands, sects and sects, as well as major spheres of influence, all had some good things.

Such as the Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier, such as the Source.

None of these things had ever been seen before, and he felt that the Extreme Path Emperor Soldiers of this world might not be as good as his own Binding Rope and Evil Sword, but there must be something unique about them.

No matter what, it would be good to snatch them up and exchange them for some emperor scriptures.

According to legend, there were ten realms of the Immortal Platform Realm.

There were countless powerful people who could stand at this realm, and they must have all created countless scriptures.

And these were all things that Jiang Chi wanted, and of course, there was the source.

Source was a resource, and the resources for cultivation should be similar to the flow of spirit stones in Jiang Lack's opinion.

But it was different.

Perhaps even better than spirit stones, "I wonder if with those sources, I can draw more of the world's original source power?"

Implicitly, Jiang Xiao felt that it was possible.

He thought so.

Of course.

It would be a bit too early to think about these things at this moment.

So he sighed grudgingly, "Forget it, just take one step at a time, I don't really have much memory about this world, it's already blurred over time."

The worst thing to do was to use the simplest method to obtain the techniques and resources.

As long as he Jiang lacked Jiang someone strong enough, he could suppress it.

There wouldn't be any fear of someone coming out to cause trouble.

As for right now, the most important thing was to hitch a ride on Ye Fan and leave Earth.

"In these few months, I've also experienced the life of an earth tycoon on Earth, and I've enjoyed what I should enjoy and experienced what I should experience."

The taste of the earth was comfortable.

Jiang Xiao felt happy about it, or satisfied.

Because being happy was fine.

As for the rest, he didn't think too much about it, so he left.

There was nothing on this earth worth keeping for him anyway.

Let's just leave.

Ye Fan was probably still unaware that Jiang Lack had actually been hitting on him from the beginning.

Ye Fan was watching the dragon corpses carefully, and for a moment he felt that the dragon corpses were actually quite powerful.

Being able to travel across the void and come to Earth.

"Just how exactly do they die?"

Evan thought to himself, "And where did they come from when they pulled this coffin?"

It was as if there were a million more questions in his mind, but none of them had been answered for him.

There were probably no answers either.

He didn't know what to say, and his heart was probably just shocked.

As time passed by, the Nine Dragons Pull Coffin charging was almost complete.

Jiang Xiao believed that it was charging up.

Otherwise, there was actually no way to explain or understand many things.


This energizing was over, and Jiang Xiao was slightly relieved, "Is it finally going to end."

How nice.

The end of the energization meant that they could enter the coffin next.

Then they would get on this bus hitchhiker and officially embark on a road to the North Star Domain.

It was a path of cultivation.

And Ye Fan and the rest of his classmates didn't really know.

At this time.

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Everyone, what happens next might be a bit weird, if anyone doesn't want to get involved in this weirdness and just want to live an ordinary life on Earth, please leave Taishan.

Otherwise, your fate will be out of your hands.

This is also a piece of advice from the poor Tao to you, sort of on the face of your old classmate, Ye Fan.

Of course, it's up to you to believe or not, I just hope you don't regret it.

Also, don't think that it's fine to stand here, even creatures like dragons that only exist in legends have appeared, what other supernatural and bizarre things can't appear?"

The crowd: "..."

Jiang Gao's words made them feel a bit off.

Although there were people who thought that Jiang Liao was right, they actually thought on the other hand that Jiang Liao was a prodigy.

So again, they didn't want to believe it.

As far as Jiang Xiao was concerned, he had already said the good and bad words anyway.

As for what those people would think, that was not something he could care about.

After entering the coffin, whether he would be blamed for not making it clear, he didn't know.

Just look at it anyway.

What Jiang Xiao found amusing was that none of these people were actually willing to back up or go down the mountain.

Those dragon corpses, it was as if they were still attracted to them.

However, these students of Ye Fan's didn't know that the next thing they were about to face was absolutely extremely terrifying, just like what Jiang Xiao had said.

Those dragon corpses would definitely not appear on Earth pulling a coffin for no reason.

There must be some untold secret, it was just that this secret was unknown to anyone but Jiang Lack.

Even if Ye Fan didn't want to leave, even if he was very clear and understood the meaning of Jiang Lack's words.

That was also true.

There were things that he also wanted to clarify.

As for this so-called clarity or not, he didn't know.

Of course.

He also implicitly didn't believe much of what Jiang Lack said.

After all, it was too outrageous and too subtle.

Not clear enough.

"Godsend, do you have some idea about these dragon corpses, so you've been preventing us from approaching?"

"That's right, and now you still want us to leave, you're obviously scheming."

"I see ah, you just want to keep it all for yourself, or do something shady."


These people's words were not just unpleasant to hear.

Jiang Mo coldly gazed, but didn't refute anything, "When you go to the coffin, you will know what is right and what is wrong."

Well now.

He didn't even bother to explain anything to these people.

It was useless to explain anyway.

These people, they were all just a bunch of ignorant people.


They should be extremely stupid.

To die on the verge of death and still not know it, what is it if it's not stupidity.


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